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Found 5 results

  1. Keep forgetting my PR's so I'm going to log them here: Movement: Back Squat Weight: 105kg Reps: 1RM Date: March 2014 Movement: Back Squat Weight: 107.5kg Reps: 1RM Date: Aug 2014 Movement: Back Squat Weight: 121kg Reps: 1RM Date: July 2016 Movement: Front Squat Weight: 90kg Reps: 1RM Date: July 2014 Movement: Front Squat Weight: 90kg Reps: 1RM Date: August 2015 Movement: Front Squat Weight:110kg Reps: 1RM Date: May 2016
  2. 7/10/2016: I'm back from 5 weeks in Europe on holiday.: The abbreviated summary: - Had a great time in Yorkshire with my father in law and my wife's BFF. Awesome walk on Ilkley Moor and pub lunch in the Cow and Calf. - Spent a day with my wife buying the perfect new suit for the upcoming wedding in Italy - Caught up with some old friends in Scotland and had an amazing time: Sightseeing and eating/drinking well in Edinburgh, Speedboat ride on Loch Lomond, heaps of pub lunches, darts, 10-pin bowling, blackjack at the casino, go-karting, archery (so fun! Got a bul
  3. Time to turn my back on The Empire once again! I need to get my nutrition in order, so this challenge will be all about sorting out my diet, which is in terrible shape at the moment. Goals: 1. Get help to setup a nutrition plan and execute it 2. Cold turkey on video games for this challenge at least. That's it for now, it will involves sub goals I expect which I'll update later once I have the plan. I'm going to setup a session with a nutritionist and ask for a 4 week food plan.Hopefully I can get a session sorted out this week.
  4. Wow this new format doesn't leave much time to do a new challenge. Anyway here we go... "What a piece of junk!" - Like the Millenium Falcon and Optimus, I plan to be more than meets the eye by the end of this challenge Goals: - Alcohol max 1 day a week - 1 hour a day of 'exercise' - 4 weeks of Paleo Bonus: - Each day I don't play video games is an extra drinking day. This one is about body transformation, would like to drop another 3kg this challenge. I was going to count calories but I know already that it will just piss me off so I will go full Paleo for 4 weeks. Other importa
  5. Challenge 20 Recently I've been inconsistent with my lifting and nutrition, hell Weds I made it all the way out to the garage in my gym gear started my workout then blew it off because I was tired. I have been working some enormous hours at work on a new project and neglecting everything else. I need to get back on track and re-focus on what's important to me. The good news is my neck has improved a lot, I'm starting to be able to do some of the movements I've missed out on over the last 18 months. This challenge I will be channeling Winston and his war time spirit for my goals: https
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