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  1. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong Prepares for Winter

    I did not know there was a John Oliver segment on Chiitan but I'm delighted to see it
  2. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong Prepares for Winter

    That was my thought as well, when he said "Well I'm a police officer as you can see" and gestured at his outfit I was like "bro do you have any idea how easy it is to buy a police outfit in the States? Or just scrounge up something that looks passable? We even have police strippers" But I guess there's not yet much of a problem of people impersonating police officers here. (A while ago there was an issue where someone made up their own town mascot costume and went around doing lewd and otherwise inappropriate things in it and taking pictures for their blog, and the town officials were really upset about it because "people will think this mascot actually represents our town!") Actually last year I had a similar experience where someone showed up at my door and asked me for money, and I DID assume that was a scam and eventually just faked being really bad at Japanese to get him to go away. He kept telling me he was from the NHK, which is "like the BBC!" (people here always assume I'm British, not American, and I have no idea why) and confirming and re-confirming I have a TV (I have one, but I don't watch Japanese cable programming, even though I probably should). I thought he was asking me to donate to the public fund or to get me to subscribe to something, and when he wouldn't go away I just gave up on being bilingual. I learned later that there's a fee people are supposed to pay annually that goes to the emergency broadcast fund, so that evacuation orders can be broadcast on your TV no matter what (although it doesn't work if you're not on the cable input, obviously). Oops. I told a foreign friend about the NHK guy and my constant fear of people showing up at my door and asking me for things and she said when people turn up at her apartment for any reason other than delivering a package she tells them very firmly "nihongo tabemasen" (I don't eat Japanese) and that works perfectly to make them go away every time.
  3. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong Prepares for Winter

    A police officer just showed up at my door to collect my contact information. ??? What even "Are you Ms. Uejima?" "...No? I'm Wobbegong." (Do I look like an Uejima?) "...Oh. Are you... are you living here alone?" "Yes??" (Are you looking for this Uejima person? I can't help you, ask my landlord.) "Ok, well, as you can see I'm a police officer, I work at the police box in this town" (which one?) "and I'm just doing rounds and collecting contact information because we've had so many storms and earthquakes lately, it's important to know who's where in case something happens. Do you have a minute? You do, great! So, sorry, can I get your name again? Wob..." He took out a form and started copying down my info and I felt so proud of myself I was able to answer all his questions! I knew my address and my phone number and my birthday and understood when he asked me for identification (I threw him off by having a Foreign Residents Card instead of a drivers license but what can you do). I struggled a bit to come up with an emergency contact, and he was concerned to hear I have no family living in Japan, but said friends are allowed. He also wanted to know what I do and where I work. And when I moved to this apartment because apparently there's supposed to be an Uejima living here (I said it's been since April of last year and he seemed a little surprised -- maybe they came to see me previously and I wasn't home?). Finally he asked if I was in trouble or had any problems. I said no. He laughed nervously. "Well, then, uh... how do you like Japan?" It's good. "Good, huh. Ok. Well. I guess I'll go. OH here's my name and the number of my police box, please call if you need anything." Do police do this in other places? In my hometown, the city keeps records of homeownership, and the post office of course gets address updates, but do apartment lenders have to report who's leasing their rooms? I don't know if we keep such close records; we certainly never had a police officer show up at our house to confirm who lived there.
  4. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong Prepares for Winter

    Extra-tropical cyclone Neoguri has come and gone. Serious rain but much more serious wind, my goodness, what a noisy pumpkin. I didn't realize it was coming through today, I thought it was scheduled for later in the week since yesterday at work everyone was like "lol isn't it a little soon to be this windy? pff." But according to the weather agency that was indeed a Big Storm. Bualoi is still on its way and is scheduled for later this week (maybe my coworkers didn't realize there are two?) but may not make a direct hit. I have the day off today for the Enthronement Ceremony, but I forgot to check when it was and it looks like I missed seeing it on TV. No problem. Welcome anyway, Naruhito! (Even though you've technically been Emperor since May.) May your reign live up to its name and be fortunate and peaceful for us all. -glares at typhoons- FORTUNATE and PEACEFUL.
  5. Wobbegong

    Flea has no idea what's going on

    Some people do feel they're super different and are absolutely not able to adapt to one once they're used to the other. It's like pulling teeth to get them to use the "wrong" OS. So the company may just be saying "we don't want to have to deal with you whining about switching between systems if you're the type who's hard-core in one camp or the other." From a basic user perspective, you're absolutely right, they're not that different. There are a few major things to be aware of for convenience sake (such as what you've mentioned already, the windows menu vs the dock, minimizing vs closing windows, moving files, etc) but nothing you won't be able to handle with your pre-equipped openness to getting around whatever computer you're given and knowledge of Googling Technique. I'd say go for it.
  6. Wobbegong

    Rookie and Her Saggy Bottom

    Hiii!!! Here and following! If you rub some of the white tacky stuff off the walls on a paper towel or something, what does it look like? If it's white and kind of powdery/grainy, it could be efflorescence (from moisture in the rooms). If it's brownish or scummy, it's more likely surfactant leaching (from painting on a humid or cool day). It could be something else, but those are probably the two most common with a presentation like this. Best of luck!
  7. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong Prepares for Winter

    Friend!!! Hello!!! For sure! Although I also have never had a snowy Christmas, lol. It's usually just chilly and sometimes pouring in my hometown.
  8. Wobbegong

    Zaethe: Shieldmaiden's Saga [Ch.01]

