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  1. Hello All. New here, first challenge. I'm posting this a bit late, but I actually got these started at the beginning of the week, and am on track with everything so far. Main Goal: Get my weight down to 185 lbs (or more accurately, back down to) I've had success in past going low carb paleo when trying to lose weight. On the other hand, I've really enjoyed the rice, potatoes and sweet potatoes when i've been on the perfect health diet (http://perfecthealthdiet.com). So I've decided to try to have the best of both worlds, the weight loss of a low carb approach while still getting to enjoy some carbs, by carb cycling. Basically I'm allowed rice, potatoes and sweet potatoes every other day. Its worked very well so far. Diet Goal: Follow my Carb Cycling for the next four weeks, with less than 40 g of carbs on the low days, and at least 70 g on the high days. My wife and I are running the Copper River Bridge Run, a 10k, in Charleston SC in the beginning of April, so I need to buckle down in my training for that. The plan I'm using to train for it calls for three runs a week of about an hour each, broken up into periods of walking and jogging. As the race gets closer, the jogging gets longer and the walking gets shorter until it disappears completely right before the race. Fitness Goal 1: Run 3 times a week. Strength wise right now I'm following a workout of kettlebell swings and get ups. With the race less than a month away, I only do this on my non-run days. Fitness Goal 2: At least 300 Kettlebell swings a week. Life Goal: Read my One Year Study Bible every day.
  2. Hello! I've gotten on my own to a point where healthy eating is basically effortless, and I can at least get myself in the gym once or twice a week. I have a long ways to go before I can call myself 'fit', 'strong', or even truly 'healthy', so let's just jump right in! Food Goal: Stop eating the dang peanut butter right out of the dang jar!Exercise Goals:Find a good bodyweight routine that works with my schedule, and stick to it!Stationary bike/road bike (weather permitting) 20 mins/day, 2+ days/weekLifestyle Goal:Drive a little less aggressivelyI'm excited to see how my first challenge goes!
  3. RESPAWN in 3…2…1…GO! So I’m starting over, I’ve given this a shot a couple of times before but it’s really hard to stick to it. Mostly because I’m always on the road and it’s hard to keep up with exercise and diet. And I might’ve tried a bit too hard… Anyhow, I changed the way I think a bit and I’ll be giving this another shot! The Challenge: Weaknesses part 1 (Endurance) Diet: - Eliminate the Big 3: Alcohol, Fast Food and Sugars. - Food tracking: Measure ingested food, calories and nutrients. Fitness: Running (Focus) .75 mile sessions (combined w/ walking to complete a 20 min. session) x5 per week. (Increasing at least .50 miles per week) --General Fitness: (Light weights, high reps) o Day 1: Chest / Triceps/Core o Day 2: Back / Biceps o Day 3: Shoulders / Forearms/Core o Day 4: Legs o Day 5: Circuit Training (Basic warrior workout)/Core --Level Up Your Life! - Save $20 per week. – Why not? Should be a decent bonus to myself at the end of the year. P.S. I’m kicking this off on the 28th since my work week starts then. Can’t wait to get back into running shape.
  4. Aloine

    Aloine returns

    I started a challenge a while ago, but that didn't end up going too well for me. Neither did my first semester of college, in terms of being healthy, anyway. But rather than dwelling on that, let's just do this. 1. Run 30 miles over the course of the challenge (don't worry, I'm not starting from nowhere, I already run 2 miles every other day ) 2. No food from the vending machine--it's supes unhealthy, not to mention overpriced (If I could give one reason why I gained weight last semester, this is probably it.) 3. Drink a glass of water with dinner every night Life goal: Spend five minutes each day cleaning up my room a bit.
