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  1. Wobbegong's Complain Cave

    Reserved for future use.
  2. Wobbegong's Complain Cave

    THIS IS A THERAPY JOURNAL. So heads up and don't say I didn't warn you. I like to work on exercise and nutrition goals over in the 4WCs; this battle log is just for chronicling my journey to a healthier, happier, emotionally stable Wobbegong. All complaints about Mother will be kept here, along with notes on what I'm doing in therapy, what I'm stressed about, and any successes I may have on the way. I have been instructed also to record feelings coming to the surface such that I might review them later to check on my progress, so that will happen here as well. Things I am currently working on: Repercussions of being raised by a narcissist Repercussions of being raised by an alcoholic Developing a sense of self Learning to experience and manage feelings like an adult Special focus on grief, anger, and success/failure Deprogramming my own narcissistic traits I don't expect anyone to follow this Battle Log or interact with me here, but you are absolutely welcome to do so if you choose, and of course I always appreciate encouragement and advice. If anything in this Battle Log helps you with your own feelings or situation, so much the better. **There will be no trigger or content warnings beyond this point.** If you feel uncomfortable here, you are free to leave. At this stage in my recovery, however, one of my primary goals is to feel as uncomfortable as I can stand, as part of practicing feeling, identifying, and dealing with unpleasant emotions.
  3. WhiteGhost Does Druidy Stuff

    Yeah I have no idea how someone would judge such a PVP. But best of luck, chili warriors!
  4. WhiteGhost Does Druidy Stuff

    Player Vs Player. Not sure if anyone ever references these, but here are the NF PVP guidelines.
  5. Wobbegong Seeks a New Cave

    Ugh I feel gross I hate being nervous. 45 more minutes T_T Can't time go any faster?
  6. NightWatcher13 brushes off the dust - post zompocolypse

    Yay! I'm glad to hear foam rolling is working a little better for you. For me, the less I've been stretching recently, the more foam rolling hurts. But I do generally think of it more as a massage than a fitness tool (I know some people use foam rollers to warm up or something but... that seems risky to me, idk). As far as your other goals, I think you can cut yourself a little slack for being sick! It's understandable that you might be out of commission for a few days. The longer you wait on the running gear, the more likely it is you won't have much time to use it before your gym reopens. So to get the most bang for you buck, get on top of it!
  7. Jlailin's Balancing Act

    At first I thought the flowers at the bottom were made of mortadella and I was super confused about your lunchbox. But then I remembered you were doing cake decorating and read your post to confirm. Silly Wobbegong, mortadella is for sandwiches. Sounds like you've been doing really well with your challenge and balancing in social engagements. Keep it up Jlailin!
  8. KnitJoy

    I took a rock climbing class and the instructor said women have more natural rock climbing talent because it's more about lower body strength (stepping up from one rock to another, using your hands for balance) than upper body strength. But after a semester in his class, I'm not so sure I agree with that assessment... @KnitJoy, a lot of people in Rebel took a bit of a break from the forums midway through this challenge, so don't feel alone! The forums are here to help you when you need them, not to cause any guilt or negative feelings. But of course, if we can help keep you on track with your goals, we'd love to do so! It sounds like you've had great success with your pushups without us already though Keep it up!
  9. Wobbegong Seeks a New Cave

    Thanks. I struggle with "go to talk to someone but don't have a conversation plan" though, haha. I know everyone says you need a therapist who you can get along with, and I've had experience with trying (and failing) to work with therapists I don't like. But I've already talked to this one on the phone (she sets up her own appointments! Whaaaaat?) so I know her voice and manner of speaking aren't off-putting, and that's usually my biggest issue. That sounds dumb in writing, but generally speaking I have no trouble "trusting" a therapist (they're professionals being paid to help me... why should I suspect them?) but I end up ill at ease with people who speak too softly, speak too sharply, are too upbeat/perky, or won't let go of one particular suggested course. That last one is the only danger I still have to watch out for after establishing her demeanor over the phone, so we'll see. But before an appointment, I like to have prepared answers for questions like "what do you hope to achieve with therapy?" "what do you most want to work on?" "why do you think you have trouble with those things?" "what does your timeline look like?" and "what do you expect from me as your therapist?" If a therapist doesn't ask most of those questions upfront, or if I don't have a chance to answer them naturally over the course of the conversation, that's it's own problem. I am having fun! My dad is super engrossed in it too which is amusing. He wants to know what the picture will be, but since I'm painting one color at a time and am only on 4 of 24 he can't quite make it out yet. (Surprise, it's fish.) My mother, on the other hand, was extremely offended last night that I was too busy painting to follow her around the house listening to her dump her day all over me. Which is odd because I would've been perfectly happy to listen to her if she had come to me, and usually she gets mad at me for following her around, so...? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Nothing I can do, really.
  10. RevQu is stumbling back onto the battlefield

    This I totally understand. You two are both doing great! I'm not sure why, but it seems like forum engagement ebbs and flows and everyone is basically on the same cycle. When one person is gone for a few days (or longer) you can count on it that ten other people from Rebel will be, too. And when people start coming back, it's like a switch is flicked and everyone comes back at once. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I know "just because everyone else is doing it doesn't mean I should cut myself any slack" is a thing but really, no one's holding it against you. The forums are here to help, not induce guilt!
  11. Wobbegong Seeks a New Cave

    Ah, I keep forgetting to mention this, but as a result of Skype's persistent and increasing crappiness I finally moved over to Discord. (It's a free instant messaging client that is apparently intended for use by gamers but whatever.) If anyone wants to hmu, you can find me at Wobbegong#1177.
  12. Wobbegong Seeks a New Cave

    Things To Do: Work on mini for next challenge (why is it that every mini I plan is either easy to frame or easy to create actual challenges, but not both? Next challenge's mini is about 1/3 done, but I don't want to wait.) Work through Will I Ever be Good Enough? self-help chapters, prepare for therapy tomorrow Figure out what next challenge will be Paint! (I started working on a paint-by-numbers kit I found while cleaning my room. It's fun!) Figure out Battle Log and get going on that I'd like to get through Will I Ever be Good Enough before Friday afternoon. I meant to spend the day on it today, but got distracted, so I'm making a list! I've got a lot of work to do there, so it's important to get going. But NF stuff is also time-sensitive, and if I don't have all my life worked out before I go to therapy, well, that's what therapy is for, right? Painting is technically the least important thing on the list, but it's really fun so I want to do it. So I will.
  13. Blethan's Second Challenge; TLC!

    Splurge meal. Freebie. Carb-loaded. Delicious. Frame it however you want, and try not to beat yourself up about it! Everyone has to eat. Sounds like you ate really well today to make up for it, so really, no point stressing. That's fantastic!! Keep up the good work!! Having a regular sleep schedule can help a lot with the morning grogginess. If you're so exhausted you're falling asleep anytime, waking up when your alarm goes off, instead of when you're fully rested, can also be a problem. Is there anything you can do to deal with the stress at it's source? If not, is there a way you can plan to rest a little more during difficult times?
  14. If you go to Settings > Display Name you might be able to change it, but idr if it requires you to reach a certain number of posts first. You can also change your email address at Settings > Email. Not sure accounts can be deleted except perhaps by an admin.
  15. RevQu is stumbling back onto the battlefield

    I had a friend who used to get sick like that at the end of the day. It was very much a signal for her to just stop working on everything, relax, do no more. Sometimes she would ride it out and eat something after, and sometimes she would just be like "lol nope it's bedtime." I wonder if there's any research into a particular condition that causes that, or if it's just a stress response?