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Found 6 results

  1. [placeholder for useful search notes]
  2. I know I'm a little late jumping in on this challenge, but I figure better late than not at all. Life has been attempting to pull me into a mediocre timeline, and I've been doing my best to battle the forces of "WORK"/"RESPONSIBILITY"/"ADULTING" as much as I can. I've literally scheduled time to just sit down and play for GW2 or ESO with Mizorex... As intro's go... My name is Xephyra, and I am a Fox. I consider myself an Adventurer/Assassin taking levels of monk. With Archery skills... Is Bard a thing here? My starting zone in New Brunswick, Canada, But I'm currently questing in Alberta. Anyhoo, after my last challenge here I managed to get my mind around getting healthy, but I'm afraid my habits just have not caught up yet... It's like "hey I'm doing good cuz I did a 30 minute cardio video!" *eats 3 fruit roll ups, some ice cream, and a peanut butter sandwich* T.T There's also a lot of free food at both jobs, and my willpower resource just get depleted too fast! So for this challenge, I'm going to get a little drastic. I need something that's going to be a challenge, cuz I know I have the background and willpower to get results. Swift kick in the ass skill activate! Fitness 1 - Beachbody's T25 video every other day 2 - 2 Mauy Thai classes per week 3 - 2 evening walks per week. I found I wasn't doing the Max30 as often I wanted. SO I've decided to switch to T25. I've completed it once before, and It helped me get in the best shape I had ever been. It also starts with a lower impact Alpha phase to build up to the later challenges. I've also opted to do the videos on alternate day with my mauy thai class. Muay thai is on monday/wednesday, so T25 will be on sunday/thursday/friday. Leaving tuesday and saturday to rest. This also leaves saturday open to outdoor adventures! The walks are more for Miz, so they may be sporatic. I feel that writing this all down somehow makes it more....what....solid? Nutrition 1 - 30 day Smoothies challenge 2 - Fast Food - go for the salad/healthy options 3 - Try out batch cooking at least once. I've done a 30 day green smoothie challenge before and it did a world of difference. I finally bought a Ninja blender so I don't have anymore excuses (except that thing is bloody load). I also need to realize that despite my best efforts I've been eating out at fast food places more (/sigh), so my goal here to make the better choices. Wendy's has some very good salads these days lol. And I want to try to take a day and batch cook a week's worth of meals, to take to work for both me and Miz. Which will be it's own challenge... I can't cook to save my life...which is why smoothies are awesome. Leveling my Life 1 - Add to my Savings - $200 per pay check = $400 for this challenge 2 - Read 'A Geek in Japan', practice Katakana alphabet 3 - Dedicate at least 5 hours a week to Sewing projects/cosplays These goal's are more for fun that will lead to a better me, or future potential. I want to save up for a trip to Japan... I have a friend going in a couple months, and another friend going in November. I want to go for my birthday in April 2018. I have a little saved up now, but now I have a goal in mind. I took a year of Japanese language in university, but with no practice I've lost most of the skill. I'm hoping it will come back to me. I also need to manage my time better and get down to sewing... I have a two outfit cosplay commission for the end of september, and I have to do some work for myself. Quest Loot Reward - I've had the money saved up and set a side for a couple months, so when this challenge is complete, and I crush it, I'm getting my next tattoo. I just need to actually pick a studio and book the appointment. Ok! So that's where I'm at. I also just found out today that I got approved for vacation time at the end of Aug (something I was originally declined when I applied back in February). Miz and I are going to visit our starting zone. SO now I'm totally unprepared... And even a little embarrassed to see people that saw me healthier and thinner before I left home. Mauy thai is helping, and I'm really falling in love with it, it's really helping me develop more self esteem and willpower too. But I really need to get back to at least that level, or I wont even be able to keep up at NERO LARP!!