  5. End of challenge goals Personal best bike ride - 70miles45 pushups, 45sec plank, 25 situps - track on my calendarLose 8 pounds (Current weight 156, end of challenge weight 148)Diet 72oz water a day (7X a week)- Track with Hydrocoach (Android). I'll post a snapshot end of each week.Fitness Finish my 10K steps every day - Track with FitbitLevel Up Your Life 5 min room clean every day - Track with Rewire (Android)Floss daily - Track with Rewire (Android)Edit: Wake up between 7:45 - 8:15 am. (Track with Rewire for Android)Stole this from CJ the (soon-to-be) Mighty - Grading: All challenges will use the following grading scale. 90% - 100% - A 80% - 89% - B 70% - 79% - C 60% - 69% - D 0% - 59% - F
  6. Greetings, everyone! I'm really excited to be here. I've been a shadow-follower of NF for two years, Questing alone. This challenge, I'm finally coming around to forming a Fellowship! My Quests this Challenge are: Fitness: -Complete a ten mile run by March 25th -Strength train (I'm using the Stronglifts 5x5 method) three days a week the entire month -Nix refined sugar until March 25th (and beyond?) Life: -I'm a bookbinder, so this is a professional/hobby goal for me: Make 3 or more journals using hand-printed paper handmade bookcloth The greater Boss Battle awaiting me is a marathon (my first!) in mid-June. I would love any advice or training wisdom from elder-scouts who have successfully combined marathon training and a strength program! Happy Questing, all. Looking forward to getting to know you finally! -Thrush
  7. Fitness quests: Walk at least 5 minutes outside every day.Complete the 7 Days of Calm meditation program in the Calm app before the end of the challenge.Do an additional fitness activity at least twice a week.Sample additional fitness activity options: JoggingInteveral trainingYogaBikingLife quest: Earn 20 xp in Duolingo every weekday.
  8. Name: Ojuntapu Siko. My personal name Ojuntapu translates as Thistle which means 'Hard to uproot'. My tree name is Ash, used for spears, canes and useful tools and furniture. That's me, I'm tenacious, grow in difficult conditions and am hard to uproot; and like ash I'm handy, useful around home and camp and can fight when I need to. (Note: Elven naming practices and woodlore are according to the novel I'm writing.) Race and guild: wood elf cycle-scout Bikes: Sun Tri-Classic recumbent trike (delta) can connect to spouse's Greenspeed Anura recumbent trike to make a tandem, or wheel along on its own. Just got it this May and we're up to 20-25 miles on weekends. Sun EZ-1 recumbent, 13 years old now, heavy but trusty steel steed, will turn into my winter exercise bike when I get a trainer. We're carfree, so our bikes are our main transportation. Main Quest for 6 week challenge: Go on a bicycle camping trip August 28-30th. Around 38 miles from my house to the camp ground. We'll be hammock camping (Blackbird Warbonnets with Cloudburst tarp.) SMART quests: Quest 1: Ride 10-20 miles during the week and 20-35 miles on the weekends to get ready for tour. Increase mileage incrementally. I'm currently at 15 miles during the week and 20 -25 miles on the weekends. Quest 2: Do body weights 2-3x a week. Beginner level – the Big 4 of Bodyweights. This is what I'm currently doing and I've added my goals for improvement, too. Pushups: 3x5 solid floor pushups, try to increase to 3x8 by end of challenge. Pullups: 3x5 assisted pullups (squat/pullups on chair, or the down side of the pullup. Aim for one full and unassisted pullup by end of challenge) Crunches: 3x15, work up to 3x20 by end of challenge Squats: 3x10, start adding lunges or split squats to kick up progression when able For bonus points/when feeling good add on alternate days: Dips: 3x10 on the side of the bathtub Rows – 3x10 using straps hung from pullup bar. Ankle Raises: 3x10, work up to single leg ankle raises by end of 6 week challenge Supermans or Bridges: 3x10 Quest 3: When my PTSD gets triggered and I can't bike or do bodyweights, do tai chi or chi gung, take a walk around the block, take a hammock nap or do other self care. Work on noticing when the switch in mental state happens and don't beat myself up for being 'weak.' Weakness and strength are part of the same whole. Life Quest: Do a 50 mile bike ride on my 50th birthday next October. To accomplish that quest I'll be riding several 30-40 mile day trips or overnight tours this summer and next summer and to keep my legs strong over the winter I'm getting an indoor bike trainer. Also, I just started testosterone so I want to get fit and build up a more male physique with body-weights. Motivation: For Bike Touring: I did a bike camping tour in highschool, 700 miles through the Colorado rockies. This was a life changing event for me at 17, and cemented my lifelong love of cycling. The 50 year old tour guide rode circles around the younger riders, even the 25 y/o racer dude. From that point on I said I wanted to be able to ride at least 50 miles when I was 50 years old. The time has snuck up on me and now, next year, I'll be 50 and it's time to prepare. However, after college, I became disabled. I have PTSD and a tremor disorder and I thought for a long time I couldn't bike again. The recumbent bikes helps and the trike helps even more! But I still struggle and it's difficult to keep to a regular workout schedule, so it has to be a lifestyle plan. On hard days I scale things back and do Tai Chi or go for a walk and even just go sit and look at trees. Just being on the bike helps me mentally, emotionally and physically, even if I'm only going two miles to the grocery store that day. It's been a life saver. I've been doing city riding for the last 13 years but I've always wanted to go on a longer bike tour again and with better mental and physical health than I've had in years and a recumbent tandem trike, new camping hammocks and a willing bike buddy, I really hope this year is the year! This year 38 miles. Next year 50! As far as motivation for transition fitness goes: Taking T won't actually give you muscles. It'll put your T levels at the same level as a cisgendered man. You also start out with the same woman curves and strength levels as any cisgendered women. You need to actually work to get that male physique and the harder you work, the better the T will be utilized by your body and the better overall results you'll have.
