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    NFA: Dungeon Delver

    The bugbears fall under a hail of flying rocks, swinging hammers, and falling cookies, but many of the horses are already dead or injured and the rest are fleeing in panic. It takes most of the day to recover enough of them to continue moving. The caravan is only a short way down the road when nightfall forces them to stop again. A sense of unease surrounds the camp and the watchmen are restless. No one is surprised when a lumbering shape appears, soon joined by others. Raising their clubs, the behemoths charge the camp with a raucous cry! Battle 5: Ogres, and Trolls, and Magi! Oh, my! Remember to use a new line for each entry and always select your primary target!
  2. Anim07734

    NFA: Dungeon Delver

    Calling All Heroes of the Realm! The kingdom of Ssentif Dren is under assault by dark forces and requires aid! All interested are requested to register on the Party Roster. The counterattack begins September 17th! Once you’ve registered, select your race and class, using the guide below. This will determine your starting stats, as shown on the Overview. You can then choose a Level 1 specialization, which will increase the chosen stat by 1. You’ll gain additional specializations as you gain level up throughout the mini-challenge. Classes: Clerics specialize in supporting their companions, drawing on the power of their faith to support and defend the party. Fighters stand on the frontline, defending the party while attacking its enemies. Rogues focus on taking down enemies as quickly as possible, using weak points to attack and control the enemy. Wizards harness magical energy to control the battlefield and support their companions. Races: Dwarves are stout folk with an affinity for metal and stone. Their solid frames serve them well on defense. Elves are lithe and agile, sharing a delight in nature. Many use their dexterity to control their enemies. Giants are large creatures who prefer to keep to themselves. When threatened, their attacks are staggering to behold. Gnomes are small, friendly folk who enjoy simple comforts, like supporting their friends and family. Goblins are sneaky and self-sufficient, using any advantage to control their enemies. Halflings are good-natured scoundrels. Their pranks and jokes lift spirits, supporting allies. Humans are versatile and adaptable, using these abilities to best defend against their enemies. Orcs are strong and independent, prefering to smash their enemies with unrelenting attacks. Stat Explanations: Attack is your ability to deal damage to a single enemy (your primary target). It could be many, small strikes, a single, massive blow, or targetting joints and other weak points. Each time you make an entry, your primary target will take damage based on your Attack stat and your Reps Performed (Attack *Reps). Control is your ability to manage the battlefield. You may be using magic to target multiple enemies (FIREBALL!!!), drawing enemies to you with threats and insults, or dancing through the battlefield striking any enemy that comes in reach. Each time you make an entry, each enemy will take damage based on your Control stat and your Reps Performed (Control *Reps/4). Defend is your ability to protect yourself and your party from physical damage. It could represent heavy armor and skilled shield use, defensive magic, or dodging away. Each time you make an entry, the party’s Protect will increase based on your Defend stat and your Reps Performed (Defend *Reps/100), to a max of 50% damage received. Support is your ability to shield yourself and your party from magical damage. It could represent casting spells to counter and negate the enemy’s, distributing potions and other concoctions, or singing an inspiring song. Each time you make an entry, the party’s Shield will increase based on your Support stat and your Reps Performed (Support *Reps/100), to a max of 50% damage received. Healing doesn’t use a stat and can be performed by any party member. It can represent cure spells, antidotes and other potions, or first aid. Each time you make an entry, you may enter enter time spent performing a static hold to heal the party (1hp per sec held). You can’t heal more damage than your party has taken. Other Notes/Rules: Specialty is purely descriptive and has no effect on your stats or battles. Use it to describe yourself, your character, or your role in the party. Any Rep-based Exercise may be performed during a battle. Only those with a personal AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) of 20 or less may be scored, however. Unilateral (one-sided) exercises must be performed on both sides to count (use only the lower rep count). Any Static Hold may be performed to heal the party. Only those with a personal AMSAP (As Many Seconds As Possible) of 30sec or less may be scored, however. Unilateral (one-sided) holds must be performed on both sides to count (use only the lower hold time). This is a roleplay mini-challenge and everyone is encouraged to post updates in character as the story progresses. Please use italics for any story (in-character) responses and normal text for rules questions and other out-of-character concerns. Roleplaying is NOT required to participate. Normal Mini-Challenge Rules: - Mini-challenges are open to everyone - Mini-challenges are not mandatory, feel free to ignore this one if you don't want to participate. - Don't let mini-challenges hinder your own goals. - If you're not sure how to register something, post it here. - Keep it simple! - Don't hurt yourself!