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Found 2 results

  1. Continuing the war against my quarter life/existential-y type crisis thing. My success last challenge resulted in a not so anxious Hermy. Life... might be okay. All might not be lost. Next battle! Onward! Goal 1: Volunteer Last challenge I had a really hard time finding anything to do that fit with my schedule. Goal is keep looking - pick something - do as much as possible. Grading: Subjective, up to 4 points - split between WIS and CHA. Goal 2: Socialize I did really well with this last challenge, but my first instinct is still to hermit. Goal is get out there an be social but not let this monopolize my free time (see goal 1). Areas of concentration/priorities: - NF meetups - Hang with friends - Meetup dot com gathering(s) Grading: 3 points possible - 1 point for every 2 friendly like activities - applied to CON. Goal 3: Eat I'm in a really weird/not good head space regarding diet right now. That kind of happens when I cut or restrict pretty much anything for too long. I need to step back and evaluate - focus on figuring out where the "too long" line is. Reset self and sanity, then attack with new plan. Actual goal is to Eat. The. Food. Do not intentionally restrict. Do not go crazy either. Just try to remember not to eat like an asshole most of the time. Goal: Don't eat like an asshole. Eat enough to fuel the workout. Don't let the guilt of eating mess with the head. Grading: Subjective up to 2 points applied to CON and/or WIS Goal 4: Lift Heavy, Run Far Last year at this time I fractured my foot - some may recall that fun. Before the fracture, my aerobic and endurance base was pretty damn good. Since the healing of the fracture, it's pretty much gone (use it or lose it, guys). I've had a hankering for some running (no, seriously, I don't even know who I am) and decided to do Couch to 5K as an easy-ish program that will force me out for runs (as opposed to me just saying, "Hey, I'll do some runnin'"). So, new workout plan is roughly: Sun - run Mon - rest Tues - lift Wed - run Thurs- lift Fri - run/yoga Sat - lift (and you see why I need to EAT) Goal A: JDTFPBLTMB - follow all my programming (lifting and over all fitness) but listen to my body - if it gets too much, scale back, take a day, whatever I need. Goal B: Add 10 pounds to my squat (had to drop the weight to get used to HB again, so time to rebuild). Run. Goal C: Recovery - Get to sleep on time, no matter how good my book is. Take at least 1 epsom soak per week. SMR my ass off (my quads are taking quite the beating with the squats and running) Grading: Goal A - 1 point - pass or fail, applied to WIS. Goal B - 1 point for every 5 pounds added up to 2 points, applied to STR, 1 point for the running, applied to DEX. Goal C - 2 points, subjective, applied to CON
  2. This has always been, hands down, my theme song. In my case, I’m the one standing on my own neck. I’m constantly getting in my own way or holding myself back. I wish I knew why, but *Insert phsycho-babble here* So, I keep knocking myself down, but I get right back up. Eats Still struggling with this in a major way. I may be throwing a short cleanse in here at some point, but for now we’ll deal with the eating of the proper foods. Goals: Have food prepared and on hand.Eat said food, even when pizza sounds like a much better idea. Eat foods belonging to the primal/paleo food groups. Eat foods not belonging to these groups no more than 3 times a week. Moves Put some effort into it. Last challenge my trainer had to cancel several times. I used this as a license to eat the pizza and sit on the couch. This time if he cancels, I need to take my behind out for a walk. The weather is nice now, and I need to take advantage of it. Goals: Move my behind 3 times a week. Most of this should come from meeting with my trainer, but if one of us cancels, I still need to move. Walk more. Walk at least 5 miles per week. This means I need to dig out the Fitbit and find extra ways to make steps in my day. Or, in other words, stop being lazy. Do at least one 20/30 minute walk per week. Mobility My box has starting offering yoga classes to help with mobility. The only cost is the effort required to get out of bed before 10 on a Saturday morning. Goals: Make it to Yoga on Saturday mornings. Exception: 4.18 - I’ll be doing a 3k.That’s 5 yoga sessions. Life This is something I have always had to keep on top of. It’s been years since it’s been this out of control. There’s probably some *insert phycho-babble* thing going on. Whatever, I need to put an end to this. Goals: Stop procrastinating Check in on my challenge regularly. I may just shoot out a short update from my phone, but I will update at least every other day, if not every day. And now I've worn myself out. Guess I'll go rest up to get a good start on this challenge tomorrow.
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