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Coppelia est vivant!

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Guest coppelia

Hello there!

If you're wondering about the title of this battle log: it's a reference to the wonderful ballet "Coppélia" about a mechanical doll who is mistaken for a living human being. I somehow identify myself with Coppelia, since I always felt just "existing", not "living". So today is the day Coppelia becomes alive!

One hout ago I hopefully smoked my last cigarette. I already threw away the rest of the package.

My goals for the next week may appear huge, but somehow I feel like I need a kick-start. I will set moderate goals in the future.

So here they are, I

- not smoking again

- only one cup of coffee a day (Tuesday I reached the 6-cup-a-day mark, this can't be it!)

- eating four healthy meals a day, with no snacking inbetween (healthy being defined as lack of sugar and white carbs)

- go running two times, doing strength two times

- going to the student's secretary for organising the last things for my semester off

- getting a first appointment for financial consultations

- making appointments for every doctor I need to see

I think I will be tough, but doable. For too long I ignored the things I needed to take care of, or what my body asked for. Also, I'm a little scared what will happen in the future - will I be able to change? What happens if I change, will I be happy with the result? But I'm highly motivated, life means developement. So that's what I'm gonna do.



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I am all for getting started towards your goals but trying to do to many things at once will probably be self defeating. Giving up smoking is a bitch and it will give you the munchies as will increased exercise add to that cutting down the coffee and snacking will be a task beyond most mortals.


My advice for what it is worth will be to cut out the ciggies and exercise more then add the other goals later. Anyhow good luck and best wishes

It's never to late to be the person you always wanted to be.

The voice in your head telling you that you can't do it is a damn liar.

Endorphins, the best high you can have.

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Guest coppelia

Hello Nightside (and everyone else), thank you for your advice. Here's a litte update from my side (in case someone is interested)... I know that I'm very lazy when it comes to writing...

These were tough goals I set for myself and I didn't intend to reach everything 100 %... I was actually aware of that in the beginning, it's more like I wrote everything down to know where I have to change something. And I'm happy that I managed to achieve the most important things:

- I'm officially smoke-free since April 15th (yes, I took a little longer - but hey, I did it!)

- I went down with the coffee.. I drink between one and three cups a day. I now sleep much better!

- I organised everything for university, solved a big part of my financial problems (thanks to the help of a kind friend, who's brilliant with money management) and went to my last doctor's appointment on Friday. Feels good to have all this off my to-do list.

Also, I exercise more, although not as much as I intended to. I usually go running once (I can't and shouldn't do more because of my allergies this time of the year) and instead of strength training I joined a martial arts class and I love it. I'm very proud of myself.

The only thing I need to take care of now is my diet. I eat a litte healthier now than two or three months ago, but there's still plently room for improvement.

I think one problem here is that at the moment I'm to shy to keep things up when I'm around friends or with my boyfriend. None of them is into fitness and all I go was strange looks when I told them about my healthy-eating-plans. I'm not sure how I want to deal with that thing. I'll try to eat 100% healthy (or paleo, not sure about that) when I'm eating alone (eg. breakfast and dinner), so it doesn't matter that much if I have some junkfood around other people. Also, I want to try to say no every other time when somebody suggest eating ice cream or junkfood for lunch (which happens almost every day). Seems to me like a good way to start adjusting to a better diet.

Also I am going to study for this semester by myself. Since I had to take a "vacation" due to health problems I am not allowed to visit the courses or take part in exams, but since I feel better now I decided to learn a big chunk by myself so that I don't have to do that much when I'm back at uni.

So my new goals are:

- Diet: eat healthy for myself and say no to junkfood every other day.

- Keep up my training routine.

- Keep tracking my expenses... there's still some work to do on the financial side.

- Go to the library on Wednesday and Friday from 10 am to 13 am to study. On Wednesday I'll do Computer Science II and on Friday Cognitive Architectures.

Thanks for reading.



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