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Found 2 results

  1. Hello nerds, time to introduce myself. I'm Sarah, 32 years old, former student of Aplied Computer Sciene (can't get much nerdier), soon-to-be student of photography (not so nerdy, but more fun), located in Germany. I've been reading the blog for some time and decided to join because the lone wolf strategy does not really work. I'm a mountainbiker (enduro), recently found out I like road biking as well, fueld by a ovo-vegetarian diet. My main goal is to build more strenght and stamia to become a better cyclist. It's no fun when you're out of breath before you are even on top of the mountain, and even less fun when your arms become tired half-way down. No strenght means no focus, no focus means crashes. The super big goal is to tackle the Big 5 Challenge next summer (http://www.big-5.at/?locale=en). My biggest problem is that I'm still recovering from gastritis which plagued me for the last 3 years. After trying pretty much everything that's not illegal I finally found help this spring in the form of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Nevertheless the illness messed up my eating habits, led to unhealthy weight loss and wrecked my fitness. The data: weight: 57 kg (125 lb), height: 165 cm (5ft 4.96 in), age: 32 years, body fat (measured with a caliper): aprox. 18%. Let's say 20% because of user error. By the way, all those body fat seems to live in the belly area, at least it looks like this. The plan (in order of importance): The beginner body weight workout twice a week (the 3rd workout is rehab gymnastics for my back pain). Cycling twice a week (mtb or road). In the food department: eat a serving of salad every day and prepare them ahead in batches. I'm back to university soon and won't have time to make something fresh every day. Watch my protein intake, according to my data from myfitnesspal it's too low. I eat cheese ocassionally, but don't consume other dairy product. Weight loss is optional, I just want to see that belly fat go.
  2. Introduction Hi, I'm Talora Dion! I have been struggling with fatigue of unknown origin, insomnia (worsened by exercise), anxiety, and various "weird" medical issues (like seemingly random allergic reactions to food) for about 5 years now. This is my quest to get my life back! Current stats: 5'7", about 150lbs, size 8 (Canadian), a mile long list of minor to moderate severity medical complaints. Main Quest I want to be healthy, fit, and happy, with more energy than I know what to do with! Specifically, here's what that would look like: Endurance Measures Able to mountain bike for a full day and be only slightly sore the next day, with no impact on energy levels for the following weekRun 5km with my dog 3x/week Strength Measures Deadlift 200lbs 1rep (Currently 75lbs?)Back Squat 120lbs 1rep (Currently 45 lbs)Press 75lbs 1 rep (Currently 30lbs)25 toe pushups in one set (Currently 2 :S )3 pullups (dead hang, no kipping) (Currently none) I want to achieve this by April 30th, 2015. This will likely entail losing some weight (and I would like to weigh closer to 130lbs) but my focus is on HEALTH and ENERGY. Quest #1 Goal: Eat Whole30 for the 6 weeks of the Challenge. Measurement: A = 100% success, B = 1 mistake, C = 2+ mistakes Rewards: A = +2 CON, +3 WIS; B = +1 CON, +2 WIS; C = +0 CON, +1 WIS Quest #2 Goal: Sleep 8+ hours every night (11pm - 7am) Measurement: A = 5+ nights per week, B = 4 nights per week, C = 3 nights per week Rewards: A = +2 STA, +1 DEX; B = +1 STA, +1 DEX; C = +1 STA, +0 DEX Quest #3 Goal: Strength training 3x/week; starting with the NF Basic Bodyweight workout, until that gets too easy, then I'll figure out what to do next. Measurement: A = 18x during the Challenge; B = 14x during the Challenge; C = 10x during the Challenge. Rewards: A = +1 STR, +1 CHA; B = +0.5 STR, +0.5 CHA; C = +0.5 STR, +0 CHA Motivation I used to be fit: epic all-day XC mountain bike rides, 4+ days a week in the gym lifting heavy, CrossFit. I want to be that fit again. I want to look that good, and be that capable, again. I want to make serious progress in life. I want to be fierce and strong, with the energy to make the most of my time as this particular collection of particles!
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