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  1. I keep wondering if I should rename my battle log. A grand destiny seems a bit much. Initially it was inspired by a crystal clear Destiny, the dub title of a sailor moon episode. Things feel much less clear without my mother. Then again she knew of my great love of sailor moon, the only anime she could ever name. She used ti tell people that I saved the world for a living. Saving the world is a quite grand. Dang I miss her.
  2. every day is a new one. Just have to keep doing your best. Great job comingback and good luck!
  3. Doe

    GoodDoug: 80's training montage

    I love a good montage! Nice start to the week, keep it up!
  4. Doe

    Tova is baaaacccckkk

    welcome back from a fellow prodigal nerd. How do you like duolingo? Using it myself for Chinese. Good luck on your comeback challenge!
  5. Doe

    TODO 2019 PvP [Jan 1 - Dec 29]

    Ooh my dad is an amazing cook. So many choices.
  6. Doe

    Get back to basics. Doe needs a routine.

    today was the first official day of the challenge and it's been going well. I worked at home today, very busy day. So far I've drank 5 cups of water. It's about 9:40 pm here so I still have some time. Ate a nice salad for breakfast: smoked salmon, boiledegg, heirloom tomatoes, spinach, red onions, with a homemade lemon tumeric dressing. Waited an hour after eating to drink fluids. I didnt plan well for lunch, ate a small bag of chips. But I mean they were delicious, lays crab seasoning? Kinda like old bay. I forgot I liked that seasoning combination. Dinner was pork loin, spaghetti squash and tomato sauce. Did about 15 minutes of exercise, watching tv tonight. Used my bands for resistance and focused on upper body. Also did my necessary stretches for my mending strained hamstring. It's almost 10pm and I want to start working again but I think it might keep me up. the scary deadlines are mostly Gone till Wednesday. Going to set things out for tomorrow instead and hopefully drink more water.
  7. Doe

    Get back to basics. Doe needs a routine.

    thanks I'm already feeling like an ocean is inside me Thanks! I appreciate it!
  8. Doe

    Cheetah Reflects on His Small Victories

    That is a really neat troll you painted! Learning so much from you about what mindful eating could be. It's a very thoughtful approach.
  9. Doe

    Get back to basics. Doe needs a routine.

    Week 0, what can I say? I'm glad it's not Week 1. lol. Had my first panic attack at work in years. Took me awhile to realize what was going on. Then I didn't know what to do, I used to call my mother. Aside from being a great mom she was a social worker, psychologist, and overall mental health advocate. Went to the break room, laid down in the nap nook (every office needs this) and called my boyfriend. Was able to calm down enough to go back to my desk and wrap things up. I've been doing okay on not drinking before eating. It definitely changes what you eat and how you cook. Made some chicken breasts last week for mealprep and it was a little dry, won't make that mistake again. The water drinking is a slow effort, but that's why we have practice weeks right? Averaging 4 cups a day. Hit 6 cups Thursday and Friday. I just realized this week my Kindle randomly stopped working but it's under warranty so I should have a new one. Electronic thing hadn't been working as well. I didn't exercise much at all this week. It was that time of the month and it was a rough one. They're getting worse, is this an age thing? Is it karma for having light ones for almost 20 years? The last 15-20 years have to suck? Sometimes I feel like the key to mastering life is being able to function during shark week. Heading to dance practice so that over an hour!
  10. Doe

    TODO 2019 PvP [Jan 1 - Dec 29]

    I definitely underestimated it.
  11. Doe

    East Bay, California?

    Yea I like it more than i thought I would. Used to live in Oakland for years. Pt Isabel is great, I go walking there often.
  12. Doe

    East Bay, California?

    I'm in Richmond!
  13. Doe

    TODO 2019 PvP [Jan 1 - Dec 29]

    I fell of the bandwagon but I'm back! How are things going with everyone?
  14. Doe

    Cheetah Reflects on His Small Victories

    Looks like a great challenge you've got going here. Look forward to hearing about it!