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  1. Super Smash Assassins

    Fighters move on based on their overall score, not just the most recent match results. Kirby was first place in his first two matches, giving him a total of 6 victory points. Zelda was second place in three matches, also earning a total of 6 victory points. Luigi had a total of 6 victory points, as well, for first, second, and third place in his three matches. All ties are being broken by a modified point differential formula. Fighters with the same victory point total are ranked based on how their final score in each match compared to the match average. (So landslide victories are ranked higher than those who squeaked by.) The formula uses percentages to normalize the results from each match, so I hid it to keep from confusing everyone. The final result is shown in the visible rank, which placed Kirby in 8th place (just above the cut off), while Zelda and Luigi were at 9th and 10th, respectively.
  2. The Assassin's Den

    If you're ready to start a challenge, you should start a challenge! Who knows how you'll feel when the next one rolls around and it's far too easy to continue procrastinating. Two weeks is still plenty of time to try out new habits, and you can always just treat it as a trial run for next month. Not all progress can be measured in reps. If you're progressing in your fun activities, then you're making progress. Personally, I try to find a compromise between the things I currently enjoy doing and working towards the things I want to be able to do.
  3. Super Smash Assassins

    The Semi-Finals Have Begun! Match 1 (rep based): Fox Kirby Samus Sonic Match 2 (timed): Ganondorf Link Meta Knight Pikachu All matches end Sunday January 28th at 11:59PM Eastern! Only the top 4 fighters, overall, will move on to the final match!
  4. Anim Looks for the Wagon

    Just finished my 4th workout of the week, and have stuff ready for next time I need to cook even though I still have stew in the crockpot from Wednesday. So I think I managed to catch my wagon. The challenge now it hanging on long enough to climb aboard. No real energy after work to do projects, but I did order stuff for Joker Fett (Batman/SW crossover) and finish up the preliminary planning. So once I pick up printer paper, I'll have patterns to start cutting armor this weekend. And because I like pictures, here's a preview of my current Blood Bowl team: That was taken during their first game, shortly before Dolf curbstomped the werewolf while Chuck, Arnold (minotaur), and Jackie distracted the Ref. Hoping to start painting everyone next week, so more pictures to come.
  5. Anim Looks for the Wagon

    I've had glimpses of my wagon, but haven't caught it yet. Only two workouts last week, plus a single day of "I should start PLP again" (I should, but I have to remember to do it). I did cook, but also went out to eat instead of cooking again. Going to try making a larger batch this week and see how it goes. And I'm about halfway finished with two of my projects; installing the attic ladder and painting my Chaos Renegades team for Blood Bowl.
  6. Super Smash Assassins

    Match 1 (push): Fox Luigi Pikachu Snake Match 2 (Leg): Ice Climbers Jigglypuff Meta Knight Samus Match 3 (pull): Ganondorf Mario Pit Sonic Match 4 (core): Kirby Link Pokemon Trainer Zelda All matches end Sunday January 21th at 11:59PM Eastern! Only the top 8 fighters, overall, will move on to the next match!
  7. Anim Looks for the Wagon

    Anim looked around again, trying to get his bearings. The past month had been enjoyable, but hectic, and his priorities had been on everything except his longterm goals. But now it was time to return to his quest, as soon as he could find the path again... I spent most of the holidays eating too much and exercising too little, especially the last two weeks at my parents' house. In addition to my normal end-of-year shenanigans, I also have an awesome GF now, who I want to spend as much time with as possible and a new (to me) convention at the end of February to prepare for. So I'll be spending January rebuilding my habits and trying to catch up on chores and projects. Hopefully before that wagon gets too far ahead of me. Goals: 4 workouts per week - At least two strength and one run/sports (4th can be anything), no other requirements, as I just want to rebuild the habit. I also have until the end of the month to decide if I can stick to a schedule on my own, or if I'm going back to crossfit for a while. Cook once a week - This is the easiest way to control my diet and get back down to a Nightcrawler waistline. Going to have to experiment some though, as my GF likes to cook too and I like to eat. Complete at least 4 project tasks - Current list, each line counts as one.
  8. Super Smash Assassins

    The battle begins January 1st!
  9. The Assassin's Den

    Welcome to the Assassin's Den!