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  1. Hello All. New here, first challenge. I'm posting this a bit late, but I actually got these started at the beginning of the week, and am on track with everything so far. Main Goal: Get my weight down to 185 lbs (or more accurately, back down to) I've had success in past going low carb paleo when trying to lose weight. On the other hand, I've really enjoyed the rice, potatoes and sweet potatoes when i've been on the perfect health diet (http://perfecthealthdiet.com). So I've decided to try to have the best of both worlds, the weight loss of a low carb approach while still getting to enjoy some carbs, by carb cycling. Basically I'm allowed rice, potatoes and sweet potatoes every other day. Its worked very well so far. Diet Goal: Follow my Carb Cycling for the next four weeks, with less than 40 g of carbs on the low days, and at least 70 g on the high days. My wife and I are running the Copper River Bridge Run, a 10k, in Charleston SC in the beginning of April, so I need to buckle down in my training for that. The plan I'm using to train for it calls for three runs a week of about an hour each, broken up into periods of walking and jogging. As the race gets closer, the jogging gets longer and the walking gets shorter until it disappears completely right before the race. Fitness Goal 1: Run 3 times a week. Strength wise right now I'm following a workout of kettlebell swings and get ups. With the race less than a month away, I only do this on my non-run days. Fitness Goal 2: At least 300 Kettlebell swings a week. Life Goal: Read my One Year Study Bible every day.
  2. So... after lurking, debating, procrastinating, second-guessing, giving up, starting over, etc for over a year, I finally joined the Academy. To support my success there, I also decided I needed to actually *DO* this challenge group. I've had lots of factors stacked against me that lead to lots of regression, and things are slowly turning around. I'm ready to start taking my baby steps back toward health, and I need the accountability of posting to get there. Somehow, writing makes it real!! A bit about Tamarisk: I am a wife, mom, and special ed teacher who works also as a part time food specialist at a specialty grocery store. I have been thwarted in my previous fitness gains by autoimmune flares (especially arthritis). I LOVE to be active, and I hate that chronic pain has decimated my previous progress (including "finding" 20 out of 50+ pounds that I worked so hard to lose!). After failing 2 meds, I finally have one that *seems* to be working, and I am slowly starting to feel like myself again. I miss my strength training, running, cycling, hiking (and camping!), swimming and skating, and I'm ready to start rebuilding that life. I'm starting as a Rebel while I rebuild my foundations, but I aspire to be a Ranger in the near future. So here's where I'm headed: Weight Loss/Nutrition: 1. I will drink at least 60 ounces of water each day. 2. I will have at least one fruit and/or veggie with every meal. Fitness 1. I will do at least 20 minutes of cardio at least 4 days per week. 2. I will complete the bodyweight workout at least 1 time each week. Level Up My Life 1. I will spend at least 5 minutes at least 5 days each week "improving" my living space by throwing out trash, putting away clothes, removing clutter, etc. 2. I will write in my journal each day.
  3. First challenge! Taking my first step here! Basically, I have the tendency to try too many things at once, sometimes conflicting, so my overarching goal is to move along down the Jedi path. I plan to follow that path as a Ranger eventually, so I know I'll need a strong energy/metabolism base. My goals for this challenge are therefore basically to get moving and set up the healthy self-care habits I'll need to move forward. Specific Challenge goals: Quantitative: -meditate daily (5-10 minutes) -sleep a minimum of 7 hours a night (will accept one day/week of slightly less, but no less than 6 hours) -do one of the suggested beginner's challenges, the NF bodyweight workout once a week Qualitative: increase weekly amount of moderate physical activity (aiming for at least 3 days per week, ideally 5) reduce caffeine dependence My current plan is to make daily entries on my battle log and weekly check-ins here. Possibly more frequent if there are major status updates to make.
