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Found 4 results

  1. This video was posted on Youtube , and I really appreciated it, and thought it felt well for my next challenge, and how I want my goals to be focused. Fitness: Continue with the GMB workouts 3 times a week Do some walking Rowing , most likely 3 days a week, and sprinting once a week, or maybe every other week I also started GMB's respiration program, which is just a short program on breathing, so I'll do that some too Eating and maintenance: Last challenge I did a good job at maintaining my weight. What I want to focus on right now is learning how to maintain my weight without putting all my focus on it. I tend to swing between putting all my focus on weight, or not at all. I want it to be a good background, with some healthy eating skills that I can maintain most of the time, while also relaxing and enjoying other times and not being strict. Some eating skills I am working on: eating a balanced plate (carbs,protein, veggies or fruit) eating slowly being thankful for my food pausing mid meal and assessing my satiety eating snacks without a screen I weigh myself daily (ish) and take a weekly average so I can see trends. If I forget a day that's fine, it's just the consistent habit I'm establishing. I do it in the morning, so if I forget I just wait until the next day. Life: Monday morning write out my weekly goals _ I've been doing this for a couple of challenges , and find it very helpful Every morning write out the priority goals for the day. The goal is to write out a realistic goal of what I can do Gardening: Time to start putting things to bed. Prepare veggie garden for winter. Scrapbooking Complete at least 50% of Yellowstone trip Guest bedroom Last year I repainted it. But then I got distracted, and didn't finish the other things I wanted to do to decorate it. I have a to do list for it.. Goal is to get 50% of the way through that list. Goal to remember : I tend to think I don't have time for ..., because I don't have a big block of time. But things can get done in little chunks. Work on scrapbooking for a half an hour two days a week, is still progress. Also remember : My goals are to help me with my values. They are to help direct me on the path I want to be, and the things I hope to accomplish
  2. I don't have any ideas for a theme this challenge. My main goal this challenge is to lose weight. My plan is to use the eating skills from the book, Lean and Strong; Eating Skills, Psychology ,and Workouts, by Josh Hillis. The book emphasizes practicing eating skills. The book includes premade charts with the skills on them, and you just check it off. My plan is to print it out the week before (each page has two weeks) place the chart on my dining room table, and note when I follow the skills. The big thing for me to remember is these are SKILLS, not goals. For example, a skill might be to delay a snack by 15 minutes. Sometimes I will do that, and sometimes not. It is something I am going to work at. Another skill is putting the fork down between bites. Some times I forget to do this until half way through the meal. That's fine. The real goal is to practice and improve. I will also note each week the skills I'm working on, so that you all know what I'm talking about. One of the skills is no snacks. I've talked about that in my previous challenge. I really struggle with this one, and I don't know if I'm going to do it. I think what I may do is have a set number of calories and have the snack be under that. Taking a small step in the direction of no snacks. Last year, as part of the eating skills workbook, I picked three values, and thought about how they pertain to my eating. My values were family, joy, and self control. Honestly, it seems like a good idea to eat according to your values. But, especially with self control, I just struggled. Maybe it was too loose a term? It seemed to really put my brain in a win/lose scenario. So, I'm picking different values and seeing how that works. Not doing a lot with it right now, just sort of values in my background. Grit: This is one of my keywords that I focused on in running. When it got tough, I kept going because I had grit. Gratitude:taking the time to enjoy my meal and be thankful for it Gazelle Intensity:A Dave Ramsey(finance guru) term. To get out of debt you need gazelle intensity. Keep running toward your goal. I would like my goal to be to establish good eating habits. The gazelle intensity won't be to lose weight, but rather to establishing good habits around food for the long term. Other stuff: I have the big run, the 5 k left to do, and then I will have completed all my runs for the NF app. After that I am going back to rowing. And I think I may keep working on my presses ,and see if I can do 5 30# KB presses. Michelle Smith also sent out a new staff flow. I'd like to get back into that. Having a new flow is fun, so I may work on that. Planning out my week on Monday with the most important thing that I need to do, and planning out my month is super helpful. I'm going to try and do that. I may not talk about it a bunch here, as I really want to be laser focused on the eating skills for this challenge This week's eating skills: During meals: put the fork down between bites try and have at least 30 grams of protein at meal Between meals;eat a meal every 4 to 6 hours delay 10 minutes before having a snack
