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  1. Hi folks, I'm a day late... these short cycles just don't give me enough time to figure out what I want to do with the next challenge! (for the record, I spent a while looking for ranger-ly, crossfitter-ly gifs. Half of the cool ones linked back to one of Rurik's threads here on NF! So here's one of an F-15 flying through the Cascade Mountains) On to the challenge goals. First, the daily stuff: Read Stoic philosophy. I highly recommend Seneca's "Letters to a Stoic" (easy one-a-day reads), and have Marcus Aurelius's "Meditations" next to my bed. I'm going to aim for 5 letters/chapters a week. (+Wis, +Cha) Walk and PT. 70k steps is a minimum/week, 100k is the goal. I can usually hit 10k in a day at my walking desk, but this should help me stay active on the weekends. (+Cons)Crossfit comes relatively easily, even though I will be travelling a bunch and next week I won't get to lift. Walking helps me normalize my metabolism, mood, and lots of other stuff. Plus, it helps me troubleshoot when I'm tight in my quads/hammies. To that end, I also need to be doing daily leg lifts, band walks, clamshells, lunges, side lunges, etc. to get my wobbly runner's knee back in working order. Figure out what the heck to eat. Track 6 of 7 days each week on MFP and transition from pure low-carb/keto to FD 2.0 via a 2-week trial. Last week I did a sort of experiment in fat fasting/ketosis. It rocked. I dropped below my "goal weight," and as I added calories back into my diet my energy levels stabilized. I even felt great during 16.1. I was cruising... until last weekend. I tanked. So I thought maybe it was time for a re-feed. At this point, I have spent most of the last 48 hours eating all the things. It turns out that's a crappy way to refeed, and I probably was low on iron if anything. I'm also starting my afternoon on 3g carbs and feeling like in the next couple days I'll be back on track. Anyways, you can read about the first few days of the experiment in my Daily Battle Log. It was complete overkill, and I've just fasted for 16 hours and am finally feeling alive again. So, I'm launching into a low-carb swing for the next couple days, which (I expect) will be broken up by my birthday in a couple of days. From there on out, I'm going to try to hit the macro recommendations in FD 2.0 In addition, I have a checklist for the things I need to get done at some point during this challenge. I'll try to get at least one done per week... some things will happen without any real effort from me, so I had to have more than 4! Chart out macro goals for FD 2.0 (Flexible Dieting)Turn 27Update my "progress photos" galleryFinish that chip-carved coat rack that's sitting in the garage awaiting its last layer of PolySend a post card from somewhere I've never beenRuck, at least if it's just with my laptop pack in the airportAttend the BF's bro's weddingDo something that is *significantly* outside my comfort zone To keep myself on-track/focused, I need to check in on NF regularly. Like, minimum 10 posts a week regularly. Oyve! Here we go!
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