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Found 2 results

  1. Some of us are doing this body image challenge on www.mollygalbraith.com. This is the thread where we'll chat about it. Feel free to join us and get in on the self lovin' (not that kind, you perv). Here is the initial post. Answer the questions and post your total! (or keep it to yourself if you want but sharing is more fun) Here is day 1. Here is day 2. Here is day 3. I won't post them all, but this catches y'all up to today.
  2. Now that I have proven my mettle sufficient to join the Assassin's Guild, it's time to begin the real quest: Defeat the Princess Link had Dark Link, Ichigo had Zangetsu, Max has the Princess. The internal self we must defeat to truly come into our own. She embodies everything I have been taught to be, everything I have internalized from my culture and surroundings that is contrary to my self. She is the dress-wearing, makeup-smeared, ladylike alter-ego I have been putting on before I leave the house since high school. It is the Princess who has convinced me time and time again that visible muscles are un-ladylike, that talk is better than action, that I must sit in the tower and wait to be saved while someone else fights the dragon. It's time to fight my own dragon. It's time to defeat the princess. For Halloween this year, I'm going as Kara Thrace. I've got 6 weeks to become her. Challenge Part the First: Push down the world Grace, Strength, and Power - Continue progress toward changing my self-image Continue habit of workouts And the ultimate goal for this challenge: do 10 pushups Quest One: Grace (+4 CHA) For nearly 15 years, I have been counting calories. In this challenge, that stops. Instead, I will keep track of quality and will eat no fewer than three times a day. Thin is not the goal. Waif-like "femininity" is not the goal. Grace, strength, and power are the goal. To that end, I have deleted MyFitnessPal from my phone. Grading for quest one: A: Check calories no more than once a week, eat all meals B: Check calories 2-3 times per week, miss 2-3 meals C: Check calories 4-5 times per week, miss 4-5 meals D: Check calories 6-8 times per week, miss 6-8 meals Fail: Re-load MyFitnessPal, miss anymore than 10 meals Quest Two: Strength (+3 STR) As mentioned in my previous challenges, I have a number of legitimate health and structural blockages to fitness. Long-term joint inflammation, vertigo, poor digestion, among others. Because of this, I have to shoot slow and low in my strength goals to keep from hurting myself. My natural competitive nature would drive me beyond what my body could handle and ultimately set me back. So, we're keeping this small. By the end of the challenge, I would like to be able to do 10 pushups. Grading for quest two: A: Do 10 pushups B: Do 8 pushups C: Do 6 pushups D: Do 5 pushups Fail: Any fewer than 5 pushups Quest Three: Power (+3 STA, +2 CON) I've settled into a workout rhythm over the last challenge, and I'd like to not lose my momentum. Currently my rotating four-day schedule goes as follows: Day one: legs, day two: arms, day three: bodyweight/core, day four: rest. During this challenge I hope to keep plugging away doggedly at that schedule, but I won't set any specific workout for each day. I learned from SASX last challenge that mixing up what you do on any given day - while still focusing on the assigned muscle group - can really keep the challenge interesting and engaging. Grading for quest three: A: Don't miss any workouts or rest days B: Miss 2-3 C: Miss 4-5 Fail: Miss more than 5. Side Quest: Words Words are my sword. Hahahahahahahaha, cliche much? Write every weekday. The novel, the screenplay, the short stories, whatever it is, just write every day. A: Write 5 times per week B: Miss 2-3 days C: Miss 4-5 days D: miss 6-7 days Fail: Miss more than 8 days. I'm taking a page from Duality's book for updates here and will keep my rambling text-based posts to my battle log. Grace: 0/21 0/21 0/21 0/21 0/21 0/21 (meals by week) Strength: 0/10 0/10 0/10 0/10 0/10 0/10 (pushups by week) Power: 0/7 0/7 0/7 0/7 0/7 0/7 (workouts/rests by week) Words: 0/5 0/5 0/5 0/5 0/5 0/5 (writes by week)
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