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  1. Anim07734

    Nerdwarts: Summer Camp

    Attention: Can the person who signed up yesterday, July 16th at 7am Eastern please reply or PM me with their current forum name?
  2. Anim07734

    Nerdwarts: Summer Camp

    Definitely! Leave your times for last week, but update this week to your new class.
  3. Anim07734

    Anim: Once More Unto the Breach

    Just finished a 16hr day at work, that was fun. Going to let dinner settle, then hopefully get in a quick workout before I pass out. Tomorrow shouldn't be as long, but I've got early days all week. Summary for last week: 3 workouts (boo!), 2 cooked meals (yay!), costume stuff in the works, but need to rethink some of my plans.
  4. Anim07734

    Gryffindor Common Room

    I haven't let others log walking/running time unless they focus on form and technique (IE training more than endurance), so your biking will have the same requirement. That said, there are plenty of skills you can practice while biking that will also improve your endurance, like breathing rhythm, pedal/rest cycles, and gear management.
  5. Anim07734

    Nerdwarts: Summer Camp

    You're training the skill, so yes it all counts.
  6. Anim07734

    Gryffindor Common Room

    Just remember that we're doing skill training, so any time you spend working on form, technique, etc counts for the mini, but just "I'm going to tire myself out" doesn't.
  7. Anim07734

    Nerdwarts: Summer Camp

    Correct, rep-based exercises only, sorry. Yes, you can do multiple exercises, so long as each one meet the requirements. Also, be sure to test AMRAP for each when you're well rested. (EG "I just finished 20x20 pistol squats, and now I'm so sore I can only do 10 BW squats! Time to score those!" = NO ) There's no cap on the number of sets you can count. Otherwise, everyone would end up with a score of 20.
  8. Anim07734

    Nerdwarts: Summer Camp

    Since it's still your first week, feel free to change classes until you find the right fit. Just be sure to update your training times as appropriate. Once you've completed a full week, you'll need to wait till midterms (start of next challenge) to change classes.
  9. Anim07734

    Nerdwarts: Summer Camp

    This: You can do any exercise that meets the AMRAP requirement and fulfills your position. Sorry, rep based exercises only; there's just no consistent way to convert hold time to reps that's fair for everyone.  -There is no limit to the number of players on each team or in each position. Discuss with your House how best you can distribute your efforts. However, for seeker specifically, there's little benefit in having more than one. Only the seeker with the highest rep count will catch the snitch; having multiple people on the same team seeking may improve your odds of having one of the them catch it, but it's still the individual seeker with the highest rep count who wins (after any beater interference). The easiest way to figure out what an exercise should count for is: which muscle group fails first? That said, leg raises, levers, V/L-sits, skin the cat, and their progressions are considered core exercises.
  10. Anim07734

    Anim: Once More Unto the Breach

    May ended with me completely burnt out. I still had no insulation in my attic, and was spending 2-3hrs a night working on that after my 8-10hr days at work. My AC was running near constantly to keep the house at 80F, in the hopes that nothing would start to rot. The house was too hot to cook, so my dinners alternated between fast food and cold cereal. I didn't have the time or energy to workout more than once a week (my minimum to stay sane-ish). Despite being exhausted, I wasn't sleeping well, or enough. Something had to give, and finally, I decided it had to be the forums. Thankfully, Raptron was awesome enough to cover things at the last minute. And a lot of her questions on what everyone is looking for went into building the current mini, so hopefully we got some things right. Now I have my attic mostly finished (the remainder can wait till it cools off) and my house is at a comfy 73F again. So it's time to get back into my fitness habits. I'll be taking things slowly, but not too slowly, since I have a convention in 2months to get ready for. Goals: 4 workouts per week I don't care what they are, just need to stay active and get back into shape. Cook twice a week The only way to reliably control my diet. Need to cut my waist back down to fit in costumes. Costumes Our Dragoncon groups this year are Steampunk Disney, Marvel, and random video games. I'll be reusing old costumes, but need to update them and help everyone else get ready. -Nightcrawler (me) - tail update, new gloves and boots (with pockets) -Diddy Kong (me) - tail update, finish the shirt -Prince Hans (me) - tailoring, update and finish the coat -Red Mage (brother) - floating gem -Wreck-it Ralph (brother) - "feet" shoes -Daytripper (gf) - everything -Tinkerbell (gf) - finish wings
  11. Anim07734

    Slytherin Common Room

    Welcome to the Slytherin Common Room! Meet your fellow students, share study tips, and strategize to win the House Cup! Main Thread Spreadsheet
  12. Anim07734

    Ravenclaw Common Room

    Welcome to the Ravenclaw Common Room! Meet your fellow students, share study tips, and strategize to win the House Cup! Main Thread Spreadsheet
  13. Anim07734

    Hufflepuff Common Room

    Welcome to the Hufflepuff Common Room! Meet your fellow students, share study tips, and strategize to win the House Cup! Main Thread Spreadsheet
  14. Anim07734

    Gryffindor Common Room

    Welcome to the Gryffindor Common Room! Meet your fellow students, share study tips, and strategize to win the House Cup! Main Thread Spreadsheet
  15. Anim07734

    Nerdwarts: Summer Camp

    The Nerdwarts School of Assassincraft & Ninjary is pleased to invite you to attend our special, limited-time summer camp! At the camp, you’ll be able to take a few of our regular classes in a more condensed format to learn new skills or hone your current talents. To RSVP, please fill out and return the attached questionnaire. Classes begin July 9th!