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  1. Lasik/PRK?

    Hi Nerds, I just got back from an optometrists appointment, and brought up corrective surgery. My vision is currently 20/400. With glasses or contacts I have 20/15. There are 80% odds I'd get 20/20, and 98% I'd get 20/40 and not have to drive with glasses. I really like my current 20/15 vision, but doing things like wearing safety glasses, ski goggles, and sunglasses aren't options since I wear glasses most of the time! So, what would you do? For those of you who have had corrective surgery, are you glad you did or do you wish you wouldn't have?
  2. Hi Nerds, I have had pairs of Reebok Nano 2s, Nano 4s, Nano 5s, New Balance Minimus, Merrell Bare Access... I've almost burned out my current Nano 4s and am looking for a replacement. I'm looking for something low-drop with a big toe box (my toes splay) that I can wear casually or for workouts. I'm looking into the NoBull brand, but am hesitant to buy something I can't try on first. What do y'all like?