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  1. Oh I’m not complaining. My little gremlin has spoiled me. She’s slept through the night with a handful of exceptions since she was 2 or 3 months old. Plus since I’ve moved to 2nd shift she’s even been sleeping in on me, for every day she’s up at 0700 there are a couple days she sleeps until 1030. She’s cutting some molars right now so she doesn’t feel well but otherwise I’ve been very lucky with her. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. She does. Woke me up extra early today, she usually sleeps in for me, only to fall asleep and take a nap in my lap. Of course she did so in a way that I could not also take a nap so I'm running on about 4 hours of sleep today.
  3. Weekly update, only got 2 of my planned lifting days in this week. Squats on Wednesday and Bench on Thursday. Was supposed to deadlift Friday and Press Saturday but since I have to work a long shift on home football games I planned to combine them on Saturday same as last week. Unfortunately after the long hours and energy drinks, which I've been trying to stay away from, combined with running my ass off Friday due to patients being crazy; I did not get my work out in Saturday night. No more home games for the next 3 weeks and only two more this season, so the coming weeks should go a bit more smoothly. Except I probably just jinxed myself of course. @Terahmy little one is growing like crazy, she's tall for her age and full of personality.
  4. Well... It's been so long since I've been on the forums i don't remember where I left off. Biggest thing that's obviously happened is i have a little girl. She 17 months old and keeps me on my toes. Still working security at the hospital, but in on 2nd shift as a supervisor which certainly comes with its own unique challenges. I was promoted 5 months ago and made it to the gym for about 3 weeks until I was working a shit ton of overtime covering for another supervisor on days that fucked off and left us hanging, 3 months later and his sick/vacation time is gone and he's run out of FMLA time so they were looking at disciplinary actions then he just stopped calling in so now they are pursuing job abandonment. I got sick of covering his time and they took a guy off my shift to fill his spot temporarily which has left me short. With the nonsense at work and stepping on the scale and realizing I've gained nearly 100lbs in the last two years i was nearing my breaking point. I was starting to let work come home with me and my temper was flaring up with my daughter and girlfriend, finally decided that enough was enough. I'm down nearly 20lbs and am back in the gym. Last week was week 1, I focused solely on lifting. Sticking with 5/3/1 this cycle will be first set last. This coming week I'm going to add some cardio; it'll primarily be kettlebell swings, prowler, or stationary bike. In the following weeks I'll had some accessory work to strengthen my week areas. Well that's about it for now, not sure how often I'll update, but I'll shoot for weekly at least.
  5. Well this is good timing. I've been pretty inactive gym wise after the kid and am finally getting back to it i was thinking of coming back to the forums. I won't promise anything for the pvp, but I'll be hanging around.
  6. I was doing training. Also, I'm not sure how we are scoring things.
  7. Week 2 was busy for me. Not so much in the goals department but I spent 4 days doing training for work so that I can teach nonviolent crisis intervention, primarily to other security. Prior to doing the instructor class which featured the new training methods I had become disenfranchised with the class as it was taught the many times I've gone through it. I came away realizing how much of it I have internalized throughout the years, even if I couldn't use the terms they use, and have some interesting ideas on how I can make it more interesting/practical for my fellow officers when I get to training them. Also I have a handful of ideas that I'm going to pose to my management for ways we can implement training more than the 1x/year that is mandated for recertification. All in all it was a good week, rained 90% of it so even if I was inclined I wouldn't have gotten my walks in. I wasn't inclined to do so because I went from night shift to 4 days of dayshift. I didn't do any dedicated strength training but there were a couple days when we were training some of the more physical skills and I put a lot of effort into abusing/throwing my partners around when it was my turn to be a patient and stopping them from doing that to me when I was acting as a staff member. It was fun and educational, and I was sore the next day. The big joke in security and a lot of the psych staff I work with regularly is that I was training for nonviolent crisis intervention when I am more physically and mentally prepared for and skilled in violent crisis intervention.
  8. I think in this case the "we" refers to the poor misguided doodlies who think they're pancakes. Delusional people really, we all know waffles are the superior breakfast cake
  9. It'd be easier to tie a person to my back
  10. I highly doubt either of them would remain still very long
  11. Remi is closer to 80-90lbs, Doc will be bigger when grows up
  12. Got things started off right today. Well mostly, got out the door with the dogs and forgot my ruck on the floor. I did weigh my ruck though, with the two sandbag pills I made last year it comes in at 42.6lbs without water. Didn't walk terribly far but it was a start and Remi was tired. Granted he is 6 and was lazy all winter. Doc is 5 months old and an asshole, but puppies are assholes and we've only just gotten to start walking him on a leash so it'll better. He was damn near choking himself the entire time because he was pulling and Remi would randomly decide to cross over in front of me and slow down so I would accidentally kick him or step on him. I decided that from now on, until they behave better on the leash, I will alternate days walking them. Since it was nice out, when the GF got home we took them on another walk. Food wasn't the best, last night we had tequila-lime chicken burritos which I kept reasonable, but then the guy that made out the post schedule for work only cares about making sure he gets a break so I ended up not getting a chance to eat because my only opportunity would have fucked over the guy that goes home at 0300. I ate two brownies when I got home after the walk because I was in no mood to cook anything, which is really no excuse.
  13. My goals are ruck 2x/week, strength train 3x/week, and eat healthy portions following 80/20 rule.
  14. Haven't really made any progress on my goals this week. Had a couple curveballs thrown my way and some OT I wasn't planning on. Luckily it is only week 0 so no harm no foul. I'm going to sleep like a rock when I get home from work and have no idea how tomorrow will go but I'll get a fresh start on Monday. I had fuck all for sleep today because I forgot that I had agreed to spend some time with my niece for VIP day at her school when I agreed to come in early tonight but it was worth it to spend some time with her. Food has been decent this week, not always "healthy" food but I kept decent portions. Except today of course, niece wanted to go to the Chinese buffet for lunch and then I didn't get a chance to eat again until 0300, 14 or so hours later, but at least I kept it to the small pizza that the hospital makes and managed to forgo the fried cheese balls so at least there is that. I hate Iowa weather, snow at the beginning of the week and 60 degrees yesterday. Of course because of working extra I only go to enjoy about an hour of the nice weather with my niece. Hopefully it will continue being nice out for my rucking next week. The second week of the challenge will be one big curveball because I'm going to do some training to become an instructor for the security department and aside from knowing that at least two days will be 8-4 I'm not sure how the rest of that week will shake out but I'm determined to keep a flexible mind and figure it out.
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