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  1. Wobbegong's Complain Cave

    It's true. Even when she asks for other people's opinions, like, "What do you want for lunch today?" she's mostly just asking so she doesn't have to deal with making the decision herself. So it's still all about her. But of course she still retains ultimate veto power and any decision you make will have to be bolstered by her lengthy explanation of why she agrees (if she does). For example, immediately following the part of the conversation I recorded above, she turned to me and said "Well, what do you want for lunch?" Me: Wat. How did this become my decision? Her: Ha ha! You see what I did there? Me: Based on your taco comment I assume you had [restaurant] for lunch yesterday, which is a shame because that's what I'd ask for today... hmm... Her: Oh no [restaurant] is fine! I sent dad there yesterday but they gave me the wrong order so even though what they gave me was good I still haven't had what I wanted. So we can go again. Sounds perfect. She has an amazing capability to make every decision about her. Even me going to Japan is somehow about purposefully terrifying her because what about North Korea??? She told me tonight that I was causing her a lot of anxiety (I figured she meant about the application process in general but?) and I asked if there was anything I could do to lessen it and she said no. So I told her in that case it sounded like she was causing herself a lot of anxiety. She gave me the silent treatment for the rest of the night.
  2. Year of the Flea

    I also hate cover letters and I have gotten such conflicting advice about what to put in them and how to write them at this point I'm fairly well convinced there's no such thing as a great cover letter. "Write one page to introduce who you are, why you're interested, what relevant past experience you'll bring to the company, and thank them for their time and consideration." "Be formulaic, they want to see professionalism." "Write a short-and-sweet letter that is a little unexpected to get some attention." "Only write a cover letter if you actually know someone on the hiring team." "People don't look at cover letters anyway." "Your cover letter will determine whether or not you get the job." Seriously can people just stop?? The JET application requires jumping through quite a number of hoops, but luckily instead of a cover letter they assign an essay on a prompt intended to gauge your interest in and fit for the program. The essay doubles as a test of your English skills, so you know it's relevant. And like all the best essay assignments, it comes with strict parameters and clear expectations. Fuck cover letters.
  3. Wobbegong's Complain Cave

    She does say it a lot. Sometimes she just keeps talking to herself after saying it, following up with a head shake and a "Nope. Not working." I have no idea where she gets it. I say it sometimes too, at this point, so maybe we pass it back and forth? She also just says "That's not going to work for me" sometimes, with no 'I don't think' about it. She can be very negative. It helps in her effort to not do anything ever.
  4. Wobbegong Prepares for the Best

    I'm reading A Beautiful Work in Progress at @Severine's suggestion and really enjoying it, but since I'm on my kindle, I can't help but notice how terrible Amazon's ad algorithm is. I've been reading off and on today, and got recommendations for We Have Lost the Chihuahuas (I think it's a political satire but it might be a murder mystery? idk), The Smoking Lamp ("Be careful what you wish for, or you just might die!" pffff calm down kindle, ain't no "might" about it), and The Thorn Chronicles ("Naomi is rescued from her impending nuptials by the mysterious Kai who sends her off to Vegas with a sweet kiss" wut). So I went to Amazon Help, not intending to complain but just to let them know, hey, y'all have my entire reading history (except what I get at the library), you should know what I like, what is this nonsense. Do Kindle readers represent such a small portion of ebook purchases that they're not worried about the income? Because here's the thing. I'm pretty hesitant to buy most things, but the exception is ebooks. I have an ebook problem. (And by that I mean I buy like eight a year, it's not that big a problem.) But I would be totally willing to buy ebooks on Amazon's recommendation if they recommended things I might actually enjoy. Especially because buying through Kindle is so convenient. Well, before I could finish expressing my mystification, the Amazon Help person turned off "Special Deals" on my kindle entirely, so I guess it's not my problem anymore. (Apparently this is a thing you can buy for $20 but I have never seen it listed anywhere and clearly they will give it to you for free if you complain, so if anyone else is annoyed with their kindle ads, heads up.) It's not like I'm attached to the ads -- not having them is fantastic so far -- but it was very much not what I was angling for. How's your day been?
  5. Wobbegong's Complain Cave

