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Found 4 results

  1. Hi! I'm KB Girl. Even though it's a lame name it's still quite accurate because i want to be the best kettlebell sport coach there ever was... and I'd like to be a somewhat decent athlete too* Currently i'm 6,5 weeks post partum, so this challenge i'll mostly be working on getting some strength and endurance back. *Because being an athlete is not fun exactly... but it's challenging and awesome and worthwhile. This video is from one of my best memories ever, my set during the european championships of 2018 (amateur category). The cheers from my teammates are amazing! And we had such a great time overall. Goal 1; move everyday Everything counts, but the following should be done at least once a week; Heavy deadlifts, kettlebell snatches, hip work, longer walk Goal 2; co-ordinate Honestly with 2 kids and one so young not much is being accomplished in our household.. but we do need food and clean clothes, and despite the gym being closed we do have work to do… and we also need to take care of each others wellbeing. For this one I’d like to sit down with Jaap for 5 minutes every evening and discuss our small, realistic goals for the next day, so we can help each other achieve them. (Work/home/selfcare) Bonus goals; Writing Finish pregnant and post partum athlete course Do artsy things in my bullet journal to wind down Re-organise my clothing and pack away pregnancy stuff
  2. Hi friends! INTRO (if you were around for my first challenge, this is literally copy and pasted from previous. Feel free to skip) A brief introduction about me: I joined Nerd Fitness last year and was active on the boards for a few months until I got pregnant when I had zero energy for anything besides the bare necessities. I am a chemist by trade. I love reading, podcasts, hiking, and binge watching shows. My personality is a cross between Leslie Knope and Linda Belcher. I have a broken sesamoid bone in my foot that makes some exercises difficult, and I'm working on finding exercises I enjoy that don't exacerbate the pain. I love sugar toooo much. I'm a hyper emotional person, made even more so by all those new-mama hormones. I struggle with trichotillomania, which means I sometimes pull out my eyelashes when I'm anxious. Basically, I have a lot to work on. I have a tendency to use a lot of gifs and memes from whatever show I'm watching at the moment. Currently, it's Bob's Burgers. I organize my life via bullet journal. And I apologize in advance for how much I talk about my baby, cuz I'm low-key obsessed with her and all her baby-goodness. This is my second challenge post partum, and I wouldn't count my last challenge as a total loss...but it was a rocky start. I have a very different outlook for this challenge. I'm going to focus more on the root of my health struggles, many of which amount to decision-fatigue and going too fast and being too busy to focus on the most important things. I really want to be aware of the choices I'm making in regard to my health in hopes of reverting some bad habits. I don't usually like having soft, amorphous goals like this, but I'll get into specifics week by week. Over-specification and broad strokes have been my downfall in the past. OBJECTIVES Post daily on an Instagram account something I did for my health (@durfette.nf please follow me!) Check-in with my bullet journal each day (example on Insta) Log onto the Nerd Fitness forums once a week (cuz this community is bomb, but I can't drop in as much as I'd like) And then on top of that, I will evaluate each week and make an appropriate plan based on the following: PRIORITIES 1. OHANA MEANS FAMILY. If you followed my previous challenge, you'll recall that my schedule got very hectic, very quickly when I started back at work part-time. My husband and I are sharing baby duty, so when I'm at work 3 days a week, he's with the babe, and when he's at work 4 afternoons / nights a week, I'm with the babe. We have these narrow windows when we see each other where we basically high-five and play hot potato with the baby while we each try to accomplish chores and use the bathroom. Spending time with my husband and baby fill me up, and I'm happier if our relationship is in a good place. And happy people don't shoot their husbands make better health choices. 2. NUTRITION IS 90% OF THE BATTLE Eating healthy is probably the hardest thing for me, and a lot of it comes down to making the time to meal prep and plan accordingly. 3. EXERCISE CUZ YOU WANT TO I miiiiiisss working out and I miiiiisss feeling strong. Fortunately, I have a husband who supports me and a sister in law who loves my babe who is willing to watch her so I can go workout. I have already asked my husband and SIL for help. Each week I will evaluate my schedule and my goals for the week and set forth from there! ______________________________________________________________________ WEEK ONE goals (in addition to the three objectives listed above) -Read scriptures every day -Eat healthy snacks first (both at home AND at work) -Go on walk with Baby Girl (BG) 2x (Monday and Thurs/Fri, when hubs is home) -Exercise at gym 30 minutes, 2x (Thurs/Fri and Sat, when SIL visits) Alright, best of luck friends! I'll only be checking once a week (I'm shooting for Sundays, since I count that the last day of my "week") so I'll see you then!
