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  1. Well this looks a little dead, but I'm in NE and would love to meet up at a bouldering gym or hike if anyone's interested!
  2. I found my knitting group on Meetup. I'm not a knitter, but they let me bring my whittling projects and make chips while they click sticks.
  3. I'm just sitting here in PDX and realized that after today, I'll be in a different time zone every week for the next 4 weeks.
  4. I've done this a couple times in my life... specifically after making a mistake IRL (like dropping my cup of coffee) made me think "load last saved game" instead of "sop up the mess". As far as just not getting angry, that takes practice. Notice when you're getting there. You get to choose your reactions, and slowing things down when you see yourself going that direction so that you have time to observe yourself, your feelings, your triggers, and grounding yourself in reality (it's a game, not real life, there are things that matter more, like family) is a good practice. And maybe
  5. Wow, I'm late to this party... but better late than never? I recently chucked my Keen hiking boots, because even at +1 size up I ended up with blisters on my toes from them swelling and being squeezed. Awesome boots, but more than 10 miles and I was tender... which is a bummer when you're that far into a 43 mi hike! I've swapped to flat-soled shoes, with varying levels of support and protection. I've done a ~17 mile day in my Reebok Nanos, a ~13mi/20km hike in the rain a month or two ago (both basically packless) in the same shoes. Upside: happy feet, plenty of toe room, nat
  6. I just had the realization that I'm leaving for the first let of my trip to Scotland in 30 days, and now I have a stupid-happy grin on my face
  7. If you don't want to invest in some power saws, double check for a tool library in your town. If you pick up a skillsaw, just make sure you know how to use it first! They're notorious for kickback
  8. What you've heard about weight not being a good indicator is true. I'd say work on building body confidence now. As someone who has been scary skinny and borderline overweight, I didn't see myself as I actually was in those moments. I can look at photos now and what I see is whether I was happy or not - which actually has nothing to do with my weight in either situation. This podcast is one place to start. As far as setting fitness goals, most are realistic... so long as you give yourself time and are dedicated to getting there! Developing a movement practice at any level wi
  9. Yep. I put on #30 and things went the opposite direction - heavier periods. Lots of hormones are linked to fat tissue, which means that when your % body fat changes, the hormones change.
  10. Hey, a few thoughts: If you're putting a wall anchor in, make sure it's in a stud. Better yet, set a series of anchor points in a plate (wide piece of metal or plywood) that braces between multiple studs. With the pull-up bar, as long as it's a metal bolt-in one that isn't made to hold tension only in one direction ("down," when oriented on a wall), you should be fine. The "down" direction on a wall puts metal in compression. If it can hold #500 in compression, its strength in tension will be much greater!
  11. I entirely agree. I forgot to mention, I work remotely. My closest coworker is 300 miles away, and most of them are in Quebec! I'm trying out a co-working space this week, but I'm out of town one week every month, so it makes it hard for me to be a "regular" anywhere. I've also joined a crafting meetup (the knitters don't mind me chip carving at their knitting table), a German language class, and am trying out gyms that have group classes. There's a point where the alone-ness is more wearing than the effort of going out and meeting people multiple times a week. I a
  12. I hate moving. I love going places, hate moving. I'm slow to make friends, even slower to make close friends. A month ago, I found myself starting over solo in a new city. I'm at a bit of a loss as to how to how to re-build my life and where to find community in this new place. For those of you who've done it, how did you re-build your life when you've been uprooted? How do you find 'your people'? (also, anyone in the greater Portland, OR area want to meet up and do something nerdy or fitness related?)
  13. As a native west coaster from the next continent west, I totally get it West coast, best coast! Also, that group is pure travel porn. Yes, please!!
  14. So, that's the rub. If I can get a full 2 weeks off in September, II'll probably spend a little time in a city or two. If I only have 1+ week, I'll be heading almost directly to to the route. I'm planning to walk the Speyside Way. I've been told it's not the most beautiful of the long distance walks, but I was digging around in my grandmother's family history (of which we don't know much) and discovered her grandfather emigrated from Dufftown.
  15. I had it for the first time on a UK trip with my mom... It's really hard to find in the US, because Americans tend to think that any non-chocolate pudding is weird! I'm hoping to be back at the end of this summer for a walking trip in Scotland... the plan is to have black pudding and scones for breakfast, walk all day, stop at regular intervals for whisky, and pub every evening!
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