  3. Time for another challenge: Lots of goals, probably too many.But the sun is shining, and I'm pumped and ready so let's so what happens: Thanks to @milythael for the challenge set up idea Fitness Strength: Exercise : Kettlebell press Baseline : can press 30# bell three times Strength goal: press 30# 4 times, 5 for bonus Plan; Follow ETK for presses with 25# bell, test with 30# on week 3 and 5 Award: 1 point for strength for 4 times, 2 points for pressing the bell 5 times Exercise L-sit Baseline ??? test and video on week 1 Plan Follow NF L-sit level 10 , 4 x2 seconds , 2 x a week, video week one and week five Goal: 2 x 10 seconds; Award: 1 point for Dexterity for at least one 10 second hold, 2 for 2 10 second hold Charisma: You may ask why running fits into Charisma, Because, in my mind , a Ranger should be able to run at least a mile. I want to not only be able to walk the miles, but run a bit as well. I'm slowly starting a bit of running. I did this a while ago , and dropped it.Now is the time to pick it up. It didn't work to do rowing as cardio, and do the volume I'm doing of pressing.. So running seemed like a good thing to take up.It's my third fitness goal, and it's also third in importance. If I'm tired, or pushed for time, this is the one that will be dropped. I'm not tracking it. Points are awarded just by pure how I felt it went, not SMART at all. Also, I'm re-reading Kelly Starrett's book Ready to Run, and trying to implement some of it. Exercise Jogging Baseline: 1 minute jog, 3 minute walking Goal; improve that Award; 1 Charisma Exercise Mobility work; spend 10 minutes a day doing mobility work award: brag about it here Preparing/Life Bible: keep up with Bible reading, memorize Ps 91:4 Goal memorize verse, keep up with reading Award: 1 wisdom Weekly plan; Each week (Sunday evening or Monday morning) I will write out the things I need to do to win the week .5 awarded each week for 80% completion Daily write out a plan no award, Food: I'm working on implementing the skills from the book "Eating Skills...." By Josh Harris Here's my plan for this challenge Implement my food values of thankfulness, mindfulness , and joy. My goal is to set out the amount of food I want to eat. Eat it slowly and enjoy it. and delay 15 minutes before having second. Most of the time I will have 3 meals and 1 snack. If I want seconds, or more than one snack I will; wait 15 minutes; during that time find something engaging to do (drink tea,read a book, do a chore, do something fun) Then I will decided if I want the food.Sometimes I will say yes, sometimes no. If I say yes, I will sit down and enjoy the food. Every evening I will write 1-3 sentences on how the plan went. Award for doing this about half the time; 1 wisdom. 80% of more completion = 2 wisdom
  4. Silver Ranger The journey was taking them longer then they had ever though possible, and been even more treacherous than they anticipated. But, the band of elves, humans, and halflings trusted their leader, and knew she would find their goal. As they momentarily paused to rest, their guide the Silver Ranger, looked for tracks in the woods. She had been a Ranger for a long time, leading many others on similar quests. She had helped dwarves locate hidden gold, tracked villains who had managed to elude the sheriffs, and even found lost children. The band she was leading now was in search of the infamous dragon, Zylon, the Firestarter. He had razed many towns with his fiery breath. Flying over towns, terrorizing them , breathing his evil fire breath and burning their towns. Then he would fly away to his hidden lair. Gloating in his lair, waiting , and then returning yet again on his path of destruction And so this band had hired the Silver Ranger to track the dragon and find his hidden lair. They would kill the dragon, and use the gold that the dragon horded to rebuild their towns. The Silver Ranger surveyed the forest, studying it for signs of the dragon. Quickly she climbed one of the trees, so she could get a better view. As she reached the top of the tree, she spotted what she was looking for. Some of the branches had been broken off by something. Most likely the dragon’s tail. They were on the right track. She climbed down the tree, and nodded to her companions. They picked up their bags, ready to continue the journey. The other day when we were geocaching, a cacher signed with the handle the Silver Raider, only I thought it was the Silver Ranger. I immediately loved the name, and decided to claim it. Since I no longer color my hair, I thought the Silver Ranger fit me perfectly. Just at the time Covid hit is usually the time I spend a bit of time losing the extra dark winter pounds I added on. But instead of doing that, I ate more and moved less, and so gained so more weight. After I did that a bit, I decided it was time to rein it in. I didn’t have the mojo to be super strict, so I read Josh Hillis’ Book Lean and Strong ,A Guide to Eating Skills. It is intuitive eating with some guidelines, which is a perfect fit for me. At first, I didn’t even try and lose weight, I just practiced skills such as paying attention to my hunger. This challenge I am focusing on losing weight. Seems like 2020 is the year of learning to adapt. I mean, I had decided to do 10,00 steps a day, and was going great, and now we have smoke from wild fires, so that’s out until it clears. 2020 seems to be a journey where you clear one hurdle, and two more obstacles show up. With that in mind, , my main focus is going to be on implementing the skills. I hope (and think) that the outcome will be weight loss, but if I learn to implement wise decision making around food, I will be ahead. Even if I stumble a bit, if I keep moving forward a little bit, I will eventually reach my goal. Tracking: The book has tracking sheet for skills and guidelines. It is pretty basic, and I will fill it out. The main skill I am working on is listening to my body’s hunger cues. The guidelines (not rules!) are things like putting my fork down between meals, stopping half way through the meal and assessing how full I am, and using my senses to think about the food Also in the book, are journal exercises that have you think about your values( what I will from now on refer to as super powers) in regard to food and fitness. I have two more weeks , so I will finish those. After that, each week (bonus for doing it on Monday) I will spend a few minutes reflecting on those super powers in the prior week, and how I might use them in the upcoming week. Not a long time, just about 5 minutes Cover the miles One of the most effective ways for me to lose weight is to walk. I’d really like to do 10,000 steps at least 6 days a week. * Right now we are living in smoke land, so that’s on hold, but hopefully I’ll be back at it Plan for the Journey Each week I will pick some of the main things I want to accomplish for the week, so I know what to focus on I put this is spoiler form because this whole thing is getting long.My super powers that I rely on
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