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    So I kind of left my last challenge hanging and am late starting this one because of a work trip, but I'm happy to say I've done fairly well keeping up with most of my goals. Magic cards are sorted, so now I just have to decide how I want to sell them. Probably going to give my brothers first shot for cheap B-day presents. Got one of the four shelves installed, and the others are just waiting until the fiancee and I finalize where they're going. Got the Buttercup dress finished, though I've since been told it doesn't fit anymore. Again, just waiting on a day together to figure out what needs to be adjusted. Diet stalled during the trip, but I did enough walking to keep my waist from growing and may have even put on some muscle. Or it's just water weight fluctuation. *shrug* Either way, the waist measurement is what I'm actually concerned with, and I'm still on track there. Visited a bunch of museums and the zoo, but the coolest part (and sidequest related) was meeting Sue the T-rex. The big event for this challenge is Megacon Orlando on the 17th. We're only doing one day, so I only have to worry about one costume, but I'm making a tracksuit from scratch. I started the pants Sunday after I got back, and after tonight's work just need to add the waistband and hem. So I'm hoping to start the jacket this weekend and finish sometime next week. If I have time after that, I'll decide if I want to remake the hat and paint the shirt. Other goals for the challenge are pretty much the same: -Calorie Counting Daily -Weigh-in/Waist Measurement Weekly -"Workout" 5 Time a Week