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  1. Wednesday BJJ Class was fine today, small. We were working on half guard passing again, I worked with Ben (blue) again. I'm not going to bother with recording the details of this bit because they're pretty deep in my soul already. Rolls were fine, I frustrated Ben and took his back. Ken (purple) and I had a great role got mount, took his back, took mount again but he also had a lot of great, high energy, near escapes. Per him, my mount pressure has gotten more and more difficult to deal with. I also had a good, short round with Wrestler Eric (purple). He was working on a d'arce when time expired. I'm inclined to believe that he would have gotten it sunk in eventually. All of that is fine but not why I'm making sure to get this jotted down early. After class, people mostly bolted. I sat around on the mat and eavesdropped on Wrestler Eric providing some tips to Big Matt (white). They wrapped and Stand came out of the office and I called him over as Eric got ready to leave. I asked Stan how he is at Kimura Trap, specifically the back take. This video is queued up to it and it happens in the first five seconds from where it will start. It involves being in half guard or side control bottom, getting the far arm and spinning your whole body around until you can take their back, all while hanging off their arm. I've been meaning to spend time on the larger body of the Kimura Trap but this particular movement has caught my eye lately as fitting in well with my current attack options from half guard bottom. I had Big Matt act as a training dummy last night as I tried it but I could never get it to work, even with no active resistance. so I wanted to see if Stan could help me diagnose why I couldn't do that. Very quickly Eric came back on the mat and the three of us proceeded to work on it. We got it diagnosed, it has to do with a change of direction that your force has to go through towards the end of the movement. You initially kind of push them away and then spin off their arm but as you get to the last little bit you need to pull them back into you to collapse them into you. That was great but it got better. I was struggling with the fact that Stan kept blocking my legs from getting out even when he was just being a training dummy. So Eric now introduced the idea that if they are blocking you in, they almost necessarily leave space underneath and you can get your bottom leg in there. You can keep the kimura and you migrate across to the other side which sets you up to rip the arm out for a submission. So then we started playing these two movements off of one another. We found that when you set the kimura, if they posture up (they should) you do that back take and their posture whips you around faster. If they pull their arm to their belly and sprawl, you bump and slide through. If they do one and shut it down you can pull on the arm and do the other. You can play these off of one another until you break through sweep, take the back, or submit them. An entire mini class just for me based on my dumb question. We spent probably 30 minutes playing with this and ended up with a very nice mini system that I am looking forward to playing with. I got a much deeper answer than they answer I thought I was looking for as well. So that goes in with my half guard play, octopus guard, and now kimura trap of bottom in building out my "defensive" system further. Add that to all I've learned by not doing arm triangles the last two months and the fact that I'm absolutely salivating to bring them back in March. and I'm happy with what I'm working on right now.
  2. Welcome. I'll do what I can. I'm stocky so my spider guard is non-existent but I'm continuing to work on Octopus and after a couple of weeks of failing reliably, I'm starting to have some successes I took a look at your current challenge and didn't see that you currently roll. Are you a BJJ person. I'm also curious to know what your deadlift record was/is. I see that you are doing a powerlifitng program so I assume you're still moving those numbers. Tuesday Bodyweight held steady at 196.0. Experience tells me that this is normal. My week if front loaded with volume. I push a lot of fluids and I think my body hangs on to water in response to what I do. Strength Dumbbell Press (flat) 65: 13, 11, 7 Dumbbell Press (Incline) 50: 11, 8, 6 Dumbbell Press (Decline) 60: 11, 9, 6 Pushup (deficit) 17, 17 (10, 4, 3) Dip Weighted 10: 9, 6, 5 It felt weird getting a belt just to hang 10 pounds off of me but I told myself that it's part of progressing to more respectable numbers Reverse Lune (dumbbell) 25, 16, 13, 10, 9 Smith Machine Squats 140: 15, 12, 9 Leg Extension 60: 11, 9, 8 This wrecked me. My brain was scrambled for a couple hours. I think I rebounded better than last week but wow, this push workout is rough BJJ Marathon Roll. As I type this it's mostly a blur. I recall that I rolled with Shane first (blue) and he was in bottom half and I cockily gave him my arm for a kimura. He hung onto it for the next three minutes or so and eventually got the tap. Shame on me for not respecting the threat enough. I then rolled