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  1. Hiroro

    Hiroro Grows and Grows

    Despite my even-worse-than-usual lack of updates, I am in fact doing the thing. Week 2 Summary I finally started doing the morning routine over the weekend, and already am rather enjoying it. #1 Veggies - Improving! Though my wonderful pregnant body sometimes suddenly revolts partway through eating a meat and/or vegetable and despite not being full I immediately DESPISE whatever I'm eating and have to force myself just to chew and swallow the bite in my mouth. It's nuts. But thankfully my carb cravings have calmed a bit (though right now I desperately want a cupcake? which is not usually my first choice of sweets). #2 Move - Ran 2x, 1 barre class. I ran Saturday and went to barre Sunday and goodness gracious I hurt all over from that class #3 Morning Routine - 2/7 Yay Also my inability to anything but nap after work seems to have eased somewhat. So that's a relief. And I'm catering to my stomach's continued preference for smaller meals. Apparently I'm not supposed to be working out on my back anymore (?), so I'll have to pay more attention to that - the core work part of barre is lying down. I am also utterly failing to convert to side sleeping, so will likely resort to buying a body pillow to see if that helps. On one hand it seems like 3x/week workout target is low. But on the other hand, it's nice knowing if I manage juuuust one workout during the week I can still complete my goal for the week. Too many times I would start a week with great ambitions to work out 5-6 times, and end up just going once. I honestly think I would be running more/longer if it wasn't so horrendously hot out these days. I'd still rather run outside than inside though, at least for now. Today is my first day in my new-ish job (in the same building as my last job, working with a lot of the same people, but different responsibilities and team). I apologize for not keeping up with everyone else or checking in, but things over here have finally calmed down a bit so I will strive to be better this week.
  2. Hiroro

    Hiroro Grows and Grows

    Thanks for the reminders that I can't control everything and sometimes have to live and let live. I tend to want to fix everything, but a successful relationship takes two. And though it makes me sad that things haven't improved in the last couple years, I have wonderful people who I am close with for mutual support and growth.
  3. Hiroro

    Hiroro Grows and Grows

    I'm at work so will finish writing this later... Greetings to the Scouts forum! I usually post over in the Rangers, but am wandering over here - could be a good fit since I'm running/walking more than anything else these days (but still not much at all). I'm currently 12 weeks pregnant so have been taking it slow. My belly is growing! But also, I want to use these last precious months of not having to care for another human (besides my husband) to focus on my personal needs and growth. Since the rest of this year is a lot of change (new role at work, new condo, new baby), I would like to be able to handle things day by day without overwhelming myself or letting the anxiety spiral take hold. My inspiration is Winnie the Pooh - because he has a round tummy too HA, and because he focuses on good food, friends, and being present in the moment. I'm also trying to make my goals more measurable this time around - we'll see how that goes. For the first week and a half of this challenge, I'm going to be on vacation YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! So I want to be conscious of my choices and not just throw caution to the wind - get plenty of nutrients in and take some long walks (maybe even runs). After that, dial in a little more because my stomach seems to be finally settling. Goal #1: Veggies 2x/Day Easy peasy, in theory. But during the nausea stage of pregnancy I've leaned heavily on carbs. Especially since it's summer there are loads of amazing produce around, so ideally veggies at lunch and dinner, at least. Ideally accompanied by protein - but I seem to be having a mild meat aversion (and eggs have been hit or miss for my stomach), so not going to force that issue. Goal #2: Move Every Day Run 2x/week, Strength 1x/week. Walk a mile on all other days. Since we're in the summer heat which I truly hate for running, I'll maybe need to make my walks and runs in the mornings. Which leads me to... Goal #3: Joyful Mornings When I'm back at work this will mean trying for the millionth time to wake up early enough on a regular basis to have time to myself. Elements to this: Wake up early (5AM?) post-vacation Meditate Devotional Journal Because staying sane during this slightly INsane time is important.