  4. I've been leveling up slowly for years, quicker for the last 3 years, and quicker still in 2016. I've read the books, I've tried the things, and now it's time for my first official NF challenge. Main Quest: To be fit. To be fit enough to hike the Rocky Mountains with my son this summer. To be fit enough to run the Dallas Marathon injury-free, and something UNDER my previous, stunningly slow times of 6:01 and 6:02. I suppose the true quest behind the quest is discipline...that's what gets me fit, gets my company moving forward, and gets me to the really fun stuff. (Half finished scuba lessons, anyone?) The quests: Strength workouts 3x per week, improving incrementally each time. I've completed 7 weeks so far, and each time it's another rep or two, another bit of weight, another set of something.2x weekly run and 1x weekly hike with my son. We've got to get conditioned for hiking, after all! And it gives us an excuse for the occasional foray into the semi-wilderness around north Texas.Three servings of veggies a day. It shouldn't be that hard, as I love them. I just forget.Life quest: 20 hours a week working on the bones of my company. I'm co owner of a software startup, and so much of my time is spent planning travel, marketing, messing with social media, and so on. I haven't made enough time for the code, the testing, the documentation. That's going to change.Motivation: To get to the fun stuff! I want to hike, to travel, to get the really fun stuff! Worked out Monday and Today, ran yesterday. We're on track for starters. Onward...
  5. .:: Good morning humans of Nerd Fitness! ::. ABOUT ME: My name is Sara, I’m 23 and I’m very late for this challenge! British girl currently living and working in Japan, I have been a Nerd Fitness Rebel for three months now and it has helped me build healthy habits and increase stamina. In a country (that I absolutely love but) where many women put themselves through harmful diets in an effort to look thin, I am glad to have found a community that puts emphasis on getting strong! In addition, I have been aspiring to live a more mindful and minimalist life. Meditation and decluttering my flat are hence part of the challenge! I am going back to the UK in a month for my cousin’s wedding, which coincides nicely with this challenge! CHALLENGE QUEST: build muscle and lose 4 pounds (of mostly fat!) 130 lbs -> 126lbs, complete a handstand. 3 STEPS FITNESS: Complete 3 cardio + 2 strength training workouts a week, first thing in the morning. Increase intensity of workouts weekly and keep record. FOOD: An average of 1’600 calories of healthy real foods a day. No starchy carbs after 5pm. MEDITATION: 5minutes, 4 times a week. SIDE QUEST: 30 minutes of decluttering my flat, 5 times a week. Fellow Recruits, よã‚ã—ããŠã­ãŒã„ã—ã¾ã™ï¼ï¼ˆI humbly put myself in you care/let's do this!!)
  6. Hi All! This is my EPIC ADVENTURE OF FITNESS AND TRAVEL! Been reading posts up here for ages and getting really excited- but was at university and was pretty poor at the time. So i picked up the running shoes and finished the 10k race the other week . Feeling pumped, and i know i can do stuff now, and keep committed! I also graduated with a first and have a job *YAY* so i'm going round trying out all the gym's in the area. But i need some help on where the hell to get started? :S. Bit confused with it all. Mostly i'd like to become stronger generally. I'm quite thin and my cardio isn't bad, but i feel really weak . I'd absolutely love to be able to do proper push ups, chin ups and handstands (of which i can do none of). I also want to become fluent in german (already advanced), and travel a lot! I guess my first goals would be signing up to a gym, and finding a weight training programme i could do, but as i said.. I'm a bit lost where to start or what guild i fit into. I want to keep up the cardio, and gain strength, but i also love the assassin side and want to be able to do body exercises and balance. Can anyone help? This site is a lot to take in Thanks!!! MAIN CHALLENGE: TO BE ABLE TO DO A HANDSTAND But it's going to take a looong time... So my subquests areeee... Sub Quest #1: JOIN A GYM + COMPLETE WORKOUT AT LEAST 3x A WEEK STR: 2|STA:2 A+: exercise 5x or more a week for all 6 weeks A-B: exercise 3x a week for all 6 weeks C-D: 2x a week for all 6 weeks (miss a few) F: Anything less Sub Quest #1: BY THE END OF THE SIX WEEKS 10th NOVEMBER BE ABLE TO DO 10 CONSECUTIVE PUSH UPS STR: 2|STA:2 A+: 10 Consecutive Push Ups A-B: 7-9 Consecutive Push Ups C-D: 4-6 Consecutive Push Ups F: Anything less Sub Quest #1: PLANK FOR ONE MINUTE STR: 2|STA:2 A+: 60 SECONDS A-B: 45 - 59 SECONDS C-D: 30 - 44 SECONDS F: Anything less SIDE QUESTS LIFE QUEST #1: SORT OUT MY PERSONAL BRANDING FOR WORK WIS: 2|CHAR: 2 A+: Logo (+vectorised), website, business cards, cv, maya rig A-B: Logo (+vectorised), website, business cards, cv C-D: Logo (+vectorised), business cards, cv F: Anything less LIFE QUEST #2: SAVE UP FOR A GO PRO + START PUTTING MONEY ASIDE TO TRAVEL SAVE UP A £1000 RAINY DAY FUND WIS: 2|CON: 2 A+: Go pro bought + £500 aside for holiday A-B: Go pro bought + £250 aside for holiday C-D: Go pro bought F: Anything less (Putting these here to remind myself what they are XD)Strength (STR) - physical strengthDexterity (DEX) - agility and speedStamina (STA) - Endurance and EnergyConstitution (CON) - ability to resist damage and diseaseWisdom (WIS) - intuition and sense of things around himselfCharisma (CHA) - force of personality and physical attractivenessStrength workout 3x a week (for 6 weeks) 1%1% 10 Push Ups 1%1% Putting aside travel money + buying go pro 1%1%
  7. Introduction: I surprised myself by getting fat when I moved halfway across the country to a state where I didn't know anyone. It snuck up on me. I had an active childhood and adulthood (competitive equestrian because I could avoid other people doing it as my sport) before moving, and suddenly I was somewhere new and didn't want to get off my couch. My clothes just kept stretching with the weight gain and I went from 5'11" and 166# of muscle to 258# of fat. I've been chipping away at getting healthy over the past year, and I'm ready to step it up with some advanced quests so I can hit my ultimate goal of looking like the battleborn warrior I know I am. 55# down so far, and I'm starting to see muscles pop out. I am ready to level up my nutrition and my workouts to see how far I can take my body. Main Quest 17% body fat. Quest 1 Track food consistently (even the ugly days) and obtain a food scale to ramp up my tracking for increased accuracy. Go from casual macro tracking to dialed in nutrition to cut fat and tune up my muscles. Quest 2 Overhead shoulder press (strict) of 120#. I'm currently hanging around 112#. Quest 3 Run a 5K without stopping. Life Quest Be a kickass marketing professional so I can make dollars and adventure the world. Motivation I need more energy and strength so I can explore the planet and get into shenanigans. There's so much I want to do before I become stardust again.
  8. Background: I'm 29, 6', 170, live outside of Boston. In the last year I've gotten married, changed jobs, and bought a house, and I have lost track of any level of fitness that I had - we had been exercising and getting in shape prior to the wedding, but 2 weeks in Hawaii took care of that right quick. It's been a long year, and with all the shifting around [and the many thousands of dollars we promptly had to sink into a house that sure seemed move-in ready before we bought it] fitness never seemed like that much of a priority... until now. My wife and I have decided that next October, over our 2 year anniversary we're going to take a serious vacation down to the Caribbean. Somewhere nice and warm, with free drinks! However, in order to really enjoy our vacation, we both agree that we need to look better in a bathing suit than we do now. So... My Main Goal: In 12 months, look good in a bathing suit. More specifically, I'd like to see some definition in my arms and abs - due to the walking I do for my job, my legs are actually pretty well taken care of already. Sub-Goals: 1) Get to the Gym! Now that we've stopped moving around and are settled where we are [for better or worse!] we've joined the local YMCA. Which is great, but now we have to actually go. Our current plan is to head up to the gym 3 days a week; Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. If we can achieve this for the entirety of the next 6 weeks, I think we will have enough of a habit formed that we can keep it going the rest of the year. Success will be measured against how many times in a week we actually make it; 3, 2, 1, or zero. Zero would be poor. We're going to try and avoid that. 2) Expand / Fix / Betterfy our diet! When we were prepping for our wedding, we joined WeightWatchers for the year leading up to it and worked on their points system. The points system was great in helping teach ourselves portion control, and in letting us still enjoy going out, dating, nice dinners without feeling like we were cheating on a plan, but it's not very adaptable and I have found it hard to adapt to two different people with very different caloric intakes. As such, I'm going to be expanding our repertoire of recipes on a weekly basis, focusing on Paleo-style dishes that we can still fit into the WW point system [which my wife is still using] Success: If I can find 2 new dishes a week that reduce our carbs and dairy and don't leave us feeling full, I think this will be a success. If they're a failure, but we still try them, partial success. if I wimp out and we go with whatever Lean Cuisines are in the freezer, a stunning lack of success. 