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Found 6 results

  1. Hey everybody! Part of my challenge for March was to integrate more with the community by posting something to NF everyday. Additionally I have been looking to leverage my natural love of peoples and encouragement to fuel my own and hopefully some other heroes progress. So I wanted to post up the idea of a once weekly group call. Well sort of a call I host an incredibly advanced piece of connection tech called Teamspeak. This will allow us to bypass teh demands of our evil corporate overlords and HACK TIME ZONES!! So I wanted to put out a shout to those special people today who are in need of a voice of encouragement and accountability. I have initial openings for up to 8 and will happily assist or publish a howto setup Teamspeak video. I should also note that there are free apps for it on android and iphone. I am also open to the more traditional options of skype and hangouts if it's what the New Justice League desires. Please post below and I will PM you details Sincerest Regards Flyer
  2. Deleted and moved to appropriate thread.
  3. The small hamlet of Two Waters erupted into chaos. Shouting from the streets drew merchants and customers from the shops; shepherds left the flock unattended to see what the ado was about. A man, half dead from his panicked run from the mountains, was shouting in the streets, begging for anyone with a warrior's sword, a ranger's bow, or a wizard's arcane knowledge to come to his aid. "Brightwater!", he shouted, finally collapsing to his knees. "Brightwater will soon fall! The fellbeasts have boiled up from the caves and crags, and are taking the keep!" Brightwater Keep, the castle nestled in the peaks of the Rockheart Mountains, is the seat of power in this small dale. If it is allowed to fall to some dark power, there will be no hope for the poor villages and hamlets at the feet of the mountain. Who will come to the aid of Brightwater? This is an adventure for a small handful of Nerd Fitnessers. Players will define for themselves a variety of "Feats" (detailed below). Beating the different phases of the adventure will require the entire party to complete different kinds of feats. Never Split Up The Party - We finish each phase together. There is no advancing to Phase III, for instance, until the whole party has finished Phase II. The idea is to get each other motivated to move on. For Gold or For Glory - This is only for glory. There are no skill points to be earned, no XP awarded, and the only gold pieces are the ones that remain in-game. Your Feats Are Yours Alone - This adventure (and any subsequent ones I run) will be based on Feats. These fall into the following categories: Endurance Feat - Usually something based on time or distance Strength Feat - Usually something based on poundage Speed Feat - Usually something based on reducing the time required to complete a task. Could also be a dexterity-based challenge Combat Feat - Very individualized. Could be a strength-based feat, a dex-based feat, something in the martial arts or yoga. Healing Feat - A non-physical goal. Could be diet-related, something spiritual or meditative, finance-related. Totally up to you. Every participant has to lay out his or her Feat definitions before we begin. Don't worry about the numbers or being more or less than any other participant. This is something we're doing as a party, but your goals are yours alone. So if my Strength Feat is "Complete a set of 3 pull ups" and yours is "Complete 3 sets of 12 pull ups", that's completely cool. When we get to a Strength-based challenge, I overcome it by completing my Strength Feat (3 pull ups) and you overcome it by completing yours (3 sets of 12). The point is to set appropriate challenges for yourself. If you're ready to answer the call to adventure, and save Brightwater from the fellbeasts, reply below with your Feat definitions! Here's the party: Emyerson (DM, as well as Level 2 Human Ranger)Oramac (Level 2 Sith Warrior-Monk)Ryuu1011 (Level 1 Ranger)cmwanderin (Level 2 Assassin)Teagarden (Level 8 Druid Assassin)Kathrynl (Let me know if you're still interested)
  4. Looking for a partner or group of people interested in workingout, hikes, 5ks, ect. Hoping to discover some fellow rebels around me
  5. Hi all, Anyone fancy forming and joining a team? I was thinking of an X-men / justice league style newbie group. Maybe like a Teen Titans thing....but I am thirty. So you have to be level 0 and just starting your first challenge. A different guild goal for every member. Not a hard or fast rule but it's a team of variety so we can learn from each other in a more contained group. It doesn't matter where we are in the world. I would love it if you came up with your own character or just pick your own superhero. With a back story of course, just for fun. We could even pick each other's code name. I think I am becoming a ranger type, but can't pick Batman because he is like level 50. So I would say I am more of a Robin. Maybe for example - Superboy / Wonder girl - Warrior I think 7 would be the max number of members. The teams mission is to become the best version of ourselves. We have our 'secret identities' which can also come in handy. I am an MRI tech, so if you are having a scan, I can fill you in on what the experience is like.....hmmm I work with a really strong magnet, maybe that should be a back story to my hero. I have done lots of other jobs and love to motivate people. I have a qualification in team leading and lean thinking. I love to problem solve. So if your interested, let me know. We can vote on a proper team name and go about posting a quick background story of your hero self. Let's be having you....
  6. Okay, I know I'm still new here, but a friend just tossed me this link: http://www.comingsoon.net/news/movienews.php?id=98465 and it got me thinking.... The roster for the Justice League... Wouldn't it be cool to band together, in teams spanning the different guilds to form our own "Justice Leagues" for a inter-guild challenge thing? I mean we've got: Green Lantern Wonder Woman Superman Batman The Flash Aquaman Martian Manhunter to name the possible ones for the movie... and that's 7 just like our classes: Warriors Rangers Scouts Monks Assassins Druids Adventurers Not sure how simple or complex this would be, but it just got me thinking. You could set up rounds... like "Take down Lex Luther" and break it down into what each class should be doing to fill their part in taking down the evil super villain or super threat. Anyway, I wasn't sure where to post this, so I just tossed it here. If NF had done something like this in the past, forgive me, I'm still new
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