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Found 4 results

  1. Ok, now that I've completed OPERATION STOBAL, I'm ready to start focusing on one main goal/habit per challenge. We have 10 challenges this year, so that's TEN awesome new habits I can build into my life. This month, I'm going to focus on walking 16 miles/week. I used to do that as a main challenge goal, and I eventually stopped tracking it once it became a habit. I still walk regularly, but over time my mileage has gone down. I think walking is a foundational habit that supports everything else, so I want to reestablish a good walking base. I'm debating whether I want to count running mileage towards the distance goal or not. Thoughts? I'll be travelling for a work conference on 1/9-1/13 (and probably networking into the evening ugh) so that week's overall mileage may be lower and that's ok. Other things for January: Continue Headspace meditation streak (2 months to go for that 365 day achievement!) Sign up for a weekly yoga class on Wednesday nights (this will free up some mental space so I don't have to worry about squeezing in yoga throughout the week and can do other mobility stuff on mornings/evenings) Continue 2 runs per week, building them up towards 5K each and getting used to running in the snow Continue 3 workouts/week Instead of my annual "frugal February" this year I think I'm going to do a 3 month shopping ban from Jan-March Shopping ban details: I'm currently still on Pacific Time so I'm going to be easing myself back onto Eastern Standard Time this week. Plus, I'm in my usual post-vacation funk where I feel really lonely with fewer friends around. So, I'll be a bit forgiving with myself about morning routines and workout intensity as I get back into the swing of things (but I will still work out). Let's do an icebreaker! Nobody I know in real life will admit to having a new years resolution, which is so boring! I'm not a big resolution person myself, but I always have some sort of goals going on, and I love to hear about what other people are working on. My 2017 resolution is to have a friggin' dining table before the end of the year. I live in a studio with no room for one currently, so that will either involve moving or a serious change of furnishing. What about you guys?
  2. So, I’ve been sort of overwhelmed. I can’t seem make myself stick to any of my goals except the ones that are super ingrained habits at this point. This is partially because I don’t wanna and partially because I am travelling several times a month and it’s preventing me from sticking to a normal routine like I have in the past. This challenge, I want to address those two issues. I’m going to address the “I don’t wanna” by actually setting a main goal for the rest of the year, which I haven’t really done in many challenges now. I’ll also address it with some of the things I’m doing this challenge. I’ll address the travel issues with a specific plan below. Main goal: I want to get back to my pre-Paris weight by mid-December when I go stay with my parents for the holidays. That’s only -5 lbs, so it should be very doable. I got stuck between two different challenge ideas for how to fix my problems, so decided I might as well do both of them. Part 1 – Catheters and Bedpans Part 2 – With Love Part 3 – The Goals Part 4 – Travel Protocols So that’s all the goal stuff! Now let’s do something fun - an icebreaker! I shared one of my favorite bloggers, and I’m curious about all of your favorites. Who is your favorite blogger, or if you don’t follow blogs, who is your favorite general internet person?
  3. Hi All, I’m NeverThatBored, and I believe this is challenge 7 for me! I lost about 10-15 pounds during my first few challenges, and now I’m stalled with 10-15 more pounds to go, which is very annoying. During my last challenge, I learned a TON about what works and what doesn’t work for me, so this challenge I’m making small tweaks to everything so that I can do even better. Goal 1: Maintain & Tweak Fitness (Walking, Running, Bodyweight Exercises) I have a pretty good fitness routine going now, so I want to continue maintaining/progressing on the fitness goals that I’ve established: Run weekly, increasing distance 10% each time. Assuming I’m starting at 2 miles, that will be 2, then 2.2, then 2.4, then 2.6 in the final week of the challenge. If my shins (which I have a lot of issues with) start bothering me, I will revert by 10% immediately. My goal here is to get up to a 5K distance. Walk 64 miles (16 miles/week) over the course of the challenge. I decided to stop including rucking in my challenges for now, though I will still throw on some weight for some of my walks. Work out 3 times a week Usually this is 1 bootcamp class and 2 bodyweight sessions for week. 1 pushup AMRAP/week - last challenge I did 3/week, so now I want to see what happens when I do just 1/week. My max so far is 38 pushups. 1 bonus point for an extra 5 miles walked or 1 workout completed My current bodyweight exercise routine involves progressing to harder and harder forms of these basic exercises to build strength. Every time I can do 3 sets of 8, I move on to a harder version. Goal 2: Special Focus - Squat Holds I’ve learned that I have some mobility issues that are keeping me from being able to do deep ass-to-grass squats, and that annoys me, so I’m going to work on it. That’s pretty much the reason I’m running too, actually. Apparently I do a lot of things because it annoys me that I can’t! I will hold a squat position 5 days/week, starting at 1 minute each day and adding a minute per week for the 4 weeks of this challenge. This is supposed to be a daily thing, so I can’t just make up days that I miss by doing extra the next day. 1 bonus point if I do 7 days/week instead of 5 Goal 3: Figure out Food I’m slowly getting better on food, and paleoish works well for me in general, but I need to tweak a lot here to make it work better. I have a much lower tolerance for sweets and grains these days, which is AMAZING. But my weight is stuck, so I need to figure out where I’m still messing up. Instead of being restrictive and just eating as many primal meals as possible, I’m taking a different approach this challenge to see what happens. Maybe I should have called this challenge “NeverThatBored: Now With Punishments!†(After I wrote this, I changed the challenge name to match). So: Don’t eat after 8pm (or within 3 hours of bed). Don’t eat 2 non-primalish foods in a day. -1 point if I do either of these things, for each violation. Do 6 20 full burpees for every non-primalish meal/snack. No points penalty, unless it’s 2+ in a day. Drink water, walk around, and wait 20 minutes before snacking. Do 12 20 half burpees for every time I fail to do this. No points penalty. On days when I’m travelling or hosting someone, eat at least 1 primal meal, 1 50% meal, and 1 loose-but-healthy meal per day. -1 point for doing any worse than this. +1 point for turning any meal into a second primal meal. Don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t perfect. If you start beating yourself up, do 60 seconds of hollow body holds. AND to make it more fun, you guys get to help me choose the penalties. I'll take the most popular choices from the poll on this thread and use them where I've written ???. Edit: The votes are in, so the post has been updated. Goal 4/Life Goal: Frugal February Don’t spend money on eating out or general shopping (home goods, clothes, books/games, etc.). Exceptions: I can replace things that run out. I can buy presents for birthdays that happen this month. I can eat out if I’m travelling and it’s my main food option. I’ve decided that it’s also ok to buy dip bars (or a walker to use as dip bars) this month because progressing on my exercise goals is important to me. Bonus Quests I can’t get the points for these if I put off any of my other goals to achieve them. 3 yoga videos/week = 1 bonus point 5 days of ankle alphabets/week = 1 bonus point
  4. This is a NEW squad for people with a money-related goal: are you saving money? Paying off loans? Looking to improve your current job situation? Starting or maintaining your own business? Then this is the squad for you! Officially we can be a group of seven people, but of course more followers are welcome. Post your name, your relevant goal, your challenge thread, and perhaps one form of contact (e-mail, Twitter, etc). Maybe we can do regular e-mails keeping each other motivated and on target! Members: kawatan: kawatan Ends the Start-Scumming Cycle; job search goal (30 "contact points" in 42 days) OPEN OPEN OPEN OPEN OPEN OPEN
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