  9. I'b back for my second challenge! As I was celebrating New Year's with the family I saw a commercial come on for some health apps to start the new year. But one stuck out to me the most; the couch to 5k app. I thought to myself "why not?" what do I have to lose? Nothing, but weight. I already use most of the other health apps the commercial mentioned since they were free and could sync with the health fit app the iphone already has. In my last challenge I learned to build new and better habits. I work out more, make healthier eating choices, track my calorie intake and sleep schedule, and keep up with a daily to do list. I've been gaining weight because of the stress of college, recently changing majors, and taking care of the family after my grandmother passed. I'd love to lose that weight by summer. So 40 pounds by June or 20 weeks. That's about 2 pounds per week which is completely doable. (Shout out to rebel stillskies for her lovely last challenge. It was completely awesome, extremely nerdy, and very inspirational. And I think I'll follow suit with hers.) Main quest Learn to master Earth bending! To do this, I’m going to need to be able to travel around to find a earthbender teacher, actually train with said teacher and bend some earth, and have energy to spare. (and after that maybe find a hidden spirit library in the desert for vacation) Quest 1 Find an Earth Bender Teacher(+4 STA, +1 DEX) It's gonna take some exploring to find an earth bender teacher. I've got a lot of ground air to cover. CHALLENGE 1: run three days a week outside (weather permitting) and follow the couch to 5k apps regimen. A: 100% 3 day run completed, B: 67% 2 day run completed; C: 33% 1 day run completed CHALLENGE 2: Take time to stretch out for at least 5 minutes after my runs. I’m really bad at this if all I’m doing is running. A: 100% complete/stretched for 5+ minutes after both runs, B: 50% completed/stretched for 5+ minutes after one run Quest 2 Earth Bending Training (+4 STR, +1 CHA) Earth bending is tough. CHALLENGE: Lift three days a week following the Stronglifts program. [Edit: I'm changing workouts since I don't have the proper equipment for the program] CHALLENGE: Complete the Beginner Body Weight Workout three times a week 20 body weight squats10 push ups20 walking lunges10 dumbbell rows (using a gallon milk jug)15 second plank20 reverse crunches (or) ab roller 30 Jumping JacksA: 100% completion three days, B: 67% completion two days, C: 33% completion one day Quest 3 Eating healthy (+4 CON) Food is so tasty. It's hard not to overdo it. Stay within my calorie limit. I've been very bad and going over my daily limit on MyFitnessPal. I'd like to stay within the limit recommended A: Met weekly goal, B: Went over 1 or 2 days, C: Went over 3 or 4 days Life Quest Secret Spirit Library(+1 WIS) CHALLENGE: read. I just started reading again over the Christmas break and I haven't stopped since. I started reading Harry Potter and half way through the third book. I plan to read at least three books over this challenge and keep this momentum going. A: three or more books read, B: two books read, C: One book read Point breakdown LEVEL 2: STR : 4 (A=4, B=3, C=2) DEX : 1 (A=1, B=.5, C=.25) STA : 4 (A=4, B=3) CON : 4 (A=4, B=3, C=2) WIS : 1 (A=1, B=.5, C=.25) CHA : 1 (A=1, B=.5, C=.25) Measurements: Neck: 16 Chest: 40 Waist: 35 Hips: 45 Thigh: R: 23.5 L: 23.5 Calf: R: 16 L: 16 Bicep: R: 13.7 L: 13.7 Weight: 194.6 Dress/pants size: 16
  10. INTRODUCTION: Operation: Happy Nerd Levels Up! Hello!! My name is KayDubEff or KWF, and I'm ready to take on my first challenge. I am a LONG time lurker of Nerd Fitness (like...before Steve began focusing full time on it long...), and I've made regular excuses for why I couldn't or wouldn't or didn't manage to make the large changes in my life that I've wanted. Truthfully, I was just lazy. But for the past 2 months or so, I've been able to focus on working toward my goals. My plan is to help focus that energy into this great facilitator of AWESOMENESS, the 6 week challenge. I need your help, fellow Rebels, because I've tried before and I know I can't do it alone. I am powerful beyond measure, and ultimately I choose my success, but I know my downfalls. So thanks in advance for the support!! As for a bit about who I am: I'm a 26 year old professional working in the higher education field and a