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  1. What exactly are your concerns? Are you having health problems based on your weight? From what I can see in the pictures, you're healthily proportioned for your build. The variation you're noticing is most likely just water retention (water weight), which changes almost randomly day-to-day. So unless a doctor is telling you otherwise, I wouldn't worry about your weight/BMI/BF% too much. If your concern is aesthetics, that is, unfortunately, the body you should expect from doing low-intensity cardio and occasional weight lifting. If you're looking to gain muscle with
  2. That sounds like all kinds of questionably-legal shenanigans, and since you're already on good terms with a real estate lawyer, I suggest giving him a call before paying. With any luck, he can file some paperwork and all this magically disappears while the bank tries to avoid an investigation into their shady practices. 🤞
  3. Improvement takes time, especially when you're trying to double your current ability. And that's how you should be looking at it, you're not "just adding one more rep," you're literally doubling what you can currently do. That can be even harder than getting the first rep. How are you currently training? Pushups are one of the exercises that respond well to volume training, so the key to getting better is to just keep doing them regularly. You can finish your sets with the lower difficulty version that helped you get your first full pushup; you can add more rest to your routine
  4. The best number of sets and reps depends on your personal fitness goals. There's a good overview on the NF blog (here), but the short version is: -if you want muscular endurance (just keep going without getting tired), you should be training with lower weight/resistance for 12+ reps for 3-5 sets -if you want hypertrophy (bigger muscles), you should be training with challenging a weight/resistance for 6-12 reps for 3+sets -if you want strength/power (move big things once), you should be training with heavy weight/resistance for 1-5 reps for 3sets Keep in mind that "l
  5. For pushups, flaring your elbows is frowned upon because it puts extra stress on your joints, which can cause injuries. Tucking your elbows will focus more on your arms while moving them away from your body incorporates more and more of your chest muscles into the push. Anecdotally, most people find that somewhere between 30 and 45deg the pushup because "easiest" as it incorporates the most muscle groups. Changing your hand spacing and angle will also adjust the difficulty by changing which muscle groups take how much of the load.
  6. There's nothing to be embarrassed about. Everyone has their own starting point, the important thing is that you start. You also aren't alone in needing to work your way to knee pushups, as Tank pointed out, there are progressions just for that. Checkout Start Bodyweight for one guide with pictures, or search Google until you find one you like. Finally, keep in mind that you aren't going to get better at something you aren't practicing. So it doesn't matter that you've been doing general training, if you aren't practicing pushups, you won't get better at them. So you're now on
  7. Those feathers look amazing. If you have access to a belt sander, it might be worth rounding/beveling the end of the dowels before gluing the lining on. Removing the hard edge will reduce the chance of the fabric tearing later and gives it a more natural look for anyone taking a closer look. Weather will always be an issue with a costume like this, but how big of one really depends on the convention. Of the ones I've visited, Dragoncon and Megacon Orlando have large indoor spaces where you can hang out in costume and let people admire you; Pensacon and SDCC expect most cosplay t
  8. Wait, I'm wrapping up a challenge on time? What's happening here? I didn't really set goals this challenge, but I think I'm heading in the right direction with starting to track things again. Going to build on that next challenge and see how it goes. Progress this week: Treasure box is ready for stain and poly (the lid will have hinges and a latch) As are the ribbon racks And we put out most of our Halloween decorations for the year
  9. My eye recovered quicker than I expected, so I got back into projects. Treasure box is coming along; I'm hoping to use the router for final shaping tomorrow or Tuesday, then I'm just waiting on weather for stain and poly. I've got some other stuff I can prep while waiting for that, so I'll probably end up with a garage full of wood projects to be finished at the same time. And because I like showing off her work, here's what my fiancee has done for her makeup class the past 2 saturdays: They're teaching classic monster movie makeup techniques with modern m
  10. I was trying to get to a point where it was worth taking update pictures, but that not happening. I got the yard cleaned up and the patio arch fixed just in time for another hurricane to start threatening (we're at the far eastern edge of the cone for Delta, as it continues to move further west, so keeping an eye on it, but don't expect more than a long thunderstorm here). The fiancee signed up for FX makeup classes every Saturday this month, which is awesome, but takes up most of our afternoon, so very little else got done last weekend. Then I got the sandpaper I was waiting on to continue
  11. I recently learned that Christopher Lee released a handful of folk metal albums, and as you'd expect, they're amazing. So here's some motivation for you Monday:
  12. That is a totally valid position, and I fully support it. Just wanted to point out the aerodynamics consideration before you got too far into your planning. Also, wingspan is measured from tip to tip, so your current drawing looks to be 7 or 8ft. I'd have to redo my research, since I'm working from memory, but I'm fairly confident my estimates are for tapered soaring wings. Those are closest to airplane/glider wings, and thus best understood from an engineering perspective.
  13. I love rabbit holes like this. I still have research papers saved on monkey tail vertebra shape compared to length and use, plus detailed pictures of skeletons, plus papers on turning fishing line into artificial muscle, plus material specs on 3d printed resins. All for a project I'll eventually get back to. My only possible criticism for the wings is, from an aerodynamics perspective, you need a 12+ ft wingspan to lift a human. That's completely unrealistic for a costume you plan to actually move around in (as opposed to find a place and hang out all day), so take it with a gr
  14. I have a pullup bar again! This probably makes me happier than it should, but I threw out my old (6+yrs) pullup bar when the padding finally fell off. Then we got locked down and everyone bought up all the home workout gear in town before I knew it. And with everything going on, they just now got the reasonably priced ones back in stock. So it's been 6months since I had a convenient pullup option, and workouts are a lot less fun without them. Other things that have happened since I'm remarkably bad at updating: -Fiancee's new computer is up and running; named hi
  15. One of the things on my topic list if/when I start a costuming blog of some sort (probably whenever we get our store up and running and need FB/insta/etc posts to promote it) is a detailed accounting of everything that's gone wrong with my costumes. Show a bunch of photos of how awesome one looks, then list out everything I had to patch, or fell apart over the day, or was only held together with safety pins, duct tape, and hope.
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