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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, fellow rebels! I'm currently in the process of setting up my first workout plan. And I have some questions about doing so. At the moment I'm not entirely sure what "Class" I'd like to be or what "Guild" to join. So I was thinking of setting up a general balanced workout plan. One to introduce myself to all branches equally, but not doing them all, because that'd be way too much time and workout to start out with. My questions to my fellow rebels is: What specific workouts would you recommend for every "Class" to start out with? Or should I rotate it every week? (i.e. one week of Warrior, followed by a week of Ranger, followed by a week of Monk, and so on) Which exercises and how many reps for every workout? Understand that I'm just starting out with my first workout plan and am, in fact, quite clueless on how to start out. I was hoping that with some knowledge and feedback from you guys I'd be able to set up a very general work-out for a beginner who's still unsure about what he wants to become exactly. And hopefully this might then also prove to be a useful workout for other new rebels to start out with, and discover their own "class". Many thanks in advance, -Tim
  2. So who out there remembers Gauntlet? "Blue Elf is about to die." "Red Warrior needs food badly!" Well, Gauntlet had four characters, if you don't know. The Warrior, the Sorcerer, the Elf, and the Valkyrie. Warrior was strong and had good armor but was slow. Sorcerer had magic, very little armor. Elf was fast, very little armor. Valkyrie wasn't as fast as the Elf, but faster than the Warrior, stronger than the Sorcerer, and had half-decent armor. Right now, AT BEST, I am the Sorcerer. Very little health, very little strength, and not as fast as the Elf. My goal is to be the Valkyrie. Faster than I am, stronger than I am, more able to handle damage than I currently am. I'd like to be a multi-class character eventually, Assassin/Monk. But in either case, I have to be stronger, faster, and just all around BETTER. So yesterday I walked approximately 1.15 miles in 24 minutes. Today, 9/5/13, I walked half a mile for a warm up, then did two circuits of the NF Playground Strength Training. I couldn't do three. Then for cool down, I walked the second half of that mile. I did all of that in approximately 44 minutes. (I know because I posted on Facebook that I was going to do it, went and did it, then checked my FB when I was done for time.) Came home, had four scrambled eggs and two pieces of WW (no HFCS) toast. I appreciate any and all replies!
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