nerd of many types, from TV to gaming to books to science to comics to crafts and anywhere in between. I love to meet new people and make friends, so please say hello!! Disclaimer: I believe I stole this beautiful layout from Ciara. So many thanks there :-) MAIN QUEST: Get below 150 lbs. This is more "because I can" than it is scientific. It is the weight goal that I have failed to get to every time I've "tried". (Big eye roll quotes there, y'all.) Mostly, I'd just like to see the scale go below 150 and be within a healthy weight range for my height. Ultimate goal weight is more or less whatever feels best on my body. This is about 28 pounds away from my current weight (178). QUEST 1: ".......RUN!" - Follow C25K schedule I had been working through the c25K program off and on for years. I had been doing well this summer and even completed a Warrior Dash! (Slowly, but it was EPIC!) But my work gets busy with the waves of the academic year, and I fell off of it for the past 2 months. I want to finally finish it and run. I loved the Warrior Dash, and I want to be able to keep up with my fit friends, instead of them keeping me moving. Plus, I am blessed to have the ability to run when many can't. It's time to appreciate my body. A: 100% completion of schedule, B: 85% - 99% completion of schedule C: 75% - 86% completion of schedule F: 74% or less completion QUEST 2: "My Food is Problematic..." - Log all food into MyFitnessPal, and stay under 1500 cal limit I fuel myself with not great stuff. I have also recently accepted that I have issues with Binge Eating. Part of what helps me reign that in is keeping track of what I eat. Plus, as I work to lose some weight, this is the best way I can know what is working and what is not. No specific diet type, but I will be working toward eating non-processed junk. I'll give myself some sort of bonus if I teach myself a new meal to cook! A: 90% - 100% completion B: 80% - 89% completion C: 70% - 79% completion F: 69% or less completion QUEST 3: "One does not simply walk into Mordor" - 10K steps on my fitbit daily This is a multifaceted quest. Overall increased fitness will help me reach my weightless goal. Additionally, I work in an office where much of my work takes place behind a desk, and my fitbit will blink one sad light at me at the end of the day. Plus, I want to walk to MORDOR! Actually, I want to walk to the moon, but Mordor seems actually more feasible... A: 90% - 100% completion B: 80% - 89% completion C: 70% - 79% completion F: 69% or less completion LIFE QUEST: "Loading...Please Wait..." -Reduce Screen Time I love the internets. I love that I live in a time where I have the whole world on a screen that lives in my pocket. I love that at any given time, I can turn on the TV and watch amazing and dumb and wonderful and ridiculous things that bring me a great deal of joy. I hate that I habitually multitask...because having the TV on in the background makes me feel better and I rarely watch things with purpose any more. I hate that I have tabbed away from this paragraph at least 3 times to check my social media, all because of unfocused compulsion. I hate that I can't stand in line waiting without pulling out my phone to fill the time. My screen use is habitual, not intentional. I want to reduce screen time because I have a LOT that I want to accomplish, and my habit of sitting on the couch and browsing reddit instead of accomplishing things is such a waste of little time. To do this, I plan to cut out morning screen time for day prep, as well as screen time after 9 pm. The other stuff, because it comes as an impulse, I'm just going to be mindful of. I will do weekly mini challenges to see if I can adjust this (such as a week Facebookless, deleting useless apps on my phone, etc.) MOTIVATION: My motivation is my failure to succeed thus far. I've tried to manage my weight for as long as I can remember (probably since my early early teens). Part of it is my desire to be happy, healthy, and fit. And part of it is just the super selfish desire to prove to myself that I finally can. I can't be a superhero if I can't keep up with the villains. I can't run with the Doctor if I get winded after running a block. I can't defeat Gannon if I can't lift the Master Sword. I can't survive the apocalypse if I can't outrun the zombie horde I'm getting fit so I can help save the world.