    At 11:15 Mom: We're going to Costco and the grocery store, do you need anything? Me: I don't think so. I just hit the grocery store yesterday. But thanks Oh, what are we doing for lunch though? Are you guys getting Costco food while I fend for self? Mom: I've decided wonton soup is the thing. Me: With homemade wontons? Mom: Yes Me: So you're going to go grocery shopping for two hours, spend an hour making wontons, and then eat lunch at 3? Mom: *dirty glare* I'm not sure this whole "accurate assessment of how much time everything takes" thing is going to work for me. Dad: Maybe wonton soup for dinner? Mom: Well I had a leftover taco for breakfast so idk my mind isn't on lunch yet. Dad: I had a small piece of toast two hours ago, I will need lunch sooner than 3. She was surprisingly pleasant throughout this whole exchange and things ended up well, but the conversation is making me reflect a little on how she really does underestimate how much time a given thing will take, and that does screw with my schedule when I'm depending on her. Is this why I'm freakishly anal about not being late to things and planning exactly how much time it will take to do everything? Very curious.
  6. Hazard Rebirth: The second evolution

    I don't usually comment but I am definitely here and enjoying reading through your journey! Looking at your spreadsheets and reading your analyses is always super interesting and fun, so I'm glad you're willing to share. I do have a question this time, though! Can you tell me what exactly is so motivating about it? Is it that you're generally successful, so you can enjoy watching the numbers go down in direct response to the way you behave? Is it the timeline/deadline that's motivating you? The structure of the activity? This month I'm working on outlining some of the things I'd like to accomplish in 2018, and part of that is addressing upfront things that might stand in my way. I'm trying to collect methods for staying engaged and on-course. Even if yours doesn't end up working for me personally, it could still end up being helpful for someone else following along, so I thought I'd ask!
  7. Wobbegong's Complain Cave

    I know I've complained about this before, but I just don't understand what it is about me that makes random strangers think I'm their best friend. I'm not anti-social and I get it if you want to strike up a conversation with a friendly local when you're doing your touristy thing (I'm less understanding when it's a local trying to draw me into conversation... leave me tf alone, you're so much harder to escape if there's a high probability I'll see you again, don't be creepy), but isn't it obvious that being friendly isn't the same as being friends? This lady I met while waiting for the ferry (and then ended up chatting with for the whole ferry ride) was so confused about the distinction she gave me her card and invited me to come stay with her in LA anytime I want. What. Lady. No. I can never tell if people like this have an under-developed sense of boundaries because they're shy and so grateful I was polite at all that they don't realize getting directions is not the same thing as being besties, or if they have an under-developed sense of boundaries because they're just used to steamrolling people as their natural method of interaction. Are the people I attract on public transit just really socially isolated? Are they from a culture that embraces strangers more readily than I do? Am I the one who's awkwardly standoffish? I don't know. But seriously do not invite me to your home the first time we meet and then hug me. Ugh.
  8. Bean Sidhe Vs Chaos - Back to the path

    No one hates you or feels offended by your rough day. When things go badly, you are allowed to be upset. I gotta say, it would be pretty hypocritical of any of us who are following you to get judgey about you having a feeling on NF... for God's sake, I have an entire battle log dedicated to complaining. I'm not sure what I can do or say to help you understand we want you here through good and bad. We welcome all of you, Bean. You belong here. I hope someday you'll believe in yourself and in us enough to feel confident about that. Best wishes for you, Eldest, and Agent Black! Illness and infirmity are tough, but I see you there focusing on quality of life and healing and prevention. You're doing your best and everyone loves you for it, don't think otherwise. I've said it before, but don't forget to take care of my friend Bean while you're at it, though! She's important too, and I like her a lot and would hate to see anything bad happen to her. <3
  9. Wobbegong Prepares for the Best

