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  1. That is awesome! There will be ups and downs but, man, those ups are so good. FWIW, this was a huge thing for us as well, being able to express ourselves. Keep doing the work, you'll each be better for the time investment.
  2. virgins. It's always virgins. No idea why. You bring up a good point. It seems like there is always something that must be given up to make any change as an adult. The days of just adding and adding are over. I've gone through a couple versions of follow up sentences to to this but they all come back to me probably not thinking this entirely through. It will take some kind of work to keep it calm.
  3. It doesn't look like I got much logged last week. It was a good week though. Quick recap then off we go. Monday - Guitar - teacher is trying to get me to improvise. I find it very tough. I'm probably too much in my own head but I think of it as being unclear on how to improvise Tuesday - trying to recall what we made for supper. Recall enjoying it but don't recall what it was Wednesday - Didn't get guitar time in but did work on clearing out my old apartment Thursday - ended up doing more apartment clean out Friday - just had a really nice, lazy evening. I made
  4. Have your feels and don't punish yourself for it. It is the little things that you notice the most. There are songs, restaurants, recipes, and so on that I just had to avoid. I fully support the hobby idea. I started to learn guitar. For me, sometimes that really helped. Sometimes I felt like more of a failure for having one more thing I was bad at. Commonly, despite having more free time, I just found that I didn't have it in me to put out the extra energy. That said, I'm glad I've spent the time, and I have gotten better, and it probably was a good distraction.
  5. Hang in there. I recently went through a bit of this sort of stuff. You'll make it. It will suck some days but you'll make it.
  6. Last week's attempts to get back on fitness track were kind of a bust. Ah well. Ever forward. This weekend I moved. I moved from a one bedroom apartment to a two bedroom apartment in the same building. I have a roommate again, an old character in this little drama, Laura. you know, my ex-wife. Friday night we each packed in our respective spaces. Saturday we got breakfast together then more packing. Sunday was move day. I left her to handle organizing the friends. We got the keys to the new place at 11 am (11:30 by the time the leasing office got their act togeth
  7. In the US they used to teach this in medicine school. I have read one of the studies it is based on. Basically the used some early sensors and math the measure the sheering force of the knee when bent past 90 degrees and it was (digging into the mists of my memory here so check this before quoting) 150x or so what it is when a person stands. It was determined, seemingly arbitrarily to me, to be a dangerous amount of change. It was an old study and pretty BS.
  8. This is an interesting statement to me. I realize that with younger students, it's probably true, I've just never seen it so plainly. At some point, self driven work is its own skill though. Not sure if homework teaches this at all or not.
  9. My quads are so big that they have their own biceps.
  10. You gotta go for comfort. Dark grey is really my color!
  11. What color? Yellows don't look good against my skin tone.
  12. Good week so far. Tuesday's dinner was good. Went out to Laura's and my favorite restaurant from the good old days. It's interesting going places with her again. While we were apart I did more of the things we had done together alone or with others but we both, or more accurately each, didn't tread certain grounds. My legs are a wreck from Monday. I'm not surprised by this. When I don't squat in the gym, I pretty much never move through the full range of motion. Today I'm swapping out lifting for ROM work. Guitar has been good to me this week. My teacher is trying to g
  13. me? oh. Forgetting gear is always frustrating.
  14. I don't know that exact workout but everything you say maps. I recall doing my first double kettlebell workouts, it's a game changer.
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