  3. Hello everyone! Woo! Glad to be going on a full challenge! I did the last couple of weeks of this past challenge, but the goals I listed weren't really accomplished, though I did have unlisted goals I achieved instead. I'm really excited to be getting stronger and eating well. I've spent the past couple of weeks eating better and a lot less sugar. Had some off meals due to roommate's birthday dinners and some baking-frenzies that we all seem to be getting into (I think its our way of procrastinating ). In terms of exercise, I found darebee.com and today was Day 17 of the Hero's Journey workout program, which I am loving! Doing all body-weight, as that's most practical right now and I'm more likely to do it. In the future I hope to continue bodyweight things, but also have some weightlifting, though I do not know when that will be. The goals for this challenge (as of right now) are: 1) Eat veggies (other than sweet potatoes) with at least 1 meal 2 days a week. (I struggle so much with this, I think I have to start small) 2) No more than 1 sugary snack a day and 1 sugary drink (though ideally these are the same thing, and that's what I've been doing for the most part the past couple of weeks). 3) Pass each challenge the Hero's Journey throws at me (beat a dragon Friday, that was pretty awesome). --A bonus here would be to review 1 form or 10 hands/feet/escapes from my martial arts, that ways I stay familiar with it and keep my muscles engaged in those moves 4) Put 1$ in a jar everyday; want to buy a coffee/snack? Pull it from the jar. 5) Meditate for 5+ minutes a day AND/OR Go for an intentional 10-minute walk to relax and, basically, meditate outside. I'm sticking with the Rebels for now, because this is my first challenge, but I'm also not sure if I'm more assassin or ranger. I feel like my fitness goals fall very much in both categories. For this challenge I am hoping to work towards bodyweight and even more gymnastic-type feats, and keep going for walk/jogs. Eventually: I want to try parkour, aerial silks, adding in weights, and some other things. My current life goal... I guess that's to feel good about my college graduation this spring and whatever I decide to do for grad school next year. Sorry for being so verbose! I just can't seem to stop 20 Seconds of Beast Mode x 4 weeks: Activated!
  4. Sosota

    Sosota struggles

    I've tried, and failed, a couple challenges in the past. I have a really bad habit of taking on too much and getting overwhelmed. That plus life kicking me a few times has left me not feeling like the best person I could be and so... my motivation: To be the person my dog thinks I am. A little tongue in check, yes, but essentially I want to be the best possible version of myself, and everyone knows dogs are furry little balls of unconditional love. I'm going to try something with this challenge. I have one fitness goal, one nutrition goal, and one lifestyle goal. I feel like they are totally and completely doable so I want to also have a list of random bonus challenges. You see, I have SO many different things I want to accomplish and do but I know from past experience I can't overload myself or I'll become even more stressed, which certainly isn't the goal. I've been toying with the idea of adding a point system to the bonus challenges, and equating one point to one dollar. With the money that I "earn" through these bonus challenges I plan on upgrading my equipment and splurging on myself. Fitness Goal: I've started sword fighting lessons (yesterday!) and I had a great time. So I want to keep it up all month at least. The best way to improve on that will be practicing my footwork every day until it's muscle memory. I'm going to use tv episodes as a way to define a session. It's not a long workout but hey, I don't like working out so it's a start! A: Practice 5x per week B: Practice 4x per week C: Practice 3x per week D: Practice 2x per week Nutrition Goal: I've done this in the past, and I want to pick it up again for at least a month. Intermittent fasting. I've read up on it pretty extensively and really like this style. It makes me much more mindful about my meals and keeps me from eating too late at night. The timeframe I've found that works best for me is noon through 8pm. A: Fast 5x per week B: Fast 4x per week C: Fast 3x per week D: Fast 2x per week Lifestyle Goal: Well, it's not like my dog can be my motivation and I don't have a goal involving her! I've been a bit lax in her training lately, she's pretty good and behaves well without distractions but with distraction she acts like I don't