with Ken (purple) and ended up making a meal of him. This was one of my two octopus attempts but he was ready for it and proceeded to smash me down. I still managed to scoot out and get to his back from the traditional route and get the tap but, he one that one tiny battle before losing the war. I then rolled with a little guy, maybe 120-ish lbs, so I've got like 50% of his bodyweight on him so I'm trying to keep it light and flowing. This was my successful octopus sweep of the night. It caught him off guard enough that after time elapsed he wanted to learn it from me and I happily taught him. The most memorable roll of the night was not a good one. I paired up with a white belt who drops in from time to time. For a white belt, he's decent. I asked him if this was his first round (we were like 20 minutes into the class) and he said it is. I told him "I'll meet you where you are, we can warm up or whatever you need". So we start rolling and it''s really slow. So I keep it slow and low effort. He gives up a sweep and move to mount but I'm not giving him my weight. He reaches up and attempts an Ezekial/punch choke from the bottom. This basically means he's got his fist in my neck and is trying to use his other hand to drive it in harder. These are rarely effective and mostly used to force people to defend the choke. It's also super rude to do to someone that being kind to you. Also, he's on bottom of mount, I can make his life terrible and this will never submit me. I posture up then lean over with my weight and say "we can trade ezekials" then insert my knuckles into his neck. Once thereI let off and go back to slow rolling. There was definitely a part of me that wanted to punish him for the transgression and I could have. Fortunately the better part of me rose up and didn't. Still leaves me irritated. My best roll of the night, I think, was with wrestler Alex (blue). It was like the second to last round or so and I gave him top. He always passes my guard so I was looking forward to trying to defend that but it wasn't in the cards for him. I easily took him back. At this point our guy who does social media is going around taking pictures and shooting some video. He pulls up next to us and is goading me into submitting Alex, which Alex has no intention of allowing. We had some really nice exchanges and Alex would try to get me off his back, I 'd ride up to mount, start working on the armbars (there were so many juicy arm triangles I had to pass on last night) he'd bump and turn so I'd take his back again. We went back and forth. It wasn't until I decided to change it up by going for an armbar from the back that things changed, I lost control and Alex moved to my guard and time expired. Sleep Sleep has sucked the lat couple of days. Tuesday morning I woke up early and finally got up at 5 am to start my day. Wednesday I woke up at 3:30 and couldn't get back to sleep. Got up a little before 5.
  3. It is a lot. Figuring out how much you an wrangle and being able to put the rest aside seems like the real task most of the time. In fitness and in life. Lunges are so weirdly aggressive for being a movement that feels pretty natural. I feel like I always find an owie when I do them.
  4. I tried googling this but there are so many "untapped" strength programs out there I don't think I found it. I'd be curious to have a look. I have tried two BJJ specific programs, but not this one, and I've come away convinced that they are more marketing than effect.
  5. Saturday Strength Dumbbell Shoulder Press (Seated) 35: 12, 10, 9 Dumbbell Lateral Raise 10: 20, 16, 20 I waffled on 10s vs 15s. I should have gone for the 15s. I'll bump up to the new wight next time Upright Row 20: 22, 15, 19 also probably need to bump these up to 25 Dumbbell Shrug 85: 12, 8 Barbell Squat 205: 10, 6 Reverse Lunge 20: 12, 8 Cable Pull Through 65: 14, 12 I've never done these before. I'm unconvinced after doing them once. Spent some time in the afternoon looking for some new jeans. I had ordered some jeans online from Madewell. I had ordered them in two different cuts, one fit, one didn't. Unfortunately, per their website, they only have menswear stores in a couple major, coastal cities. So I figured I'd take them back to the local Madewell, which I've been to because Laura bought some jeans there. So we headed off to the mall. Once we got to Ridgedale, neither of us could recall where the store was so we checked the map but couldn't find it. I checked it on my phone. Crap. It's at Southdale, not Ridgedales. So off we got to Southdale. We got to Southdale and found the store. The lady was processing my return and said "Oh, I think you bought these on sale. I can only give you the sale price but if you take them to our other store, they can do an exchange and you can get new jeans without paying the difference". There are two other Madewell stores in town, I've seen the downtown one and it's all womenswear. So I ask. Oh, no, the Galleria one has menswear (the website says no). However, the Galleria is literally across the street from Southdale. So, off to the Galleria we go. At the Galleria we find the Madewell and sure enough, they have a menswear