3) Walk home from the T! One of the draws for the house is that we're close enough to the T to walk, but far enough that it's worth the effort. According to Google Maps, its 1.38M one-way. As the weather has gotten colder, we've started taking the bus up the street; while faster, it's not quite as good exercise. Due to my work schedule, I have to drive to work Thursday/Friday, so I only have 6 opportunities to walk; Monday - Wednesday, to/from. Success: If I can walk 3 times in a week, that's a good week. 2, not as good. 1 marginal. If we take the bus the entire week, well, either we had a blizzard in September, or we've been quite lazy! There are so many other goals... reduce the number of days a week we eat out, stop buying breakfast from Dunkin Donuts, cut down on the amount of break we bake, delete Dominos from my speed-dial... but those will have to wait. Life Goal: Not yet thirty, true, but it's never to early to start planning on retirement. Prior to my engagement, I had done a great job of planning, maxing out Roth contributions each year, etc. However, with the additional expenses of another person who was finishing school starting out in the working world, and getting together a down payment on a house, that has fallen completely apart this year. By the end of October, I'd like to re-start my automatic withdrawals from my salary and put what I can into this years' contribution. It is going to mean scaling back our lifestyle a bit, as we're spending that money now, but I think we can do it if we are careful. Motivation: I led with this, for the most part, but it's been a long year of no vacation with the house and next year proves to be more of the same, with some work stuff that has already been scheduled. We are dead set on going on vacation in October '15, and equally dead-set on enjoying ourselves. A big part of that is not worrying if everyone who walks past rolls their eyes or wishes we had more clothes on!
  9. Hi, I’m Davi, a 22 years old architecture student, laboratory assistant I once was a warrior, not the greatest of all, but in path. I studied at morning and took the free time to practice as much as i could. I used to train 6 hours per day at this time. Respected by my comrades, feared by others in tournaments in my city, that i let my pride grow up like a beast, then i fell. Adulthood came to the door three years ago when joined college, military service, full time job and teaching martial arts for a kids class and i could no longer maintain the pace of training. Skipping classes, insomnia, stress,empty excuses, and my income has dropped so much that I gave my place in the competition team. And this is my struggle, my effort is to take back my former glory and strength. My Battle Log Updates almost everyday! Main Quest Lose weight (and body fat%): Since i had decreased in my workouts, fat showed up (and also lower back, ankles pain) ugh! I have 1,70m and actually weight about 79/ 80 Kg. My goal is to reach my 72 kg back! This is how i divided points: A: +3 DEX; +3 STR; +3 CON; +4 STA; +3 CHAR | B: +2 DEX; +2 STR; +2 CON; +3 STA; +2 CHAR | C: +1 DEX; +1 STR; + 1 CON; +2 STA; +1 CHAR A: 70-72Kg |B: 73 – 75Kg |C: 76Kg > SIDE QUESTS: Eat all the vegatables, kiddo! Start a modified version of Paleo diet (i like milk, judge me.) The goal is to only have one junk meal in a week. So, the distribution wil be: A: +3 CON; +3 STA; +2 DEX; +3 CHAR| B: +2 CON; +2 STA; +1 DEX; +2 CHAR| C: +1 CON; +1 STA; +1 CHAR A: 1 – 2 JUNK meal in a week | B: 3 – 4 in a week | C: Up to 6 Run faster, last longer HIIT at least 3 times a week, to improve strenght and power, with one day médium/ long distances. Wushu forms are great for endurance training, and discipline as well. at the final week, my goal is to run 5k at least, with combining high speeds (hmm The Flash). A: +4 Dex; +3 STR; +4 STA | B: +3 DEX; +3 STR; +3 STA | C: +2 DEX; +1 STR; +2 STA A: 3 times in a week | B: 2 times in a week | C: Once in a week The Wheel of Pain! Become te most strong as i can, using basically bodyweight. The goal is to train at least 5 days, and at the final week, my personal challenge is to make 100 pull ups, with hangin rests, and 100 push ups in a row. A: +3 Dex; +4 STR; +4 STA | B: +2 DEX; +3 STR; +3 STA | C: +1 DEX; +2 STR; +2 STA A: 5-4 days in week | B: 3-2 days in week | C: 1 day in week Life quest Save Money in order to buy/build my castle (BEBBANBURG!) and travel with my girl. The real challenge is to save money and start my own projects. Reward: +5 WIS; +4 CHAR Motivation To become the best man i’d can be, for my family, my master, and my future queen, whom i want to build a family, and protect them from any harm that i can. This i me actually: P.S. Sorry for my bad english, i'm working on it too as one life quest too