exist. That's a husky for you. My goal is to work on training for at least 15 minutes a day in areas with slightly more distraction than we normally have with training. A: Train 5x per week B: Train 4x per week C: Train 3x per week D: Train 2x per week Bonus Goals: These are going to be random, and I might add more later. Most of them are going to be easy and I plan on judging based on the number of times I do them per week instead of setting an A-D scale. One thing I'm really hoping for is to have 100 points by the end of the month because to buy a practice sword of my own it would be about that much, and it's the perfect equipment purchase for an RPG lifestyle. I might need to tinker with these depending on how difficult it is to keep track of all of them versus how often I post. Take the stairs at work - 1 point Take lunch to work - 1 point Complete any challenge goals 6 times - 5 points Complete any challenge goals 7 times - 10 points Get rid of 3 unnecessary items - 1 point Wear mascara 2 days in a row - 1 point Teach my dog a new trick - 5 points Get 7 hours of sleep - 1 point Wake up at 5am - 2 points Drink 2 bottles of water at work - 1 point Spend 30 minutes working on 3d design - 1 point
  5. This will be my first 6-week challenge (5 weeks because I was late to the party this time, heh). I really do hope that I get this right. Here it goes... MAINQUEST: My mainquest is to become proficient in a martial art, and to have a body that doesn't get winded every five minutes. I want to be able to jog for at least ten minutes without getting winded. GOAL 1: Join a class to learn a martial art. To start becoming proficient in a martial art, I need to learn it first. So it's time to find a class... A: Join a class. F: Do not join one within the month. GOAL 2: Walk for at least 30 minutes for five days a week. I need to build up my endurance, so this seems a good place to start. A: Miss 0-3 days B: Miss 4-6 days C: Miss 7-10 days D: Miss 10-14 days F: Miss more than 14 GOAL 3: Eat an apple each day My family has a lot of apples in the refrigerator, so I think this is a good place to start eating a bit healthier than Hot Pockets. A: Average 7 apples a week. B: Average 6 apples a week. C: Average 5 apples a week. F: Average less than 5 apples a week. LIFE GOAL: Well...one of my life goals is to finally finish this setting for a fantasy world I've been working on. Lately it's been kinda bumpy, but I still wanna pursue it. MOTIVATION: I've always found martial arts interesting, and I really wanna go forth with learning one. And I hate having to run to do something, only for parts of me to hurt when running, and to realize that I'm winded after a slight jog. I really want to be something better this me that I'm not fond of, so it's time to start leveling. Well...here goes nothing. SO BEGINS THE JOURNEY OF TERRACE THE TRAVELLER.
  6. Hello Nerd Fitness! Long time no see! At this point it has been a year since I have done a challenge and I am at the point I need a full reboot. More and more often I get headaches, hipaches, kneeaches...pretty much, if it's a joint, then it'll ache. I have other issues that are caused by my weight. I am tired of being sick and tired. My main quest? Lose 45-50 pounds by the end of the year and be back in my size 11 pants Quest 1: Yoga 3 days a week, 15-30 minutes. I've been trying to do it over the summer and can tell a major difference when I do it. Measurement: A= 18 Days, B= 12 days, C 10 Days Reward: A= +2 DEX, +1 STR; B= +1.5 DEX +0.5 STR; C = +1 DEX, Quest 2: Take my prescribed meds, drops, allergy spray as prescribed. I go to a chiropractor and he has given me some nutrition and homeopathic drops to help my body heal. More often than not, I forget to take them. all three types need to be taken twice a day. Measurement: A= 2x2x42; B= 1x2x42, C= anything less Reward: A = +3 CON, +2 WIS; B= +2 CON, +1 WIS; C= +1 CON Quest 3: Ease into paleo. I'm wanting to be 80-20 by the end of the 6 weeks. My family is mostly on board with this now so it will be easier. Measurement: A= 3 meals 5 days a week, B= 2 meals 5 days a week, C = 1 meal 5 days a week Reward: A= +2 CON, B= +1 CON, C= +0 Motivation: I hurt. I feel terrible most of the time. I also want to be healthy for my future. I love having my cousins over, and it would be wonderful if I could chase them around. My niece is mobile and heavier so I need to be able to keep up with her. I'm going to post starting stats tomorrow, because of school habits tuesdays are the measuring days for me. Happy Questing guys!!!
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