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Found 4 results

  1. Main Quest: Become My Own Hero In my last challenge, I assembled a ragtag team of freedom fighters to stand up against their oppressors, who happened to have the support of the galaxy-renowned peacekeeping and security contractor “The Beast of Eschatonâ€. We won the battle, but there is still much to do before we win the war.... In light of its recent defeat and the news that our rebellion has acquired backing and new weapons from a group of fabulously wealthy and equally anonymous donors, the BoE has called in reinforcements from off-world to wipe us out. We’ve managed to hack their database and get some intel - it’s not much, but what we’ve seen isn’t pretty. These guys are good - real good. A straight-up spec-ops team, armed to the teeth and covered in kill-silhouettes. It’s kind of flattering, really, if you think about it... Anyway, it’s going to take tactics, preparation and a whole lot of nerve to pull this one off. Let’s take a closer look at what we know about the enemy, and how to deal with them. tl;dnr Artillery Ape: Prop-free skills training sessions, 2x/week Gatling Raptor: Prep 1+ build/week for Repubrick.com Phantom Mantis: Mindful Coffee 7 days/week. The S.W.A.R.M.: Complete all HabitRPG Dailies 7 days/week. Yeeeeaaah, this is how we roll. Let’s get versatile!
  2. [i think there should be a prize for having the longest challenge intro post. I think I’d be a contender... -ed.] Mobile Frame Zero is a tabletop war game played with lots of multicolored dice and customized robot armies made of LEGO, engaged in a full-contact capture-the-flag battle (there’s so much Nerd-Force in that sentence, I blew out three keyboard trying to type it. o0;). The rules and setting are suitably dorky and complex, so I’ll leave it to you to decide how much you want to try to understand them, but the important part here is that customized LEGO robot armies are awesome. I think we can all agree on that. Confession: I’ve never actually played this game, but I love the concept so much that I’ve made a hobby of designing mobile frames and sharing them on Flickr. Main Quest: Become My Own Hero If you’ve been to one of my threads before, you probably know where this is going. My Red Mage balance-lust can never be sated, so when thinking about how I might build a company of frames to field in a game, I was compelled to create a group of specialized individuals that add up to a well-rounded whole. There are risks to this approach, of course, but those can be minimized with flexible tactics. I love me some tactics. tl;dnr Front-Liner: Explosive drills 5x/week Fire Support: Foam rolling 2x/week Assault: Rope Dart Target Practice 3x/week Scout: Sleight of hand tricks 2x/week Rifleman: HabitRPG goals met 7x/week Generalist: Mini Challenge Let’s get versatile!
  3. [Why do I make these things so dagone long!? o0 -ed.] Main Quest: Become My Own Hero Motivation: Off-the-shelf heroes are cool and all, but I went a step further and created my own made-to-measure role model so that I’ll always have the perfect set of coattails to chase. While I’m emulating him, I’m also writing a novel about his adventures as an electrically superpowered government intelligence agent. This (somewhat underwhelming) challenge is designed to appease my inner Red Mage and even out my stats. If I can ace all of these missions and complete all 6 weeks of the mini then I will have a DEX and STR of 32, and all other stats at 30. Jack of all Stats, FTW! If you’re mostly here for what passes as my special brand of offbeat “wit†and/or amusing animated gifs, then please click the spoiler tag below. If not, then you’re in luck, because I’ve added a special feature to this challenge! tl;dnr EM Pulse: 10min Penmanship training 5x/week. Radio Telemetry: 10min Speed reading training 5x/week. Mission Flexibility: 5min+ Prasara Yoga 3x/week. Bleeder Resistor: 1 hour per week having fun. Coulomb Continuity: All battlelog goals met. Bonus Round: Participate in all mini challenges. Let’s get versatile! --- Week 1 so far: EMP: 0/5 Telemetry: 0/5 MissFlex: 0/3 Bleeder: 0 min Continuity: 0/5 Bonus Round: ??
  4. Main Quest: Become My Own Hero Motivation: Some people want to be like Spiderman, or Hazama Masayoshi, or Jason Bourne, or whoever - there are a million heroes out there to choose from, so take your pick. I considered that, but when it came right down to it, I didn’t know of any single hero that embodied the kind of ideal that I want to live... so I created my own! This challenge is all about developing my new hero, and developing myself in his image. So, who is this guy? Clever Spark (WIS+2, CHA+2) Stop me if you’ve heard this one: Drew was a normal guy with a normal life until he developed a strange power. He embarks on a career of amatuer crime-fighting, but it doesn’t take long before things start to get... wierd. I will (kinda-sorta) play along with NaNoWriMo, but with modified rules because I haven’t written seriously in years, and I’m a busy guy. By the end of this challenge, I will have written 25,000 (or more!) words of my hero’s story (that’s an average of about 2 single-spaced pages of Arial 11 per business day). Stun Gun Touch (STR+3, STA+2) With a little concentration Drew can accumulate and release electrical current from his hands. It’s not much, but it’s a hell of a lot more than most street gangers and drug pushers are expecting. I will train my hands 5x per week. This training will start rather easy and gradually increase in difficulty. The program (drawing heavily on Convict Conditioning 2) looks like this: Weapon of Choice (DEX+3) Having the super-amazing powers of a walking bug zapper is useful for preserving Drew’s commitment to his pacifist ideology, but among other limitations, a man’s arms can only reach so far and shooting lightning bolts at people is totally unrealistic... I no longer identify as a “fighter†so weapons aren't really a part of my life anymore, but juggling is just as awesome and involves equally cool toys! ^^ I will practice with my new homemade rope dart (he's made of rice and a sock, and I call him Onigiri) for 10 minutes, 3 times per week (minimum). Okay, so technically, that's a , but the way I'm using it, makes it an adult thing... >>Implacable Determination (CON+3) Drew feels a deep sense of responsibility and never backs down[/ur] in the face of adversity. He’s not completely unaware of the value of a strategic withdrawal, however. My Battlelog is my responsibility. 1 point is awarded for each day that all goals are met. It will be acceptable to reschedule a goal to the following day, but the future beyond that is off limits. Details, for those who want them, will be posted to the Battlelog, but the short version looks like this: Let’s get electrified!
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