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Found 4 results

  1. Here is 225. https://youtu.be/QB-a-PIKqFc
  2. No one in their right mind would trust a robot dinosaur. Imagine the destruction... a deathly strong, deathly smart combination of prehistory and the cybernetic distant future. This is why Dr. Asimov considered his most important invention the Three Laws of Rawr-Botics, meant to neutralize any possible threat to humanity. No robot dinosaur could be built without including the Three Laws, and the Kail-o-saurus was no exception. Law 1. A robot dinosaur may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. The saddest injury of all is eating a bunch of junk and getting a bellyache. The Kail-o-saurus will eat 1400 calories per day, to include no more than one (actual, suggested-size) serving of cheese per day, one dessert per week, and no alcohol besides red wine. Law 2. A robot dinosaur must obey the orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. The Kail-o-saurus will also follow orders given to it by the pedometer. 56,000 steps per week! Law 3. A robot dinosaur must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law. There is no better way to protect one's own existence than to train for the apocalypse (this is a bit of a sore subject for a dinosaur...) Starting from W1D1, complete three training sessions from Zombies, Run! 5K per week. Life Goal: Cohabitation By the end of these 6 weeks, Kail-o-saurus and Mr. Kailer will establish a measurable, collaborative version of the dinochores. With these Laws, humanity felt at ease along side their robot dinosaur creations. For now....
  3. Welcome back to the Kailersaurus exhibit!! We’ve got some great stuff for you this time. The Kailersaurus is out of the habitat right now, headed for bed (jammie pic!): Our most exciting new plan is that the curators have decided to bring in a mate for the Kailersaurus – we’re hoping to see higher moods and activity levels with a friend around. On the first day of Week Two we’ll introduce Stephanguin, a happy penguin warrior. We’ve also set some goals for the Kailersaurus to accomplish over the next 6 weeks. The Kailersaurus has now become acclimated to the confinement in the exhibit, and has begun to flourish. Additionally, as curators, we have gained much knowledge on what works for her. Goals!! Goal One, Diet: Make "Better" or "Best" Choices. This one will change each day, but what matters is that I record the rationale behind each choice. Because the Kailersaurus is a binge eater, the goal is to put thought between the craving and the consumption, not that the thought has to be completely rational. Here are some examples: - I want pizza. Normal choice, delivery. Better choice, a cheaper frozen pizza, which won't leave tons of leftovers. Best choice, learn to make cauliflower crust today! - Work sucks and I need to get out of this office for lunch. Normal choice, I'm going to Golden Corral!! Better choice, I'm going to the BBQ place for meat and green chile stew. Best choice, I'll take my packed lunch to the park. I hope this makes sense. The point is that thought, of ANY kind, totally demolishes the bizzaro world of binge craving. My body has fallen into this mid-160's place, seems comfortable, and now I can work on lifetime wellness with my diet, working with something I hate to call, but maybe should, an eating disorder. Scoring: Best choice = 2 pts. Better choice = 1 pt. Normal choice = 0 pts. Goal Two, Diet: Boozes on Weekends Only No ambiguity here! Booze during the week is just not a good look on me. I love how I feel when I'm functioning at full force Monday - Friday. Scoring: Weekend boozes only: 2 pts. One weekday booze: 1 pt. More than one: 0 pts. Goal Three, Activity: Go to the Park 3 Times a Week I LOVE time at the park. It gives me something to look forward to each day at work. The forecast for next week never tips 90F - I know we'll see it again in Texas, but... well. It's all about habit building. I love to run, and walk, and jog. 3 times a week I will get dressed and get to my trail. If it's SO HOT, I can walk for 30 minutes and rock on with my day. If it's 75F (it will be on Saturday!!) I will run 5000 miles because its perfect outside!! Either way, habit building. Get dressed, go to park. Easy, right? Scoring: 3 Park Days: 2 pts. 2 Park Days: 1 pt. 1 Park Day: 0 pts. Life Goal, Style: Get Up 10 Minutes Earlier Each Week This is a progressive goal. The curators will set the alarm ten minutes earlier each week for the Kailersaurus - the GET UP alarm, not a snooze alarm. Feet on the floor! This is a real challenge as Stephanguin has a totally different schedule, but equally noisy alarms. Here's the schedule: Week 1: 7:40 AM Week 2: 7:30 AM Week 3: 7:20 AM Week 4: 7:10 AM Week 5: 7:00 AM Week 6: 6:50 AM Scoring: Get Up each week day: 2 pts. Miss one week day: 1 pt. More than one missed day: 0 pts. The Kaileraurus can do ANYTHING! during the extra time. Hopefully hair and make up from earlier challenges... maybe some walking or hula hooping... or maybe just Law and Order (must be in Living Room!) when I'm not feeling it. Becoming a morning person is the main goal in the Kailersaurus' attempt to evolve into modern society. She's not a morning dinosaur. Training will help, but training can't always substitute for talent. LET'S DO THIS!!
