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Found 15 results

  1. What? Two challenges in a row? Jeez. I realize I didn't do a lot of updating over the last challenge, and really no visiting of anyone else's threads. For me, NF is a very all-or-nothing thing. I used to spend all day on here, updating, reading, encouraging, playing in chat, etc. And then it got to be too much (well, Mr Mir felt it was too much because I wasn't spending any time with him). So, in my way of doing things, the NF switch got flipped to Off. I'm still not sure what an appropriate amount of time looks like. I miss interacting with nerds; I miss talking to the people that have enco
  2. So umm.....hi. Let me explain....no, is too much. Let me sum up: I'm just coming out of the worst year of my life, complete with mental breakdown and taking a medical leave of absence from work, almost getting divorced, and all that good stuff. I've taken a LONG break from NF, for lots of reasons, but I miss my nerds TERRIBLY and I've decided it's time to come back. Plus, I'm trying something different this time. I've spent most of my adult life feeling like a failure, a fuckup, a worthless piece of sludge. I suffer from depression and ADHD, and so things that are simple for others are n
  3. Hokay. So. Here's Mir. Background: Near the end of last challenge, suddenly we decided to talk to a realtor. So now our house is going up on the market THIS WEEK and we are beginning to look at houses closer to where we work (right now is about a 40 min commute and we are sick of it). It's all happening way too fast, and I've never bought a house or sold a house before so I'm in completely uncharted territory. This past weekend was spent getting the house in show-ready condition. If I'm not lazy, I'll take some pics of our immaculate house for y'all. If I am, maybe I'll just link to the M
  4. Hokay. So. Here's Mir (round) . Damn, that's a sweet Mir. So, quick backstory that most of you already know. Suffer from depression, and working on getting an official diagnosis of ADHD. I am in counseling and also on meds. Currently I am taking 40mg of Prozac a day. ---- Quick update from between challenges: OHMYGOD. SOMETHING HAPPENED. I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER RIGHT NOW. I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED. One day I was a miserable pile of sludge and the next I was just happy. Just...happy. Even being bored and annoyed at work hasn't been enough to keep me down. I've been making soci
  5. Okay. So. I can feel my right leg caving in when it gets hard, and I can manage to push it back out but I can't stop it from happening. Also pretty sure something wonky is going on with my back because it feels a little owie. Although these were MUCH improved from 2 weeks ago. Not sure how much the video shows. (This was set 2 of 3).
  6. Hi guys. I've missed you. I've missed having support. So I decided to make a (late) challenge thread. Not for goal-making, but for support-getting, and accountability-keeping. So i've been trying to lose some weight, and am in the midst of a cutting challenge with some other nerds, but I really haven't made any progress. I've noticed on days I track my food, I tend to be under my calories. Which means on days I don't track (most days), I must be eating too much. Or drinking too much (booze). Or both. So Imma try this tracking thing again. Also I just got back in the gym this week after my SI
  7. Hokay, so. No but seriously. I have a lot going on in my personal life right now, and it's not really good. It's not end-of-the-world stuff, but I'm having enough trouble with my everyday activities that the added stress is not helpful. Mr. Mir and I returned from Jamaica on Thursday, we had a great time, and I am not ready to be back at work (even though I am at work). I didn't really do any of the stuff I had written down in my planner, partly due to laziness and partly due to aforementioned life stuff. I have only been scheduling activities (like housecleaning) a week or two out, and
  8. Okay guys. I have to do something. And my last challenge petered out, so...here I am again. I'm putting the backstory/what I've been up to behind a spoiler tag because there's been a lot going on and I don't want everyone to have to read it if they don't want to. To put it simply: I'm a mess. However, I have a Plan. Sort of. I have an appt tomorrow with a psychologist who was recommended to me by the Employee Service department here at work. The place doesn't have a psychiatrist available, but apparently they work closely with PCP so hopefully I can get on some new meds. And figure ou
  9. Okay so I wasn't sure I was going to do one again, but I miss the community and the accountability. I don't know if I'll be great at posting on other people's stuff because I kind of feel like my life is a clusterfuck right now. Some of that is due to me being really good at beating myself up, but some of it is shit I need to get in order. Because I'm an adult, dammit. I gotta vag up at some point. However, this challenge is not going to be my typical balls-to-the-wall, do everything challenge. Before I get my shit together, I need to get my mental health in order. So, I'm working on healing
  10. My Mission is simple: LIVE AND ENJOY a HAPPY LIFE How the hell do I do that?!?!?! 1. Eat clean -when I eat right, my body is happy. My tummy isn't bloaty and if I lose a few inches: woohoo The budget has been tighter than I like and we've resorted to some less than amazing choices in order to stretch pennies. Preparation is key. It's far too easy to make bad choices when you've failed to plan. I need to make sure that I have healthy clean foods to bring with me to work and I also need to re-learn to stop eating when I'm not hungry rather than cleaning my plate and feeling stuffed. 2.
  11. So! It's that time again, already. I was going to name this challenge "Mir gets jacked and swole" but Bigm came up with this in chat and I thought it sounded more awesomer. Goals! 1. Eat to perform (I think) - doing some research on this now and this weekend. No more cutting. I realized that it will be easier for me to cut and actually have some success if I build MOAR muscles. So, that's the plan. Grading scheme and stats to come. (+2 CHA for dem gunz and dat ass) 2. Pick that shit up, dammit - I want a 200# deadlift. I've been wanting it for over a year, and I think I'm getting close
  12. Main quest: Get big and strong. How to get there: Eat stuff. - I need to eat the food to fuel my gains. I still don't want to track because what a pain in the ass, but I'm going to focus on eating lots of protein and good carbs. And yummy veggies. And not so much cake and ice cream and things. Lift stuff. - Continue my workout plan. Because I lurves it. But lift stuff wisely. - I'm really getting to the point where I need to be doing stretching, foam rolling, etc. So I want to do this at least 3x a week. Life side quest: Don't suck at life. So...here's my plan. -build u
  13. Howdy nerds! Man, not having internet at home sucks. Thanks AT&T! Hopefully we will have things back up and running soon. Until then, I'm being a typical state employee. Hooray. I have some pretty basic goals this go-round, but it's really gonna be challenging for me. 1. Don't eat ALL the things! (+3 STA, +2 CHA) While I'm not unhappy with how I look most days, I would really like to get a bit leaner. According to some online calculators, I'm hovering between 25-27% bodyfat. I'd like to get that closer to 20. So, here's to the beginning of a cut! Make a plan: 1350 kcals M-F, 145 g
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