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Found 4 results

  1. what do you do if the world seems to suck? Do something that sucks even more in order to make the world seem better :D. This challenge is all about embracing the suck and working on the stuff I normally dont do, because they are.... hard... 1. Leave for the 5:45 train instead og the 6:15 in order to get some meditation time (and crow pvp time) in before work at least 3 times pr week. 2. Headstand press prep and work. Stop telling I keep telling myself im not just good enough for it. Hey its easier than suffering no? Goal: devote 3 timeslots at least for working focused on this 3. Work that bridge boy. So backbends.... yeah I know right. Thats why they are on here!. Follow the bridge course 3 times pr week + supplements. 4. Found a yogapose/challenge whatever I dont like because its hard/impossible/created by wet spaghetti? Do it. currently doing work that allows me to do firefly, side crow and 8 angle Perferable work on something related to get better at this every day @@mu blaming you for making the first one 8 angle pose! this is the outline more is being updated later
  2. It's a new year, and I'm going to be the same me, but, you know... So I have some goals I'm looking at for 2018, and seeing as its the new year, I suppose, technically, they're new years resolutions. There are a whole bunch of things that I want to achieve this year, but I'm going to start small, set intelligent goals, and build on those successes. With that in mind, my goals for the next five weeks: 1. Start each non-work day with 5 burpees and 60 seconds of planks. This is just about building more active habits and trying to get better at doing the things that I currently avoid. 2. No more than 1 takeaway meal per week Whilst I do think there is a lot I can do to clean up my diet, I figure this one small step will be a big leap towards my goal of losing weight 3. Go back to training 4 days a week, starting with just my primary movements each day, and adding a movement to each workout each week until I get back to full workouts. With the birth of my Son, training has kind of taken a back seat, and I do miss it. So, I'll be joining the new years resolutioners in crowding out the other regulars at my gym. Personal goals: 1. Develop a budget to help make better financial decisions It's not like I'm falling behind on my bills, or slipping into a negative debt cycle or anything, but it's pretty clear that I could be doing things a lot better if I was just a little bit smarter with my money. So the plan is to take the first steps to achieving that. 2. Write 500 words a day 5 days per week. This is part of a plan to write 200k this year, including the two camp nano's and nanowrimo as well. I'll probably end up writing more in later months, but for now, 500 words per day five days a week will have to do. And to keep myself interested, I'm planning on posting here three days per week to keep all of my stats updated, and each time I will post a new years meme that I chuckled at. That is all. I'll let you all know how I go.
  3. Hey, BRHemp here (my name, not my hobby.) 44 yr old Batman wannabe. LV1 and 2 CF instructor who makes most of his own stuff. I have a family and child support so I'm not exactly rolling in the dough. I am one of those guys in green who run around in the desert looking for people and drugs that shouldn't be here. You might have seen me on Border Wars. Anyway, I'm always looking for people who want to get fit and have fun. Me??? I was 245 lbs two years ago with a 40 inch waist. Not the image of law enforcement that I should have been. I started doing Crossfit and loved it. Dropped 35 lbs, and 6 inches off my waist. Got a ton of certs. But wasn't real happy with how some of the things were promoted i.e. pay lots of money for things that you can make on your own (sand bags, bulgarian sand bags, tires, etc.) So I started researching on my own and lo and behold found Nerd Fitness. WOW. People like me who want to get healthier and not spend their entire paycheck to do it I have my own garage gym where I train and train family and friends, The Old Bastard's Gym. Come and get your snatch fixed at the OB GYM heh heh heh. Most of the stuff I started with I paid handsomely for. Now I try to make as much as my own stuff as possible. I look forward to hearing from like minded people. And yes I am a nerd, or at least I'm told on a daily basis by my fiance, kids, co-workers and students. Yeah, I said it, so there. and Yes I really do want to be Batman. Always have, always will. Hope to hear from my nerd fitness brothers and sisters.
  4. Main Quest - Be in Bitchin' Shape for the NW I still haven't made it back, but I've been turned down for jobs which is sorta like getting closer right? Fitnessy Goals 1 - Remember how to go to the gym and then actually go. More than once. Minimum 3x week 2 - "Fake Breathing Yoga" -what I could call stretching yoga - ( I have the nicest friends) Every night before bed for minimum 5 min (realistically it'll always be like 20-30ish) 3 - Track Meals - this is more about being aware of what I eat. If I need to track more than meals I can address that later. Destiny Goals 4 - Hard Stop - Figure out what my hard stop is for the E-Coast, hopefully my date will be before my roomie throws me out. UPDATE: You guys knew I drank a lot. What you didn't know was how much of that was tea and not alcohol (though sometimes it a combination of both). I'd say over my holiday I stayed up to at least 2am every night, 2/3rds of that was drinking alcohol and 1/3 was drinking tea. This is what my so called friends have done to me. The blue cup is hot water for the gaiwan, the little teal cup is from a set my bff's mom bought me forever ago, the clear cup is my shitty white jasmine. UPDATE: I brought my new "travel thermos" in replacing my regular travel mug. It's great at keeping tea too hot to drink for hours but excellent at keeping hot water ready to brew tea with! Winning!! I may talk a lot about tea this challenge. I blew my entire tea budget in the last three weeks. I'm not allowed to buy nice tea again until next November. UPDATE: nothing stopping me from buying more shitty asian grocery store tea though. That's how I keep myself from drinking all my nice teas in a month.
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