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Found 3 results

  1. Hello All, Im Tkbird45. Im just recently graduated from High School. Im 18, and im ready to finally shed those baby pounds so im below the Freshman 15 for college. Anyway. Im Male From California, San Diego Im 6'2" I am a bit chubby in the midsection and thighs and would concider my "race" to be either Human or Half-Giant. Weigh 236 lbs as of today. I go to the gym once a day. Im currently transitioning into the Paleo diet. And i take protein powder and creatine. My ultimate goal is lose my gut and go down to 175 lbs, i weighed about that much about 2 years ago and was in much better condition health wise and would really like to get back to that. Similarly i would like gain muscle, so that i can visibly see it, my goal is not to look like a body builder but to appear fit and healthy.
  2. hey everyone. my name is Aiden and i am 28, from minnesota. i am a female to male transgender male who is in the process of changing things in my life. i quit smoking back in july and that has made a huge difference for me but lately i have been gaining weight a lot due to my weird over eating habits. i am in the process of eating better but once i started reading the things written on the site about the diet and ways grains effect your body i realized that i eat an obscene amount of grains and sugars and that is going to be my hardest issue. i also used to be a vegetarian but i love chicken and ham so it was really hard to stick to that. after reading further into the dieting part of the plan i realized this is exactly what i need. one thing that i am going to try my hardest at is working out at home. i work out better in a gym but right now we can not afford a gym membership since we only have one gym in our town and they are quite pricy. i am open to talking to everyone about everything. i am going to need all kinds of support in here with the dieting and working out so i am always open for any workout/ dieting buddies who are willing to harass me through facebook or texting once we get to know each other better. i know i am lazy and have been putting things off for most of my life but i need things to change and it is time. look forward to seeing the changes!
  3. This is my first challenge, sort of. I started one before, but faltered. I would love to be more engaged in the community. I have some lofty goals (17 lbs by New Years) and some realistic ones, too. Lift 3x or more per week. Make no excuses during travel. Row 2x or more per week. 70% or more Paleo. Do the best I can. Forgive myself when I think more was possible. Be supportive of the journeys of others. Hug daily.
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