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  1. Thanks all! So the pre challenge part I think worked out well to transition back into challenges. I did a few days of food logging, ran my mile every day and drank my 32 oz container of water every day. One day was only like half a salad and no salad another day so that is a key area to focus on. Good start so far to week 1
  2. In 2012 NF was a huge part of my success of losing weight and getting fit. Around 2016 I started slacking. I tried more NF challenges occasionally and but just kept back sliding. With covid, I decided to start a run streak and that lasted 559 days in 2020 to 2021. I was getting back to running well but my diet sucked and was still obese. But again the slacking has crept back in. I got into pokemon go to run and walk more but it just seems like most of the time I just pokemon drive (my son is always too cold or hot to walk and that creeps into my playing even when by myself). I am the heaviest I have ever been and need to find similar motivation to what helped me in 2012. I just had to buy a 2XL shirt because half of my XL shirts don't even fit me despite wearing mediums 10 years ago. I am already on day 4 of a brand spanking new running streak. I think for me running is easy because I enjoy it, but dieting is not because it isn't enjoyable in the short term only in the long term. But I definitely need to foxus on diet more than I did a couple years ago. Dream Qualify for Boston Milestones That Are Obtainable And Realistic In A Year Or Two Run a 5k in under 25 minutes (again) Run an ultra marathon (again) Fit into my NF medium shirts (again) Milestone Baby Steps That Seem Achievable During This Challenge 11 minute mile (ran a 12:08 mile on Tuesday) 5k run (currently around 1.1 miles and definitely could run further but being cautious while getting back into running) Weigh 246 pounds or less (currently 266) Goals To Work Towards Milestone Baby Steps Run at least a mile every day Salad every day 32 oz of water every day Track every calorie
  3. Well week 0 went well. Ran all my runs, did my tempo and intervals, did cross training on my bike, and did an easy lifting session to get back into it. Weighed myself every day but not log my calories, procastinated till week 1. Week 1 off to a good start.
  4. Most definitely a scout through and through. Sometimes hanging out with warriors and druids. Started the challenge early today. Ran 6.5 miles on the treadmill and did my tempo (13 minutes at BQ pace) then intervals (6 x 1 minute @ 10 MPH) and bunch of running and some walking for warm up, in between sets, and cool down. I don't want to combine the tempo and intervals every week, but with an abbreviated week zero it made sense for today. Weighed myself and logged my breakfast on MFP.
  5. In the last few years I have a history of starting a challenge and not sticking to it. My last challenge was a part 1 of 2 to get back in shape to run an ultra marathon. Well that race was last weekend and I ran my ultra. It wasn't because I was good at following the challenge, but keeping up my run streak (today is day 416) and focusing on some longer runs to get ready to ultra. But I can tell I am fatter, slower and older than when I ran my last ultra 4 years ago. I want to qualify for Boston marathon someday (BQ - Boston Qualifier). I know the basics to get closer. So I will focus on those. Run more, speed workouts, strength training, cross training, and eat healthier. Goals Endurance: Run 5k+ every day Speed: Once a week interval faster than BQ pace and once a week tempo at BQ pace Strength: 2 strength workouts a week Cross Train: 1 cross train workout a week Diet: MyFitnessPal (MFP) all calories and daily weigh in
  6. Got in for the race, so let the training begin
  7. So 90 days ago in my mind I was thinking of doing an ultra next weekend (May 15). And while I could possibly suffer through one I am not quite ready. I haven't ran an ultra since summer of 2017. But May 10 at midnight I plan to sign up for an 8 hour race that is on July 24 (11 weeks out so end of next 5 week challenge if I counted right). It will be my first race in 20 months. Two weeks ago I was able to deadlift 282 lb and run 19 miles in 4 hours (without food or drink), and was farthest since 2017. If I keep on my current training path I should be able to do at least 50 km in 8 hours (with food and drink since it is a 1 mile loop course). I am 336 days into a running streak so that is like an easy goal at this point but still important to me Really my goals from last time are still a good fit for this return to ultra but cutting down on bike and lifting and adding back in calorie counting to maybe help cut out some of the crap I started eating again. Goals Run every day Run long every week (2 hours or more) Bike medium three times during challenge (1 hour or more) Lift 2 times a week Count every calorie consumed
  8. Well this challenge was ok. I got to 282 deadlift and 19 mile run. I also had slight runner's knee that made me back off in the last two weeks (I think it was from the ten days under 10:00 minute mile pace days). But forward progress and that's all that matters.
