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Found 2 results

  1. Here's how it is: The Earth got used up, so we moved out and terraformed a whole new galaxy of Earths. Some rich and flush with the new technologies, some not so much. The Central Planets, thems formed the Alliance, waged war to bring everyone under their rule; a few idiots tried to fight it, among them myself. I'm Malcolm Reynolds, captain of Serenity. She's a transport ship; Firefly class. Got a good crew: fighters, pilot, mechanic. We even picked up a preacher for some reason, and a bona fide companion. There's a doctor, too, took his genius sister outta some Alliance camp, so they're keepin' a low profile. You understand. You got a job, we can do it, don't much care what it is. Right. Dunno iff'n y'all noticed, but a couple of the GLs had the idea that we should do a Firefly-themed challenge. And by had the idea, I mean that we laughed and thought and laughed, and now we're doing it. Here's how this is gonna work. The Challenge goes like normally does, but we're gonna but a slight twist on it. You have a background theme to use if you want to. You can base it on a character, on an episode, on a planet, on the setting itself, whatever. It just has to tie back to Firefly somehow. There is no limit on how many people can share a character or an episode or what have you. If anything, it'd actually be fascinating to see lots of different riffs on a theme. If you're having some trouble figuring it out, I've thrown in a Character Quiz to give you some starting points. So, there you have it, guys. Have fun! (NOTE: Just so we're clear: you don't have to do this if you don't want to. We just thought it'd be fun to shake things up a little bit and play around some. But believe me, I know better than anyone: martial arts is srs bzns).
  2. Mini-Challenge #2 - River River! We love River. But look at this ^^. How much strength and flexibility is necessary for this type of movement. What do we need to do to be like River? We need flexibility and core strength. Your challenge: Part 1) 10 minutes of mobility or stretching per day. Today - Sunday. Part 2) Accumulate X minutes of planks: Beginners, or those new to planks, aim to accumulate 2 minute per day. Intermediates, try to accumulate 3 minutes per day. Advanced Rangers, try to accumulate 5 minutes per day. ** You decide what level you're at. If you want to go even further, try to accumulate your time without breaking the time up throughout the day.
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