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  1. Thanks, Defining! I've heard of that rule before. I've been maintaining my calories on MyFitnessPal, which has helped a lot. I've also incorporated more exercising, which has allowed me to eat more! I did interval running and then did a Pokemon Go walk, which allowed me to burn around 438 calories! Surprisingly, my one hour walk burned more calories than my 30 min run. Can't weight to shed off these pounds so I can start bulking!... The surplus calories will be nice, lol.... Mmm, food! xD
  2. Hello! I when I first came to this website, I was not in a good state of mind and was in a terrible relationship that was ruining my self-esteem and body image! I was telling myself that I wanted to get in shape for myself, but that was a huge lie! I actually wanted to get in shape for an ex, who was nothing but an asshole, while doing it for myself was only a tiny portion of a want. It's been years since I've been on this site and it was actually painful to look at for a while because of my past. All I could think about was my low self-esteem and wanting to change for a guy. I couldn't be happy returning to this site without a good reason for wanting to lose weight that wasn't about my body image. Since I've broken up with my ex, I found someone who truly loves me for me, no matter how much weight I've gained. On the flip side, my boyfriend has been a bad influence on me on eating and I've gained an incredible amount of weight. On the plus side, my boyfriend has actually taught me how to effectively diet to lose weight, which was done by me copying him whenever he got serious about losing weight. We've ended up on a yo-yo dieting cycle which isn't ever good. I've been trying to lecture my boyfriend on this, but he insists on just doing crash diets, when he gains too much weight, and then go back to his horrible eating habits to gain all the weight back. I've been dieting whenever my boyfriend diets and going back to bad eating habits when he goes back to his. It's kind of funny, but when I was with my ex, I was 135 lbs and I wanted to be 125 lbs. Now, with my man, I've went up to 170 lbs and now being back down to my 135 lb seems like a dream, while 130 lbs would be a stretch goal! I'm really getting sick of these diets, now. I'm getting really sick of going on calorie restrictive diets, which deprives me of every food I love to eat! And I just get all sad when I gain all the weight back when I go back to eating all my favorite junk food! I want to stop following my boyfriend's dieting pattern and style to a permanent, healthy eating lifestyle! I've now found a good reason for why I want to be on this site! .... And that reason is.... I love food!!! I want to be able to eat more tasty food without gaining weight! I don't want to be on such a calorie restrictive diet that I can't enjoy the food I eat! I want to be able to indulge in food without getting fat! I want to be able to enjoy some of my favorite junk food without worrying that I'll get fat again! This is now my main reason for wanting to get in shape now! Looking good has become a very small reason for getting in shape for me now. My reasons are ranked in this order: 1. Be able to indulge food without getting fat. 2. Be healthy. 3. Be able to fit some of my favorite clothes again. 4. Feel confident in a bikini again. As you can see, my body image is more of a bonus than a concern now. I don't feel too concerned about looking good in a bikini, I don't even care about wearing a bikini ever again, but it would be nice. I've tried telling myself that in the past that my body image was more of a bonus, but it was a total lie! I now have a much healthier reason for why I want to be in shape! My ultimate goal is to lose enough weight and build enough muscle that I can eat 2000 calories without getting fat!
  3. Thank you! I'm a bit hesitant to go see a doctor cuz of money concerns, but I might just do that, depending on how the money situation improves. I haven't let the fear stop me from sticking to the diet I'm currently on, but I wanna make sure what could happen in the long run if I'm not careful. I've looked into it more and the pescetarian diet might be the smart way to go for me. There doesn't seem to be any indication of vitamin deficiencies and there's even studies that suggest having a seafood diet actually helps people with anxiety, ADHD, and depression to manage their symptoms. That's a big plus in my book! I'm gonna look more into it now! And yeah, thanks for helping! =)
  4. Hello all! Gwenhwyfar here! Always disappearing and reappearing on Nerdfitness, but still not giving up on becoming fit and healthy! I've made many attempts at trying to exercise and eat right, but failed each time! Now instead of trying to do both, I'm going to attempt to do it more slowly and work on fixing my diet first. I've been looking at a lot of diets and trying to figure what would be the best diet for me in terms of watching calorie intake. I decided on focusing in on a more vegetarian diet since I tend to munch on a lot of food and vegetables tend to be more forgiving on that. Plus, I kind of enjoy vegetables more than meat. The problem is that I understand that if you're not careful with your diet, you will have a lot of vitamin deficiencies like vitamin D, B-12, zinc, iron, and calcium (if you're vegan). It would be more horrible for you to be suffering from these deficiencies if you're a person with an anxiety disorder, which is what I have. So I decided that I wouldn't go full vegetarian and only follow a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet during the week (though it seems more vegan since I've never been much of a milk drinker and I don't really like eggs) and allow myself to eat meat during the weekend, thus being a flexitarian. I also still like meat, it'd be hard to give up steak; I just like veggies a bit more but not by that much. I thought this would be sufficient and ensure that I don't mess up and cause a deficiency in any area, but then I talked to the manager at the store I currently work part-time under, who I know is a flexitarian. She says that she eats meat mostly on the weekend and follows a vegetarian diet during the week. That surprised me, I assumed that she ate way less meat because I heard her telling a customer that she was B-12 deficient while recommending supplements to them. I was also shocked when I found out that she was anemic because she's iron deficient, which is partly because of her diet, she says, and because she's on her period. I found this out when I saw her eating ice and making a light joke about it. She takes iron supplements, but she still seems to be deficient... I've also read up that there might be problems with absorbing B-12 from B-12 vitamin supplements, so I could have a deficiency even while on these supplements. I really like that I can consume more food with this diet without going overboard on calories, but now I'm concerned if I'm getting enough in the nutrients I need. I looked up the pescetarian diet and it seems that it would still allow me to have low calorie intake while still being slightly forgiving in how much food I consume. Fish also seems to be more rich in nutrients than other meat, so I'd more easily be able to avoid going deficient in this diet. I looked up the draw backs and it seems that the only problems I've found was consumption of mercury and toxins, which is manageable by the type of fish you buy, so I'm not so concerned on that. Are there any other draw backs to the pescetarian diet? I don't think I'll go full pescetarian, probably be semi-pescetarian, as I don't want to miss out on steak during the weekend. =P Is there maybe a way I could adjust my flexitarian diet so I don't have deficiencies? I really don't want to make my mental illness worse. I didn't post this in the vegetarian section because being pescetarian or semi-vegetarian isn't considered vegetarian by a lot of full-blown vegetarians and vegans.
