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  1. Rebel Mini: Survival of the Fittest

    POLLS ARE CLOSED! Yum! The bushes were heavy with fruit, and your bellies are full. But is anyone else having a little trouble thinking straight? Maybe you shouldn’t have stuffed your face with unfamiliar berries... (Your metabolic strength has carried you 50 miles closer to your walking goal. However, your inability to focus adds 180 minutes to figure out shelter.)
  2. Rebel Mini: Survival of the Fittest

    Everyone hasn't responded but I totally missed the cut off... should we proceed anyway? How about let's just say this right here is your one hour warning. I'm closing the poll in an hour!
  3. Rebel Mini: Survival of the Fittest

    I'm heading to bed, so this is the closest you'll get to a 12 hour reminder! (You have fourteen hours until the poll officially closes and a mystery number until I close it for real.) Here is the poll! Choose to eat berries or not eat berries.
  4. Wobbegong Builds a Nest

    They do have those nice square California OO bottles at Costco, it's true... lol. But yeah I think there is some truth to it. You can say it! I like it too. It really only just started recently (as in, this challenge) and I haven't been able to figure out if it's because I have a writing challenge (although I thought I had one before, too, so...) or if @Dagger has just decided to come talk to me and share her wonderful information. But either way it's great, I'm a fan. I have that effect on people. Also whoa a real DoC player in the house... it takes a lot of determination to suffer through that, mad props. (Or maybe I just feel extra strongly about it because I hate all FPS games, and DoC had an exceptionally bad aiming mechanism which just made everything so much worse. Plus the plot. Urrgh.)
  5. Wobbegong Builds a Nest

  6. Wobbegong Builds a Nest

    God damn it, Aerith, do you HAVE to have different lines depending on how much you like me?! Well forget it! I'm not replaying this stupid pickpocketing ministory all over again! Worst date ever. (She likes me the most! I have reached the affection cap! Even the video playthroughs online don't have such a fond Aerith! ...Sigh. Which I guess indicates she has something ELSE to say if she doesn't like me...)
  7. Rebel Mini: Survival of the Fittest

    I hope you feel better! And I hope you're right that it's not related to the mini... I don't want to upset anyone...
  8. Rebel Mini: Survival of the Fittest

    But you're headed out of Seattle, right? I'm heading in haha. Relay buddy!
  9. Bean Sidhe Vs Chaos - Rebuilding from the ground up

    Maybe you could try getting back to sleeping? Just thought I'd suggest it in case you're still working on 2-4 hours a night.
  10. Zeroh: Refocus

    That sounds terrible. I get mosquito bites every once in a while (usually a bunch at once, and then none for a while) and they're a huge pain. I hope yours fade soon!
  11. Rebel Mini: Survival of the Fittest

    Hahaha I hadn't even thought about that! Luckily for me airplanes don't really stress me out, so I'm not too worried. But thank you! Regarding the first gif, I believe it's from an intentional crash performed by the American military to learn more about plane safety. I don't believe anyone was injured in the test.
  12. Wobbegong Builds a Nest

    My parents heard a segment about the olive oil thing -- specifically that typically Italian OO comes from mafia-controlled olive orchards, so it gets cut significantly with canola oil -- so now they only buy California Olive Oil. Has anyone done a similar investigation here, though...? This! Exactly what I was trying to say. The more you write, the more you get into that mindset, and the more you have to keep going or get swamped by ideas. But the same thing happens in the other direction... you get to a certain point of not writing and it's like the idea valve shuts off, and getting started again is so painful. Overcome! I bet the dried milk you have there is the good kind made with real milk instead melamine too... /jealous Do we need to start up a collection to get WhiteGhost some decent dairy? Thanks! I read this initially and was like, "Yeah, it's especially good to list out everything you're packing in advance and then add this question, because then as you're going about your pre-packing/pre-departure business you can be thinking of it in the back of your mind. I don't think I actually forgot anything this time, though?" And then just now, "OH DAMN just because I only need two outfits for daywear doesn't mean I'm off the hook for sleepwear! I gotta pack pajamas!"
  13. Rebel Mini: Survival of the Fittest

    Hey team, I'm gonna be on an airplane tomorrow morning/driving around in traffic/checking into a hotel/the whole travel shebang, so the survey might close a little late and the last call reminder will just be whenever I have a minute in the approximate time window. Sorry if this causes any confusion or delay!
  14. Rebel Mini: Survival of the Fittest

    Your shelter is coming along beautifully, but your stomachs are growling. It’s difficult to keep working without fuel. WhiteGhost remembers seeing some berry bushes before, but they were growing in the mud, and he didn’t want to investigate in case of leeches, so he’s not sure if there’s any ripe fruit there or not. Should you brave the leech mud to check for berries? [Choose yes to investigate the berry patch or no to press on.] Survey Says (Remember, you have 24 hours to submit your choice. I will give you approximately 12 and 1 hour reminders. If everyone on the passenger list responds in advance of that, the story can proceed.)
  15. Dark Fireandlight

    Ugh, I'm sorry to hear you've got people whining at you on all fronts. It's extraordinarily draining, so I totally understand why you're so exhausted. To be honest, it sounds like you're pretty much doing great, it's just willpower running low. (Willpower is a renewable resource, but it does have limits. It takes time and rest to refill the willpower meter.) Is there anything we can do to help support you?