    I don't remember what I did yesterday but it obviously did not include updating NF so... I guess that's gone. Today was really busy. I went to the Women's March in the city and met up with my aunt and several cousins. It was great to see them! The "march" was really more of a rally followed by a parade, but the rally was mostly impossible to hear so we just talked to each other. The parade was, as I suspected, moving incredibly slowly. It took over an hour to walk from Civic Center Plaza to the Powell Street BART station (about four long city blocks; google tells me it was just over one kilometer, so thats... basically nothing). Since I was worried about the weekend ferry schedule, which runs only every two hours, I ducked out at that point and took BART back to the Ferry Building and made my escape. I was originally planning to then go to my friend's place and hang out, but an extra hour+ of driving was not sounding great and I was super off-balance (aka hungry) so I went to the grocery store and then home instead. I feel like a flake about it, but also like I probably just should've planned for this and saved myself the trouble. I had a really weird food day today. I know weekend breakfast is not one of my challenges, but I didn't eat anything at all until I got to the rally. I didn't eat between eight pm last night and one thirty this afternoon, when I walked by a hotdog stand and realized it had been a while and I should probably eat something. That's a 17.5 hour fast! Wth, Wobbegong. Then after I left the march I figured since I was going to walk right by it and I don't eat much ice cream in general anyway I could treat myself to some Over the Moon, which is a stupid local ice cream shop where they hand-churn all their own ice cream in small batches. It's ridiculously creamy. #caramelcookiedough I was feeling really weird and off-kilter on the way home, which could've been from any number of things, but I decided eating some fat would help so I stopped by the grocery store for more chicken liver pate (this branch didn't have any raw liver at all! I'm so confused, where are they hiding the chicken livers??) and some manchego, which was mentioned in the book I was reading and which I always love to eat. Sheep cheese. Yum. Also some mushrooms and cream for weekday cooking, but I will probably go to the grocery store again on Monday just in case, since I will be carless Tues/Wednes/Thurs. Eating a snack helped a lot with the general feeling of off-ness but definitely didn't make me feel over-full. Like, I'll be super happy to eat dinner anytime. (I was going to write "in an hour" but seriously anytime. Now would be good. Or later is fine too.) This whole day of eating has just been really weird. I give up.
  10. Zeroh, Chapter 1: A Fresh Start

    Full disclosure, I read that book at least ten years ago so there might be some stuff in there that the me of today would not blanket recommend. But I do recall generally finding it engaging and enlightening.
  11. Severine: No, But Seriously This Time

    All I can say about this is, if you end up in a class with a yoga instructor who insists you do every move, leave. Every time I've been to a yoga class the instructor says something like "if you can't do a move or it feels really wrong to you, stop!" but I've also heard horror stories from friends and yoga injuries are real. You don't seem like the type of person who would get caught up in the pressure to conform in a class with a bunch of people who are all able to do the moves, so tbh I'm not really worried about you. I'd say it sounds like a decent class with a knowledgeable instructor, so go and enjoy yourself! I hope it works out.
  12. Severine: No, But Seriously This Time

    There's a scene in the movie Clueless where Cher is trying to talk her way out of a few unexcused tardies and insists that one of them came about because she was "riding the crimson wave." Her (male) teacher replies, "I'm assuming you're referring to women's troubles" and lets her get away with it. But "bleeding from the uterus" is good, I like that. I sometimes say "my body's mad cuz I didn't get pregnant" and let people puzzle it out from there. Or just "I've been bleeding for days, so I'm more anemic than usual." That version is usually a little more alarming, though.
  13. Jlailin dreams...

    Hooray! I was just about to ask. I've also made some serious progress with my planning goal today, so I was thinking of you. Success!
  14. Bean Sidhe Vs Chaos - Back to the path

    You were crazy busy but you still knocked your challenge goals out of the park! Keep it up Bean Sidhe, you're doing great!
  15. Severine: No, But Seriously This Time

    That's hilarious and awesome, I'm totally using that one from now on.