  10. Slightly late posting this, but I started this challenge last week and haven't been able to get on the interwebs for a week. I'm following this program http://hundredpushups.com/ and I've downloaded their official app to track progress. I've also roped two mates to do it with me. Details: Name: Aaron Age: 35 Height: 195cm Weight: 115kg Main Goal: Complete 100 push ups Mission: 1) Follow the 100 Push Ups program for 6 weeks Downloaded the app and ready to go. Going to throw in the squat and situp challenges as well but push ups, being a great weakness for me, are the priority. 2) Continue to eat healthy My diet has been pretty great, I’m at the salad bar twice a day at work (where I live for 20 days of the month) and avoid the desert bar. Just got to be avoid snacking and take outs when I’m back home. Too many nice restaurants near me. 3) Running/Cardio off days The days I’m not body weight training Life Quests: Write every day Spend at least half an hour a day writing. I started and stalled out off Nanowrimo last November and I want to get back to and finish the book I started. Making a habit of writing alongside making a habit of training every day is the ideal side quest. I had this as part of my last challenge and didn’t take it seriously enough. Going to button down this time. I’ve just read Stephen Pressfields short book The War of Art so my creative motivation is at an all time high. Motivation: · Prove to myself I can do something I never thought I could
  11. OK, here we go with my first challenge. Main Quest To get strong enough to complete Tough Mudder. As I mentioned in my introduction, I've done TM before, but I wasn't strong and I really struggled. This time, I want to smash it. Quest 1 To do at least 1 chin up Quest 2 Do strength training at the gym 3-4 times a week Quest 3 Run at least twice a week. Edit - I'm aiming to do a 3 mile run by the end of the 6 weeks. I can currently do about 2 miles Edit Grading - I'm going to give myself points for every workout. I'm giving running more points as I enjoy that less and I'm hoping that will give me the motivation! Strength training = 5 points Running = 10 points I love collecting trophies when playing games, so I going to award myself a 'trophy' at the end of the challenge! Gold trophy = 140-160+points Silver trophy = 100-120 points Bronze trophy - 80-100 points I hope I'm doing this right and didn't miss anything!
  12. The real me is amazing. I can do anything. But I have found myself in an alternate future dimension where I am a slave to my body. I can hardly do anything. And of the things that I can do, my body makes everything so much more difficult. I am tired of the status quo. I am tired of wasting my life. I. Am. Taking. It. Back. In order to do so, I need to go back in time and join back up with the real me and then find the future dimension in which I truly belong. My main goal is to reach 1992.That would be 130 pounds ago, target weight: 160 pounds. Over the next six weeks I am hoping to at least make it back to 2010; that’s a 6 week goal weight of 269 pounds. I have already started the trip and made some small changes in my diet and started walking and strength training. I may even surpass the weight goal depending on where I am at when the challenge starts. In order to fight my way to 2010 I plan to accomplish the following goals: Goal 1: Find the Tardis – This is crucial to my time travel endeavors. Walk 5K 3 times a week. I do make some adjustments for some equivalent 1 time during the week due to possible time constraints but I prefer some focused walking as it keeps my heart rate up more consistently. I have set this goal as a static goal so that I can focus on consistency. I started walking a few weeks ago and was walking half this distance. For now I just want this distance to get easier and become habit, not to keep adding more distance. This is a total of 56 miles Measurement: A – at least 50 miles B – at least 45 miles C – at least 40 miles Reward: +1 STA Goal 2: Sonic Screwdriver Do strength training 15 times, adding more weight or duration each week (2-3 times a week). This consists of the Angry Birds workout for now. I have modified the squats and the pushups to account for my lack of strength and faulty knees. But I intend to gradually move up in levels throughout the 6 weeks so that I can explore other strength training and/or some Cross fit in the future. This goal is set up to increase incrementally to overcome my shortcomings and to open more doors for me on the next challenge. I still plan on increasing slowly. The measurements are based on just doing the strength