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Found 12 results

  1. I am new and finally unafraid. It's taken me a long time to get to a point where accepting help, accepting truth, is something I can live with. I come here exhausted, mentally ill, and ready to heal. Fix Your Life Goal: From October 22nd - November 18th (or the remainder of this challenge), I will not purge any food I eat. I will accept the consequences for the food I eat by keeping a diet log; noting what I eat, when, how much, and my anxiety level involved. Diet: Part of what causes the negative thought cyclone I get sucked in to are the foods I eat. Or don't eat. I have th
  2. Hopefully this won't be the longest intro ever long story short 5 kids, a couple of difficult pregnancies and pretty bad OCD threw me in a downward spiral. Been working out consistently for 8 weeks now and taking care of myself. I feel so much better and my energy is way up. This is my battle log to remind myself of how far I have come! That wasn't too long at all. Posting day one below.
  3. It's time. IT'S TIME. For what, you may not have asked- BUT I'LL ANSWER ANYWAY! IT'S TIME... to get strong. Powerful. Bad. Ass. Becoming a certified and recognized badass takes time and effort, of course. The first of which I have in spades. The second.. ehh. [i'm lazy] A Bit About Me: I'm a 5'9 1/2, about 145 pound 18 year old girl who is currently attending college.I'm currently taking karate at my college [going on 6 months now!] and will continue after my classes are over.My Goals For This Challenge: Taking My Medicine Daily - It looks gross and tastes gross, but damn i
  4. Introduction: Day 0 There's nothing out here but a wasteland of misery and destruction- and a shit-tonne of dust. I am weak, and ill-prepared. If I am to survive, I will need to find shelter- recover my health, and build my strength. I shield my bleary eyes and look up to where the sun lays, giant and aggressive at the crest of a cliff, it's unending shower of painful rays strangling out the last shreds of moisture from the choking landscape. I gaze so long I begin to see dots- dark smudges against the backdrop of fierce, fiery orange. Strangely still for a trick of the eyes. that is when
  5. On the night that Noor VonKlaven cracked the curse that trapped her body in stone, the room filled with light and magics coursed through the air, painting her hut in light bright as day. She held her arms wide open as the faystone coursed down her body, running like water to pool at the base of the stone wall at the back of the hut. She breathed deeply and shook her finger tips in a shooing gesture. The stone writhed in a purple glowing mass for a moment before springing upward. Written upon the wall in a shimmering purple-silver script were the following words. To break the curse, to sh
  6. Sovellis woke with a blinding headache, cursing the sun, festivals, wine, himself, and pretty much everything else. Now that the festival week was over, he felt he could use a holiday from his holiday. Perhaps he had gotten a little too carried away during the festivities. Heh, well his father was fond of reminding him that he never did anything half way, for good or ill. He should probably get up. Maybe. Eventually. Then there was the decision between throwing up, having breakfast, or both. He began a fresh round of cursing when he heard a sharp tapping sound at his window. What could be mak
  7. Well I'm getting a late start this time but better late than never. Main Quest: Lose 10 lbs (4.5 kg) Starting weight: 195 lbs (88.5 kg) A= 10 lbs lost B= 7 lbs lost C= 5 lbs lost D= 3 lbs lost F= Less than 3 lbs lost Quest 1: Follow modified primal/paleo diet for at least 1 meal a day Follow cabbage soup diet +3 WIS, +3 CHA A= 7 primal/paleo meals per week Pass/Fail B= 6 primal/paleo meals per week C= 5 primal/paleo meals per week D= 4 primal/paleo meals per week F= 3 primal/paleo meals per week or less Bonus: +1 WIS, +1 CHA for every week of 100% meal compliance Quest
  8. First challenge. http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/50587-candace-koller-improve-health-despite-depression/ It started off well but then life got in the way. Now I'm right back up to where I was when I started with only 4 days left to lose 5 lbs. That's not going to happen unless there's a miracle. Diet plan, modified primal/paleo. Mostly meats and vegetables. No fruit or fruit juice, nothing with added sugar, and a little heavier on the dairy, a lot of cream and cheese (and cream cheese). Goal carb intake below 50g. Goal fat intake at least 60% of my calories from fat.
  9. Life has taken a very dark turn. The daily stresses are wearing me down. I can no longer do the things I once could. I can't handle what I once could. This challenge will have to be much simpler than the previous ones. My goal has been for a long time now to defeat "the girl in the mirror" who still bears the scars. Maybe instead I should be loving her. Starting weight: 182 lbs (82.5 kg) Starting body fat percentage: 42.8% Starting Muscle percentage: 23.8% Main Quest: Stay Alive Quest 1: Get out of bed every day Quest 2: Eat at least something every day Eat 1 primal meal on weekday
  10. Hello dudes, dudettes, and various permeantations in between! I jumped in feet first months ago, ready and rearing to go. So of course the Universe decided to slap me down with a tizzy of health problems and life road blocks (so goes the life of a luck-cursed person. As in, cursed with the weirdest "luck" imaginable). Let's start this over, shall we? I'm Caffeineaphile, a 28 y/o "Earth Human" (that's the ticket) female from Emerald City. My main claims to fame are my big mouth and thick skull, and getting blown up in the Army (-before- I deployed. I was our only "casualty" the entire
  11. You see this awesomeness? It's called dancewalking. I love it. I do it around the house. I do it in parking garages. I've even done it coming home from a run to Gangnam Style for some middle schoolers. Now, I want to raise money with it. For every British pound raised for Rethink.org (check them out, super spiffy site they have!) I will dancewalk 10 meters around Biel. Now Biel isn't a huge city, but it's pretty big. And it's super pedestrian-y. And loads of people will see me doing it. Which is exactly what I want. I'll be repping Rethink Mental Illness with a spiffy t-shirt
  12. Well, I suppose I ought to introduce myself and tell you a little about me. I'm a writer, primarily, and do a fair amount of theatre stuff as well. I suppose that makes me a writer/bard. Currently, I'm working as a stage manager for a group of playwrights (which is something like herding cats if cats could talk and make rude comments). I'm also looking into graduate schools since I just graduated from college last May. I'm taking a gap year to write and generally get my life together. But that's scarcely enough information for a good story. You're going to need some background. If you want t
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