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  1. Next challenge! Get your stuff ready!!! There's never enough Skye goodness Traveling abroad doesn't seem so bad, does it? At this rate, no one will let me in. Although, maybe I can claim asylum? Hahahahaha! I'm so excited about the mountain trip. At least it looks like I will have plenty of time to prepare and get in shape for it. Update: I have no idea what week we're in. I'm assuming this challenge isn't over, since I don't see the banner for the new challenge. Haha
  2. OH!! You totally did! I just put it together Oh! That sounds like fun! That is not something that had occurred to me, but it is added to my list now! Thank you for the support, girl. ❤️ So the next time I come to Scotland, assuming y'all will let me in the country (do I laugh or cry about this?), we shall go to the Fairy Pools and go munro bagging on/to (not actually sure how that term is used lol) Ben Nevis Thanks, girl Week 1 Update I managed one strength training workout. I didn't want to go, but i
  3. I completely missed this! Hello!!! I do understand, but why not expand your park exploration to Awesome Places of the World? Also, when you get around to TN parks, hit me up! I may even be in good enough shape by then to keep up with you.
  4. You get a pass because you live there. It's like how I grew up with ski slopes 30 minutes away and I've never been skiing. Or like how I live in Nashville, but have never done most of the Nashville things. Hahaha Update: I've been so bummed the last few days and trying to fight off/fight through a bummer bout of depression. Probably a culmination of stuff in the world on top of plain old depression. I gave myself permission to check out over the weekend and play all The Last of Us Part 2 I could fit in. Usually I can pull myself out, if I just give myself a
  5. Then I’m definitely doing it right. 😭🤣 Well, all be! I have a long lost travel twin!! Please feel free to post your favorite places in Scotland. Pretty pics (like how can you take a bad pic there?) and ideas for things to do are welcome! That is a gorgeous picture! I will go to the Fairy Pools every time I make a trip there. I want to hit them up sometime in the early summer when there’s more water. Heeeyyyyy!!! So much slack. And so much The Last of Us Part 2. Hopefully I can get an update in tonight!
  6. Heeeeyyyy! Good challenge! I embrace you embracing the things. Is that your first time messing about with handstands? You'll have it in no time.
  7. Week 0 - So Far Food - Tracked, calories and protein good, mindful eating good Strength Training - 1 done. Did 3 x 3 @ 90% of my 1RM. Apparently that's good, but this is the first time I've ever done powerlifting with a coach, so I'm taking her word on it. But, I hope that means it will bump my 1 RM, which is at 85lb (I think? Maybe 80...) Anywho, I want to get to 100lbs by the end of July. GOALS! NF5K Training Week 2/Day 1 - 2 min on/2 min off Wandered around Cinque Terre on my treadmill. I had something funky going on with me that day. I'm not a runner
  8. Thanks. It's a bummer, but it gives me time to get in better shape, so bright side? 😬 Thanks! It's honestly hard to take a bad photo there. Everything is so beautiful! Scotland is my favorite place ever. My ultimate goal in life to live on the Isle of Skye. Sorry about your plans! You can come with me on my virtual trip! YAS, girl!! I am all over that!
  9. Okay, not really. My wife and I were supposed to go in October, but pandemic. Instead, I am dedicating my challenge to our previous trip: what I’m excited to do again and what I’m going to do when I go back. My trip just so happened to correspond with an NF meetup. I got to meet some awesome rebels like the lovely @iatetheyeti Last time I went, I had a hard time because I wasn’t in as good of shape as I wanted to be, which made going where I wanted difficult. In some cases, I wasn’t able to go at all. I’m tired of missing out on things because I’m overweigh
  10. Hahaha! I honestly don't know. I've never had any desire to be anything other than a mushroom head just doing my work and minding my business. While this is just a product owner role, so maybe like a team lead/maybe supervisor, I'm not sure I'm adult enough for all that responsibility LOL. Also, there's a lot more peopling in this role, and while I'm good at it, I don't like it one bit. But, I'm told this level comes with additional perks as well as the increased $$. There's still a lot to work out before I officially accept. We will see. In the mean time, there may be future cussing and venti
  11. Challenge Wrap Up Much has happened this challenge. Fitness and non-fitness accomplishments have been off the chain. I've (almost forcibly) been offered a promotion at work which has kept me insanely busy. I haven't been able to update or visit much, but I've managed to keep up with my challenge. I can't remember the last time I did so well on a challenge. Maybe like, back when I first started challenges? So 7 years ago (or some such)? I missed one strength training day and that was only because my eye was swollen shut (inflamed chalazion). It's fun to say, but it hurt! Food
  12. Week 3 Update: It's only week 3? Time is so strange right now. It feels like it should be week 4 or 5. My gym opened back up this week. I was really apprehensive about going even though they had implemented really strict guidelines, mainly because I was afraid no one would follow them. I decided to give it a chance because I really did want to cuddle a barbell. I missed lifting SO much. Unfortunately, no one but staff was following guidelines. I went ahead and stayed for my workout, but treated it like the lab and used every infectious disease protocol I could. Granted, I'm no
  13. I was looking through threads trying to figure out what week it is so I could do my wrap up when this line caught my attention. This is 1000% on point. I am currently enjoying the above Chillhop link and am looking forward to using it tomorrow while I'm "in office". Hope your knee clears up soon!
  14. Week 2 Update: It's only week 2? Food: Mindful Eating Not Really Under Calories Not Really Protein No Fitness: Move: 3/3 - 2 50 min cardio, 1 20 min chill post strength workout Strength Training: 2/3 Had a migraine all weekend, so no 3rd weekend Stretch: All the stretching Life: Complete Weekly Chores: Done Finish Reading New Book: Not much reading Try Some Socialness - Meh I'm not doing well with food. I spent the whole weekend plus eating anything and everything that is cou
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