  11. Intro Hi all, I'm a long time lurker from the Netherlands. After joining the Academy I decided to also register here and join in on the challenge fun. My quest is to become more scout-like. My opening post at the academy board was: I am and used to be the tank. Big, strong and slow. At my university (many years ago) I was a prop at the rugby team. Every friend that moves I help, and I always take the washing machine, on some occasions alone. Years later I took up fencing and kendo, both more DEX oriented sports. Lately I started running a lot, 5k, 10k and sometimes more. Unfortunately, my heavy frame leads to a lot of injuries. So a short term goal is to lose a lot off weight in order to be able to fence and run more freely. So, it's time to move from tank country into scout or monk territory The main quest My main quest is to become more scout-like and increase my mileage, by foot (running), bike and in water Six-week goals loose 5kg (from 107kg to 102). This will stay a goal for a couple of challenges as I want my weight somewhere around 90. run a 5k continuously hit a 60k on my bikeSidequests Life: Read a novel. (I used to read a lot, but loose interest from time to time) Fitness: Perform the body weight workout lvl1 from the academy twice a weekMotivation My main and most important motivator is to be a healthy and inspiring example to my 2,5 year old daughter. And there you have it. My quest for the 4 weeks (or so) to come, and hoping to join the guild of Scouts asap!
  12. I'm not really late. I signed up late but I have been working out. For example today I hiked for nearly 2 1/2 hours. My primary goal is to get my 5K time down to around 35 minutes in the next 5 weeks and work up to 10K distance by 10 weeks. My two angles of attack are 1) running--increasing distance/stamina first, then decreasing time and 2) nutrition--I'm stuck in a stoveless hotel room for at least 2 more weeks and possibly the next 10. I have a fridge and a microwave. Lately I've either been eating a lot of junk or not eating much of anything. There's actually a 3rd thing: getting enough sleep. I tend to have a hard time making myself go to bed on time when I'm away from home. (Well, at home too, but it's worse away from home.)
  13. I've been on a hardcore personal challenge since January 2014, I've gone from 207 lbs to 155 lbs to date. I just found Nerd Fitness and I'm ready to keep challenging myself. Main Quest: I want to get my body fat % down from 26% to 20-21% Missions: Travel at least 5 miles per day on foot (whether walking or running) Keep a daily caloric deficit around 800 Drink at least 8 cups of water per day & consume at most 1 soda per weekLife Quest: Save some money from each paycheck toward building my awesome gaming computerMotivation: For the past 5 years I've let my health fall by the wayside as I worked toward reaching my other life goals. I've accomplished some of those goals, but I realized that being insecure and embarrassed by the state of my body and health really took away from glory of reaching my goals. It's about time I took control of all aspects of my life and live the life I always imagined for myself. Starting Measurements: Weight: 155 lbs Body Fat %: 26.35% BMI: 25.2 Lean Body Mass: 113.4 lbs
  14. I recently discovered Nerd Fitness, and even more recently discovered the challenges. And even though this challenge has already started, I want to hold myself accountable by joining in. I'm figuring out how all the points for character leveling work, so... I'll update this post once I have things sorted in that department. INTRODUCTION: Who am I? I'm a freelance editor, aspiring author, and stay-at-home mom to a nerdling. I have been more than slacking in the self-care department these past couple years, and it's time to turn that around. So. What's my quest? MAIN QUEST: I want to be able to run 5k without stopping, while pushing a stroller. I'm coming into this having never been able to run a full mile, even back in high school - so I know this quest won't be competed in six (okay, four...) short weeks. But I can get a good start. My three goals, to help get there: (1) Run 3 missions a week from Zombies Run! Couch to 5k (and warm up and cool down properly for each run) (2) work on core strength, hip flexibility, calves and ankles 3x/week. You know, to prevent injury. (3) track my food every day and drink more water. This