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  1. Fourth Challenge [ January 14th – February 23th ] (I know that's not right, but for me it is Initiate Trials Where I came from... Where I went to after this.... BACKGROUND STORY William Waldgeist left the chamber with a smile on his face. He'd just finished the last part of his trial of the Force successfully. He didn't know it, because the examiners had told him. They were forbidden to do so, but each time the youngling had felt a spark of achievement. Others of his friends, who had done this trial before, had on occasion had the same feeling. On one side this made Bill happy, but on the other side it made him anxious. Younglings who were strong in the force were considered to be needed an even more harsh evaluation in the other two trials! --------------------------- High over the constant noise of Coruscant there was just silence when the High Council of the Jedi Order started it's session. Master Verra rose to give the other members of the council an overview over the first parts of this year's initiate trials to discuss how they should proceed. There was little disagreement and no open controversy, until she reached the end of the list: "William Waldgeist, Katarn Clan, youngling here at Coruscant. Finished with the trial of the Force, halfway through his trial of Knowledge, not started the trial of Self-Discipline yet." "He passed the trial of the Force with flying colors, all examiners - including myself - were deeply impressed by his immersion in and manipulation of the Force", Master Kil'Noan added solemnly, "now I know, why you have been so adamant about this boy, Grand Master!" Before Yoda could answer, fellow Jedi Master Sandrin Grell cut him off: "Great power leads to over-confidence and arrogance, which is an open pathway to the dark side! Can we be sure, that there is enough wisdom and self-discipline in him to balance that out?" Master Verra consulted his notes, before she answered: "His trial of Knowledge is going well so far, he is ahead of his peers. So, there is enough reason to believe that there will be wisdom to balance out his powers one day." "It will still depend on how this trial ends...", Grell stated, "he could still fail!" "And there is then the matter of his trial of self-discipline, of course", Yoda interjected, "this the crucial one will be! Not an ordinary trial but a rigorous one it should be." "I agree", Master Grell said a little surprised. The other council members signaled their consent, which Master Verra recorded in her trials notes. -------------------------------------------------- MAIN QUEST – Passing the Trial of Self-Discipline Goal 1 : Meditate and Fast (+2 CHA/+2 CON) Fasting as in intermittent fasting, I might experiment a little with different variants this time, though. Meditating as in I don't know yet. ;-) But I experienced a LOT of stress in the last months generally and the last two weeks especially. Technically the stress period isn't over, but things slowed down a little bit again. I want to use that time, to clear my mind and figure out some stuff about the future course of my life. Also, there has always been something on my mind (usually negative) and Grading: A - 6 weeks of IF + at least 35 daily meditations B - 5 weeks of IF + at least 29 daily meditations C - 4 weeks of IF + at least 24 daily meditations D - 3 weeks of IF + at least 20 daily meditations F - less than 3 weeks of IF + less than 20 daily meditations Goal 2 : Walk through middle earth (+3 STA) I saw this at ApfelStrudis last challenge and I had to copy it. Although since I saw The Hobbit last (and I actually read the complete book compared to LOTR); and that book comes chronologically first - I'll do the journey towards Erebor. Well, techically Rivendell comes first anyway. And I have no idea, how far I'll come anyway, but the following is an educated guess. Grading: A+ - Reaching the Trolls A - Reaching Weathertop B - Reach Midgewater Marshes C - Reach The Forsaken Inn D - Reach Bree/The Prancing Pony F - Not leaving the Shire Goal 3 : Hand-Standing and stuff (+1 STR/+1 DEX) Meaning not only handstands, but everything where I need to hold my own weight through my hands. Including especially crow stands and related stuff, since I managed to learn those (for a few seconds anyway) last challenge. If I can get access to paralletes or rings, that would count for this goal, too. Grading: Consistency measuring A - 35 days B - 29 days C - 24 days D - 20 days F - less than 20 days Basic life : Work out and eat right This is not a goal, there won't be any stats awarded for this. But I want to track it anyway. This is the essence of my healthy life, which I've acquired over the last year: 1) Only paleo food will cross through my lips, 2) Do my calisthenics workouts twice a week for every split, and 3) Go to every karate practice. LIFE QUEST – Passing the Trial of Knowledge Grading: same for each goal, consistency measuring again A - 35 days B - 29 days C - 24 days D - 20 days F - less than 20 days Goal 1 : PolSci Final Oral Exam (+1.5 WIS) Goal 2 : JapStud Final Oral Exam (+1.5 WIS) Goal 3 : DevPsy Module Written Exam (+1 WIS)
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