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  1. Wobbegong

    Rebel Mini - Art Collaborative

    I got thrown off by the three day weekend, I'm so sorry! This week: If you have not yet started your project, now is the time to do so! While you are working, take stock of how you're feeling. Is it a struggle to get started, or have you been waiting for this? Once you're working, do you enjoy it, or is it kind of a bore? Is there anything you didn't anticipate last week still getting in the way of starting? Any other thoughts? As always, if you feel uncomfortable sharing, please feel free to keep your thoughts and feelings private.
  2. Wobbegong

    Juice Bar - Rebel Hang Out

    I will set myself a calendar reminder to ping you in January and see how you're feeling! I'm fine with reminder nudges, just not wheedling. Guild Leaders moderate the forums generally (remove spam, give warnings to people who disobey forum rules, and occasionally weigh in on disputes), and have associated mod powers. We also promote community within our guilds by running minis, setting up general use threads like the Juice Bar, and theoretically spend some time visiting guild members' threads and being social. I think Ambassadors have fewer mod powers, although they do still have a few. Their role is greeting/welcoming/orienting new people to the forums and encouraging people well-suited to their guild to come check it out, and then again making them feel welcome when they do so. At one point there were guidelines such as "post in every new guild member's challenge at least once a week" but the forums have changed significantly since then so I'm not sure if they still do that. Ambassadors often hang out in the Introduction and Lv1 forums and provide friendly faces and links to relevant information for newcomers.
  3. Wobbegong

    Juice Bar - Rebel Hang Out

    I'm not sure what you're trying to say here? I promoted the mod applications when they were live, and nobody from the guild applied, because everyone in Rebel has damn good reason not to (as I've already stated). And nobody from outside of Rebel would just randomly want to be a mod in a guild they don't know and don't spend time in. And as I said, I don't have the bandwidth to be visiting my own guild members, let alone going off to other guilds to trawl for potential candidates. I suppose I could ask the existing GLs and Ambassadors to spend more time buffering us? Seems obnoxious to poach them from the guilds they're already attached to, though, and time is a finite resource. Not to mention I certainly wouldn't be able to repay the favor. I'm far too "live and let live" a person to be involved in any kind of nudging the way you seem to be suggesting. If someone was suffering from a crisis of self confidence, I would of course offer encouragement, but I don't want to be responsible for dragging people to a forum they don't want to be in or loading them up with responsibility they're not ready to shoulder. If my guild members want to be a mod in any capacity, I hope they know they can come to me and ask how to go about that, but most of my conversations about it with the guild go "Yeah, I really appreciate what you do but I definitely do not want to do it myself." Which is absolutely their prerogative to say, I'm delighted to see my Rebels knowing their limits and setting firm boundaries. If you have someone in mind who you think would be a good fit, by all means suggest away!
  4. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong Gets Creative

    It's not particularly believable for Japan either lol. He said it would be in the same vein, and the two adults dancing for a split second are actually some of my coworkers who just happened to be around the day they were filming, so... maybe? I probably won't have to do anything that requires training on choreography, though. The Walk to Mordor challenge is 1779 miles (aka 2863km), but I haven't done the math yet to figure out how much walking there is in the Pokemon regions. I did get all the PokeMap Japan locations listed today, though, so that's a start! Unfortunately the PokeMap is a little bit sideways and doesn't quite perfectly fit Japan, but I did my best. Some places still seem ridiculous (surely the tiny hamlet that is New Bark Town isn't based on Shizuoka city...?) But there's nothing else there, so?? I'll just go with it.
  5. Wobbegong

    Juice Bar - Rebel Hang Out

    I haven't been doing a good job keeping up with anyone's challenges this time, and as a GL I feel really bad about it... but on the other hand, I'm trying to keep in mind that I can't do everything. The days when I had unlimited time to read and comment on every thread in the guild are gone. So right now, I'm just trying to focus on being here, even if "here" just means my own challenge, the Juice Bar, and the Art mini. I hope to expand beyond that soon, but I'd rather stick with this level and not burn out on the forums than try to force more engagement and end up disappearing for months again.
  6. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong Gets Creative