section. I get to try on a bunch of different cuts, find two pairs I wants and mission accomplished. Laura was a real champ about toting me around through all of this. It was a worthwhile trip, just about twice as long of necessary. Sunday BJJ - Akagi There was a tournament on Saturday so traffic was light at Akagi. I hung around and got my rolls in. The only roll of real interest was a short one. There's an older brown belt that I get along with who wanted a full speed match. We only had 3:30 on the clock but he wanted to go hard and immediately went about it. I don't actually recall the first move but it put me on bottom and him pressuring in. Great, I slip him into half guard, now we're in my house. I've been working on integrating Octopus Half Guard and it's starting to come together so I attack a traditional tight waist, he counters, so I attack the octopus, he drives me back day so I'm back to tight waist, he pushes back, gets off balance and I get the octopus sweep. I immediately finish the pass. I see the elbow and start to go for the kimura. He turtled and I stay on that kimura, looking to turn it into a belly down armbar but he gets me out of position. I switch positions so I'm in 3/4 mount on top and I loop my arm under his neck and grab his lapel. He knows exactly where I'm going and starts to fight the hand. I have only my index finger in his collar but it's holding well. I drop a foot over the shoulder and a bow and arrow to strangle him for the tap. Monday BJJ I open class with one of the black belts wanting to roll. He doesn't really do a warm up speed so I know what I'm in for. It's not competition speed but it's more like a normal, class roll. He initially gives me too much and I start to pass. He realizes the mistake and fights back up to neutral. He tries a bunch of sweeps and eventually one of the works so he's now on top but just wades into my half guard. He loves this because he likes to use knee-on-belly to marinate people but I hook his foot, put him in half, sweep. I threaten some things but he fights back of to the top, goes back to knee on belly, I go to hook his leg but am denied so I reach through and feed his foot to my leg, half guard weep, threaten, he fights up. We repeat this a couple times but each time we get deeper into my submission cycle until, after probably 8 minutes, he gets too deep and I set up a bow and arrow and strangle him. Immediately after, he calls over a purple belt who is regarded by us all as a real technical players and asks him to go knee on belly on me and for me to do whatI kept to doing to him. We spend several minutes trying to troubleshoot why I can take his knee on belly and turn it into a sweep so consistently. I have to admit, I don't think there is a bigger compliment than being part of and the subject of that conversation. I had presented a black belt with a problem he couldn't solve and he knew he needed to to be effective. Class was fine, I worked with Aramus on this weird butterfly smash pass. Aramus is better than his blue belt says but he talks to damn much. Food I'm literally one pound away from my goal. It's so hard to stay focused right now. Fortunately, the pound will happen on its own. Even as I've been a little over on calories the last couple days, it just means the pound will come a day or two later. I made a pretty big juggle in my meals and i'm really happy with it. I have been eating a tiny amount of oats and casein when I wake up then eggs a couple hours before the gym. I was doing this just to get some food in me right away to start my day and while I know I need more carbs for my gym time, a deficit has to come from somewhere so that's where I took it. I really wanted to add in more carbs near my gym time though. So I dropped the first meal entirely, my first meal is about 8 am. This means a longer fast, which isn't my thing, but I also swapped out the eggs for oatmeal. The second half of last week I had 100g of instant oats with a scoop of whey and a scoop of protein about 2 hours before training. I certainly felt more fueled, people were commenting on how active and mobile I was. So this week, I'm continuing in this vein. I pushed the oats down to 80g but I added 100 g of berries, just for more fiber and micronutrients. So, I have that steeping upstairs as I type this and as soon as I save this I'll go grab it, add in the protein powder and start eating it. It's a lot of volume so I'm not even really hungry by my post workout meal but the carbs seem to do their trick. I don't have this part as ironed out but I think I'm also going to start messing with my macros a bit more on the daily. I'm sticking to 2200 calories (200 g protein) until I hit 195 (end of the week probably) and then I'll kick it up to 2700 calories. However, I'm going to try and push carbs more on late Saturday through Wednesday midday and then go fats more Wednesday pm. - early Saturday, to reflect my work level. More carbs will look like rice or even sliced meat sandwiches. More fats will look like more whole eggs and nuts. Not a huge change but just a little something to play with. That's it, time go go get my huge bowl of oats and berries.
