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  1. Wobbegong

    Lateral Planet Runs Fast

    Good luck! I have a cheese weakness, myself. Luckily my current way of eating is cheese-friendly for the most part. (I guess yours is too, within the eating window.)
  2. Wobbegong

    J3NN's got to move it, move it

    I feel this in my bones. I try to tell myself maintenance is just as important, and resetting to a new (lower) "baseline" is worthwhile and might prevent relapse. But... I want to see forward progress! I've been eating strict for months, and most of those have been spent maintaining initial losses! Ugh. Good luck, J3NN. Great looking challenge! I'm rooting for you!
  3. Wobbegong

    Diadhuit's key to stabiliy

    Nice looking goals! I've never heard of the PCOS diet, but I assume from the name it's for people with PCOS. I hope it works out for you and you're able to adapt it to suit your living situation/lack of kitchen. Stability is a serious objective, best of luck! You got this, Diadhuit!
  4. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong: A Creature of Habit

    My morning so far: City announcement: murrgseiHds msoighig the msidgh eihw sdGUhwe-park, zoo, Me: Did they just say zoo?? CA: elementary school, junior high school, a;elhgiwfw. Me: Uh. What. CA: eEihiqw, iehfwqqwi hiehw hiwehw not high school. Me: ???? I proceeded with my usual morning routine, thinking to myself that I really have to ask one of the teachers what these announcements are about, because my Japanese just isn't good enough to catch more than a word here and there over the loudspeakers (and through the rain! Really coming down today). In fact, it was raining so hard that when I left my apartment, I looked at it and thought, "it's too windy for an umbrella, a raincoat is fine," and then got to the street and thought, "this downpour is torrential, I will bring my umbrella." I made it to the carpool pickup and checked the time, because I had thought I was late but I didn't see my pool buddy. I had a message on Line! Exciting. "Today school is closed due to the typhoon. Take the day off."
  5. Wobbegong

    Tateman - Let's do all the Bowling!

    Yaaaaay Tateman! Get that bowling! Looks like a great challenge, I'll be following along and cheering EXTRA HARD!
  6. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong: A Creature of Habit

    I mean, I certainly have a lot of hair and shed it all over the place, but I don't have any pets or any roommates who might shed, so it's pretty much just me and the spiders. (Do spider shed? If they do, their hairs are tiny anyway, so I really can't put much blame on them.) But it sounds like you have a serious talent for vacuum destruction. That's actually kind of impressive. That could be it. It's also loud. And growing up it was the last part of cleaning my room, which was always a dreaded multi-step effort of enormous emotional upheaval. Back then I would've washed a thousand dishes before I'd willingly take on extra vacuuming duties. But I've always liked the tidy feeling of having a clean space (and of course when I was a child the promise inherent in it that I couldn't be yelled at for NOT having a clean space) so now I'm trying to learn to manage cleaning proactively to keep the space clean without letting the cleaning become overwhelming. It's not an easy balance, let me tell you! Mostly the issue is with resetting my threshold for "time to clean." I tolerate a lot of dust build up! I did not get around to mending my pants, because I was busily responding to my rebels. I will need to re-evaluate my time allocation for those evening walks, and for NF, to make sure I get everything done. Oh, but I also went on a bug-squishing crusade tonight, that ate up a lot of time. Ideally, my evening schedule will look something like: 5:00 - get home, clean something OR get home later after running some errands, as needed 6:00 - go for walk 7:00 - study 8:00 - NF 9:00 - prep for tomorrow morning 9:30 - bedtime That unfortunately doesn't leave any room for video games or time-intensive list items, so it's definitely not perfect. I also don't get home at 5 every day (for example, on Tuesdays I have a long commute, so I get home between 5:30 and 6, but on Wednesdays there's a teachers meeting so I get sent home early, and return at around 3:10). But cleaning during the week leaves my weekends free, and I generally don't consider the blocks of time they represent when I think about scheduling, so maybe I can work something out there. HABITS, MAN It's 9:30, I'm going to bed.
  7. Wobbegong

    Whisper Grows Up, Cuts the Crap and Learns to Sleep!

    Get it, Whisper! I hope you went straight to bed after posting and are now a few hours into your day, refreshed and well-rested! Jk, unfortunately I know as well as you do it doesn't happen overnight. But one thing that does happen is the first link in a chain of habit-building, so keep at it! Regarding snacking, when I was struggling with crap grazing, I found that fatty and fiberous snacks were easier to use as a replacement than reduced-sweet options. I am a huge milk chocolate hound, but having dark chocolate around is no temptation at all: apparently I'd rather not eat than eat dark chocolate. (Seriously, craving-brain? Are you seriously THAT picky??) I ate a lot of string cheese, almonds, and cashews in those days. But that's not to pressure you into changing your snack choices for the challenge! You should go for it with the rules that make the most sense to you. Best of luck! I'll be cheering for you!
  8. Wobbegong

    Dalish Clings to the Wagon

    Good luck! Chest infection sounds scary, I hope it is truly the tail end and your recovery is swift and smooth. I know what you mean about eating the same food daily. I definitely get into food-cycles where I just eat one thing for breakfast or lunch every day for a month, and then the next month switch to something new. I think it's perfectly reasonable to work on establishing the habit of eating regularly by taking the "but what to eat???" decision despair out of the equation. Good luck! You're gonna do great!
  9. Wobbegong