  9. Last week was good but didn't quite meet my goals. I only lifted once, didn't do a long bike ride, and didn't do my long run until Monday after the weekend (still planning on a long run next weekend). Monday was a great day where I did do a 282 lb deadlift followed by a four hour run (19 miles). So I got past the first milestone of 267 deadlift and 16 mile run. Just shy of 283 lbs and 20 miles. I tried for a 284 lb deadlift after the 282 but failed three times. Back to normal weight lifting routine. And the run was good for the first 3 hours but since I was fasted and didn't bring any water or food, I slowed way down in the last hour granted I was only planning on running 2 or 3 hours and got a little ambitious.
  10. Last week went good too. Hit all my goals except my 2 hour run, though I did do a 65 minute run immediately followed by a 50 minute run. From last Tuesday to today Monday, I did 7 straight days of sub 10 minute mile runs. And my average speed for a run lately is 12 minute miles because I prefer going easy but you can only get so far going easy. It did affect my long run as I wanted to stick to under 10 minute miles for my long run and that is why I switched to a walk afterwards.
  11. Last week went good. Did my run every day. Only did 2 of my 3 lifting sessions. Did a 2 hour bike ride and somehow went the farthest ever on a bike despite not being my longest bike ride (of 3 hours). And I did a mile run followed by 90 minutes on the elliptical (watching a movie). I feel like these check off my long bike ride and long run goals while still being smart about my ankle. This week is going great. 2 of 3 lifting sessions. Run every day including a speedy 3 miler and fastest 5 miler in a year. Really want to get into running faster regularly. And today I did my first lifting session focusing on single leg exercises. Not sure how often I want to do this, but figured it was a good time since I scaled back the weights on my main lifts for another iteration of working forward.
  12. So the ankle is ok. I ran single miles Thursday through Monday. And lots of small biking (longest was 30 minutes, but probably did close to 90 minutes total but most of the other bike rides were slow with my kids). No long run obviously. Planned on using the elliptical but was too busy Easter weekend (didn't even do my single mile until evening). So I missed my goals for last week but that is ok. This week Monday I was planning on lifting again but I was wiped from the weekend and I had my first covid vaccine dose and had slight headache and body aches so I just had no desire to lift. Tuesday I took my puppy who is almost a year old for her first real run (she has done a few quarter mile and half mile runs with me), and figured get her to a mile and switch to walking when she seemed ready. Well the first half mile was rough for her (timid around strangers, dogs, and I think first time seeing deer on the trail). But she hit her groove and we ran 3 miles and then walked a half mile cool down. Normally when I get back running even a few miles with my other dogs they would lay around extra and she was her normal energetic self. I think for now she will get a weekly run on easy short days. Today I felt back to normal. Lifted (back to 5 repping double plates on both squat and deadlift) and they went for a run around my alma matter and ended up with a 29 minute 5k which for me is fast without pushing. I still feel like I shouldn't do a 2 hour run this weekend so I was thinking of swapping my bike and run goals so I do a 2 hour bike and 1 hour run instead. Or use the elliptical for running, not sure yet.
  13. Well wednesday I did my lift and ran on a local unkept trail, well I sprained my ankle on a branch I couldn't see under the leaves. Had to walk/run 1.5 miles back. Was worried I might have to end my running streak. But ankle felt painfree and just stiff the next day. So I will be running single miles for a bit. Was able to lift without issue this morning. Unsure about my long bike ride and long run this weekend. I got out my ellipitcal machine from the back of the garage and it felt fine so I might do that after a single mile for my long run but will play it by ear.