  6. I didn't get a new belt but I did go jeans shopping over the weekend. Monday January 1, 2024: 211.9 January 8, 2024: 207.6 January 15, 2024: 203.7 January 22, 2024: 203.5 January 29, 2024: 200.9 February 5, 2024: 200.8 February 12, 2024: 199.4 February 19, 2024: 196.0 One entire pound to go then I drop to maintenance effort. Weekly average 12/15 - 12/31: 214.3 01/01 - 01/07: 209.7 01/08 - 01/14: 206.2 01/15 - 01/21: 203.5 01/22 - 01/28: 201.9 01/29 - 02/04: 200.8 02/05 - 02/11: 199.4 02/12 - 02/18: 197.9 My mind has clearly already started to switch gears. I've found myself drifting a couple hundred calories over budget, which hasn't been a problem previously. Fortunately, it just means pushing my final day in this effort back by one or two. When I first ding anything less than 195 I'll push my calories allowance up by 500 and carry on as I have been.
  7. Friday Training BJJ Worked with Ben (blue). He's really taken to the fact that my skill has surpsassed his and he's leaning into the challenge. I like and respect that. We were working on my favorite/least favorite leg entanglement entry. From halfguard top, get your knee through (or beat the knee shield), backstep to sit on the bottom guy's hips and pull the legs up. Whichever leg is on top, pull it away and fall that way. Toe holds and kneebars ahoy. I didn't learn anything new but it was a good opportunity to get reps in. Rolling - all rolls started from 1/4 guard(halfguard passing) Ben (blue) - I got three submissions, I don't recall the details of all of them. I started down and Ben opted to come in rather than go for the leg locks. He was too wide so I took his back. I mounted and and armbared. He went down so I practiced the backstep we worked on.It took a while to get his leg isolated but I got his leg extended for the kneebar. Third go I was down, Ben went for the backstep but I taught him the defense as well so I I did that and took his back. As we set up for the a fourth I asked him how he wanted to change it up. He said if Reid (blue) - very similar to Ben rolls Stan (black) - It felt like it was a short round. No subs were traded. Left this in draft for several days so posting it now. i'll come back and post weekend stuff later
  8. Yeah. I love going out to eat with people but it is a load of calories. I had a pretty quiet season that got me through most of my caloric deficit period. I'm trying to approach these knowing I will slow down my progress to goal but for good reason. I'm just so close that I want to ring the bell. I'd didn't grab one on the way in because I wanted to get the vibe of the get together. As I was on the way out there were already packing up. The place is super near where I live so I could see heading back with Laura, when it's a little warmer and sitting outside to enjoy a Marvel Burger. It's a weird language unto itself. I sometimes think about how my brain can store and process jiujitsu but it has a hard time storing and processing guitar. Both are cases of moving in a pattern over time but one I can do and one I can't. I also think about the story I've heard about getting chess players to memoirze chess boards. Advanced players could memorize the entire board if it was a legitimate play state but if it was truly random they were no better than a non player. I think that kind of cognitive chunking is going on. The speed of thought is interesting. It has to become thoughtless. If I'm evaluating my options, I'm too late. I have to see the hand go past my face and grab the wrist before I consciously know it's there or I won't get it. I talk about half guard all the time because that's one of the areas that I have deep in my instincts now. I'm doing things thoughtlessly while others are still processing. If you get me out of that position, depending on where we end up, I slow down because I don't have it deeply ingrained. It's a weird hobby but it's lots of fun. Wednesday Training BJJ More guard passing. This time the professor was trying to help people weave together a few different pass techniques. For me, they all come out of half guard and fit together pretty well. My partner was having trouble tying them together because he doesn't like tight passing. He wants to back away and start over. Not wrong, just where we are different and not everything works for everyone. Thursday Sleep Unfortunately Laura woke up at 2 am with tummy troubles. I shuffled over to her office to sleep because I knew the dog would follow me and that would give her the entire bed. Unfortunately it also meant that my sleep was terrible. I started this post on Thursday and am finishing it on Friday because my brain just quit in the afternoon due to lack of sleep. Food Laura's tummy troubles also meant cancelling our Valentine's dinner, which is a bit of a bummer but we'll get it soon and it means I can stay track to just knock out these last two weeks without a diet disruption. Training Strength Today's strength workout was less disruptive than Tuesday but also, my second sets dropped off really hard on a lot of exercises and I think that was just general fatigue from poor sleep Assisted pull up - 60 lbs: 10,9 Pull Down 60: 15, 10 Seated Cable Row 60: 12, 9 EZ Bar Row (Underhand) 110: 12, 5 EZ Bar Preacher Curl 30: 11, 9, 8 Stiff Legged Deadlift 205: 8, 6 Seated Leg Curl 70: 18, 6 Friday Sleep So much better. I went to sleep around 9 and woke up around 4:30. I couldn't get back to sleep but I think I primarily woke up because I hadn't moved at all in the night and my body was sore from just being in the same position for so many hours. Other These two items could fit in their respective days but I kind of wanted to pull them out to be their own topic Whoop I started to think about not using my whoop this week. I took it off on Wednesday and haven't put it back on. So far, I'm fine with it off. It wasn't a huge burden by any stretch but I questioned the value I was getting from it. The current plan is to leave it off for a week. If I still want it off at that point then I will pause my membership for three months. Assuming I end the three months and don't miss it for any reason, I'll cancel. I feel like I got what I wanted from the device and it was starting to cross the threshold into noise. Clothes Last night I did something I've been meaning to do for a bit, I went through my closet and tried on all my clothes. The results surprised me. I had a bunch of skinny jeans that were a little too skinny for my liking at 220 that fit me like a dream now. Wash those and add them to the rotation. These replace the Prana camping and hiking pants that I started wearing almost exclusively durning the pandemic and since. The sport coat and suit I bought like 7 or 8 years ago fit really well, get those dry cleaned and make an excuse to wear them. Almost all of my button down shirts are way to big, give away and a get one or two replacements My closet looks almost completely empty right now because the handful of items I am keeping need to get washed, most of the the clothes are going away.