  4. My second Adventurer challenge! I have eked out a living amongst my prehistoric neighbours, but now it's time to move on! With this challenge my time-travelling adventures will try and move on from the prehistoric as I fix my time machine and move to a new era! I tried to get my time machine to work but it malfunctioned and we were sent reeling in two different directions. It appears to be stuck on top of a nearby mountain and I will need to improve myself and my skills to be able to reach it and repair it. Apart from the constant terror of being the tasty treat of a tyrannosaur this era is a beautiful place. I will be pleased to go, but will miss the creatures and landscape dearly. Goals: 1: Get Leaner and Faster (Lose 5% Bodyfat) (+2 CON +2 DEX) If I'm going to spend much longer in this harsh environment I need to get stronger and faster and make sure I can survive. This is part of my New Years Resolution, which is to get my bodyfat down to ~10%, but I'm not sure what number to put down as a goal for my 6 week challenge. I've put 5% at the moment but I might change it depending on how realistic that is. I'm currently at about 20-21% ( up to 25% by the NAVY bodyfat calculator) so I'm not sure if 1/4 of that is realistic. Also the bodyfat numbers at the moment was done with a tape measure rather than with my calipers as I seem to have misplaced them. But I shall try and make another better calculation soon. But I'm planning on sticking to 1800 calories a day and do some high intensity weights/circuits as well as some sports a few times a week, and possibly some running. I will probably eat a little more on the days when I've done an intensive work out but we'll see about that when we come to it. As a point of reference I have taken a picture, which can be seen here: (Warning: Topless Time Travelling Man) http://imgur.com/zffJa 2: Lift a Triceratops (Lift 12 metric tons/26,000 lbs) (+4 STR) The Tyrannosaurus has been moved from the cave and now Based on my success with lifting a T Rex in my last challenge, this time I'm going for a Triceratops! Slightly more weight and as my workout plan will put me in the gym at about 3 times a week I think. I'm going for a new programme at my gym which will help me to get this off the floor quickly. Although for a week or so I'll just be doing bodyweight circuits as I've got to go away for an exam. But when I get back to the gym whatever weights I move for however many sets/reps will all add together to see how quickly I can get to a Triceratops. 3: Make Your Way Up the Mountain (Do A Pull Up) (+3 STR) After the time machine crashed it was left on top of a mountain near where I have made my home, I need to get to it to make my way back through time. RIght, I've had this one for a while and has been on a challenge before. But with my new gym programme and my bodyweight circuits I should be able to do this for this challenge. I've been feeling myself get stronger as every now and again I try and do a pull up. So this time with a new programme, a new challenge and a new diet I am positive that I'll be able to do it! 4: Fix The Time Machine (Spend two hours a day working on a skill) (+4 WIS) The Time Machine is now broken, and I cannot fix it straight away. I need to relearn my skills and sharpen new ones so that I can fix it. This can be anything from working on my writing, a new language, my guitar playing or something new. Once my exam is out of the way from next week I'll have a lot more free time whilst looking for work so as long as I'm looking for work I want to make sure that I don't just procrastinate and aimlessly look on the internet. So apart from looking for jobs and work experience I will be working on my skills new and old! I know this sort of thing is hard to measure so I've decided to take it as how much I do per day. I look forward to another challenge and look forward to helping my fellow rebels!
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