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  1. Well this looks a little dead, but I'm in NE and would love to meet up at a bouldering gym or hike if anyone's interested!
  2. Wow, I'm late to this party... but better late than never? I recently chucked my Keen hiking boots, because even at +1 size up I ended up with blisters on my toes from them swelling and being squeezed. Awesome boots, but more than 10 miles and I was tender... which is a bummer when you're that far into a 43 mi hike! I've swapped to flat-soled shoes, with varying levels of support and protection. I've done a ~17 mile day in my Reebok Nanos, a ~13mi/20km hike in the rain a month or two ago (both basically packless) in the same shoes. Upside: happy feet, plenty of toe room, nat
  3. If you don't want to invest in some power saws, double check for a tool library in your town. If you pick up a skillsaw, just make sure you know how to use it first! They're notorious for kickback
  4. What you've heard about weight not being a good indicator is true. I'd say work on building body confidence now. As someone who has been scary skinny and borderline overweight, I didn't see myself as I actually was in those moments. I can look at photos now and what I see is whether I was happy or not - which actually has nothing to do with my weight in either situation. This podcast is one place to start. As far as setting fitness goals, most are realistic... so long as you give yourself time and are dedicated to getting there! Developing a movement practice at any level wi
  5. Yep. I put on #30 and things went the opposite direction - heavier periods. Lots of hormones are linked to fat tissue, which means that when your % body fat changes, the hormones change.
  6. Hey, a few thoughts: If you're putting a wall anchor in, make sure it's in a stud. Better yet, set a series of anchor points in a plate (wide piece of metal or plywood) that braces between multiple studs. With the pull-up bar, as long as it's a metal bolt-in one that isn't made to hold tension only in one direction ("down," when oriented on a wall), you should be fine. The "down" direction on a wall puts metal in compression. If it can hold #500 in compression, its strength in tension will be much greater!
  7. Congrats on respawning! What is this unofficially official app of which you speak?
  8. I just looked at my last month of chaos, and realized that sometime in the midst of all that I crossed into the last stage of my journey. Goal for this year is to reach Mordor, and make it all the way back home! Here's to the miles ahead And for those of you who are map nerds, here's a great interactive map of the different routes through Middle Earth: http://lotrproject.com/map
  9. I think I'm going to hit Lothlorien today! If you were to eat something in the real world to celebrate your first bite of Lembas, what would it be? I have been trying to up my foot miles because of both things going on at home, and a hope that I can blast through an 18 mile hike in 1 day next month. The hike is in the North Cascades, which are currently fogged in by forest fire smoke (as most of the rest of the Western US is right now), but I'm really hoping to not have to put it off 'till next year.
  10. Hi Anouk! I'm starting back with CF after taking 8+ months off (for no good reason... just making life harder for myself...) and just got to the point where I'm able to walk comfortably the day after a WOD. DOMS are my nemesis. I'll second what DarkRaider said - time, make sure you're getting protein, and on top of that maybe add a little pinch of salt (and maybe some lemon juice) to you water in the morning. For that matter, make sure you're drinking a lot of water and replenishing electrolytes! Muscles adapt faster than tendons, so make sure that you're taking it ver
  11. Hi Nerds, I just found an *amazing* podcast that I thought I'd share with y'all. I have dealt with anorexia, bulemia, exercise bulemia, stress eating, body image issues... and each of these at times when I was running/training for marathons and doing CrossFit. In the past few months, I've re-framed my relationship with food - and part of it recently has come from a new podcast I found. Paige Smathers runs Positive Nutrition and the Nutrition Matters podcast. She takes an intuitive eating, weight neutral approach to nutrition. If you've dealt with any of these issues, check it out!
  12. They're Topos, and they're perfect for the trails that I run around here. Last fall I accidentally ended up hiking back-to-back 13+ mi days in my Reebok Nano 4s, and had the thought "why can't I find running shoes that fit like this"? I tried Altas, but they didn't feel quite right. I put the Topos on and they fit perfectly - snug in the heel and midsole (I can run up rocks slanted 30* sideways without sliding in the shoes) and perfectly shaped in the sole so my wide toes are happy even when I've been pounding them for several miles! These are the ones I got.
  13. Grrrr that feeling when the "miles to go" column read 3.0, and suddenly it reads 460.8. Well, I guess I better suit up... (new shoes. I have new shoes arriving today!)
  14. I'm training for a 10k (in 1.5 weeks!) and will finally be arriving in Rivendell today! I've heard that Tolkien based his description on the valleys in Switzerland that go up into the Alps. I have wonderful memories of wandering the hills above Interlaken, with the sounds of waterfalls and cowbells...
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