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Found 2 results

  1. Hello to everyone! I'm Ingagr, just turned 38 and been overweighted for 15 years. Back then I used to play rugby, strenght train and low speed medium distance running for cardio three times a week. I got married, a degree in forestry engineering, a house, a couple of dogs and a small pack of cats. I quit all my sporty activities, settle down as sedentary and started gaining weight. One good new: four years ago I managed to quit smoking. Now I feel I can move forward and begin training and building healthy habits. So I sign up at a gym (functional, bodyweight train, strength train and cardio mostly) by june (winter here deep south america in Argentina) and two weeks ago I started to take care of my nutrition. I am not going in any restrictive diet. Opposite to that I eat whatever I want, "just" measuring myself in the quantities I eat. Of course "whatever I want" does not mean junky food, sugars, sodas, etc. I am trying to take baby steps, one by one, building healthy habits, focusing in changes rather than objectives. For example: my objectives are not weight losing but not to skip my workouts and take care of my meals. Weight loss will be a consequense of my objective but not an objective itself. My height is 1.88 m (sorry to Americans, I use metric system ). I started with a weight of 135,5 kg and today I am 130,8 kg. Weekend was fine, went hiking everyday with my dogs to the park a few blocks near my house, care about meals. Saturday night I ate home made pizza (a tradition here) and a half liter can of beer. As I said, I do not any restrictive diet! Today I made my bed early in the morning after waking up, went to work and after I'm going to gym to workout. I will try to keep this log updated daily. Thank you all for the support. For the rebellion!
  2. Oh hello. Cheechoe here. I'll let you nerds in on a little secret. I kiiiiind of have this thing where I forget to be awesome. I just wake up on a normal day, and go about it in a reckless manner only to find the moon has been pushed up all before I had my chance to hang it. That bastard. So this is my challenge where I remind myself everyday to be awesome. 1. Do the Awesome Things. Get back in shape by... TKD 3x/weekGym 1x/ week1 longish run 1x/ week ( 4-6miles)+2 DEX, +1 STR, +2 STA 2. Feed the Awesome. Loose weight/lean up by... Batch cook 1x/weekTrack on MFP everyday w/ one day cheat +1 WIS, +2 CON 3. Don't Forget To Be Awesome. Weekly Adulting ToDo list (Graded proportional to adulty tasks completed)Awesome Aunt Playtime 1x/week (Because my nephew's worlds are smaller than mine)Go out of my way every work day to do something helpful for someone - I get "me" time on weekends, but one selfless act (however small) that I would normally avoid+2 WIS, +2CHA 4. Avoid the Unawesome One positive self thought at the end of everyday (Stealing from SevenFootGeek)Cheat jar: $5/day for everyday I go over my MFP limit +2WIS, +1CHA I know this sounds like a lot, but I am counting on the extra energy since this is only a 4 week challenge. I can do anything in 4 weeks, right? So I challenge myself to find happiness in my accomplishments and encourage myself to actually DO what I can be capable of. LET THE AWESOMENESS BEGIN!!
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