    There are also a lot of keto breads that are wheat-free. Recipes for low-carb substitute foods get better all the time, but they do often call for weird specialty ingredients like xantham gum or arrowroot powder, which can be annoying if you're not sure the recipe will work out for you. Team awkwardly far ahead! I'm always surprised when so many of us are online at the same time, despite being at such different points in our day. But then other times I feel like I'm all alone on the forums and realize it's because the rest of the world is asleep.
  9. Wobbegong

    Juice Bar - Rebel Hang Out

    I actually haven't eaten one myself, but a friend posted a picture of one on fb a few months back. I think it was a promotional flavor, but you can look forward to mint and dark chocolate kit kat duos from December! Tbh I also never realized the apple color didn't make sense, but since you mentioned it, it really doesn't make sense. But it looks good! But not to drink. It's a thing, just not a particularly popular thing. It's definitely not a standard flavor combination here the way it is in the States. Some people like it but a lot of people feel either it's too toothpastey or that mint flavors are just too strong to be enjoyable at all. Criminal Minds buddy! I have not tried pistachio but that sounds awesome. My Japan problem is that I like breads that are stuffed with chocolate and NOT breads that are stuffed with anko, and you can't tell from the picture which it's gonna be. Better hope it's written!
  10. Wobbegong

    Juice Bar - Rebel Hang Out

    But the label effect wouldn't look cool if the apple flavor wasn't apple skin color! I definitely chose this gif because I liked the labels and my options for juice gifs were really limited, but it's been like a year, so it's almost certainly time to get off my butt and swap it out for a new Juice Bar title image. Fun fact, in Japan, green-flavored things are usually* melon, not apple. Apple-flavored things are often a dull yellow or whitish. Which, you know, makes sense, but is never what I expect. *sometimes green is matcha instead of melon, the same way sometimes American green is mint instead of apple. I told my coworkers green kit-kats in the States are mint, not matcha, and they made "that's gross" faces at me and said "who eats toothpaste flavored kit-kats?"
  11. Wobbegong

    Lateral Planet: Now What??

    Glad to hear your first day is going well! I switched from Zero to Life and then Life started bugging me to DOWNLOAD THEIR NEW IMMERSIVE APP LIFE EXTEND so I did that and it's so much more than I want to deal with so I might have to go back to Zero lol. For budgeting and personal finances, I highly recommend reading the book Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez. Some of it is a bit USA-specific, but overall the message and way of thinking about money can apply to everyone, everywhere. It's a common installment in libraries and you can also easily find free PDFs of the whole thing online (I'm not sure how the publishers feel about this, but the authors are very clearly in the camp of "why spend money for a book about how to not spend so much money?").
  12. Wobbegong

    Zaethe: Shieldmaiden's Saga [Ch.01]

    In the Continental US we have folks who live in Michigan or Minnesota in the summer and Winter down in Texas. We call them Snowbirds. There is a coastal species of snowbird as well, who live in California for summer + hurricane season and Florida in winter/spring. We call them "retired wealthy."
  13. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong Prepares for Winter

  14. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong Prepares for Winter

    It's so interesting how different the various fall and winter celebrations can be. There are some common elements (like sweet food for long, cold and dark nights -- in Japan we have sweet rice cakes for autumn moon viewing and tangerines for New Years -- I mean, there's a whole New Years menu, but it always includes a pile of sweet citrus), but a lot that gets drastically changed as it goes from one place to another. For example, even though "jack-o-lanterns" come from the Irish holiday, I believe in Ireland and maybe also Britain people use/used hollowed out turnips, not pumpkins. Somehow Stateside pumpkins turned out to be a more convenient option (not sure if that has to do with cost, ease of carving, or some combination) and thus a new culture was born. It's not terribly expensive here (about 1.5x the cost in the States) but I do have to order it online, with Japanese labeling (shouldn't be anything shady in it but you never know) and then deal with it being in the massive size sold online -- which means devoting storage space in my teensy fridge to it until I finish it. I can buy half a cabbage in the grocery store and make just enough kraut to eat until I get tired of it and not have to deal with any extra confusion or storage stress. It's not a huge pain to slice up half a cabbage and turn it into kraut from there. Well I'm sorry I missed it but I will definitely go check out your notes! I'm glad you had a good time! Also @Zaethe is totally right, it's not a thing here. Usually I'll buy a bag of chocolate just in case one of the local kids is into it, but I've never handed any out before. And I also recommend visiting for a summery Christmas, just for the novelty of it I definitely do want to do an Australian Christmas at least once in my life. It sounds awesome. The only major issue is that Christmas is usually a huge family event for me so I'm not sure I can see my folks being understanding of me choosing to travel abroad instead of hang out with them. If it was just my mother I wouldn't mind but I actually like my extended family, so... but maybe I could go like a week before Christmas? In the States we'd be in full Christmas swing by then. I suppose I could just have a Halloween movie week. That could be a nice way to celebrate, actually. But it's also a lot of movies. I'll think about it.
  15. Wobbegong

    Zaethe: Shieldmaiden's Saga [Ch.01]

    Great list of goals! I totally feel you on the lack of consistency, it always feels like being gung-ho in the moment but on reflection my sentiment is always "why do I spend so much time spinning my wheels?" This is a total mood. I hate doing the dishes because my apartment is built for a tiny Japanese lady, so the top of the sink doesn't even come up to my crotch, and I have to bend pretty far to use it. Washing a bunch of dishes at once quickly becomes painful even when I *don't* have a mysterious health issue to contend with, so I avoid it, and then the work (and time it takes to get through it) builds up. It would be better to just wash dishes as I dirty them. I'm cheering for you in general, but on this one in particular!