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  1. Hello All. New here, first challenge. I'm posting this a bit late, but I actually got these started at the beginning of the week, and am on track with everything so far. Main Goal: Get my weight down to 185 lbs (or more accurately, back down to) I've had success in past going low carb paleo when trying to lose weight. On the other hand, I've really enjoyed the rice, potatoes and sweet potatoes when i've been on the perfect health diet (http://perfecthealthdiet.com). So I've decided to try to have the best of both worlds, the weight loss of a low carb approach while still getting to enjoy some
  2. So... after lurking, debating, procrastinating, second-guessing, giving up, starting over, etc for over a year, I finally joined the Academy. To support my success there, I also decided I needed to actually *DO* this challenge group. I've had lots of factors stacked against me that lead to lots of regression, and things are slowly turning around. I'm ready to start taking my baby steps back toward health, and I need the accountability of posting to get there. Somehow, writing makes it real!! A bit about Tamarisk: I am a wife, mom, and special ed teacher who works also as a part time food spec
  3. First challenge! Taking my first step here! Basically, I have the tendency to try too many things at once, sometimes conflicting, so my overarching goal is to move along down the Jedi path. I plan to follow that path as a Ranger eventually, so I know I'll need a strong energy/metabolism base. My goals for this challenge are therefore basically to get moving and set up the healthy self-care habits I'll need to move forward. Specific Challenge goals: Quantitative: -meditate daily (5-10 minutes) -sleep a minimum of 7 hours a night (will accept one day/week of slightly less, but no less than 6 h
  4. I've been leveling up slowly for years, quicker for the last 3 years, and quicker still in 2016. I've read the books, I've tried the things, and now it's time for my first official NF challenge. Main Quest: To be fit. To be fit enough to hike the Rocky Mountains with my son this summer. To be fit enough to run the Dallas Marathon injury-free, and something UNDER my previous, stunningly slow times of 6:01 and 6:02. I suppose the true quest behind the quest is discipline...that's what gets me fit, gets my company moving forward, and gets me to the really fun stuff. (Half finished scuba lessons,
  5. .:: Good morning humans of Nerd Fitness! ::. ABOUT ME: My name is Sara, I’m 23 and I’m very late for this challenge! British girl currently living and working in Japan, I have been a Nerd Fitness Rebel for three months now and it has helped me build healthy habits and increase stamina. In a country (that I absolutely love but) where many women put themselves through harmful diets in an effort to look thin, I am glad to have found a community that puts emphasis on getting strong! In addition, I have been aspiring to live a more mindful and minimalist life. Meditation and decluttering
  6. Hi All! This is my EPIC ADVENTURE OF FITNESS AND TRAVEL! Been reading posts up here for ages and getting really excited- but was at university and was pretty poor at the time. So i picked up the running shoes and finished the 10k race the other week . Feeling pumped, and i know i can do stuff now, and keep committed! I also graduated with a first and have a job *YAY* so i'm going round trying out all the gym's in the area. But i need some help on where the hell to get started? :S. Bit confused with it all. Mostly i'd like to become stronger generally. I'm quite thin and my cardio isn't bad
  7. Introduction: I surprised myself by getting fat when I moved halfway across the country to a state where I didn't know anyone. It snuck up on me. I had an active childhood and adulthood (competitive equestrian because I could avoid other people doing it as my sport) before moving, and suddenly I was somewhere new and didn't want to get off my couch. My clothes just kept stretching with the weight gain and I went from 5'11" and 166# of muscle to 258# of fat. I've been chipping away at getting healthy over the past year, and I'm ready to step it up with some advanced quests so I can hit my ulti