  14. Harriet, the running every day part is routine now. On day 296 of my running streak. That is the one thing that probably won't fail without good reason. The in between week I successfully did my challenge. Lifted Mon, Wed, & Fri. Ran every day. Biked 16 miles (over 90 minutes), knees felt sore for a few hours afterwards. Ran 12 miles on hilly trails (over 150 minutes), felt great and went shirtless for the second half of the run This week I am on track. Also I have been greasing the groove with deadlifting. I keep my last deadlift set on the bar, and throughout the day do a few singles. On non-lifting days I do a set of 5 (usually before my morning run) and then singles the rest of the day. 9 days total so far. My lifting program I do back squats and deadlift at the same weight. Part of it is laziness of not wanting to keep track of too many different weight numbers. And part of it years ago was fear of doing too much deadlifting causing a back issue. Since deadlifts are easier than the same weight squat, I figure I can balance it out with this extra volume and have done this type of thing in the past a lot. Also looking into changing one of my lifting days from squat / deadlift / press into something focusing on unilateral exercises. Like split squats, lunges, single leg deadlifts, etc. Probably start doing this next week once I figure out a good routine.
  15. So I have been on a Mon Wed Fri lift schedule now. Wednesday my fridge died so Thursday I hauled out the old one and put in the new one. My wife wanted to save money so I moved the old fridge myself (out and into my van) and had my teenager and father in law guide the new fridge while I did all the lifting (in particular up three stairs which basically required squat like lifting to get it up each step). I was afraid for my back to do a lot of it alone, but later in the day it was only my legs that were just exhausted (not sore). Feels nice to have practical strength and be able to continue life uninterrupted.
  16. Harriet, 50 miles is a lot. A marathon is 26.2 miles and supposedly 0.5% of the US population has ran one (source Runner's World). An ultra marathon is anything longer than a marathon (usually a 50 km / 31 mile run is typical shortest ultra marathon), and only 0.03% of the US population runs an ultra marathon (source Running Insight). I would be looking at 9 or 10 hour 50 miler, it's more than a work day worth of running So my current home barbell can get a bit over 300 pounds on before running out of room (308=8+50x2+25x2+10x8+7.5x8+5x2). Using a 1RM calculator, 300x10 would roughly equate to a 400x1. So even with 300 I can train to get closer to 400 1RM for the most part at home. So I could buy denser plates (replace several of the smaller plates with more 25x2 or 50x2 plates which take up less barbell width per pound) which will cost $50 or $100 used (ugh). Or wait for the gym membership we plan on getting hopefully later this year that supports 400+ pound deadlifts (along with fast treadmills for pace training, and maybe eventually spin and yoga classes will restart because I miss going to those). Though I am going to miss my previous gym with battle ropes and weight sled but that ain't the YMCA demographic, but my teenager wants the Y so that is what we are going to get.