  3. Sigh... I have been away from the forums for quite awhile now... and tried to return several times already. I had my son in February and I have really struggled so far to do much of anything other than caring for a baby, the occasional walks or hikes, and some dog training. Kiddo is 6 months now, and I'm really trying hard to get diet back in order and I'm going to start using the gym daycare to start lifting again. Lifted today for the first time in probably closing in on a year. Pregnancy was really exhausting for me and I didn't manage to keep up lifting as I had always intended. It was humbling to say the least, and frankly a bit depressing. I gained 60 lbs and while I lost 30 effortlessly in the first couple weeks postpartum I have lost nothing since. But its time to start working back towards my goals. Goal #1 Eat Better Paleo was once really really good for me. When I first started to really overhaul my diet, I was pretty strictly paleo and it really worked for me. I felt good, and I was getting stronger at the same time. Though my nutritional needs are different now while I'm breast feeding, I do need to be focused on eating somewhat higher protein and fat, and less sugar. I'm not really restricting carbs, but they need to be from fruit and not ice cream. It's a process and I'm also not going to beat myself up if something happens and the plan has a hiccup. Goal #2 Starting Lifting Again I'm basically back at square one, which sucks. BUT, I suppose I am actually better than square one as this time I know where to start and what it is I have as long term goals. I need to be lifting (though right now, some things are actually just body weight) at least twice a week in order to start building strength again. Goal #3 Get Some Me Time Me time is SUPER hard to come by these days. Granted, I knew this going into motherhood, but dang... it's harder to deal with than I realized. Thankfully, my hubby is supportive, but I still need to take the initiative to do something for me once in awhile. Once a week, I need to do something specific for my own mental health... be that getting a massage, going shopping alone, etc. TL;DR Eat Paleoish, Lift 2x weekly, 1 "me" thing weekly
  4. Placeholder for Princess Heather's Challenge, involving getting into a routine after hubby returns to work and I become full time mom. In the meantime, enjoy this muppets gif depicting how I am coping with motherhood so far : Goal #1 Rehab and Build Strength Due to the swelling (which I now know was preeclampsia) I was carrying a lot of water weight in the last months of pregnancy, which bothered my knees and made staying active beyond walking difficult. I want to get back to weightlifting but I need to take things SLOW. I'm only 3 weeks post partum, so I'm focusing on increasing my walking (while carrying little man in a carrier for added weight bearing). Goal is 15 minutes of dedicated stretching amd 30 minutes of walking. Goal #2 Eating Well I have chosen to exclusively breastfeed, which means that my nutrient stores will continue to be focused on nourishing the little dude. So I will be focusing on simply remembering to eat three meals a day of real food (which can be hard when focused on keeping baby happy). Not worrying too much about calories as long as I'm eating enough. Goal #3 Develop My Routine With me being at home, I need to do what I can to help keep our budget in check. So I need to develop routines that let me cook dinner most nights, and that'll be helped by me keeping our kitchen clean. We're also cloth diapering, so that's loads of laundry that definitely HAVE to get done every few days. When I was working full time, hubby and I would leave house work until the last minute even though that makes me crazy. So I'm following the flylady morning and evening routines to form new habits and tackle cleaning and such.
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