  8. Background: I'm 29, 6', 170, live outside of Boston. In the last year I've gotten married, changed jobs, and bought a house, and I have lost track of any level of fitness that I had - we had been exercising and getting in shape prior to the wedding, but 2 weeks in Hawaii took care of that right quick. It's been a long year, and with all the shifting around [and the many thousands of dollars we promptly had to sink into a house that sure seemed move-in ready before we bought it] fitness never seemed like that much of a priority... until now. My wife and I have decided that next October, over
  9. Hi, I’m Davi, a 22 years old architecture student, laboratory assistant I once was a warrior, not the greatest of all, but in path. I studied at morning and took the free time to practice as much as i could. I used to train 6 hours per day at this time. Respected by my comrades, feared by others in tournaments in my city, that i let my pride grow up like a beast, then i fell. Adulthood came to the door three years ago when joined college, military service, full time job and teaching martial arts for a kids class and i could no longer maintain the pace of training. Skipping classes, insomnia
  10. Slightly late posting this, but I started this challenge last week and haven't been able to get on the interwebs for a week. I'm following this program http://hundredpushups.com/ and I've downloaded their official app to track progress. I've also roped two mates to do it with me. Details: Name: Aaron Age: 35 Height: 195cm Weight: 115kg Main Goal: Complete 100 push ups Mission: 1) Follow the 100 Push Ups program for 6 weeks Downloaded the app and ready to go. Going to throw in the squat and situp challenges as well but push ups, being a great weakness for me, are th
  11. OK, here we go with my first challenge. Main Quest To get strong enough to complete Tough Mudder. As I mentioned in my introduction, I've done TM before, but I wasn't strong and I really struggled. This time, I want to smash it. Quest 1 To do at least 1 chin up Quest 2 Do strength training at the gym 3-4 times a week Quest 3 Run at least twice a week. Edit - I'm aiming to do a 3 mile run by the end of the 6 weeks. I can currently do about 2 miles Edit Grading - I'm going to give myself points for every workout. I'm giving running more points as I enjoy that less and I'm hoping th
  12. The real me is amazing. I can do anything. But I have found myself in an alternate future dimension where I am a slave to my body. I can hardly do anything. And of the things that I can do, my body makes everything so much more difficult. I am tired of the status quo. I am tired of wasting my life. I. Am. Taking. It. Back. In order to do so, I need to go back in time and join back up with the real me and then find the future dimension in which I truly belong. My main goal is to reach 1992.That would be 130 pounds ago, target weight: 160 pounds. Over the next six weeks I am hopi
  13. I have been big my entire life. I have struggles with weight loss and overeating. I weighed myself today at 272lbs, the heaviest I have ever been. I'm sick of going on "diets" and then binge eating afterwards. I'm sick of being called "Big" or "Fat". But, most importantly, I'm sick of lying to myself. I look at myself in the mirror and tell myself "You're not obese, just big". No more. Height: 6'1" (73") Weight: 272lbs (my heaviest) July 28, 2014 Waist: 45" (40" if I suck it in) Neck: 17.5" Race: Orc Goal: To join the Ranger guild. Main Quest: Lose weight and fit into a size 36 jeans
  14. This challenge thread is a bit late, but I know the drill - I have to do the next 6 week challenge on Level 1 too. As the topic implies, I forgot Rule #2; no, it's not You DO NOT talk about Fight Club. I forgot Rule of the Rebellion #2: When you join, you're in for life. I keep finding myself on this site and, though I joined a while ago, I just pretended that life got in the way until now. I have since forgotten my account information and I don't think I even have the email information I started with, so I figured a fresh slate would be easiest. Alright, on to the gritty stuff: Main Que
  15. Well where do I start? I'm Christian, and i've always dreamed of being a superhero being the big DC fan that i am; Yes i know its pretty silly especially for an adult but meh we are all "nerds" here right? haha. Anyway, when you think of a super hero what comes to mind? a broad, muscular, strong badass no? Well like most guys out there thats one of my main aspirations; to achieve a physique similar to the personas you see on tv everyday saving the world, gaining recognition and not to mention winning the hearts of girls all around the world. But the body isnt the only characteristic that make
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