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  1. That's awesome! I love running in the rain, I don't understand why so many people are against it. (I guess knowing you have a safe place to go dry off after helps, but still! That accounts for most of the people I know!)
  2. Thank you! Yeah, food tracking apps are not my friend. I'm really really new to bullet journalling but so far I like it! I already keep to-do lists (all over the place... oops) so it's nice to have them all collected in one spot, and since I revisit it regularly I can actually... note what I've done. Haha. I've been tracking my food for a few days and I actually really like it! It's so easy to add new data I have literally zero excuse not to. So far so good!
  3. Thanks! I figure if I'm already on the forums to cheer for other people I'll probably just check in here with an update as well, so hopefully it does keep me accountable. I also sometimes feel awkward for being TOO cheery, so with this goal I have a convenient excuse... lol.
  4. Haha thanks! It may seem that way now, but in two weeks when I'm fed up with tracking these goals and trying to hide the fact that I'm totally off the bandwagon, I might not be so good at staying on the forums. Making it a goal itself hopefully will force me to keep coming back and getting new doses of "you can do it!" I'm also actually already starting to lose track of who I'm following. I don't like email notifications because of reasons so I'm mostly using the content streams to keep up... maybe I should make a list. Yeah. I'll do that.
  5. I guess you did! Osaka is a big foodie town from what I understand (going back to a time when merchants weren't allowed to spend money on fancy clothes or houses so they spent it on... food). But it's awesome to hear you found such a good place! I lived near Kyoto (actually in Nagaokakyo, but studying in Kyoto) for about a month on study abroad so I didn't have time to get tired of Japanese and Indian but I agree... why is Indian literally the only foreign food exception? So much good Indian everywhere you go.
  6. Following! I love your challenge, your goals are great but your theme is sooooo cute!!! <3 Sakura! You totally got this. My first challenge was Pokemon themed and I miss it... I didn't use a theme this time around. But I gotta say, connecting the two, 大丈夫 is my favorite word in Japanese because the three kanji look like three stages of Pokemon evolution. And also because "ok" is super useful. But mostly the kanji are cute.
  7. Sounds awesome!! Whereabouts in Japan are you? I've heard horror stories about finding good Mexican food over there, you must've felt very lucky!
  8. newbie

    As WhiteGhost says, we're unlicensed and unqualified therapists but also VERY good cheerleaders. Tap us anytime! There's this ridiculous British reality TV show I watch and actually really love called Supersize vs Superskinny. (I like it because they treat everyone very respectfully and put a lot of emphasis on how dangerous it is to be underweight, but it is of course still reality tv, so I can't sing its praises too much. I do usually feel inspired to fix my life after watching it, though, so that's nice.) In one of the seasons there's a sub-plot going on where a group of habitual overeaters try out a variety of unusual exercise routines (military marching, trimming hedges, etc) and they talk about how many calories they burn doing that exercise for a given period of time. Then at the end, they're all offered the problem food of one of the participants (crisps, ice cream, cake, etc) that has about the same amount of calories as they theoretically just burned, and asked if they want to take the food reward or couch their deficit. Anyway, the point is I think it helps a lot to think of the snacks you're eating in terms of how much effort it would take to burn them off.
  9. newbie