    I often have the "just one more" feeling with PoGo, but the community is so active here that it's also easy to shrug and think "what's the point of flipping another gym? My defending pokemon will probably be back with me before I get home." Also there are so many gyms so much closer than 1km that when there's a raid 1km away it's not that enticing lol. But there are long chains of pokestops, so I often wander down along those and end up off my normal 1km radius that way. It can be hard to say "it's getting dark, time to go home" when there's another stop I've never spun just a few more blocks away! I feel like a total douche writing this because I know the pokestop situation is pretty dire everywhere outside of East and SE Asia, and I'm just drowning in them here. But I am trying to identify with you. There are so many pokestops near me I have to really buckle down and stay inside to not pass any of them. I do have a goal of completing a field research task every day, but some days I complete a few research tasks, and since you can only get a stamp from one a day, I usually hold onto them to expedite stamps on days when I... don't want to leave. Lol. But after reflecting on the Walk to Mordor thing, I'm thinking I should adapt a Pokemon version. There are maps of the Pokemon game regions overlaid on real world locations, so it would be fun to calculate out the distance and then "Follow Red's Footsteps" or something. According to those maps, I actually live in Pallet Town... go figure. I'm not going to actually walk to Tokyo, of course, but it'd be interesting to see how long it would take. And I could play PoGo while I map my distance, to give myself some extra Pokemon ambiance. That is seriously true. I think next challenge I'll play around with finding my limits for number of small challenges and see if doing a bunch of those is any less overwhelming than a few big changes.
  7. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong Gets Creative

    I hit my 10000 steps goal again today, mostly just because of my commute and some errands I had to run in the afternoon... but I also got some PoGoing in, so that's good. My errands were all in the same place, which wasn't great for my step count but was super convenient for me mentally, since I've just been super pooped this week and don't know if I'd've been able to handle it if I had to like... go talk to a bank teller or something on top of everything else. I took the card I found last night that said something about My Number Card on it to a teacher buddy today for translation, and she said I needed to take it to a particular department in Town Hall. I also had some questions for my supervisor, who works there, and the mystery card listed today as a due date (although I'm still not sure why), so after work I walked over. Item 1: Summer English Cram School for the Welfare Office My only conflict holding me back from saying yes is that my top priority is always the job I already officially have, and my middle schools sponsor students to the English speech contest, which I (as the only native English speaker at either school) obviously help out with. We only just decided the contestants and don't yet know their summer schedules, so I don't know when I'll be working with them and when I'll be free. I explained all this to my supervisor and she finally seemed to understand the issue. She's said she'll talk to the Welfare office and get back to me. Item 2: Surprise Celebrity! One of my Board of Education coworkers waited politely for us to finish talking about cram school and then dragged me off to show me an advertisement filmed by some company in Tokyo at one of my middle schools. "They're filming another advertisement in the same vein and this time they need a foreign-looking person to play a role as an extra teaching English. We'd've asked the high school ALT since he's enormous and stands out, but I guess he's leaving or something." Note: The high school JET is at the end of his 5-year maximum, and per JET standards is ending his appointment in summer, despite it being the middle of the school year from the Japanese perspective. He "stands out" because he's black. He's like 6'3" and super buff, so it's at least true that he's enormous. "Anyway, if you're free it would really help us out if you would do it." I told him I was in fact free and he immediately recanted and told me he'd have to send my picture to the ad campaign managers to see if I was a good fit, but if I was he'd follow up with instructions and details like time and what to wear. If I end up in this video, I'll link it to you. Here's the first one. Does it make you want to go to Internet cram school to learn how to be a leader? Item 3: My Number Card I was getting a little tense about the time by the time my new agent let me stop watching YouTube videos and return to my supervisor, since I knew the MNC stuff took place at a different department and I wasn't sure when they closed. I showed my supervisor the mystery card and pointed out that it asked for my Number Card (distinct from my My Number Card, keep track), which is an item I never received, thus necessitating my getting a My Number Card in the first place. I had everything else I needed, though, so we decided to just try and see. I was escorted to the appropriate desk, where I handed over the mystery card, filled out a form (on which I was forced to write I had lost my Number Card in my house for the sake of having an adequate reason, despite my protestations that I had searched thoroughly and never received it), and then handed those over in exchange for a My Number Card! That's it, that's all it took. So now I can set up bank transfers for large amounts of money going overseas! I'm so relieved. (Reputable money transfer agencies won't let you use their services without an MNC, because it's basically the equivalent of an SSN and is how people pay taxes in Japan. You have to prove you came into the money you're sending legally, basically.) Item 4: Winter Vacation As we returned to my supervisor's desk, I told her I had two more things to ask. First, could I schedule some time off in winter to return to America again? The answer is yes! I have vacation days to use and there are no English classes during my requested time off, so I'll get to spend the holidays with my folks and then pop up to the PNW to see some of my best friends. I'm very excited! Item 5: Summer Vacation And then all that was left was my final question, the answer to which I was probably equal parts dreading and resigned to. Last year, I spent the entire summer vacation (when I wasn't assisting with speeches) putting in "face time" at the board of education offices. I had no job to do, no reason to be there. But I was an employee of the BoE, not the schools, so I didn't get time off just because school wasn't in session. So I went and tried to occupy myself online for eight hours a day. And can I just say, when you are stuck doing it with limited alternative options, browsing Reddit for eight hours is exhausting. I was not allowed to use headphones, so no music or watching videos. Just sit there like a good office worker, doing nothing. I mustered my courage to confirm that was the plan again this year. "When I'm not helping with speeches or teaching cram school," I asked hesitantly, "should I... come here?" And my supervisor once again shone angel-bright at me, and said, "No, I don't think that's necessary at all. You should work on lesson preparations at home." I'M FREE!! This is the best possible news to get at the end of an exhausting week and a long list of errands crossed off my to-do list, and I'm so relieved to hear that I won't be chained to the office. Phew.
  8. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong Gets Creative

