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  1. Welcome Fellow Survivors! The road so far: You can read the full story in all it's typo glory here. (I swear I will get around to editing it some day...) When Captain Lars (Call Sign: Sparrow) was invited to take place in 'Project Hometown', he never thought he would be activated. After all, it was a contingency, and contingencies don't happen. At least not to this degree. Project Hometown is a federal program in place to insure continuity of the US Government in the eyes of the survivors of any catastrophe. Each of the continental states were given a coordinator, like Captain Lars, and a number of pre-positioned supply bunkers, to help maintain stability after a nation wide disaster. However, not even in their darkest thoughts did they see something like the FURY bacteria, which quickly infected the majority of the United States. The bacteria eats away at your mind, causing you to loose most higher functions and often become a violent sociopath with zero regard toward self preservation. As the bacteria burns it's self out, your mind is left a shell of it's former self. So far the infected have shown tendencies to hunt in packs, use simple tools, and even stalk their prey like a wild animal. Our heroes fear how else they might adapt and evolve. When Captain Lars excited his bunker he soon met @Rurik Harrgath, and they quickly because comrades in the battle against the infect. When faced with a horde of infected, they feared their doom but were saved by @Wild Wolf and the 113th Cavalry from the Iowa National Guard. While Lars was first glad to have military assistance in his mission, he quickly discovered (with the help of @Raxie) the commander of the cavalry unit might not have the protection of civilian survivors at the top of his priority list. On top of all this, Lars has a nagging thought in the back of his head. The coordinators were intended to be autonomous and equal to each other, but at the last second the coordinator of Colorado was promoted to Major and placed in charge. To make things worse, the highest known politician in the line of succession, is also in Colorado. With all this in mind, Lars wants to get the supplies out of as many bunkers as quickly as possible - in chase Acting President Briggs decides to change the plan. It is much too easy to save yourself and you friends at the cost of people you don't know. In an effort to gain the cavalries' cooperation, Captain Lars and his team conducted recon on the small town of Kingsley, IA to investigate a strong hold of survivors led by @Geek On Fire. Lars discovered that while they had exploited refugees passing through, they felt that it had only been done out of self preservation. It is difficult to draw the line between altruism and pragmatism, and Lars doesn't yet know where The Geek falls, but for now they have become uneasy allies in the fight for survival against the infected. Source Material: Based in the world of the book "The Remaining" Want to be part of the story? Join Here! The Rules: I follow in the foot steps of the greats before me in believe of the connection between the body, the mind, and the soul. I call these The Soldier, The Scholar, and The Sage. For the duration of the challenge I will have primary goals based in these categories. On top of that, the participants of the story will have two bonus quests from each category each week. They can be done within three days (72 hours) of their posting. The Soldier will be posted in RED. The Scholar will be posted in WHITE.(ish) The Sage will be posted in BLUE. Our success (or failure... but that won't happen...) will be judged in 'survivors'. We are starting with 50 survivors in Kingsley. My weekly performance in the primary challenge will net us +/- 5 survivors. Our performance in the bonus quests will net us +/- 1 survivor each. Performance in the ranger miniquest, or any other PvP/PvE Co-Op missions will also net us +/-1 survivor. Lastly, my completion of the 'big three' items on my to-do list will net us +/- 1/3 a survivor. I know what you are thinking... one third a survivor!? How gruesome! But hey - math and stuff, ok? If I do something especially note worthy, it will be deemed 'above the line' and give us +2 survivors. If I do something despicable and shame worthy, it will be deemed 'below the line' and cost us -2 survivors. Main Challenge: The Soldier: I will conduct strength training for at least 30 minutes three times a week. I will conduct cardio training for at least 30 minutes three times a week. I will experiment with healthy cooking once the first week, twice the second week, ect. The Scholar: I will study for 60 minutes four times a week. The Sage: I will meditate for at least 10 minutes six times a week. Conclusion: My last challenge was done in full on fake it 'till you make it mode. Hence the typos in the story, and all that. So get ready for me to take it up a level! Maximum Effort! .
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