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  1. Last we left Red, He had just defeated the undead Samurai, and continues on his path towards the Temple of the Lich "Man, this pathway is taking forever! I shoulda made a left at Albuquerque! HA HA HA!" Looking around he noticed that there was no one to hear his joke, "... Oh right." As he pressed on, He heard something faint. He stopped to listen. "Huh, guess I imagined it." "Grrrggghh..." "There it is again! OK, there's something definitely out there!" Red looks around and sees a Zombie moving towards him, "Huh, that's odd." He quickly dispatched it, without a second thought. "Heh, is that the best you can do?!" He arrogantly shouts towards no one. Before he can take another step, another zombie rises from the dirt. Then another, and another, and another, and another! In a manner of minutes, an entire horde of Zombies are surrounding Red! Running out of space, he immediately comes up with a plan "OK, so Zombies are uhhh... slow! Slow swings, meaning openings! Openings in their attacks means I can attack back! Got it!" Sliprope Training: "Zombies always swing towards the head, so if I can learn to dodge that swing and attack afterwards I'll survive!" - Using one of my handwraps, I've managed to set up an interesting twist on the shadowboxing aspect of my workout. I will do 3 rounds of Sliprope training: Round 1: pure movement Round 2: Step-1-2 Punch combo, Step-1-2 Punch combo, Rinse and Repeat Round 3: Step-1-4 Punch Combo, Step-1-4 Punch combo, Basically, two swings with the same arm: one cross/jab, the other uppercut/stomach shot Side-to-Side Pushups: "I've gotta make some room before I get overtaken here!" - Keeping up with increasing the difficulty of my exercises, I'm now adding Side-to-side Push-ups to my routine. I only count 1 rep after going right to left, and left back to right. Less Xombox, More NF: "I can't let myself become a zombie! I have to fight that temptation to give in!" - I just recently bought myself an Xbox One Slim, and I REALLY like it, but I can't let it get in the way of my health and seeing you lovely nerds here! So only AFTER seeing all of the threads that I follow, and my exercises, will I allow myself time to play Xbox. 5 Minutes to Play: Another attempt to get myself to practice the guitar, except this time, starting small, 5 minutes of practice for 3 days (2 of the days will be on my days off, and the 3rd will be on a work day)
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