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Found 1 result

  1. Despite dropping off the face of the planet the last several months, things have been going really well! I'm weight stable thanks to Eat To Perform, lifting regularly, and seeing some body recomp that makes me preen just a little bit... However, I'd like to be more present in the NF world again, and as I'm counting down to my Spartan Sprint I think the accountability will do me in good stead! My entire Spartan team that I've been training with since January or so has bailed on me for the Spartan Sprint in Idaho on June 24th. All 5 of them! Lame. However, Mr. Honeybunches heard of my predicament, and since he was planning to come for a visit anyway in July, said he'd come the last week of June and run it with me! Because he's the absolute freaking best future husband ever! So, even though he can only come for a quick 8 days, it's gonna be the bestest and I can't wait!! Onto the goals! HIIT the gym 4x a week! (see what I did there?) I was floundering a couple weeks ago: Do I want to go for muscle mass? Should I focus more on straight lifts? Then I remembered my goals: I want to CRUSH those obstacle course races and enjoy myself, and not necessarily feel like dying halfway through (though that may or may not happen anyway, let's be real). In order to CRUSH THE OCR, I need muscle and cardio for days. HIIT it is, 4x a week, with a portion of each session dedicated to straight lifting because Gains Train. Run 1 to 2 times a week I did NOT learn to love running last challenge...I learned that I do NOT love running, and so I will not be doing Ragnar, the relay race from hell, after all. However, as I approach my racing season (hehe), I will be faced with running a 5k, an 8-10 miler, and a 12-14 miler plus obstacles, so I gotta get my butt in gear anyway. 1-2 times a week is all I am willing to commit at the moment, we'll see how it works for me with this Sprint, and I'll up my game for the Super and Beast if needs be, and I reckon I will need to...hills, anyone?? Drink 100 oz water/day Self Explanatory =) LISS-en More Low Intensity Steady State (AKA: getting my steps in/going for fun, easy bike rides/doing CIZE videos with mom/ walking in place while watching Kubo and The Two Strings for 3k steps like I did last night....). I walk all day at work, but on the weekends I workout on Saturday and do not much else. I want at least 8k steps on Friday and Saturday, or an equivalent activity conversion (like riding my bike or whatnot), because not all movement has to kick your ass to be worthwhile! Extra Credit: any extra gym sessions/classes/hikes/long bike rides, whatever extra activity it may be, I get to tick the EC box, just for funsies! =) Extra, Extra Credit: Check in on my thread and others' threads at least three times a week!
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