    Oh, well if Hazard says it's ok then I'm good to go! Thanks for the reminder, I was around for some of your trip to Mordor but I forgot (or maybe never realized) you were homebound for so much of it. People keep telling me how great walking is for me and I do love walking, but for some reason whenever I endeavor to do a lot of walking it always morphs into a higher stakes initiative to do a lot of running or a lot of hiking or something else more strenuous and time consuming and with higher activation energy. And then I quit that thing and never see the benefits of walking. Maybe I should walk to Mordor. I believe you, but I've only ever heard of it in regards to... ...the phone. Which I feel incredibly lucky to not have as my One Impossible Thing. I have a strong dislike for the phone, but if using it will solve my problem I'll do it. I don't struggle to make appointments or alert my boss I'll be late to my shift or put in a take out order or contact friends to solidify plans when they're obviously having a case of Text Anxiety. I don't keep in touch with family over the phone, but I do keep in touch. If I'm not sure the phone will solve my problem (such as with my MNC) I'll put it off until it becomes clear it's inevitable. But I'm just beginning to think of mail as a lost cause. My willpower is honestly not always very strong, but my mandatory health check is looming so I'm seriously buckling down to shift some weight lol. Tastebuds do change, and I've found that the stricter I am the less tempted I am by carbs and the less "worth it" they are when I do cave. On the flipside, tastebuds change, so if I go off the rails for a while I basically reset and have to start over. I definitely do approach keto with the mindset that it won't be forever, not because I don't believe in it as a way of eating but because I believe there's no point in living healthy if you're not going to enjoy it. So once I reach my health goals, I'll be a lot less strict. I do enjoy keto foods, but I also enjoy the convenience of being able to eat socially or for nostalgia or whatever without so many restrictions. I also sometimes like to hang out in carnivore land, which isn't technically keto, even though it's another method of eating I employ for my health. But I can definitely understand being leery of trying. I was side-eyeing keto for years before I jumped in. Aside from all that, some carbs are just not that big of an issue here. Japan makes it really easy for me not to miss bread because the standard options are just awful. They also are seriously lagging when it comes to my usual sweet tooth downfalls (cakes, cookies, and chocolates). Their presentation is fantastic, but they don't seem to have gotten a handle on the concept of salt to balance sweet, so their sweets are all way too sugary and flat-tasting, even when I'm 100% pro-carb. Pasta was a staple for me back home but I haven't missed it much here simply because I never really see it around (it exists, but my shape options, at least out here in the boonies, are basically spaghetti or spaghetti. I'm shape-picky so this does not work for me). But rice and potatoes remain a problem.
  9. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong Gets Creative

    I just sliced my finger open untwisting a plastic bottle cap. I just wanted some sparkling water, is that a crime?! On the plus side, I found a mysterious paper card that has a lot of blanks and Japanese but says "My Number" on it. It seems to be due tomorrow. :/ Hopefully one of my teacher buddies can help me figure it out in time! If not, I really will have to call the stupid number. Does anyone else feel like "adulting" isn't that hard except for that one thing? I'm totally on it with paying my bills, planning for retirement, keeping myself clean. I usually do just fine at feeding myself, and I socialize and spend time outside and time moving most days. I have a respectable, steady job, good relationships with friends and (most of my) family, and my car is totally paid off. I have hobbies and I do creative things sometimes. But when it comes to opening my mail, or worse, responding to it... ugh. It just doesn't happen.
  10. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong Gets Creative

    My "My Number Card," sending out for which was on my To-Do list two challenges in a row, still hasn't arrived. It's been seven weeks since I sent out for it, so now I'm trying to work up the courage to call the English phone number to ask about it. My American funds are very nearly depleted and also I just want my money in America so I can put it to work in the stock market instead of sitting around in a negative-interest Japanese bank. If I don't get it soon, I'll have to go to the bank and deal with their stupid money transfer system! And their exchange rate is godawful. With the MNC, I can use the online transfer options, and get a decent market rate on the exchange. Also, I was wrong. I wasn't fooled, but my dinner was delicious. I'm definitely doing that again soon.
  11. Wobbegong

    Diadhuit - Counterintuitive?