training at the frequency I have set, but not on what level I make it to. Measurement: A- 14-15 B- 12-13 C- 10-11 Reward: +1 STR, +1 CON Goal 3: BOSS LEVEL – Dalek on a Stick Near the end of this challenge I have a family trip planned to the Minnesota State Fair. I don’t know how many of you are familiar with this "The Great Minnesota Get-Together" but it is the biggest diet buster for me and my family (well, OK. It’s tied with Christmas.) My family uses this as an excuse for a mini reunion and we have our traditions – Fried Cheese Curds for breakfast is one. Plus there are new foods this year, some of which are interesting. http://www.mnstatefair.org/fun/new_food/ I must find a way to deal with this. On the one hand, I do want to enjoy myself and there are a few foods that are on my must see list, and others I can live without. Also, since I am not eating healthy while I am there and I am walking tons the whole day (with little water), sometimes I grab some unhealthy food that I could have lived without just to keep fueled. Here is a list of some of the ways I think I can minimize the damage: 1. Workout in the hotel 1-2 times. 2. Prioritize the foods I enjoy. 3. Enjoy 1 serving of the foods I can’t won’t live without or SHARE 4. Minimize the foods I can live without – try 1 bite of someone else’s, or skip it. 5. Try to find suitable healthy replacements just to stay fueled 6. Drink lots of water, even if I have to pay for it. 7. Any suggestions?! Measurement: A – Do 5-6 items on the list B – Do 4 items on the list C – Do 3 items from the list Reward: +1 WIS Life Quest – Educate I need to prepare for an online class I am teaching in the fall. I am hopelessly behind on this front. I have a total of 15 lesson plans to prepare including work sheets and activities and write 3 tests. Class starts August 20th so I have to get moving. Measurement: A – At least all lesson plans, worksheets completed, and first 2 exams. B – At least 12 of the 15 completed C – At least the first half of semester completed Reward: +1 CHA There are so many things about Nerd Fitness that I love that keep me motivated and believing knowing that I can reach my destination. One study I heard recently was that of people trying to lose weight that were studied, those that had a positive goal of wanting to be skinny/strong/be able to do something were far more successful than the ones with negative goals like not being fat anymore/not feeling miserable etc. Visualizing what you want is far more effective than seeing what you don’t want. I have always been one of the negative people. I assumed I would just have to prove that study wrong by overcoming my negative goals. But finding NF has made me a positive person with positive goals. My outlook is so different that before. Thanks NF community! Motivation I have a lot of reasons that motivate me but I am taking care to look at the reasons and list the ones that truly will get me off the couch because all of these reasons haven’t necessarily worked in the past. The two biggest motivations are 1 – freeing myself from my own body. I hate that there are so many things I can’t do. I want freedom! And 2 – I want to set the example for my 8 year old daughter. My family has been cursed with fat genes. Practically every single girl in all the generations I know about have been chunky from the get go. The boys have all been skinny, at least until middle age when things start to catch up with them. I want my daughter to grow up healthy and strong, and to know that it’s not about being skinny, but about being healthy and making good choices. She is already in the stage where she is asking whether she is fat or not. This breaks my heart. She is a little chunky but this isn’t her fault. It’s a combination of my behavior and her genes. If we start good habits now then she will be in a better position to keep herself that way without having to wait until she is so overweight that she has to fight this hard. SAVE THIS SPACE FOR STATS Starting weight: 276.6 Body Fat: 46.2% Waist: Arms: Calf: Thigh: Hips:
  13. I have been big my entire life. I have struggles with weight loss and overeating. I weighed myself today at 272lbs, the heaviest I have ever been. I'm sick of going on "diets" and then binge eating afterwards. I'm sick of being called "Big" or "Fat". But, most importantly, I'm sick of lying to myself. I look at myself in the mirror and tell myself "You're not obese, just big". No more. Height: 6'1" (73") Weight: 272lbs (my heaviest) July 28, 2014 Waist: 45" (40" if I suck it in) Neck: 17.5" Race: Orc Goal: To join the Ranger guild. Main Quest: Lose weight and fit into a size 36 jeans. Build muscle and get stronger. Side Quest: Do the beginner body-weight workout three times per week followed by 15 minutes of cardio. Do weight training (upper body or lower body) two times per week. Try to replace most liquid calories with water. (ie No soda, juice or alcohol) Lets see if I can beat myself back into shape. Consistent Exercise%Consistent Exercise%
