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  1. I love this Challenge! I have logged so many hours in HZD lately. The one thing I’m loving about all this is the ability to sit on my couch and game endlessly without feeling all that guilty 😀 I’m here for the badassery and food porn.
  2. Chore List Monday Clean Master Bath Tuesday Clean Living Room Scoop cat boxes Wednesday Clean Hallway Thursday Clean Guest bath Scoop cat boxes Friday Clean Office Saturday Scoop cat boxes
  3. Sadly, I’m a big ol’ introverted hermit, so life really hasn’t changed much for me. I work from home, don’t really go anywhere or do anything other than the gym. And because of this, I was fine until my gym had to shutdown. I’ve had a really hard time for the last several years getting my head back into the game. When I found this gym and my coach, I finally got my head right. I was consistent, never missing a workout, and for the first time in my life, I was enjoying the heck out of working out. I’ve been so depressed and worried that I will fall back into bad habits that, ironically, I've fallen back into bad habits. This challenge will be about little things to get me out of my funk. Because it is SO hard to do ANYTHING when I’m in a hole of depression. Food Don’t mindlessly eat junk food Don’t buy junk food Meal prep If the wife isn’t feeling like participating in the good food, let her do her thing. Don’t rely on her to cook (usually her job because I’m not any good at it and I hate it) Track food in LoseIt everyday. Be mindful of macros, but not anal One free day as long as weekly calorie limit is still in a deficit. Fitness 10 laps around the house at least 3x a day If it’s not raining, go for a walk (even if it’s short) Strength training 2x a week Keep scheduled gym days W/F Programmed workouts Life Do assigned daily chores Chore list to follow Mindfulness - meditation at least once a day. Probably more. Really need some calming right now. Gaming/TV - only allowed once cleaning and fitness goals are accomplished for the day