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Found 7 results

  1. I would say "I'm late posting this thread", but... Even magic space wizards. That said, I'm long overdue to come back home to the NF boards and let this place be the healthy, supportive part of my overall health - physical and emotional - that it was for over five years between 2013 and 2018. 2020 was at least as much a dumpster fire for me as it was for so many others. I have a ton of respect for people who were able to roll with the changes, be productive, and stay healthy over the past year. I'm not one of those people. As of today, I weigh 216 pound
  2. So, I've been coming here for almost ten years. In that time, I've done more than a dozen challenges with the Monks, a few with the Adventurers, one or two with the Warriors, an Assassin run or two, a Ranger run or two... but always coming back to the Monks, due to my interest in MMA, boxing, kickboxing, and all sorts of combat sports. And after ten years, I'm in pretty much the worst shape of my life, and the least parts of me that I never even considered have started breaking down. In no particular order: My beard is more white than black now The old hairline has been
  3. I'm fairly certain that I ended up here at this respawn point, because I stumbled into a PVP area and was shanked in the back by an Imperial Operative. So while I sit here and let the medical droid tend to my wounds, let me consider how I got in this mess in the first place. I think it's important to acknowledge what went wrong without fear of being told you're just making excuses or complaining. The fact is, the situation is what it is and now that we're here it's time to dust off and get ready to move forward. So let's start where it all started getting derailed...
  4. Hey, BRHemp here (my name, not my hobby.) 44 yr old Batman wannabe. LV1 and 2 CF instructor who makes most of his own stuff. I have a family and child support so I'm not exactly rolling in the dough. I am one of those guys in green who run around in the desert looking for people and drugs that shouldn't be here. You might have seen me on Border Wars. Anyway, I'm always looking for people who want to get fit and have fun. Me??? I was 245 lbs two years ago with a 40 inch waist. Not the image of law enforcement that I should have been. I started doing Crossfit and loved it. Dropped 35
  5. Challenge 14 I turn 40 during this challenge so this one will be about reinforcing some healthy habits and putting some structures in place to cope with entering my middle years. Some things are getting harder as I get older, recovery in particular so I'll need to focus on mobility more. I still have a bum wrist which does rule most lifting out but I'm getting around it with lots of leg work and it's slowly improving. Goals: 1. Don't look into the light...[DEX 3] I spend way too much time on computers and TV. - Maximum 1.5 hours a day of either surfing the web or watching TV. Usi
  6. Introduction: Greetings! I've been lurking around Nerd Fitness for the past few months reading articles and learning as much as I can and enjoying the nerd references. I'm an oldschool nerd and I spent about the last 10 years living an unhealthy lifestyle that revolved around a career that required a lot of travel and poor health choices. Since switching paths a bit over a year ago my fitness quest has been on again off again so I thought its time to commit to a 6 week challenge. In the past year I have lost 35 pounds but I can't seem break past the current plateau so some consistency over
  7. BlamedCat Wars Episode 5 "The Return of Three Dead Nigh" This time around, I've identified a bad habit creeping up in my person. As I jump from challenge to challenge, I'm slacking on previously dominated goals. This challenge is going to be me revisiting three key goals from my past challenges and implementing them. I know we're suppose to have four, but I feel my life goal would be best served to establish these three "old" goals once again and fashion them into something stronger in my life than just a pat on the back and an A on a challenge goal. In church today, the pastor brought
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