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  1. One boring Friday morning at Nerd Fitness Academy you decided to unleash your inner Rebel and play a prank on your fellow NFers... You orchestrated a group of Rebels to help you steal all the cauliflower on campus. The great cauliflower heist of 2019. What will they do without their glorious cauliflower?! You were sloppy, though, and in your haste you left a trail that led right to your hiding spot. Steve, the principal, found your jolly group of Rebels and sentenced you all to weekend detention. Groaaaaan. Saturday morning you drag yourself back to the NFA campus and are directed to go down to the basement to join your Rebels in sorting through old files on fad diets and outline why each one does not work. As you start to open the first box labeled "Apple Diet" you notice a screen in the corner turn on, brightening the basement. You move closer and notice there is a game console set up; on the screen the word "Jumanji" blinks mischievously. "Cool... hey guys look here!" You pick up the controller and everything goes black. Moments later you wake up surrounded by your group of Rebels in an unfamiliar land. "Where are we?" ... No one answers, though a few Rebels shrug, and some are visibly upset. In front of you is a short man wearing safari gear; he is approaching a hippo. 'That seems like a bad idea,' you think to yourself 'But maybe he can help us... he clearly knows what he is doing.' You wave your arms trying to signal to the man who turns around to look at you. Oh good, he can probably tell us what is going on. "Excuse-" ; But you get interrupted by the hippo... who eats the man. "Where the heck are we?!" you yell as you scramble back. Seconds later the same man that just got eaten falls from the sky and lands right at your feet. "Umm hi... Who are you? Where are we? Do you know you were just eaten by a hippo?" you say awkwardly. As you ask all this a name pops up above his head "Professor Sheldon 'Shelly' Oberon". The strange man straightens his glasses and clears his throat. "Ahem~ I am Professor Sheldon and yes I did get eaten by a hippo but I am over that now. Where are you...? Why, you are in Jumanji!" You blink slowly at the Professor as he stares at you matter-of-factly. You start again. "Jumanji... okay. Sure. Of course. Jumanji. How do we get home?" The professor nervously smiles "Home... Well that is easy. Well... not easy, but simple. You see, there are tasks. Yes, tasks that need completing...together. Once complete, we can go home. I have been waiting to go home, too. We all have. Come meet the others!" And with that the professor took off at an uncharacteristically quick pace. He takes you through a dense jungle where you come across a camp. In the camp are 3 other figures. As you look at each person a name pops up above their heads. A tough-ass butt-kicking chick (Ruby Roundhouse), a man with muscles on his muscles who holds himself with an air of a leader (Dr. Smolder Bravestone) and another short man with a ridiculously large backpack (Franklin "Mouse" Finbar). The leader steps forward, "Who are these people, Shelly?" he asks the professor. The professor waves his hands as if he is presenting us "These are the Rebels... and they would like to go home." Okay Rebels we are in unfamiliar territory with lots of dangers and perils. If we work together to complete the tasks then we can all go home. At the beginning of each week you will be given dares to do over the course of that week. You get points for completing and recording your tasks and those points indicate progress towards overcoming challenges in the jungle! If all teams work together and complete enough tasks, everyone gets to go home at the end! Should we fail, we will all be lost forever. Good luck and watch out for hippos
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