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  1. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong stays steady

    @Bean Sidhe my love, I know how crazy busy your life is so I hate to even ask you for a minute, but by any chance does Youngest's magical explanation book happen to include a simple (yet thorough) explanation of Halloween? The teachers at my elementary schools asked me and the other ALT to please think up some things to do for a Halloween Party at school. The other ALT had no ideas and has apparently never heard of Google (actually she literally is a yahoo person) so I turned to the Internet and wracked my brains and came up with a few scaleable games and activities that can work with any English level. Luckily, upon asking the teachers confirmed that at elementary school Halloween is a "cultural exchange event" and not necessarily an "English skills class" so I was allowed to make some Halloween-themed games in Japanese. (Imo, Halloween is about fun, and struggling with a foreign language is not always conductive to that.) Then today I realized I hadn't heard from my middle school teachers, who tend to leave everything to the last minute (mostly because they're too busy to prepare any earlier), so I took some initiative and asked them if they wanted to do anything for the holiday. They said, "Oh, yeah! Please prepare an explanation of Halloween and some stuff to do." :/ Vague. But also a fun opportunity to do things my way once. So I'm looking for sources and suggestions! At ES, students will bring their own costumes (to be worn only during English class, not in general at school -- we have a uniform dress code to uphold), and I'm thinking I'll set the classroom up with the desks in groups and let the kids sit with their friends. Each group station will have its own activity and kids can move freely among them. Teachers and adult helpers will hand out treats. These are the activities that seem best suited to their English level, but I'm worried it might be too many things going on at once: Drawing Station -- design Jack-o-Lanterns, color Halloween-themed pages, and/or maybe I'll have spooky "background images" pages that the kids can decorate with stickers (kids here are sticker crazy) Word Search (Halloween themed) Hot Potato (with a plastic pumpkin/jack-o-lantern to pass) -- I'm trying to think how to add an English vocab element to this game, suggestions welcome Concentration with Halloween themed cards Scavenger Hunt (for letters spelling out "Happy Halloween" or "Trick or Treat" which will be hidden around the classroom) Maaaaybe Halloween keyword game but it's best played with the whole class. But it could be a fun warm up to introduce Halloween vocab. Kids can earn treats by participating, but there're naturally going to be some kids who want to do something competitive and some who want to chill and draw and some who want to do something a little studious just for the sake of it. Depending on the teacher, we might also force them to rotate between stations, but I dunno. It seems like if it's a party they should be allowed to enjoy themselves. (Am I being too American?) Some of the things I'm thinking about for JHS: Story time -- with an illustrated story of Halloween, either to explain what it is or to explain how it is Same word search as ES Halloween flavored "Once Upon A Time." Traditionally the game is set up to encourage fairy tales, but I've come up with a list of Halloween-themed vocab and am working on some ending cards. This is a game that I think can be played in Japanese for my lower level students and in English as a challenge, but honestly it's tough enough in English for a native speaker, so...
  2. Wobbegong

    Bean Sidhe Vs Chaos - Keep trying

    I'm so sorry to hear how rough and crazy the past few days have been for you and I hope things resolve for Youngest soon! What a mess! You know, the Geneva Convention considers collective punishment (for the misbehavior of a few or single person among the group) to be a war crime and an act of terrorism. I'm so proud of you for getting 29.5 even with everything going on. The magic of NF is real! And even on days when there's no one here to pick you up, it's like... Right?
  3. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong stays steady

    You're so welcome, thank you for dropping by! It's wonderful to have you here <3
  4. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong stays steady

    You guuuuuys T_T Yesterday I was wandering around town playing Pokemon Go and an elementary school kid spotted me. He was maybe... 2nd grade? Definitely not in my classes, super cute and small. He asked if I lived in the area and I said no, I was playing PoGo. Then he super sagely scolded me to be careful and pay attention to my surroundings!!! He was super serious and it was the cutest thing ever. So I gave him a very formal "thank you" and promised that I would. <3 <3 (It was extra adorable because he kept walking while he was scolding me and had to turn around and walk backwards down the middle of the street to maintain eye contact. It was a really quiet street, but like. Babe. Which one of us is tempting fate worse right now.) I feel like my students just keep getting sweeter and cuter and I can't tell if it's a result of them getting used to and opening up to me, but they just kill me. Today I swung by Daiso to pick up some Halloween stickers and on my way back home I ran into flocks and flocks of junior high kids who were just being let out of club activities. Everyone wanted to wave and say "hello" or "see you!" A group of first year boys spotted me from down the block and started jumping and hollering and waving their arms to attract my attention, it was amazing. And I even ran into one of my students who does terribly in all his classes and is really shy, and he nudged his buddy and pointed me out and his buddy started hollering hello's at me. It was really sweet. I know in some ways I'm kind of viewed as a Dancing Bear (something wonderous and exotic and amusing but also stupid and inferior -- most people I know don't view dancing bears that way now, but when they were popular that was the general perception) so of course everyone is happy to see me, I'm like a cute pet -- and I'm pretty happy-go-lucky myself so I'm always delighted to grin and wave. But I also like to think they just like me. It's nice to be liked.
  5. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong stays steady

