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  1. I might go to Zumba if I'm not able to run for C25k. I try running in the morning and Zumba is in the evening so I can make it work

    Also, foam rollers are evil and make me want to cry. Damn thing is lucky it actually works or I'd be trying to hurt it as much as it hurt me

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  2. Will do Tank! Today was a rest day (if you don't include repeatedly climbing a ladder to paint where the wall meets the ceiling) but tomorrow will be an attempt at C25k. We'll see how my feet hold up but at the very least I'll spend 30 minutes on some sort of cardio machine.


    I'm struggling with goals. Destination goals are easy. I want to lose 30ish pounds, I want to have visible arm muscles, I want to do a pull up. Destination goals are harder. When I get excited I want to jump all in and do everything. I know that's not smart and I should pick one thing but I really struggle with that because I feel limited by it. Saying "I'm going to do strength training three times a week" translate to my brain that that's all I can do. I also struggle with knowing my limits. I'm trying strength training three times a week and C25k three times a week with a rest day on the weekend. My gym also has group classes I want to join like Zumba, but when does it become too much for someone who is used to sitting at a desk all day?

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  3. Managed to kick my own ass today. I followed the plan my trainer gave me and pushed myself pretty hard. Each exercise has three sets, most had 12/10/8 reps


    Lat Pulldowns: 65/65/70lbs

    Seated Rows: 70/75/80lbs

    Bench (machine): 55/60/tried 60 had to go back to 55lbs halfway

    Planks: 3x30seconds

    Kettlebell lunges: 30lbs x 10 each leg x 3 sets

    Wall Squats: 3x30 seconds


    I made the mistake of doing them in that order and barely made the squats after the lunges. For the future I'll have them mixed differently. I then walked for 30 minutes. Definitely going to need to focus on stretching tomorrow


    We finally started prepping and priming half the kitchen today. Tomorrow we'll paint that half and maybe start thinking about pulling the cabinets out of the other half. Since we were painting I put on my old shoes and holy crap the pain in my heel lessened immediately. So as much as I hate to admit it I think my new shoes that I love are bad for my heel. I wore my old shoes to the gym and had only a little pain after an hour there


    And since I love overdoing things I downloaded the Duolingo app on my phone and have started trying to learn some Italian for our trip. I took 4 years of Spanish in high school and even though it was 12 years ago with a not great teacher I have a decent baseline of how latin based languages work. I've already made it up to 8% fluent (tested into 19% fluent in Spanish)

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  4. It's amazing how sedentary my typical day is. I have a Fitbit and in a normal day I get 5-6k steps. Today I did a 30 minute fairly slow walk at the gym this morning, then a 25 minute slightly faster walk over lunch. I'm already over 10k steps and it's not even 1pm. I need to get my ass out of the chair more often

  5. We're leaving on our trip in 5 weeks


    Warrior Dash isn't coming to my state this year :( I know they have come here in the past so I'm hoping they'll do it again. I have a friend who's worse in shape than I am and she did the WD and was able to finish. I did a local one 3 years ago (where my picture is from) and was able to complete all the obstacles though I needed a hand getting out of a few ravines because the banks were so slick. I actually came right in the middle of times for women which was surprising since I did very little actual running.

  6. Tank - I've always agreed with Steve's comment, but until recently I haven't felt I could really spend on experiences. But then last year we sold our reasonably priced, but too big, and 30+ miles from work house and bought an even cheaper, smaller, MUCH closer to work townhome. Between the smaller mortgage, utilities, gas for cars, and paying off some debts with proceeds from selling we're in a much better place now. Not only do I have more money but I have way more time and things are more convenient. I can actually reasonably go to the gym after work (instead of driving all the way home to eat then all the way back or eating something convenient/bad). I'm close enough to work I can ride my bike and once it warms up a tad more I'm going to work to make this a daily habit.