will help me see how well I'm eating, how often I 'cheat', and where I can take steps to eat more healthfully - basically, I'm laying the groundwork for future challenges on this one. LIFE QUEST: Write for at least one hour each week. REWARDS: A. Winter is coming! Since I don't have a gym membership or much home gym equipment, running has to happen outside. If I succeed, I get to buy myself special fall and winter workout clothes so I don't freeze my buns off. B. Upon completion of Zombies Run! Couch to 5k, I get to buy myself the main zombies app. MOTIVATION: My mom was diagnosed with diabetes a few years back, and during my pregnancy I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. My kid is now a toddler. It's time I really faced those two facts and worked to get and stay healthy. Cardio and strength training are both a big part of that, and I'll get into the strength training more down the road... but for now, I want to establish exercise as a habit: something I do every day, rain or shine. In the end, I want to feel stronger and I want to have more energy to do things for myself and the nerdling. So this challenge is laying the groundwork for that. I also really want to feel like... BAM, I accomplished something! Getting through the end of Zombies Run! will make me do a happy dance.
  15. Greetings everyone! This is actually my second time trying a challenge, first time I'm going to complete one. I recently graduated college and due to finals and then a very blurry senior week I have fallen off my running track, but excuses are in the past. Now it's time for action! Main Quest Run a sub 1:30:00 half marathon Current PR: 1:34:37 Boot Camp Workout 1) Get back in the rhythm of running. That means lacing up and heading off 4 times a week for the first two weeks. I'll plan out more specific runs/workouts for the last four weeks after I see how behind I am. 2) Get in those yoga sessions! I've had problems before with my shins and calves and I'm hoping that increasing my flexibility will help ease soreness and reduce the possibility of injury. The actual requirement is three a week, one for each off day. 3) Buzz!! Buzz!! Gotta get that alarm clock going again. One of my main excuses for not running is the heat. (Tampa, Fl) The thing is, it's not that hot around 07:30. Not heat leads to no excuses leads to running leads to progress. **Tracking my progress in excell! Also I don't plan on completing this quest in the course of this challenge, but I plan on making a ton of progress. Life Quest Unfortunately, I am a recent graduate who is unemployed and in a strange city with nothing to do but stalk Facebook and envy all the other grads who now have jobs. Fortunately, I'm not doing that. 1) Finish cover letter(s) and resume. Send out applications 2) Finish studying for the GRE. Vocab, Essays, and Practice Tests left!! Now I have two, but if everything goes according to plan number 1 will be done prior to the challenge. Many of the applications need to go out this week, so if there are any left for the actual challenge period they are late, but I included it anyway. Motivation Awesome Motivation My dad sent me this speech after my graduation speaker was...less than motivating. I know I can be faster, more powerful, more confident, and happier than I am right now and so I will be. I've already started making my bed every morning and it's been helping so I am certain that I can and will do this. Archer came upon the crest of the hill and surveyed the encampment below. Row upon row of canvas tents lined a field with tall grass and small purple flowers. A large banner hung just before the tents. Dotted underneath the banner were his fellow new scout recruits. Some seemed to be busy boasting about their speed or endurance while others seemed to be carefully contemplating the daunting journey that lay ahead. Looking to the west he saw the forest that would be his new training arena. It was dark and slightly unnerving, but Archer found himself longing to throw himself into the treacherous entanglement of shrubs and trees. Breaking away from his urge he turned back to the camp and headed down to join his new found ranks. Passing under the large banner Archer finally was able to read its message, "Welcome to the Rebellion Scout Boot Camp! New scouts await first mission details here."
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