  9. I'm I'm understanding the stomach rebellion euphemism correctly, you didn't actually digest all of those 2809 calories. I'm assuming you didn't test the results in a calorimeter so it's impossible to know how many calories you got in a day and sounds like time to just ignore the number and recover.
  10. Tuesday Training BJJ I have to admit, I was tempted to skip BJJ last night. My brain was still scrambled from lifting and I still had bad feelings about my rounds on Monday. But I went. I got there and commiserated with someone about how both of us were struggling to be there. Then people started to roll in and some of the akagi guys came back and I was glad to see them and talk to them. I checked in with myself by the time class started and all my reservations had gone away. My first round was with a brown belt I know form a couple of places outside my gym. It was the best flow roll I have ever had. Normally, I find I start a little slower than other people but I found with him, I had to pull back a bit. It was a lovely exchange. He'd get a sweep to 20% or so resistance but then let me have an escape. I'd get a take down and then he'd get a sweep. He'd move to side control, I'd reguard. It was just plan fun and the smoothest, most collaborative flow roll ever. This is in contrast to when we met again for the final round. This round we were going for it. He went for a take down but I denied it and when he finally gave it up I took him down. I had him well pinned his legs down. I don't think I ever got a clean pass on him, he always managed to find a way to reguard before I had secured the position but for four minutes I had him pinned to the mat and he was trying as hard as he could to defend the pass. In between those rounds I had a number of good rounds. I really wasn't feeling like going 100% so I was staying focused on controlling my own posture and controlling one good grip. This was enough to keep me out of trouble but little enough to not tap into whatever frustration and fatigue I was feeling going in. Wednesday Sleep I got to sleep by 10 and slept solidly until about 4 when I was suddenly awake. I laid there for a bit but I was just awake. I got up, used the restroom, found something to listen to to try and fall asleep, a complete history of Transformers. After a while I was not falling asleep and realized I ws hungry. I got up and grabbed my overnight oats out of the fridge and at those. I went back to bed and fell back asleep for a couple hours. Food I weighed in light this morning. 198.1 so I'm pushing fluids this morning to make sure I'm not dehydrated from jiujitsu. I'm trying something new today, a new breakfast. I've been eating eggs and egg whites for a while for my main breakfaast for months and month. Lately I've been thinking I'd like to get some more carbs in pre-training. So, I made quick oats this morning and threw in a scoop of apple pie flavored whey protein. I tastes very much like the Quaker Oats Apples and Cinnamon pouches I used to eat. TBD on long term satisfaction. I've planned out my day of food already so I'm still keeping within my calories and macros, just trying to get more carbs right around the workout window. Whoop I'm starting to think about pausing my whoop. At this point it's not doing anything for me. I dutifully keep track of the calories that it says I burned and throw them in my spreadsheet but then nothing. I think I have a pretty good idea of some proxy calories for my sessions and I know about what my standard week looks like. So, I looked into cancelling yesterday. I wasn't quite ready to pull the trigger. They mentioned that you are allowed to pause you membership for up to three months, once per year. So I'm thinking I will pause it. I'm undecided if I want to do that at the start of next week or if I want to ride out this challenge and my weight loss phase. I'm leaning towards sooner.