    I'm also travel hacking for my trip to Italy, which I learned about from Steve's worldwide adventure. The flights costs a whopping $150 for both of us! (plus 80k AA miles). I have enough Marriott points for a free hotel but it's outside of the city so we're staying at an AirBnB for $350 for the week that is a 5 minute walk to the Colloseum and we're going to be able to walk almost anywhere we want to go...besides Pompeii which is a 3 hour bus ride :)


    OCR's are going to be interesting though. I'm very out of shape and weak. I'm trying to work on the C25k but my shins/calves are acting up so I have to slow it down. And my arms are so weak I can't even do knee pushups right now, which is down right ridiculous. But I'm working with a trainer on the strength part and I just have to be patient with the running and keep trying. I did strength training last night and made it to the gym this morning for cardio but since my legs were acting up I only walked for the 30 minutes.

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  7. And I just looked and the next local OCR is late June. It's the same one I did before and I enjoyed it even though I was NOT adequately prepared. I might sign up for it once I feel less poor from the kitchen remodel and travel


    ETA: Apparently I need to google more often. I found three more local OCR's, one in May, one in August, and one that ran last September and hasn't announced dates for 2016. The one is May is probably too soon, especially since it's a 7k, but I'll push for the June and August ones


    ETA2: I just found this! Insane Inflatable 5k It's coming local too! I'm going to spend a small fortune in OCR's.....

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  8. After managing to make it to the gym Tuesday I started feeling like shit and barely managed to just function in the afternoon/evening. Don't know if it was a cold or allergies but my throat hurt and my head center. Kind of like a ball that's weighted weird trying to roll around. Still felt like shit yesterday so I didn't make it to the gym then but today I'm feeling better and went to the gym to pay my trainer to kick my ass. He put together an plan for me to do once a week by myself so I'm not just fumbling like the other day.


    No progress has been made in the kitchen but I've cooked everyday this week, making leftovers to take to work. Somehow after eating out for a week straight I didn't gain any weight and after cooking at home a couple of times I'm down a bit over a pound! Put's me down 10lbs for the year and 1/4 of the way to my tentative goal.


    And I found two specialty running stores near me that I'm going to check out to see if they have suggestions for my foot issues. Not sure when I'll make it out to one since life is crazy right now but hopefully soon. I'd like to have a pair broken in before going to Italy since I'll be walking non-stop while there

  9. Slates: I'm in the midwest. We have three OCR's that I know of that have come through here; a local one, Warrior Dash, and Spartan Race. Unfortunately neither WD or SR are coming this year, though they are coming close enough I might be able to do a weekend trip for them if I'm feeling ready.


    I'll have to see if there are any specialty running stores near me, neither of the ones you mentioned are :(


    I did manage to get my ass outta bed at 5:30 this morning and spent 45 minutes at the gym. 30 minutes redoing week 1 of C25k (no leg/foot issues!) and 15 minutes of strength training. Then I went home and spent about 15 minutes stretching. I'm getting more flexible with "bent" stretches (butterfly, one leg straight out, etc) but have almost no flexibility with "straight" stretches (both legs out, touching toes, etc). I really need to work on that since I can't even touch my toes for more than a second

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  10. The one I'm using is just called C25K - 5K Running Trainer by Zen Labs Fitness. I like it because I can put on music or video over it.


    I had an insanely busy weekend that included a board gaming convention and a Pathfinder session as well as about 5 tax returns (I do them on the side). This week at work should be crazy busy too but after that I think things will slow down.


    One thing I'm hoping to fix this week that's been holding me back lately: Get my kitchen put back together so I can use it again. We're remodeling and right now I have an island in my galley kitchen where we pulled out a cabinet so we can paint behind it and replace it but didn't take it out to the garage. It's blocking my sink, dishwasher, and other cabinets. So I haven't cooked all week, which really sucks. I don't even like eating out that much. So I bought tons of veggies to cook with and I'm cooking whether or not the cabinet has been moved!

