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Computer programming book for 14 year old?

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For his birthday, my nephew has requested a computer programming book, he suggested Java, but if someone has other suggestions not Java I think that would work.


Not sure what his math skills are,but not advanced. We bought my son a C++ book when he was this age, and it was too hard. But the ones for younger students are sometimes way too easy. He wants something that he can just work through on his own.  If he can only do the first half the book and then it gets difficult and he needs to wait, that would work.


Any suggestions?

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I think books from Head First Labs would be right up his alley; they have ones for specific languages.  They've very accessible, and focus more on teaching and internalizing fundamentals than being exhaustive references.  Engaging/goofy presentation, lots of exercises, tons of hand-holding; I used ones for JavaScript and CSS (although those are more web-based things, which may not be what he's after), and found them reliable.

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code.org is a great resource as well. It has a lot of quick one hour lessons that are easy to breeze through, and longer than one hour lessons including intro level courses at various universities. He may get bored from the courses and there may be some things over his head, but if he's interested in trying out something like that he'd definitely benefit. 

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