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  1. I can't really blame stress for the weight gain; it's been adding consistently regardless of overall life. I've pretty much accepted that all of my previous diet successes relied on the fact that I hate cooking, but also hate dealing with people. So I just had to figure out a handful of easy, relatively healthy meals that I could eat for 3-4 days in a row and called it good. I was too lazy to make something else when food was already there and too antisocial to go out to eat. But now I have a beautiful wife who doesn't like leftovers (they upset her stomach more often than not) and likes cooking delicious meals. So I end up overeating because delicious home cooking that won't get finished otherwise. Or she doesn't feel like cooking, and I willingly go get fast food so she has something she likes. We've talked about my desire to get back into shape, but it ultimately lands on me (re)building the habits and discipline required for that lifestyle. I also have yet to start working out regularly again. I know that's only 10-20% of the solution, but its also a current negative feedback loop where I can't do the things I used to enjoy, so I don't do anything, so I don't have the energy to deal with my eating habits, so I can't do the things I used to enjoy. I need to get the habit going again so I can turn it into a positive feedback loop, where even if I don't feel like my workout, I do it anyway because I know I'll feel better later because I did. That ended up being a longer answer than I intended, but it's a good explanation of my current situation and goals. As for Nightcrawler, I've had the materials to start a new costume for a couple years now (plus the old/current one is starting to wear out), but keep getting sidetracked by other projects. So I'm hoping to finally get the new suit made, with all of the upgrades I've been wanting, but there's still fair odds that I'll get sidetracked again and reuse the existing one.
  2. Glad to hear the con went well and looking forward to new cosplay updates.
  3. Finally weighed in again: 176.5# and 37.125" Back to trending in the right direction, but now I'm trying to get into Nightcrawler shape by February, because friends want to do X-men again... I really need to get a workout routine down again, or at least quit putting off physical housework.
  4. I don't have pictures of all of the pokeballs I've made, but here are a few: And here's the FB post with close ups from this batch. Most of that batch has sold, but I make more for each event, and can do custom orders if we have the pokemon in question. I'm also working on expanding my woodcuts, but need to get my garage workshop cleaned up first.
  5. Last week was unfun as poor sleep quality and insomnia slowly made me grumpier and grumpier. I still don't know what caused it, but I finally got 2 nights of decent sleep and am starting to feel more myself. I can't get good measurements while that exhausted, so I'll pick those up again next week. We had our first craft fair in close to 6mo, since we decided to take a break to focus on wedding prep, then had all the already mentioned travelling. As usual my pokeball terrariums were our best seller, so I need make more before our next one on the 13th. Plus see if I can figure out anything else that will help fellow nerds with early Xmas shopping. We had a low key Halloween this year due to lack of energy and ongoing world events. It was still pretty fun until someone decided to steal the tote we were keeping the candy bags in instead of handing them out ourselves... It wasn't a particularly expensive tote, but we only emptied it to use for the night and now don't have anywhere to put the stuff we were keeping in it. And it's not like it actually helps anyone else without the lid. Have I mentioned that I hate people?
  6. Weighed in this morning at 178# and 37.25" waist, which is a lot better than I was expecting. So going to keep going with the eating habits and focus on getting some more movement built into my day.
  7. Just realized I have a public link for all our wedding pictures, if anyone wants to see more of our shenanigans: https://emeraldcoasteventservices.pixieset.com/patrickandtonya/
  8. It's probably a long shot, but does anyone know of any good online tutorials for HEMA greatsword? I recently got a training sword for my wedding outfit and want to try practicing as a fun fitness option. I have no interest in actually joining a club, just want some videos showing me how not to hurt myself.
  9. Coming back from wedding/honeymoon/etc hiatus and figured I'd post some of the stuff we made: I bought all the swords, but painted them and made the scabbards myself, plus made my outfit (center with the greatsword) and helped my squire/ringbearer make hers (far right with the shield). Wife and her matron of honor made all the bouquets. My wife made all the center pieces and goodies for the thank you bags. I made the Halloween tree behind our table. We also made custom games for the cocktail hour, including Cosplay Bingo, Fandom Trivia (to improve your table's dinner initiative roll), and a Drink Dungeon choose-your-own-adventure to pick from our favorite drinks. And we each made our own reception outfits.
  10. Between wedding prep, conventions, and honeymoon, my hiatus went a little longer than I had planned. But with a new challenging starting, it's a good time to hop back in and see if I've gotten any worse at this "healthy living" thing. So after a couple months of eating whatever I wanted whenever I felt like it, I officially broke all previous records and weighed in at my heaviest ever (180lb). After a week of being more conscious of my decisions and skipping snacks unless I was legitimately hungry, I'm down half a pound, so I don't actually need to make major changes to cut the weight. In the spirit of Small, Sustainable Changes, my goals for this challenge are just to maintain that habit and work on finding a fun fitness activity I can do a couple times a week. I'm currently eyeing HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts), since I just got a custom practice sword as a prop for my wedding. I haven't had any luck finding greatsword tutorials though, and don't want to jump on a paid plan until I know it's something I'll stick with, so I may end up using the longsword from my Aragorn cosplay instead.
  11. Making progress on swords. Here's my brother's long knives, since they're the furthest along. Still playing with the handles to get the right finish on the leather, then have to figure out sheathes.
  12. All of the colored areas are Cricut Iron-on Vinyl. The silver is just poorly applied because I tried to do too large of an area at once, so it wrinkled and the seams underneath are showing through.
  13. Not the best pictures, but finished my R2-D2 vest last weekend: Ringbearer outfit is also finished. Backdrop and drink acquisition are in progress and swords are all here and ready for work. Next step is digging through paints to see if I have the correct type/color for each of those projects.
  14. Got word this morning that my swords shipped and should arrive this weekend. Leather for wrapping the handles should also be here this weekend (in everyone's favorite colors), so I get to start on those next week. It's been very rainy/stormy, so I haven't gotten much done on the table backdrop, but it dried out a little, so I just put another base coat on it I'll decide tomorrow if it needs any touchup, and work on the detailing this weekend. Then my fiancee and her friends are planning to add leaves over the next week or two and it'll be done. Ringbearer outfit is almost done. Pants need hemming and tunic and tabard need buttons, so hoping they can come over this weekend for final fitting. I did my calorie tracking last week, and averaged just below predicted maintenance, but stopped over the weekend and haven't restarted yet. I have been using the threat of restarting to ward off extra snacks though, so that's better than nothing.
  15. I'm really bad at challenges right now, but I'm going to keep trying until it sticks again. This time around I'm just going to accept that it isn't my current priority, so I'll be playing fast and loose with the format just to get some momentum going. My wedding is now 45 days out, scheduled for the middle of next challenge cycle. All the big stuff is done, but we're still making decorations and finalizing plans. So that's my priority right now. My current to do list: -Finish head table backdrop -Finish reception outfit (R2-D2 vest) -Finish ringbearer outfit -Receive and detail groomsman gifts (swords) -Finish (sand/polish) resin table decorations -(If time allows) add eyeballs to giant sunflowers for aisle runners -Pre-buy drinks during normal shopping runs I'm also going to be trying to get back into good eating and exercise habits, but I'll be easing into it as energy and willpower allows. I did breakdown and redownload MyFitnessPal, so I'll be making an attempt to track my calories. I'm not really following a calorie goal yet, but I know that tracking will make me cut back anyway. I'm also back in the office full-time, which means I can get paid to workout again, and with some coordination do so on my way home. That removes a couple barriers I've been struggling with while teleworking, but I still have to actually do the thing. Pictures to come as I remember.
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