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  11. I actually have Vibrams, they're the shoes that are good for everyday wear. They're not five finger ones, it's a New Balance Vibram Minimus shoe. They really help keep my right arch from acting up and basically crippling me like it used to but doesn't help with the heel issue.

  12. Thanks! I've actually done the C25K before when I lost weight a few years ago. Since I have no desire to run for the sake of running I didn't keep going once I finished. But now that I've decided I want to do obstacle course races I'm giving it another try.

    I'm struggling this time though because I have plantar faciitis and can't find a good pair of running shoes. Last time I did it barefoot at home but now I don't have a treadmill and the gym has a shoes policy. My heels are constantly aggravated now even though I run on the balls of my feet. The insides of my calves are also starting to really hurt, I think it's the muscle but kind of feels like shin splints but in the wrong place.

    I always hear that you should get professionally fitted for shoes but I've had no luck. Out of the four times I've done it two pairs were returned almost immediately, one pair was okay at first but after a few months got really uncomfortable, I was only told to get on the treadmill once and he didn't even watch me, and the last time I got my current pair of shoes that are great for everyday wear but not for running

  13. It looks like my sessions with the trainer will be Thursdays for about 30 minutes. We met yesterday and he kicked my butt. I'm feeling okay today but thanks to DOMS I'm guessing I'll have problems walking tomorrow. This morning I got up early and made it to the gym at 6 but since I had no real plan I just ended up walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes. It's certainly better than nothing but I need to make a plan for the gym.


    Since Thursdays are with the trainer where he works everything (yesterday I did wall squats, pushups, TRX rows, planks, lat pulldowns, and full body rope slams) I figure that will set my alternating schedule

    Monday - C25k

    Tuesdays - Legs

    Wednesdays - C25k

    Thursdays - Trainer (and Core if I feel up to it)

    Fridays - C25k

    Saturday or Sunday - Arms


    I prefer full body workouts when doing strength training so this will probably change but for now I just need an easy, basic plan

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  14. In 2012-2013 I lost 40lbs going from 222.4lbs to 181.2lbs in about nine months. Unfortunately since then I've been slacking and need to get back on track. In six weeks I'm leaving for a trip to Italy and would love to be in shape to handle all the walking and stair climbing I'm bound to encounter there, and of course be skinnier for the pictures :)





    Desk jockey

    Weak as hell

    Possible exercise induced asthma (will talk to the doc next time I go)

    Newly vegetarian, leaning towards vegan

    Recently joined a gym about a mile away and signed up for 6 sessions with a personal trainer


    Fitness Goals:

    Be able to do a chin-up/pull-up

    Run in any obstacle course/mudrun race that comes though my area

    Consistently ride my bike to work


    Go to the gym before work every day alternating strength training and Couch-to-5k

    Track food through MyFitnessPal

    Have husband keep me keep me on track and remind me that it I did in fact want to wake up early despite how I feel at 5:30am

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  15. Water aerobics was okay. I don't feel like I got a real workout out of it but then again I think that's the point :) I'll give it a few more tries to see what comes out of it.


    Zumba tonight. I haven't gone with this instructor yet but I've enjoyed the classes I've done so far. I'm actually considering getting my teaching license and coordinating a class in town just so I have something close and know it will fit my schedule (and I have to go if people are relying on me :P ). Unfortunatly the instructor course is about $200 and in as small of a town as I live in I can basically never expect to earn it back. So I'm going to take some more classes first to see if it's something I'd actually really want to do.


    Another thing that is hopefully coming down the pipes is roller skating. They tried starting a "DerbyLite" class in a nearby city which is basically a "learn how to skate and learn the basics for roller derby" class. I signed up for it but there weren't enough other people signed up so they postponed. They're going to try again in the fall but until then the instructor is trying to get an informal skating class going at the same time DerbyLite was supposed to be. So far no word on if that is happening though

  16. So this weekend was a failure workout-wise but damn it feels good to do nothing once in a while. We always seem to be doing something between multiple D&D groups and family out of state so with no plans this weekend I did some house purging Saturday (we're looking to move in the next year and I'm getting rid of a ton of crap) and some Breaking Bad binge watching yesterday. I did okay eating, not great but not completely horrible either.