    I'm a few days late but happy birthday! Congrats on all the progress you're making with moving, and good luck with your presentation at the conference! I'm sure you'll knock it out of the park!
  12. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong Gets Creative

    Well, I guess I'm glad I'm not the only one who does this, at least... but you and I both probably need a better outlet for steps lol. It's way easier in winter, when it's not typhooning all the time and I can just put a coat on to mask my lack of desire to wear a bra... summer is awful. We have a three day weekend so right now I'm just focusing on getting through tomorrow lol! After my ridiculous nap yesterday I'm not feeling quite so run down anymore at least, but still worse off than I'd like to be on an average Thursday afternoon. Tonight I'm going to attempt a sushi bowl over cauliflower rice for dinner. Caulirice is, frankly, not even close to as delicious as real rice, and aside from color and shape they bear very little resemblance to each other, so I'm not sure who I think I'm fooling with this. I should really just eat sashimi and move on with my life. The trouble is, sashimi alone is not that satisfying. So. Wish me luck. Oh, uh, challenge goals check in. I struggled a lot to get started on my fanworks exchange piece, but I finally have kind of a handle on it. Hoping to finish a rough draft over the (long) weekend. Also hoping to make some progress on my guild mini art project this weekend, which will require first cleaning off the kitchen table to create a workspace and doing some final tooling on my mock-up to figure out coloring. Aside from that, if I could get the background painted, that'd be amazing. I'll be fasting ALAP over the weekend, but I'm not giving myself a target number of hours or anything. I just want to go as long as I can and see how I do. Still debating whether I'll skip Friday dinner or not... that will probably depend on my desire to cook lol. My only other weekend plan is PoGo, so hopefully I'll have a nice balance of productivity, movement, and weight loss progress. I do have everything I need to make keto ginger candy (and keto ginger syrup as a handy by-product... ginger lemonade is obviously still on my mind lol), but I'm worried if I do it my fast will go up in a cloud of delicious gingery steam, soooo. Might wait until Tuesday or Wednesday for that.
  13. Wobbegong

    Juice Bar - Rebel Hang Out

    One strawberry lemonade, coming up! Thanks for the invite. Completely coincidentally, @Rookie was just suggesting a guild mini based around a dare PvP she saw. But I don't think that one was Darebee-based?
  14. Wobbegong

    [Waanie] An hour a day keeps grumpiness at bay

    I dunno, injuries can be serious and it's not like running has never caused anyone any trouble. Even with a trained professional saying it's fine, nobody knows your body better than you do. I know I personally have a really high pain tolerance and a mentality that leads me to beat myself up first and complain and heal later, and I've been incredibly lucky so far in the kinds of injuries I've sustained, but there have definitely been times when I worry I might push myself too far. It's definitely tough to find the right balance! I still struggle with it a lot, myself. I'm pretty good at spotting it in other people and suggesting they take a step back and reevaluate, but not so great at following my own advice. I wish you the best of luck!
  15. Wobbegong

    [Waanie] An hour a day keeps grumpiness at bay

    It does sound like you're developing a little bit of a running block. Procrastinating by doing everything else first, especially "productive" things (like cleaning your kitchen) is a great way to tell yourself "but something else legitimate was more important! I had a valid reason!" But on the other hand, it might be a good idea to sit with the idea of running for a few minutes and see if you can figure out what's really bothering you about it. Start with your base assumption ("I didn't run because changing into running clothes was too much effort") and keep questioning that assumption until you feel like you've arrived at a good answer. "Changing clothes doesn't take that much effort, and I had the energy to clean the kitchen, so what is it about changing to go running that's tripping me up?" It could be that you secretly hate running and are resisting changing because you know then you'll have to do something you hate. It could be that you haven't been making the progress you want with running lately and you don't want to feel like a failure on top of everything else, so you're self-sabotaging by not running at all so you don't have to deal with your results. It could be that there's something else going on that's taking up a lot of mental energy, and you know running will clear your mind but don't feel like you deserve it yet (why not?). It could be something else entirely. Remember, there's no such thing as lazy. Lazy is just a word we use when we don't understand what's getting in the way of making the thing happen. There's always something there, though. Good luck, Waanie!