    Thanks for the recommendation! I'll check it out, that sounds like an awesome resource. As is probably pretty normal in most classes, I have a small handful of students who are a little extra on the ball in each class, and they're usually the ones that come up with these questions. But the other students tend to be a bit more interested when I'm answering a peer than when it's just another explanation of a stupid rule with fifty exceptions (English, you're such a mess). But this also makes me really curious what the 100 most common words in English are, and more relevantly, if my third years have learned them all. (My first years definitely haven't. They are still struggling to reliably spell Tuesday correctly. I get a lot of Thuesday and Tuseday.) We learn a lot of fairly random words, lol.
  6. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong stays steady

    Before I go, today my junior high third graders studied the word "robot" but the textbook showed humanoid robots so I took the opportunity to teach them "android" and "cyborg" as well. The teacher had not previously known android was anything other than a smartphone line, and the whole class agreed the word cyborg was "really cool." I told them Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) and Genos (One-Punch Man) are "cyborgs" and Astro Boy (aka Atomu) is an android. (Can you guys believe FMA is already totally old school? Nerdy students had to explain to their classmates T_T But Astro Boy is a timeless classic, I guess, lol) One of my students boldly asked "If an android is a robot in the shape of a human, what's a humanoid?" I said a humanoid is anything that's not human but looks human, and that you don't have to be a robot to be human. But really, where do they come up with these questions! I'm so proud. <3
  7. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong stays steady

    Today I made pate for the first time! Yes, out of my "pure lizard livers." They turned out not only not to be lizard (they were chicken, as expected) but also not pure liver! Hearts were included. I cooked everything together and tossed it in the blender and discovered in that way that hearts just don't blend at all. Surprise! So I fished them out and, uh... "rescued" them. It was my first time eating heart (as far as I know) and it was really delicious! I don't do well with super chewy food so I skipped the cockles, but the meaty part was very mild and tender and reminded me strongly of lamb. 10/10 would partially consume again. Now it's 8:40 and the pate is chilling and I'm still on the hook for dinner. I was going to make fettuccini alfredo tonight but there's no way that's happening now. (Not because I anticipate it being ridiculously time consuming but because I've never done it before so I need like. A whole afternoon. Which is why I got home at 4 and just finished making pate.) So bacon-wrapped cheese-stuffed peppers it is!
  8. Wobbegong

    Bean Sidhe Vs Chaos - Keep trying

    If you can afford one this does seem to be a good idea. I know @Jlailin loves hers. Alternatively, although it has no relevance to the benefits of sunlight, I find sitting in front of the fireplace to be very soothing (as long as your chimney is drawing properly). It won't help with Vitamin D, but it does give you a nice warm glowy feeling on your skin, and it's something you can do quietly or with your family, particularly on those dark gross days.
  9. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong stays steady

    BEAN IS HERE! Hi Bean <3
  10. Wobbegong

    Bean Sidhe Vs Chaos - Keep trying

    Bean you got this! Don't give up!! <3 As always your life looks crazy, but I'm confident you have what it takes. *hugs* Go for it, champion!
  11. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong stays steady

  12. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong Gets Real

    New challenge is up!
  13. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong stays steady

    Last challenge I settled into a ketogenic way of eating. It went great and I'm super happy with my new "diet" and the progress I've made so far. All this success makes me think I should branch out and start doing more things! Maybe even all the things! Buuuut I have some experience on my side, and it tells me things generally don't go so well for me when I split my focus. So this challenge, I'll tentatively try adding one thing to my list. Keep keto, and post more frequently on NF! I miss the community and I want to do my part to foster it again. So that's it. Here we go!
  14. Wobbegong

    Juice Bar

    Welcome to the Juice Bar, the Rebels home away from home! Pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable. If this is your first challenge here at NF, please post your challenge in the Level 1 / First Time Challengers subforum. Take a minute to introduce yourself, let us know why you're here, tell us something nerdy about yourself, and share a gif! Have questions? Want some feedback? Ask away! Just want to hang out and chat? Awesome! Want to hide in the corner for a bit? Have a drink on us.
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