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  1. I did try teatree oil, It just made me oily. I think I need to mix it and maybe sprits
  2. I kinda just want to be able to refer back to this easily. I'm beginning a regular 5x5 program under the "guidance" of my boyfriend who has been training for awhile. I quite that because most of the time I will be on my own, except for bench-press days. I like the numbers you've put together for a more varried workout. I think I might give it a go when I get a bit more into this! Thank you!
  3. It makes sense actually! I remember not being able to bench the bar when I tried before. I've been doing pushups since so I'm excited to see what I can do Monday-Chest day!
  4. Yay! Day 2 of Powerlifting done! When I first tried this a few years ago j struggled so much just to squat the bar (45 lbs) just today I did 115 lbs. I could have down 125 but wanted to wait for someone to check my form. However front squats may be the devil. . . .
  5. Okay I am kinda new to the low-poo life but with 3 feet of hair it is just so much better. However! I do jiu-jitsu and habe to fight all of the weird body fauna that comes with wrestling with a bunch of dudes 4 days a week. Anyone have good antibacterial ideas about that?
  6. So today I reinstated my gym membership and began day 1 of A powerliftubg regimine. So excited! And it perfectly fits into my hectic schedule and I can do it without support if I must go to the gym alone! Also, my prepped meals are actually delicious this time so I am not tempted to grab a taco on the way home from work.
  7. Taking that first step is always the hardest! Be kind to yourself and you've got this!
  8. I've been belly dancing for almost 9 years and have danced professionally for a few years. It is great excercize and makes you feel good about yourself which is the most important part. Traditional bellydancer don't have flat stomachs, but they do have a nice hourglass figure because of all of the muscle work! I highly encourage anyone to give it a try!
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