    Following! I love your goals and can't wait to see your progress with this challenge. I don't think it's that weird to like running... humans are built for it, right? But I totally feel you on not having good location options and scheduling is a bummer. Not all eating is done to curb hunger; sometimes we eat to out of habit, or to fill an emotional need, or for some other reason. If a daily treat is serving a purpose in your life, bringing you closer to your family, helping you achieve peace or combat anxiety, or filling an emotional need, it's fine. It only becomes problematic when you're eating thoughtlessly in a way that's negatively impacting your life, right?
  10. Looks like a great list! I'm sorry to hear about all the topsy turvy, but I believe in you. You got this! Three things, maybe helpful maybe not: 1. For your 'do something active daily' challenge, I've been seeing more and more people say "put on some music and dance to at least one song." You can definitely dance together with your kids, and it seems like it might be helpful to have a few active things that you can just drop what you're doing and do with no prep or anything, anytime. That way, when things are getting stressful, you can quickly pivot the situation. 2. Regarding some of your 'get healthier' goals, have you considered chaining them together? For example, "when I want alcohol, instead I will drink a glass of water or eat a piece of fruit." It's much easier to replace one habit with another than either to try to break old habits or to try to create a new one from scratch. 3. Have you thought about what to do if something happens and you miss an item (or maybe a few)? I don't know about you, but I'm definitely the type to let one 'failure' snowball, and I find it helps to have a plan to get back on track when it happens. (For some people it's as simple as "never miss two days in a row." For me, I like to have at least one goal that is totally manageable, and that way I can say "well, I didn't do x, y, or z, but at least I did this one thing. Tomorrow, I will do this one thing again, and I will also do x (and hopefully but not necessarily also y and z)." That way I don't feel overwhelmed by having to get back into everything all at once.)
  11. Probably too late, but regarding the snacking challenge, since it was "replace an unhealthy snack with a healthy protein/veg/fruit" why not just track when you eat a healthy protein/veg/fruit for a snack? Or do you already eat healthy snacks as well as not-so-healthy ones? (If you eat both, it doesn't really work, but if you were only eating unhealthy, than anytime you could say "I had an apple today for a snack" or "I ate jerky today for a snack" you would know, one snack replaced.) It sounds like you made great progress overall! It's really exciting when you get to that point of exercising regularly without falling off the bandwagon, so seriously, congratulations on that! I often get overwhelmed with so many different goals going on in the 4WC, so I feel ya on that. If the Battle Logs or your bullet journal work better for you, use those instead! I think that's perfectly reasonable. Just like we're always told not to force ourselves to do an exercise routine we don't enjoy, I wouldn't recommend a tracking style you have to force yourself to use. I say do what works and leave it at that.
  12. Last challenge was a respawn and I came in two weeks late, so I set my goals pretty low and kept things simple. My goals last time: This time, as with every 4WC I attempt, my overall goal will be to do something I have never done, which is stick with a 4WC all the way through. Of course, I have more specific goals that go with that as well: Fitness: Walk at least ten minutes per day AND EITHER do one GMB day OR do 5 pushups and 1-5 min caveman squat. Due to disaster at my workplace, we are giving up our office building and transitioning to full-time wfh. This is great except I know myself well enough to anticipate that I will become a hikkikomori if given half a chance and never leave my room except to do laundry and forage for food. Walking will help get me out of the house, and the 10 minute minimum sets the bar low enough that I should be able to do it no matter what. GMB is there because I bought this program and I want to finish it, damnit! And the other option is because GMB has rest days and also sometimes I don't want to spend a lot of time working out, and I wanted to give myself a fallback of "at least just do this." Nutrition: Note what I eat and when in my bullet journal. I have tried several different nutrition apps and food journals and I just don't like them. Apps require too much searching through long lists of similar items and/or entering all the information awkwardly into the device by hand. Food journals require constant detailed notes and I regularly find myself looking up the same nutrition info to record over and over (you would think I would know how many calories are in an egg by now and what the macro breakdown is, but you would be wrong). By taking notes in my bullet journal, I can relieve myself of having to be ultra detailed, and just get in the habit of recording what I ate. The when is in case I want to look at patterns of hunger cycles and to give some reference as to what meal I was eating (or if I was snacking). Plus, this goal will help me get used to writing in my bullet journal... which is still kind of new to me. I really liked my nutrition goal from last time, not going back for seconds, so I will continue to do that as well. Life: Follow 3-5 other Rebel challenges and offer 3 pieces of support/encouragement/accountability/advice per weekday. I'm hoping this goal helps to keep me engaged in the community and brings me back to post my own progress regularly. I'm excluding weekends because I usually unplug almost entirely, and I don't want to try to force myself to be online more than I already am. My other hope for this goal is that it will be motivating/inspiring to me, as I watch other Rebels overcome their own obstacles and learn from their challenges. I'll follow up with either P/F criteria in a bit or with a grading/points scheme if I think that's a better fit. EDIT: I have decided on P/F criteria (either I did it or I didn't, after all!) Fitness: 75% success rate = PASS (21/28 days) Nutrition: 85.7% success rate = PASS (6/7 days) Nutrition 2: 50% success rate = PASS (denominator based on opportunities to go back for seconds) Life: 75% success rate = PASS (15/20 days) Loot tbd, but loot earning categories will be: 3. All goals PASS 2. All goals PASS and two goals 100% 1. All goals PASS and all goals 100%
  13. newbie

    That's absolutely right! Keep your eye on the prize and you, too, can overcome the Fire Nation! A lot of people (ME) have trouble sticking with things past that 3-ish-day motivational bump. There's a great NF blog post about it here: https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/motivation-youre-doing-it-wrong/ But I usually find that if I can refer back to a time when *I* was motivated, and see that I made a commitment, that will be enough for me to force myself to keep going, even if I don't want to. Did not realize this was a gif at first. Then I freaked out.
  14. Looking forward to it!
  15. I felt exactly like that when I first learned asexuality was a thing. Gotta spread that info!