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Found 2 results

  1. New Challenge, more update will come as normal ill start with a monday, since well it makes more sense for me 1: Hang for your life Hang, brachiate, play or anything else, relating to hang above the ground 2: Hand downs Daily movement on my hands, locomotion, handstand, headstand, inversions or anything else related 3: Clear your mind: Meditation: Do a daily meditation, can be 5 minutes or an hour depending on the time and what else the day is (this is including savanna at yoga practice) 1: Balance your life: Train juggling, contact and cascade juggling 20 minutes pr day.
  2. Are you afraid of me hmmmm? Think I am going to eat you? Hee hee. I am probably not going to eat you. I try my hardest to only eat locally sourced vegetarian fed free range people. And besides the above is just a quote from the Dark Crystal. I figured to make my BIG GIANT CHALLENGE NUMBER TWO *picture confetti and fireworks and glitter all around those words* more fun for myself that I would pick a super cool 80's movie theme. And well, I just happen to be wearing a Dark Crystal tee shirt right now too. I'm not very creative. Or very Nerd Fitness forum advanced either because I can't figure out how to picture up my post with all of the fun visuals that I could have added from the movie. The hamster turning the wheel only goes so fast apparently. NONE THE LESS HERE I AM AT THE RANGER'S GUILD. I am so excited! I thought I would be all druidy but since I've been lifting and running just as much as practicing yoga regularly it's kind of an all around sort of vibe that I've been feeling and the Rangers seem to fit that mold. Hooray! TRIAL BY STONE! TRIAL BY STONE! Previously I've been guilty of not watching what I've been consuming and not doing a whole lot of moving around unless it had to do with me going to make another rum and diet. For my first challenge I cut out alcohol, went paleo, developed daily gym and yoga habits, and lost about 15 pounds. Starting the 8th I want to change my goals to focus on my measurements (like the NF blog post about tracking recommends) and on becoming all around more athletically inclined. MAIN QUEST To wear a size 7 again. This hasn't changed. It isn't exactly gelfling size and it isn't exactly a measurement but it's the size that I've always felt best in. QUEST ONE To my strength training add a glutes day once a week. This, in theory, will help to cure the horrible long standing sickness I've been carrying around known as "Nobuttatall". I test ran my first potential round of questionable buttasstic movements at the gym today (probably to everyone there's secret humorous delight) and it consisted of more squats, cable kickbacks, weighted hip thrusts, kettlebell swings. If anyone has super fantastical bum transformative moves I will take suggestions all day long. QUEST TWO To my endurance training I want to add the milestone of reaching a 10 minute mile. This doesn't has to happen multiple times, only once before this challenge is over. My training on the Zombies Run 5k app is almost over and I want to finish it then focus on making this happen. The runners forums and such say that the 10 minute mile is a positive goal to reach for and it sounds kind of bad ass. I mean, bad ass for me. XD REMIXXXXXX: HIIT Training 3x a week. QUEST THREE To my yoga training I want to add a home practice to my routine twice a week to help strengthen myself for inversion poses. I mostly have to get over being scared because falling down/over is not really something I am fond of doing. The more stable I feel in more challenging weight bearing poses the safer I'll feel about not busting my face into pieces. I have a few things archived and saved here and there to start my home practices but if anyone has advice on this too here I am, ready to sponge up your knowledge and education. LIFE QUEST Previously this was moving to Portland because Florida is a blazing inferno of death. This may or may not ever happen because plethora of reasons. My husband and I decided that if he does not secure this last job that he interviewed for that we would focus on making the most of this terrible awful swamp of old peopleness by purchasing a home here and making it our own. Beyond those two things I think that my life goal will change from moving to Portland to figuring what I might be good at doing for the rest of my life as soon as possible if he doesn't land the position. Like, my big girl job and stuff. I'll keep you posted on what happens. So what now? We follow or don't follow the prophecies, play little pan flutes, listen to the mystics, steal each other's life essences, whatever. All of this stuff will be additional to what I've already built in the previous challenge. I made a schedule and a chart and everything. It's all very fancy and important and very boring to other people so I'll leave this up here until I start sporadically posting the insanity that starts once I am challenging. My grading will be based off of doing the things and won't be very mathematical. I haven't decided whether or not I'll be posting my experiments with natural healthy earth loving products like I did before. I have a few new thingies that I've tried but I don't know how much jennilovesryan obnoxiousness that the Rangers will want put up with. XD Looking forward to reading everyone else's challenges. LOVE YOURSELF RADICALLY AND UNCONDITIONALLY
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