    Today though, I take my first water aerobics class. I kind of hope I like it so I'll have an exercise class I stick to but I kind of hope I don't because it's $5/class and I'm in get-out-of-debt-asap mode and hate spending money I don't have to


    So here's my biggest obstacle: my husband. He's an amazing and supportive husband but he has zero desire to work out and that makes it hard for me to work out when he's home...which is just about always when I am because we work the same hours. I'm planning on cutting back on some of the gaming just so there are times I have to myself where I'm more likely to work out. Anyone else find good ways to overcome this?

  17. Thank you! I actually joined a six week challenge when I joined the rebellion early last year...and did exactly nothing. Yup, I joined right about the time I started slacking off. I'm probably going to wait at least a little while before joining another one. I have a tendency to want to jump in with both feet and make a bunch of changes, then fail at most of them. I'm trying really hard to not do that this time.

    My primary goal for the rest of summer is to just get in the habit of working out regularly. I'm trying some different things to see what I like and hammering out a schedule that I'll actually want to stick to.

    When I was doing well before I gave up my beloved Dr. Pepper and got my diet basically under control and I've stuck to those fairly well despite giving up on exercising. So while I'm recommitting to doing well in these areas they will take very little effort (I've only been drinking one or two a week and only going out to eat with DH on the weekends). Later I'll focus on improving my diet more and cutting out the water flavorings I've replaced Dr. Pepper with but just getting my ass moving is my primary goal for now

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  18. A little background on me: I'm 28, female, 5'9" and currently ~190lbs. This is down from a high of 222lbs 2 years ago (got down to 180 in a year and gained 10lbs back in the second year). I'm in the oh so active occupation of accountancy which means if I don't seek out exercise I get absolutely none. I think my ideal weight is about 160lbs but I'm not stuck on a number I care more about how I feel and look.


    I've always considered myself to be more of a "ranger" but in reading the class descriptions on here I think I actually fall into the Assassin class. I don't really want to work out in a gym, I hated lifting when I worked with a trainer last year. I want to be strong but don't really care about how much I can bench press or dead lift. While parkour always looked cool to me it was never something I aspired to, but I did a mudrun last year and loved it. I haven't tried it yet but I think I'd also really enjoy mountain climbing. I have no desire to be a "runner" but I want to be able to run if needed without dying.

    So I'm getting back into a workout routine after about a year of slacking. I'm doing the NerdFitness beginning bodyweight routine 2-3 times a week and was going to do Zumba 1-2 times a week and water aerobics 1-2 times a week. Unfortunately I live 30 minutes from anywhere so my options are a little limited. The water aerobics class is about 5 miles away and starting up next week Mon, Tues, & Thurs (I'll only do 1 or 2 a week) so we'll see how that goes once I can give it a try. There's a Zumba class in the same area 1 day a week but unfortunately after next week they're taking the summer off. I thought I found another Zumba class 2 days a week 10 miles away but I think it's no longer going. I did find out last night that I can get YouTube on my Roku so I can stream exercise videos to my tv

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  19. I'm a 5'9", 190lbs female who would love to be like Staci and be insanely strong and kick major ass in the gym. BUT I have not enjoyed the strength training I've done. I worked with a trainer for a few months before and I hated how I felt during and after. I enjoy zumba and am going to give water aerobics a try next week. I love hiking but there's not anywhere to hike near me. I think I'd like rock climbing but there's none of that here either. I'm not a big fan of running though I'm still a bit excited by the fact that I can now run without dying in the first 30 seconds thanks to C25k. 


    Help me think of workouts that would be fun for me (preferably without spending a ton of money)