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Found 2 results

  1. Cataleya's 2017 Roadmap Read first! I'm about to hit level 60 on my lovely Ninja, and I figured, well, I should hit 60 IRL too, by working toward a limit break! I'm keeping my challenge busy, but simple. I'll edit as need be, but this is what's going into effect on January 8. Zero week is for getting back into the swing of things, so I will try to check in every day. Critical Hit Rate - Once a week, use those hand wraps you got over Christmas break. Dexterity - Three times a week, do a Couch to 10K workout. Strength - Twice a week, do weight-based training. Morale - Daily, check in with other Nerd Fitness people, both people you’ve subscribed to and people you haven’t. As always, @Hazard's fitness data log that I copied is here. Date Weight 7-Day Avg. (lbs) Lean Mass 7-Day Avg. (lbs) Fat Mass 7-Day Avg. (lbs) Lean Mass per Fat Mass ratio Fat lbs Left to Lose to hit 3.5 ratio 1-Jan-2017 193.8 140.1 53.7 2.61 13.7 8-Jan-2017 15-Jan-2017 22-Jan-2017 29-Jan-2017 5-Feb-2017 Also, I've started a workout-focused Instagram. It's going to be private, but if you follow me I'll likely follow back assuming I can tell who you are. Nothing risque, I'm afraid, just a private person, generally speaking, when it comes to this stuff. I was following a few of you on my other account, but I figured I'd move all my fitness stuff over to this one, so I can feel more free to post stuff.
  2. Hi friends, nerds, rebels, strangers, spies from the Garlean empire, honored visitors of House Fortemps, and sky pirates! Welcome to my August (and some of September) challenge!! I’ll be frank - 2016 has been one of the hardest years for me that I can remember. It’s fighting me ruthlessly with all it’s got. Work stress, life stress, financial planning and worry, dealing with (and working to combat) physical and mental exhaustion, and a recent and very sudden kitty passing has left me flat out exhausted - unmotivated - overwhelmed - unhappy - depressed - flat - broken. BUT NO MORE. I’m done being sad. I’m done feeling sorry for myself. I’m packing away my grief. I can't live there anymore. I’m done with just floating along as the bad things happen. I’ve had the time I needed to mentally and emotionally deal with these things. And I have hope that the dust is beginning to settle, and I’m ready to reclaim myself. When the going gets tough, the tough put on their Herklaedi armor set, build up their Wrath stacks, and GET TO MURDERIN’!!!* (*Bad situations and feels, not people.) (it me) This challenge is all about completing a variety of goals to activate my Limit Break and hack myself out of this shitty hole life has booted me into. If you’ve played Final Fantasy you’ve probably come across the Limit Break, but if not, here it is: As you fight you build up your strength, and once your Limit Break meter is full IT’S CLOBBERIN’ TIME~ I’ve assigned a point value to a wide range of goals this go-around. My Limit Break meter is set at 50 points to activate and I can do this in a variety of ways, picking and choosing the goals that are working and what’s most important to me. Some goals, however, will be more important than others, and thusly have higher point values assigned.... But I’ve also calculated in a failsafe, that in the event I can’t complete a big goal (a piano falls on me, I catch bird flu, etc.) I can still make do with other accomplishments and power through. I’ve also made a variety because for Week 3 I’ll be road tripping up to New England for a week, and there are some important and fun local-based goals I can hit, too! So without further adieu: Challenge will be completed if/whenever I hit my Limit Break goal of 50 points. I AM SO VERY READY.
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