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  1. G.I.JOE: A Real NF Hero

    As long as it's dedicated workout time, and meets the criteria, you can count it. My job gives me 3hrs a week of paid workout time, you can bet I'll be working on the mini during it. And yes, you can do a lot more than basic bodyweight squats. Find a variant that puts you in the right AMRAP, and go for it!
  2. G.I.JOE: A Real NF Hero

    Week 1 of your recruitment will run until Sunday, 29Apr at 11:59PM Central Time! Our instructors for this week are: Clutch As the Joe's lead driver, Clutch is most concerned with keeping the motor pool running smoothly. Impress him by helping move parts while he works by performing any squat exercise of your choice. Only exercises with a personal AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) of 25 or less can be counted, though! Doc Doc is the Joe's medic and will be keeping an eye on everyone throughout training. Impress him by performing any core hold of your choice to demonstrate your overall fitness. Only exercises with a personal AMSAP (As Many Seconds As Possible) of 45sec or less can be counted, though! Snake Eyes Snake Eyes doesn't really need an introduction. He's Snake Eyes. He also isn't giving us any direction, so let's relax and focus for whatever comes next. Log your time spent meditating (in minutes) to earn Snake Eyes approval. Mutt & Junkyard Mutt & Junkyard are an inseparable pair and keeping up with them isn't going to be easy. Log your time spent running and walking (in minutes) to impress them. Only dedicated exercise time counts, not your normal walking throughout the day.
  3. G.I.JOE: A Real NF Hero

    We've just received notice that the G.I.Joe team is recruiting, and they'd like us to try out! Just sign up on the spreadsheet! Each week some Joes will visit the Guild to assign tasks and judge our performance. Perform as many as you'd like to see how you do! Normal Mini-Challenge Rules: - Mini-challenges are not mandatory, feel free to ignore this one if you don't want to participate. - Don't let mini-challenges hinder your own goals. - If you're not sure how to register something, post it here. - Keep it simple! - Don't hurt yourself!
  4. The Search for the Doctor

    And we're out of time! It's disappointing that we didn't get to meet the Doctor, but we need to get back to our own timelines before things go awry.
  5. The Assassin's Den

    Question of the Week: What are you working on this challenge? Fill out this survey and we'll post a list of all the Assassins (and friends) working on similar goals this challenge.
  6. The Search for the Doctor

    I think these two pieces go together. And then that one will fit here. And that one matches there... Start carrying things over and see where they fit! Perform any squat exercise to carry pieces and log your total number on the spreadsheet. Only exercises with a personal AMRAP (As Many Reps as Possible in a single set) of 20 or less can be counted. We need 200 reps total to complete whatever this device is! Hurry though, we've only got until 11:59pm Eastern on 21 April to find the Doctor! Remember that you can join at any time by signing up on the spreadsheet. And you can still perform any Delta 3 activity to increase your team score!
  7. The Assassin's Den

    Welcome to the Assassin's Den!
  8. The Search for the Doctor

    Search for the TARDIS (preview week) London Ask Around (greet people) Push Through the Crowd (push reps) Investigate the Parade (tuck jumps) Find the Controller (pull reps) Escape the Cybermen (vaults/rolls) Reach the Control Panel (yoga holds) Conclusion Delta 3 Look around (time exploring) Climb Trees (pull reps) Leave the Forest (push reps) Search the Swamp (cleaning time) Change Perspective (inversion/hand balancing) Rebuild the Machine (squat reps)