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  1. I would love to write an update and post a new challenge but I'm SO SLEEPY. It's only 5pm but I might just turn in.
  2. Welcome to the Juice Bar, the Rebels home away from home! Pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable. Take a minute to introduce yourself, let us know why you're here, tell us something nerdy about yourself, and share a gif! In addition, if you feel comfortable, share something you have always wanted to do and what you think it would take for you to accomplish it.
  3. ZEROH!!!!! Welcome back!!!! It's going ok. On days when I eat eggs, I eat at least five eggs... but I don't eat eggs every day. 😕
  4. I pretty much knew exactly what it would be about but was already really nervous about my contract discussion and had kind of been waiting tensely to hear it was time to discuss. So you're right, the verbiage of the message was not so much the problem. I think this is probably fine. There's stated context (the project) AND urgency (low, "some time soon"/"when you have time"). These things mitigate the dire sentiments associated with the shorter version. If you left out either of these elements (We need to talk about that project. / We need to talk sometime soon.) the stress leve
  5. I would've realized that about pi if I had taken even a few seconds to think about how to go about converting (obviously a ratio is the answer) but I only got as far as "the area of a circle is pi*r^2" lol. Is cheesecake American? New York cheesecake is certainly American, but surely the concept of cheesecake is much older. Surely. It was delicious and completely ruined my egg eating and also fasting protocols, but whatever, cheesecake! It's not like I eat it regularly. Thanks! Since Tuesday was a holiday I won't see her again until next week, but she texted
  6. honestly, if you were turning into your mom, you would not be helping her do any of her shit right now. You’d be too far up your own ass to care about her. Everything Flea said is dead-on, but I just wanted to reinforce this in particular. Bean, have you ever heard the saying "Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas"? Usually it's used to warn against hanging out with the wrong sort, but in psychological circles "fleas" are sometimes used to describe the bad behaviors we pick up from the people who are treating us badly. No one is immune, we all get them and we all sometimes beh
  7. Spiders gonna spider. I'm not advanced enough at arachnology to even begin to ID it or tell you anything about the danger level; I only know the ones I watch out for in my own home, lol. But I definitely feel you on the conundrum: I tend to leave by spiders be, but with other bugs, a large part of my concern is "can I squish it without feeling it? how many tissues will I need to load to not feel the squish? If I miss, will it start running around? If it starts running around, and escapes to some buggy little crevice where I can't follow, will I have to give it this whole room?" But
  8. Jumping back into my UK discussion did y'all hear Barbados is stepping out of the Commonwealth? Apparently it's the first country to do so in 30 years.
  9. Replies later. I've been taking my iron every day but I'm back to feeling exhausted all the time, and now I'm actually getting worried. It might just be stress -- I got the "we need to talk" text from my supervisor (which I've been assured year after year doesn't mean the same thing in Japanese as it does in English, but freaks me out every time anyway) which I assume means it's time to discuss re-upping my contract again. I took Wednesday and Thursday afternoons off to try to get ahead on my course work this week after being totally laid low by those translations, and ended up jus
  10. I didn't eat any eggs today but I ate some cheesecake and it was pretty freaking delicious. Much heavier than the cheesecake I've had in Japan (probably a result of neglecting a block of cream cheese while keeping the egg count the same, whoops) but also so much more like the cheesecakes I grew up with. And the crust came out really well! Hooray, hooray! I left out that extra block of cheese by miscalculating 4 x 8 (four blocks of eight oz) when trying to figure out what that would be in grams... I went with 24oz because I'm an idiot and then rounded down to 600g because that was what
  11. Countries within a country is too confusing for me to wrap my head around, let alone explain to this teacher. But thank you for the clarification. Yeah, that's my concern too. I'm fuzzy on a lot of the details in that history but I know the broad strokes well enough to be concerned. But it sounds like everyone's pretty much on the same page about it? At least in terms of recognizing that border control will be a huge sticky problem? I favor independence but I hope there aren't any wars about it. Perhaps that's naive. The only game I've eve
  12. Cookie Update: the cookies are very honey- and almond-forward (from a honey-almond cheesecake base), but somehow are simultaneously the most peanut-buttery cookies I've ever eaten. I wish I had mixed the batter in with cooked oats and baked them into bars instead of cookies. They're pretty great already, but they might be better with a touch of jam. On that note, I'm off to bed -- as I typed that I glanced over at my pillow for my iron and found it not there and sought them out (on the bedside table) and took them anyway. This technique has been working great, thanks again for that
  13. INTERESTING, I had assumed each different country would have its own representation in the UN, since... y'know... Canada and Australia are also part of the commonwealth, but separate. The only difference is geography. But I guess "the only difference is geography" is pretty much the basis of many country divisions, soooooo I also am basically expecting at least Scotland to pull out sometime in the nearish future, but it would kind of be a messy situation, wouldn't it? Not that the situation isn't already messy, of course, but historically humans haven't been great at saying "Yea
  14. Thanks for summoning people! The comparison to state v fed makes some sense, and perhaps even moreso if I think of England kind of like DC where it only has the fed? Maybe??? Thank you for stopping by! I was not confused that it's four different countries and I know there's significant bad blood there and a lot of tension about who exactly is part of what. That's part of why I work so hard with this teacher to make sure she understands it's not all the same thing -- as an English teacher she's uniquely positioned both to encounter a larger number of native English speakers, incl
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