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Found 6 results

  1. Alright, here are my quests for the challenge. I have a bit of a new excitement and readiness for this months, so no wishing or anything, but I'm going to make this happen. I've already got everything set up in my every day life to make this a success. No running around to do, really. Just the overwhelmingness of classes for this go round. Points this round are going to be based on hours spent for each quest. Quests 1. Strength: Go to the Gym 8 times. -Bonus: Go to the Gym 12 times. 2. Dexterity: Do Yoga 4 times. -Bonus: Go to the Yoga class
  2. Okie dokie. Time doesn't stop moving just because we're busy and have ridiculousness going on in our lives, so time to get back to work on my fitness journey. Not to mention one of my classes will start up during this challenge. So here goes. Quests 1. Strength: Go to the Gym 8 times. (2 points) -Bonus: Go to the Gym 12 times. (0.5 points) 2. Dexterity: Do Yoga 4 times. (1 point) -Bonus: Do Yoga 8 times. (0.33 points) 3. Stamina: Walk 100 miles during the challenge. Cataloged by my FitBit. (2 points) -Bonus: Walk 140 miles during the chal
  3. Challenge 3 Quests Strength: Exercise for 12 hours total. Dexterity: Do yoga for 4 hours total. Stamina: Walk for 14 hours total. Constitution: Meditate for 4 hours total. Wisdom: Do 10 hours total of school work. Charisma: Blog for 4 hours total. I'm going to be an aunt this month! And things have been crazy so I'm running a bit late posting this, but it's up now! And now I'm off to the accountabillibuddies section!
  4. The month of May… This will probably be my quietest month of the year, so hopefully we can get some stuff done. Quests Strength Quests Go to the gym! 12 times Dexterity Quests Yoga 6 times! Stamina Quests Swim 12 times! Constitution Quests Get 7 hours of sleep for 20 of the days. Wisdom Quests Read for at least 30 minutes a day. Charisma Quests Write 4 blog posts.
  5. Neeko's Adventure! Main Quest My main quest is to get my weight into a healthy range. I want to be overall healthy and strong. I also want to do well in and complete nursing school. Personal Quests Walk at least a mile once a day for 30 days STA 3.26 Workout 3 times a week STR 1.30 Do yoga at least 2 times a week CON 0.87 Go to the library at least 3 times a week WIS 1.30 Study for at least an hour once a day for 30 days WIS 3.26 Nerd Fitness Academy Quests F
  6. Hello, everyone! I've been in and out of the NerdFitness arena for a few months now. I'm a nursing student and have had a lot of trouble keeping motivated, finding time, and just keeping my sanity in general. I just recently have found my inspiration and motivation to forge ahead. I was excited to come across this forum so I could connect, support, and compete with my fellow rebels. I look forward to getting to know and working with you guys! -Neeko
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