  5. Sybil Ludington - the young heroine that did exactly what Paul Revere on the day of the "Midnight Ride" in which he warned that the British were coming. However, Sybil Ludington rode 40 miles, warning of the coming of the British army, which is more than twice the distance Paul Revere rode. It's a bit sad that Paul Revere is more recognized for this achievement than her, but it's still pretty awesome what she did. At least she still got recognized and congratulated by George Washington! There's a 50-kilometer race that's held in Carmel, New York, approximating the course she took, but the race always starts and ends at her statue. She'd probably be a good inspiration for female scouts on this forum.
  6. My advice for ponytail holders is to get ones that say "ouchless" or something of that varient. I've found that the threaded kind are safer than the ones that are pure rubber and claim to be "ouchless". When you tie your hair, don't make it super tight because that can cause pulling out your hair when you untie it. If you still want it to hold, my recommendation is to make it one knot loose; if you're tying it to the point that your hair roots feel like they're being torn out, then you've made it too tight. For me, it takes 3 ties to get it to the point that it'll hold but not fall out; I put the hair tie around my hair (1 tie), twist it and tie it around my hair again (2 ties), twist it again and tie it one more time (3 ties). I can tie it 4 times, but it really pulls on my hair. I also don't have super thick hair, but I don't have thin hair either; you may need to tie it less or more. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you remove the tie, you don't feel any pain, and you still see hair around the hair tie, then that's more likely hair that's fallen out and not hair that your hair tie pulled out. Also, make sure you hold your ponytail while you're pulling out the hair tie because that can also prevent pulls.
  7. It really depends on whether you want to bulk, lose weight, or maintain. If you wanna lose weight,you'd want to cut sugar and watch your intake. If you wanna bulk, you can get away with extra calories in sugar but also need to watch your protein intake.
  8. Well, maybe not completely straight leg but more use of the heels than knees for the shimmies in some styles, I guess. I just got this from an argument I saw over the criticism of one viewer saying the teacher was using her knees when she should lift her heels. I've been thinking of just saying "bleh" to it all and just start taking classes right now! XD I can hardly wait, lol!
  9. I was never much of a fan of granola bars until I ate a Nature Valley granola bar that consisted of almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, little bit of cornmeal, and honey! It was so delicious, I couldn't stop eating until the box was empty! xD The bar didn't have a bad amount of calories and had a decent amount of protein (6g). It did have some things that I would like removed; the corn flour and corn syrup. But I thought, "Maybe this would be a nice way to snack and get some protein!" I would like to replicate it and remove the corn flour (unless it's what holds the whole bar together). Does anyone know how to make a granola bar? Anyone have any ideas?
  10. From what I understand, it can depend on the style of belly dancing you're doing that would have you doing knee shimmies or heel-lift shimmies. I heard that Egyptian and Arabic style belly dances will be more natural movement so knee shimmies are more commonly used while American style belly dance and tribal fusion involve more straight legs with heel-lift shimmies. I would like to belly dance, but I can't afford to take classes right now cuz of school and my internship. I'll be able to take it when I graduate. For now, I'll just take to watching How-To videos on belly dancing and this free belly dancing site someone directed to me on here. Edit: I'm glad there's a thread for dancing here. So many fellow belly dance enthusiasts here! I'm surprised! How many people actually dance to stay in shape here?
  11. Thanks a lot, Disil! ^^ You've helped a lot! And I think that's a good idea! I should start writing down the measurements on different parts of my body! xD I guess I'll take the calculations less seriously and just look to the measurements.
  12. So I've tried out my huarache shoes and went running and it felt great! The only problem I had was that my right, big toe kept stepping on the knot as I was running and made my big toe end up being sore and feeling bruised. Other than that, they were really comfy! My calves are a bit sore from running forefoot yesterday, but it felt good!
  13. Thanks, Disil! That makes sense... I was worried about gaining fat along with muscle and that's the last thing I need right now since I need to be able to fit my jeans perfectly again. I've remeasured my body fat and got around 28% (27.9% to be more accurate) using the YMCA measurement method on Waldo's site. (I am pear shaped, so it should be good for me as the article claims). Maybe I can get my hands on some calipers later... I've been working on getting my workouts in so far and cutting down how much I eat and had some success. I've dropped several pounds and should probably remeasure my body fat, seeing how that last measurement was a few days ago. Edit: I think I've measured incorrectly cuz I thought I was suppose to measure the length of the forearm, not width, lol..... Derp...
  14. I find that I can't drink almond milk at all because it makes me have headaches for some reason and slightly queasy. I need to drink a lot of water to make it go away. The same goes for coconut milk! It gives me the same problem. I'll just have to stick to regular milk and I'm pretty happy with coconut water, so no need for coconut milk! Too bad... Coconut milk and almond milk were tasty... But I don't wanna suffer the headaches...
  15. Lol, I see. Yeah, I don't know too many magazines, or fancy websites like that. I generally skim through Women's Magazine and Women First because my mom buys them so often, lol. She hasn't been buying many lately though.
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