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  1. Looking for help

    Start Bodyweight is my go-to bodyweight training. The default program is focused on building strength, or there's a circuit option to build endurance, depending on your goals. You can also try the Beginner's Body Weight Workout, if you want a simpler plan. I'll also second the "eat all the food" suggestion, if you're serious about building muscle.
  2. Batman: The Assassin's Series

    400,000 meter update: Mr. Freeze is starting a new crime spree by covering half the city in ice! Log your total number of seconds spent doing core holds on the spreadsheet as you sled towards him. Any style of plank, hollow body, supermans, or another static hold of your choice can be counted. We need a total of 2,000 seconds to reach Mr. Freeze and stop him cold. And remember to continue tracking down Henchmen to discover more villains!