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  1. Weekly wrap up: Went walking Mon/Wed and then had office sports this morning. Need to clean gutters this weekend, but don't know that I'll get much else in the way of physical activity. Weight seems to have stabilized around 173lb, which is much better than I feared, but means I still have ~25lb to cut to get where I'd like to be. Halloween is not going to help with this goal; we already have candy in the house... No real progress on forum activity, but I'll work on that. Stayed up later than I should the past couple nights doing Mando planning and have friends coming over tomorrow to start coordinating (it'll be a group of us). I'm mostly trying to decide how much I care about the "official" rules for what Mando armor should look like and how much I just want to do my own thing. I also know I'm biting off more than I should, but I'm too excited about the prospect not to. so we'll see how much I actually finish. Don't have a character name yet, but this is my current plan for his look: I'm going for a heavy trooper who's primary strategy is drawing fire while his allies pick off the enemy. I'm hoping to build a minigun and maybe make the left gauntlet with an energy shield for his primary weapons.
  2. I know it's been a while since I did a challenge thread, but I haven't been on hiatus exactly. I've just been lurking while distracted by life. But after a week recovering from Dragoncon, I think I'm past due to get back to the forums. This challenge is going to be very laid back as I focus on rebuilding the habits I still haven't gotten back to. Current goals: -Do a dedicated workout 3x a week. Most of these are just going to be 30min walks to minimize barriers and excuses. -Be mindful of my eating habits. No actual diet goals, just paying attention to what I put in my body and not eating just because I'm bored. -Be more active on the forums. I'd like to get back into the community here, and maybe get some mini-challenges ready, since that was always my preferred interaction. -Start costumes for Pensacon (Feb). Plan is anthro fantasy OCs, OC Mandos, and Dr Who characters.
  3. Haven't found much, but dropping it here for easier reference and in case anyone else comes looking.
  4. I also did a thing (mirror needs cleaning): hoodie for our Eeveelutions group at Pensacon next weekend.
  5. Finally remembered to upload photos (mirror needs cleaning): and bonus turtle pic before she decided to hide from the camera:
  6. Well, challenge is over and I completely quit tracking anything. Pretty sure I haven't had any actual veggies in at least a week, and definitely no workouts this month. I did get caught up on sleep and am back on a pattern that works well enough, so that's a plus. Spent most of my costuming time figuring out the Vaporeon hoodie and as of last night, I'm almost done with it. I plan to do the final touchups to make it hold it's shape tonight and get pictures then. Next up is figuring out what still fits for my Loki variant and making horns to go on my top hat and resizing the wife's Sylvie vest. Then have to see if I can finish updates on Nightcrawler/Psylocke and decide what our last costume is going to be. Pensacon starts the 18th, so I've got a week and a half.
  7. Still not sure what's up with my head, so here's some meme's that spoke to me:
  8. Speedy isn't a fan of skritches (or being handled in general), though we're hoping she'll outgrow that preference when she quits being prey size. So here's a picture of her trying to escape her bath (which she also doesn't like, but needs to stay hydrated to avoid any more bladder stones). Trying to figure this out so I can come up with a plan. The most immediate cause seems to be the rapid course change at work since New Years as COVID cases continue to rise and Florida continues to act like basic compassion and empathy was invented by liberal sheep to destroy America. On the plus side, I'm back to full telework, so there are fewer distractions/disruptions if I can work up the motivation to start doing something about my life.
  9. Two weeks into the challenge and I've got 5 veggies, no workouts, and still no idea what's going on with my sleep schedule. So at least I'm being consistent. Here's to week 3.
  10. This year we're planning Eevee-lution PJs, Batman villain/Harry Potter Mashups, Loki Variants, and X-men/Marvel. So I need to make a Vaporeon hoodie, decide which villain I'm doing (currently leaning towards Riddler) and put that costume together, add horns to my top hat for a 1900's Loki, and hopefully still have time to remake my Nightcrawler suit.
  11. Unless you're new to my challenges, it shouldn't be a surprise that I'm bad at them. I'm currently still working to rebuild healthy habits after failing to stay consistent last year. So I'm starting off 2022 with another reboot and try slowly incorporating healthier habits into my current lifestyle. We'll see how this goes. In the theme of slow and steady progress, I'll be taking lessons from my pet tortoise, Speedy. Eat your greens One of the easiest ways to reduce my calorie intake is to start eating more veggies. The goal for this challenge is 5 veggies a week. Remember to Move Goal is 4 "workouts" a week to start, anything from an actual workout to physically demanding housework/projects to a day of GtG counts. Sleep Not sure what my sleep cycle needs to be, but the goal is to figure something out so I can actually be rested when showing up for work in the morning. I also (hopefully) have my first convention of the year at the end of this challenge, so working to get costumes finished in time. Let's see how this goes!
  12. I've got a pair of Kobalt scissors from Lowes that came with with one of my random tool kits. They work great for all kinds of precision cutting on tough materials, though 6mm foam is about the thickest I can get a clean cut on. I keep randomly misplacing them, so no idea how much I've actually used them over the years, but so far I haven't needed to sharpen them or anything.
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