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  1. Becks is back... and on the go!

    Well, the workouts were hard to come by this week... but I ate well! Lots of salads, and I treated myself to a Halo Top every evening. (Yaaay, per-diem food monies!) That said, I did get a workout in this afternoon at the stellar Primitive Athletics gym. If you're ever near the Lakewood neighborhood of Long Beach, make sure to drop in. I got some solid mobility work in, got my butt kicked in the WOD, and tried out a Marc Pro. My right hammie/IT band feel as good as they have this entire trip. Bad news is that I tweaked my left shoulder doing a quick set of push-ups last night before bed It's somewhere in my rotator cuff, which I don't know how to fix yet (unlike my junky Pec Minors). To the library!
  2. low-drop shoes

    I had one of the really early Minimus shoes, and I agree, they fit my feet well. I couldn't believe how much the price had gone up last time I checked them out! I just stopped by REI and tried on some of the newer Merrell "minimal" trail running shoes. They re-shaped the toe so it's too narrow in the front. Not cool! At this point, I'm thinking about trying to dredge up one of the old pairs of Nanos.
  3. Becks is back... and on the go!

    I'm on the road! After a quick stop at REI for gear for the next trip, I'm kicking off Week 1 by getting a Delta Club membership at SeaTac. I've had friends get me into airline lounges before, but this is the first time I've had a membership myself. I got it for "free" (with miles), so if I don't like it or use it I'll discard it next year. In the meantime, this will make it a little easier to spoil the bf when we're going long distance in a few weeks. This weekend we spent 8 hours on Saturday picking rocks, wheelbarrowing, and shoveling out a window well at my parents' house. It was hard work. On Sunday, we went back in the AM and poured 30 bags of concrete for the first half of the base. Guess who hauled all 30 bags up the hill for mixing in the wheelbarrow? That's right, Sunday's workout was an AFAP 1800 lbs burden haul ~40', in increments of #60. Huzzah for Monday being a rest day!! I've been eating keto-ish the last few days and realizing just how much of my mass has gone from muscle to fat. Being in ketosis means that the fat is starting to melt. Just gotta keep eating lean!
  4. Hi Nerds, I have had pairs of Reebok Nano 2s, Nano 4s, Nano 5s, New Balance Minimus, Merrell Bare Access... I've almost burned out my current Nano 4s and am looking for a replacement. I'm looking for something low-drop with a big toe box (my toes splay) that I can wear casually or for workouts. I'm looking into the NoBull brand, but am hesitant to buy something I can't try on first. What do y'all like?
  5. Becks is back... and on the go!

    I'm back for the upcoming challenge! After a bit of road tripping and a break for summer, I'm hitting the gym again. I finally think I've found my way around the problem... except that for this challenge, I'll be "on the go" 3 of the 4 weeks! Here's the itinerary: Week 0: Home Week 1: SoCal Week 2: Home Week 3: Germany > Czech Week 4: Czech > Austria, home Sept 9. So the challenge will be to somehow fit some growth into this. The issue that I've had in the past is that working out M-W-F doesn't work well with my active weekends. So I'm flipping it around and resting M/F, CrossFit T-W-Th. Saturdays/Sundays are for hiking, paddleboarding, running, tree projects, etc. They aren't "off" days! For Week 0 and Week 2, that's my plan. In the meantime, I have a few other things in the air. Finish >3 books On the 2 weeks I'm home, work out T-W-Th In SoCal, 1 beach workout, 2 hotel workouts Walk a ton in Europe, and do at least 40 of one (or a mix) of the following daily: push-ups, pull-ups, squats, sit-ups, burpees. Eat more whole food. Max 1 "bar" or or other such crap per day. Limit eating to a <10 hour window. If I have breakfast at 7:30, I should be done eating by 5:30 pm. Only water before/after! Even more than practicing IF, this keeps me out of the late night munchies!