  17. For years, I have wanted to join the Lift Heavy Run Long elite with a 400 lb deadlift and 50 mile run (https://www.liftheavyrunlong.com/50-400-club/). And for me ideally I want to do it on the same day, or lift before and after if traveling for a race. My combined PRs from years ago 282 deadlift and 99ish miles Within the last month 252 deadlift and 13.2 mile (half marathon) run Personal Milestones 267 deadlift and 16 mile run 283 deadlift and 20 mile run 300 deadlift and 26.2 mile run 334 deadlift and 50k run 367 deadlift and 40 mile run (I know a great race for this) 400 deadlift and 50 mile run First milestone should be accomplished this challenge and I think I should be able to get close to the second milestone this challenge too. It will be good progress for the personal marathon I am thinking about doing later in May. I don't mind pushing myself running as usually recovery isn't that bad, but with the deadlift I will just train and I will get there when I get there. I noticed last fall my biking fitness is severely lacking over how much I actually like to casually bike, so with the warm weather I want to get out and bike more. I also plan to run more with one of my dogs (she hates the cold and hot, so spring and fall are her jam). Challenge Goals Run every day Long run every week (2 hours+) Long bike ride every week (1 hour+) Lifting sessions 3 times a week
  18. Week 4 went great. Tracked all caloies, ate most of the vegetables, ran all the days and all the miles. Week 5 went great too, but half way through the calorie tracking stopped and less vegetables. But I ran all the days and all the miles. Over the challenge, my long runs were 8.7, 10.1, 13.2, 13.2, 13.2. Considering I have ran 10+ miles in a year and a half this felt great to be running distance again. My sights are already looking further out for the next challenge. Regarding shorter distance I ran an all out 5k and was my fastest in about 4 years (though I had a similar 5k last summer that was around 15 seconds slower). A nice bonus is my lifting is going great even though I didn't make a goal for it. Overall I think this challenge earned a B
  19. Week 3 went great too. Tracked all calories, ate most of the vegetables, ran all the days and all the miles. I did 3 lifting sessions (squats, deadlifts, seated press) and was sore the first day, but on the third lifting session landed on my long run and I ran a half marathon after lifting. First mile was a slog, and every mile in the second half was faster than any single mile in the first half and turned out pretty great. First half marathon in a year and a half. Week 4 is going great too. I did a lifting session to find my current maxes (weight much higher than expected and DOMs much lower than expected). And today I did my first bike ride of the year. I really want to be lifting and biking more this year while keeping my streak so these will definitely be worked into my next NF challenge but will continue to lay some good base work on those.
  20. Week 2 went great. Tracked all calories, ate all the vegetables, ran all the days and all the miles. Finally hit below 25% body fat on the smart scale for 2 days but nudged over today (was a weird huge loss in weight but even now the trend is still downward). And I did a 10 fast miler (fastest ever 10 to 11 mile run, though I have ran 10 miles faster during my half marathon PR at my fitness peak). I am getting back to my old fitness levels
  21. Well only week zero was supposed to be logless, it kind of carried over for the first 5 days of week 1 too. But now I am back into the swing of things. I missed weigh in one day. Week zero recap: Ran days and distance, missed a weigh in, did not log as planned for week 0 which led to not very many vegetables. Week one recap: Had hard time wanting to start logging again and missed first 5 days of logging. Vegetables were missed for first three days but got back on track for the rest of the week. I ran every day, but I entered the weekend with only 10 miles (waking up late and lots of shoveling and too cold were my excuses for the shorter runs) making the 24 mile week goal a challenge, but I did a 9 mile run (fastest 8-10 mile run since 2012 despite slippery conditions) and a 5 mile run. Week two is going great so far.
  22. For week 0 I kind of want a break from the logging so I doing a simpler set of the goals (basically a week free of logging, and smaller numbers). If the scale says I go above 25.3% body fat I will resume logging all calories the remainder of the week. But I want to be able to make smart choices without having to log everything all the time eventually, so this is like a trial run. Week 0 Goals 1) Use the fancy scale every day 2) Log all calories 3) Eat at least 5 servings of vegetables a day (instead of 6) 4) Run every day 5) Run 18 miles a week (instead of 24)
  23. Last challenge against obesity was a success (BMI there and body fat at 25.0% and just need 0.1% lower). So keeping the same goals but upping weekly mileage from 21 to 24. Goals 1) Use the fancy scale every day 2) Log all calories 3) Eat at least 6 servings of vegetables a day 4) Run every day 5) Run 24 miles a week
  24. Was a successful challenge Ok, the last week was lacking in vegetables and more calories than I wanted but seeing it made me make better choices. Overall, I beat obesity with respect and got down to 25.3% body fat (3.3% reduction in body fat) so very close to beating it according to my scale's body fat measurement. And this morning (Wednesday) I am at 25.0%, so still obese since need to get under 25.0%... Final Update 1) Use the fancy scale every day (-1 since didn't have scale yet) 2) Log all calories (-1 since didn't make goal yet) 3) Eat at least 6 servings of vegetables a day (-7) 4) Run every day (perfect) 5) Run 21 miles a week (perfect)
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