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Found 5 results

  1. Zero Week: Looking to see what works. Continue with GB Foundations, and hit Swings and Getups with volume waving. Try to finish off Mind Tools. Get some studying in.
  2. So yeah, being an adult is bullshit. I guess I'm either stressing myself out too much or not enough. My HRV is constant most days, then a huge drop on one accompanied by skin inflammation. Might just be adjusting to the move. Haven't lifted, but I've been walking a lot more, apparently. Anyway, I'm looking to focus on the micro level and just getting a little bit done each day, because time management is murdering all my progress. I will be continuing my previous challenge, focusing on knocking out 2 modules a week. PERKS: My time management is garbage.
  3. Machete

    Machete Reborn

    I usually wander around with other guilds from time to time, but we all know where I truly belong... Lately I've been wondering. I'm not much for survivalism and the zombie apocalypse preppers, but I did start thinking about if society were to collapse, where would I fit in? What am I useful for? I couldn't find a good answer. So I decided to start building myself up into what would be a useful, antifragile character in the future. I wrote down what will be a constantly-evolving character spreadsheet that I will be working on for the next 5 or so years.
  4. Placeholder, because I have a marathon [I did not train enough for] in three days. Goal is to finish my GymnasticBodies Foundation One course (because I've been slacking on my Hollows) while working on those elusive Handstands and some Tumbling (both modules I also purchased). My gym membership just ended and I'm going full-Assassin this challenge. BUILDING THE ASSASSIN BODY Log GB exercises (foundation core and upper body, handstand, and movement) once a week, kettlebells once a week. SKILLS BJJ
  5. Machete

    Machete: 24

    We all have 24 hours in a day. Somehow I manage to spent the majority of it f-ing around on Facebook. Zero Week: Going to try to figure out where all the time goes. Breakdown Monday: 1030 Wake up [WAKE UP TO BREAKFAST--50 minutes] Breakfast to 1120 Schoolwork to 1230 Lunch and video watching to 1430 Gym (and driving) to 1730 Traffic to 1820 School and drive home to 2115 Cook and DDF to 2205 Driving etc, bet at 0000 Tuesday: Wake up at 0500 0600-0700 class GB, school work to 0930 class to
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