  11. Tuesday Strength I started a new strength program today and it scrambled my brain: 2 RIR Dumbbell Press (Flat) 65lbs: 12, 10 Dumbbell Press (Incline) 50: 12, 9 Dumbbell Press (Decline) 60: 10, 9 Pushup: 15, 12 Dips BW: 8, 7 Reverse Lunge (Dumbbell) 25: 15, 12 Smith Machine Squat 135: 12, 10 Leg Extension 60: 10, 8 The push ups were meant to really fry my chest that should have already been pretty exhausted. My chest was pretty exhausted but I think that because I didn't put myself at a deficit, it didn't matter. I need to elevate my body so I can get my chest even lower. The dips were much harder than I expected. The leg work was where my brain just stopped functioning.
  12. Monday Sleep I woke up around 4 and didn't think I'd get back to sleep but by the time my alarm went off, I was dreaming. Lately I've been dreaming of jiujitsu which is new for me. I was in my May tournament and we had to go to overtime and I was nervous about it because I don't feel adequately practiced at the overtime rules Food I did pretty well until the end of the day. I had a couple hundred calories left and I've really been craving a some treats so I treated myself to 50 grams of this chocolate peanut butter granola from Trader Joes and 50 grams of oatmilk. It was delicious but put me 100 calories over on the day. No regret but I could have done 30 and 30 and stayed on track. Ah well. Still hanging out in the 199s but slightly smaller 199s. I expected to be reliably in the 198s next week. Just grinding out these final weeks. Training BJJ More half guard passing, this time from the over under which I don't do as much as I should. Start from half guard, place inside shoulder on their belly button, load their outside leg on your outside shoulder. Assuming their inside knee is blocking the pass reach down towards your own inside knee and grab their shin, walk away until the knee shield drops then walk over it. Give them your weight through your shoulder and they will beg you to just pass. Control the battlezone. Shoulder of justice then pass your still trapped leg however you like Rolls Alex (purple) - it was a fun fight but we were moving all over the mat and it was a little crowded, which meant more resets. We had a couple good exchanges but I kept taking top. At one point we had full attention of the professor so he's shouting out coaching to each of us in turn. You can kind of see us both turn on the NOS at this point and we had this long exchange where position wasn't settled for a minute as we each took a turn on top then the bottom person keep moving to get out. However, he escaped briefly and his head popped up and both Professor and I saw him pause and take a break. So we're both shouting at him not to celebrate as I jump on top and pin him down for the time to expire. Josh (purple) - this one really annoyed me. We started with me down and he jsut got heavy. We eventually ended up in a corner where I can't move. I would reset us if I'm on top but he doesn't want to. He eventually gets a sloppy submission that is entirely predicated on that corner. It's valid but it annoys me. So we go again. We rolled and bump into another group and I'm tapping him to stop and he doesn't I literally say "hey man, stop" and he tries to sweep me at this moment. I make him move and reset but credit him with the sweep. So I sweep back an go to work on a submission as time expires. He says "that was a really good battle". I pull a face and saw "eh". He says "Well, it was a good one for me". I was kind of a dick about it but everything he did was just bad mat etiquette. I know he wants to beat me but you have to pay attention. I think there was one more Stan (black) - I got on top first but Stan was able to sweep. He was attacking kimura but not landing them. I was really leveraging something an Akagi black belt taught me to get from my side in bottom mount to my back and it defended the submissions but I was unable to unseat him so it was a long 5 minutes Rob (blue) - Rob tried a judo sweep but it sucked. He stepped in again and I just pushed him over my leg (basically the same sweep but let him initiate it). I took top and to his credit he fought hard to regain some kind of guard. He started going for leg entaglements and I kept myself out for a while eventually. I decided to let him work. I should have just disengaged and taken top, so I give myself bad mmarks on this exchange. He eventually found a tap in there. At that point everyone was gone except Josh and Tim who were clearly engaged with one another so I took off. I don't feel like it was a good training day for me. I wasn't really meeting people where they were. I wanted a good clean roll with a peer but was a bit too fussy about it. I'd just say I was tired and canky. Not sure if it's sleep or calorieds Tuesday I did try to turn in earlyMonday night, to get a little more sleep. Sure enough, 4 am came and I was awake. I kind of dozed between then and 5:30 but not real sleep. Today will be tough so I'm trying to get my head right. Time to go make more coffee.
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