  14. This challenge thread is a bit late, but I know the drill - I have to do the next 6 week challenge on Level 1 too. As the topic implies, I forgot Rule #2; no, it's not You DO NOT talk about Fight Club. I forgot Rule of the Rebellion #2: When you join, you're in for life. I keep finding myself on this site and, though I joined a while ago, I just pretended that life got in the way until now. I have since forgotten my account information and I don't think I even have the email information I started with, so I figured a fresh slate would be easiest. Alright, on to the gritty stuff: Main Quest: Essentially, I want to form new habits of exercising regularly and eating properly with the end goal (in a few challenges) to see more muscle definition and become a better overall athlete. How will I accomplish this? 1. I am not buying bread or making it or doing anything with it for the next 6 weeks. No crackers, dough, cake, pastries, etc. 2. I want to stick to a workout regimen for 6 weeks. I think I read on here that 6 weeks makes a habit, 2 weeks breaks one. I'll be updating it later this week as I get more information about the next 6 weeks, but this week: T: ride bike to/from school (~2 miles roundtrip, I'll have to measure it), Gym: run 3 miles, do a beginner jumprope exercise (Forward 60 sec, side to side 60 s, backwards 60 s, RL 60 s, LL 60 s), Free Fencing: 3 bouts minimum W: ride bike to/from school, generally rest since T will be fairly intense, 100 pushup set (see goal #3 below) (4-5-4-4-5; rest inbetween) R: Run 1 mile, go for a short (< 1 hour) hike, Free Fencing: 4 bouts minimum Edit: Going to Karate (sparring and regular classes, ~45 min - 1 hour each) F: Bike to/from school, Gym: Run 1 mile, Medicine ball lunges 15 lb 10 x 3, goblet squats 15 lb 10 x 3, kettle bell infinity 15 lb 10 x 3; next 100 pushup set This week is a little wonky because it is the beginning of the semester and gym classes don't meet yet. On Thursdays I'll be doing Aikido in the mornings and on MW I'll be doing Karate in the afternoons. 3. Work to 100 pushups; In Karate, we do a lot of pushups and since I've gained weight, I haven't been able to do the pushups as easily as in the past, so I'm trying the 100 pushups app (I am not advertising, just making you aware of my workout). My side quest: I'd like to take steps to making a friend in the same major as me such as talking to somebody in the same classes as me or joining our professional society. Why am I doing this? I want to feel in control of my life - I am sick of feeling like a victim when it's just me being a lazy butt. Stats? Female, 20 yrs, 5' 2", I last weighed in on 7/20/14 at 149 lbs and my body fat percentage is anywhere from 22.2% - 35% depending on what calculator is your fav.
  15. Well where do I start? I'm Christian, and i've always dreamed of being a superhero being the big DC fan that i am; Yes i know its pretty silly especially for an adult but meh we are all "nerds" here right? haha. Anyway, when you think of a super hero what comes to mind? a broad, muscular, strong badass no? Well like most guys out there thats one of my main aspirations; to achieve a physique similar to the personas you see on tv everyday saving the world, gaining recognition and not to mention winning the hearts of girls all around the world. But the body isnt the only characteristic that makes up your everyday superhero. Like most crime fighters, confidence is a key factor. Take Superman for example...would an insecure guy have the guts to walk around with his undies on the outside? I THINK NOT. So therefore throughout my journey of getting in shape i'd like to use this time and opportunity to become a more positive and confident individual with my body and my social skills...as well as maybe grooming myself a bit more haha. SO WITHOUT FURTHER A DUE! My Main Quest: 1) To improve my strength and agility - Being able to lift 45 lbs on each side bench pressing - To be able to increase my reps - To increase my stamina to run an hour straight Side Quests: 1) To gain more confidence in my appearance 2) To be more sociable 3) To be able to do 70 pushups 4) To actually ask a girl out (This ones really really really really cheesy xD) 5) To keep my calorie count at 2500 maximum everyday Some basic info about me Name: Christian (you can call me Chris if you'd like ) Height: 5'11 Weight: 172 pounds Location: Caribbean Hobbies: Tennis, Basketball, Music( im a guitarist ), Tumblr haha. Good luck everyone
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