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  1. Anim07734

    Which-craft? [Manarelle]

    I use Mehron paradise paints for Nightcrawler. It's theater quality makeup that can be applied with normal makeup brushes. It will still rub off if you play with it, but doesn't sweat off (or wash off quickly). skin prep (optional but recommended), makeup puck (pick your colors), setting powder (if you don't want to wait while it dries), and sealing spray @Manarelle this is also an option for blacking out your eyes behind a mask.
  2. Anim07734

    Where in the World is Carmen Assassin-Diego?

    More landmarks have gone missing; so sign up to help: Rhoda Lottamiles carried off the Arc de Triomphe from France Cora Net pilfered Kilimanjaro from Tanzania Tim Burr knocked over the Pont du Gard from France Otto Readmore stole Table Mountain from South Africa You have until 11:59PM Eastern on October 13th to log your contributions!