    Lateral Planet Runs Fast

    Here! Following! Wobbegong tagging in! I like your wordplay title! Maybe use zero week to get a sense of what exactly you're snacking on, how much, and when? Then you can try substituting snacks or eliminating them from that baseline. Just a thought. I hope so!! Poor sweetheart. Please give him some cuddles from me! It's gonna be a fantastic, kick-ass challenge. Let's do this!
  10. GLs no longer have the mod powers to change titles (they apparently did, but before my time), so my part was just putting in the request for you. It only just got changed Friday, so don't worry about not noticing it. I just wanted you to have something nice as a congrats for making it through finals, and a reminder as you keep pushing on. I'm glad you like it. <3 I usually use this logic and I usually feel overdressed, BUT a wise woman once said to me (when I was panicking before a blind date) "Would you rather feel overdressed, or underdressed?" And for me the answer is definitely over, because at least then people look at me and (if they think about me at all) think, "she put in too much effort" as opposed to "wow, what a slob." Good luck! You're gonna kill it, even if it is database migration. You got this, Chaos-master! So here for this! You're gonna rock this challenge, Bean. Following <3 <3
  11. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong: A Creature of Habit

    Walked to sea, did part of promenade, got rained on, took over three gyms, bolstered the team at a fourth Tidied room!!!! Dinner hopefully successfully skipped. Ghrelin wave subsided. Same mysterious bug outbreak as last year, once again traced to donation broom??? Broom moved outside, many bugs squashed. I was all ready to sit down with my mending and be properly domestic but I can't find any black thread. So the torn seam in my black pants will be mended in burgundy. Today one of my coworkers (a new teacher at the school I have never before spoken to) suddenly started telling me that he's trying to lose four kilograms BY TOMORROW for the health check. This was at four in the afternoon, so I think it's probably too late, dude?? Apparently the health check cutoff is 69kg and he's currently 73. (For the record, last year I weighed in at 94.5kg and suffered only a C grade for it, which is not failing. So I'd think he'd be fine, but maybe he's on a different metric than I was.) He asked me what I'd do, and not having any experience with sudden weight loss, I told him wrestlers on my high school team used to sit in a sauna and sweat as much as possible to make weight. He said he didn't have a sauna, which is reasonable lol. So then I told him he could force a big bowel movement by drinking salt water, but that will probably help his waist measurement more than his weight. Only after I went home did I realize it might also counteract any attempt he makes at sweating out his water weight. But THEN, after he had transitioned from talking to me about it to explaining his situation to the school secretary, he told her he'd been eating only vegetables for days. So now I'm worried when he, uh, "purges," it'll be painful because of all the extra fiber in his system, AND worried that he'll bloat somehow and weigh more. Regardless, the day before is way too late, and I'm sure he won't blame me, but he started drinking salt water immediately so if he comes in heavier than 73 I'll feel really bad lol. I assume he came to me because he knows I'm on a diet, but it's not a crash diet! I've been eating like this for months and while I've made inroads they've been modest. I hope everything works out for him! I won't see him again until Wednesday, so I'll let you know then.
  12. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong Humbly Returns

    I'll see that it does, by sheer force of will if necessary! I hope you have a great week, too. How was your Monday?
  13. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong: A Creature of Habit

    I'm going to go for my walk now, because I definitely won't once it gets dark. Already my inertial resistance is kicking in, telling me to just stay in this chair on NF. But no. I will walk down to the ocean at least, and then if I'm enjoying life out there I'll do the promenade, and then I can come back and sit in this chair and hang out on NF clean my room. (Just tidy! We can leave the dreaded vacuuming for tomorrow. Does anyone have any insight about why I hate vacuuming so much??) Ready, set, GO!
  14. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong Humbly Returns

    I actually woke up on Monday when my alarm went off feeling light and fresh and wakeful for the first time in a while. Even on the weekends, I didn't have an alarm and woke up feeling groggy. But today was a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed morning. Now I just have to pray that magical feeling holds for the rest of the week. Tanktimus the Never Ending Source of Encouragement to Do Better and Be More Engaged sent a fb reminder to GLs to set up the new challenge threads before they went live. I don't go on fb often so I overlooked it for a couple of days but thanks to my SUPERIOR TIMEZONE I was still able to make it in under the wire. If you're still watching this thread, thanks for the reminder, Tank! I'll spontaneously remember all my GL duties someday, I promise.
  15. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong: A Creature of Habit

    Today I was carpooling and paid special attention because after I wrote that I was like "it can't REALLY be true though, surely I've been thinking it was worse than it is all year." No. The speed limit on the only through-way, which is a road clearly intended for driving only (it is quite perilous to walk along its side, let alone cross it) and which has exits and onramps but no cross-streets, qualifying it by my metrics as a highway, IS FIFTY KM/H. People do speed on it (this morning we were going almost 70!!! and the person driving clearly felt that was a bit too fast and refused to keep up with the car in front of her) and I've never seen anyone get pulled over for speeding (there's no shoulder so you can't really pull over anywhere, which might factor into it). However, people also just drive the speed limit sometimes (like on our way back), and everyone's cool with that too. It's ridiculous. I think in general people go about 60km/h on that stretch of road and consider themselves wild things. I have a coworker who went to LA last winter and when he came back I asked him how it was. He excitedly told me that he drove really fast on the freeway. I'm not sure if he left LA to find a road with light enough traffic to drive fast or if he was just impressed by the theoretical speed limits, but regardless, that was literally the highlight of his trip. So again. I'm gonna be super stoked to go back to America and drive my car. Yay! Welcome, Bean! .... I have so many responses, but decided I will just leave this alone because well, People are now staring at me expecting me to respond... We're just playin'. Kinda. Maybe. I'm not sure if this emoji or this one is more appropriate for this conversation lol