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Found 5 results

  1. The Target: Muscle-Up Teh Skillz: Redevelop explosive high pullup Redevelop controlled dip Redevelop controlled tiger pushup & russian dip for transition Develop kip
  2. The Target: Muscle-Up Teh Skillz: Redevelop explosive high pullup Redevelop controlled dip Redevelop controlled tiger pushup & russian dip for transition Develop kip 'Sup nerds. Been a minute since I've had an NF challenge thread. I've been thinking about it for months. And I finally remembered a goal I want to return to. (Yes.., it took months of thinking. I've been raising my infant daughter. This is my brain now. A sleep-deprived grey/white mush.)
  3. challenge 02 : Achaedia masters the elements book one: air The sun feels warm against the dark leathers Achaedia now wears. It has been a week since she became a full member of the Assassin's Guild, since she left the rebel camp and started out on her own to continue her journey; still, the new clothes feel stiff and strange. She has reached the edge of the forest, and the trees are rapidly thinning overhead. At times, she longs to dart back into the cool comfort of the forest, but she knows she must continue on if she is to have any hope of someday defeating an elder dragon. She has struck out alone toward the mountains, which house one of the artifacts that will allow her to overpower and defeat the dragon. She knows not what it looks like: only that it is called the Air Attunement, and that it resides in a temple, unguarded by anything living. To reach it, she will require the strength and dexterity to climb the mountain and take what is needed. She will need to study what has been written of the temple in the old texts. She will also need full command over herself to undertake this arduous journey. She hopes she will not need anyone else. She misses the pack, but she is a lone wolf. Leaving was the right thing, even if it meant giving up everything she'd known before. Still, every now and then, she hears a rustling in the brush behind her. When she turns, she sees what might only be shadows, but what might also be the blur of quick grey fur or a glimpse of a wet black nose. If it was indeed what she thought, couldn't she smell it? Though, perhaps she's been living with humans too long. 01: Achaedia Practices Mindfulness [+3 CON, +1 WIS] This is a food goal. I will pay attention to everything I eat over the next 6 weeks, and will try not to go over on calories (according to MyFitnessPal). This challenge will be graded as follows: A [+3 CON, +1 WIS]: Recorded 100% of food eaten and remained within calorie goal 80% of the time or more. B [+3 CON]: Recorded 80%-99% of food eaten and remained within calorie goal 80% of the time or more. C [+2 CON]: Recorded 80%-99% of food eaten and remained within calorie goal 50%-79% of the time. D [+1 CON]: Recorded 50-79% of food eaten and remained within calorie goal 50% of the time. F: Recorded food less than 50% of the time, or remained within calorie goal less than 50% of the time. 02: Achaedia Runs with the Pack [+3 STA, +1 DEX] Because I am signed up for 4, 5, and 6 mile runs in the next few weeks, I need to sort of practice in order not to die. Therefore, I resolve to run at least once a week. The other 6 days, Valentine and I will go outside and enjoy the fresh air for a minimum of 5 minutes, at least once per day. Due to weather, the dog-walking portion of this challenge has been cancelled. Now it's only me running! Probably on the treadmill! A [+3 STA, +1 DEX]: I ran, on average, 1 day a week or more, and walked with Valentine 6 days a week or more. B [+2 STA, +1 DEX]: I ran, on average, 0.75 days a week or more, and walked with Valentine 5 days a week or more. C [+1 STA, +1 DEX]: I ran, on average, .5 days a week or more, and walked with Valentine 4 days a week or more. D [+1 STA]: I did not run other than on race days, but I walked Valentine 4 days a week or more. F: Did not run other than on race days, and walked with Valentine less than 4 days a week. 03: Achaedia Pulls Her Own Weight [+4 STR] This goal is pretty simple. Over the next 6 weeks, I will gain the ability to do a chin-up. I plan to roughly use this progression (starting at level 3A) on days other than those when I do Gymnastics Fundamentals or Shoulder Prehab. This one will be graded Pass/Fail. Pass [+4 STR]: chin-up achieved! I am able to lift my chin above the bar using only my own strength! Fail: Chin-up not achieved 04: Achaedia Studies the Ancient Tomes [+3 WIS] This is a continuation of my life quest from the previous challenge, because I still feel like the grad school is a struggle (and does it ever not feel this way?) Anyway, once again, I could not comfortably allow myself to change my focus to anything else, as this is still my most important extracurricular activity. For this challenge, I will no longer be holding myself to an unfair standard. I get accommodations for a reason, and I won't penalize myself for completing work within the accommodations I get. So I really only want to get my first discussion posts in by Friday, my two other discussion posts by Sunday, and my critical thinking assignments by the following Sunday. I am making this one Pass/Fail because I think I can do this, but I reserve the right to change my grading for this challenge part way through. Pass [+3 WIS]: All assignments complete and turned in by the deadline Fail: 1 or more assignments missing Continuing Habits: While I no longer consider these "goals", and will neither track them nor reward them as such, they are still expected to be accomplished every week: Work out at least 5 times a weekStretch after (or during) workouts Rewards: 1x Air Attunement 1x Souvenir Clothing 5x Health Potions Money: 3s4c Before Photos & Measurements Shoulders | 41" Chest | 38.5" Bicep | 11" Waist | 34.5" Hip | 44.5" Thigh | 23" Calf | 13" Weight | 164.8 Pant Size | 14
  4. For detailed information about my starting point, see this thread. tl;dr version: 23, M, ~135lbs This is my first challenge, so I'm going to do things by the book. 2 Exercise goals, 1 diet goal, 1 life goal. Goal One: The Muscle-Up (+3 STR) The first part of this challenge is going to be procuring equipment. I have a doorframe chin-up/pull-up bar, but I don't think there's headroom in this house for muscle-ups. This section will be updated when I figure out the best way to get my hands on some rings. Tentative goal: three muscle-ups - either 1 x 3 or 3 x 1 - by the end of the challenge. Goal Two: Legwork (+2 STR, +2 STA, +1 DEX) My fitness profile fits the Assassin class well enough, but the sweet parkour moves elude me still. To that end, it's time to lay the groundwork by building some leg strength and vertical jump height. At least to begin with, my goal is three good leg workouts per week. Full-credit exercises: My sister's Ultimate Frisbee plyometric workout (for vertical jump)5 x 20 bodyweight Squats + 5 x 20 jump squats + pistol squats until failure5 x 10 burpees + 5 x 20 bulgarian split squats (10 each leg) + 5 x 20 lunges (10 each leg)Stair workouts, if I find myself in a sufficiently tall building Half-credit exercises: X-country skiing for one hour or moreIce skating for one hour or more Goal Three: Cookin' Up a Storm (+2 CON, +1 WIS, +1 CHA) I will cook one new meal per week. Full credit for something I've never cooked or eaten before OR something I've eaten but never cooked. Half-credit for interesting new techniques that put a new spin on old favourites.I will replace sugary/carb-loaded snacks with a protein shakeWhere not prevented by circumstances beyond my control, I will invite guests over for dinner (that I cook) once per week. This can overlap with sub-goal 1. Goal Four: Level Up! (+2 WIS +1 CHA) Autodidactic learning takes a back seat to getting a job this time around. If, by luck, this happens too early/easily, I have plenty more life goals to take its place! Send out at least 10 applications per week (for 25% completion)Get at least one job interview (one interview for 50% completion, 2 or more for 75%)Land the job (for 100% completion)If this looks too easy, too hard, too [fill in the blank], please by all means let me know!
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