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  1. Final Post. Well this week has been eye opening. but we will get to that in a minute. Wednesday Blog: Nothing happened on this. Parkour: No Jargon: No Study: 10 hours Workout: no Thursday: Blog: No Parkour: Practiced a bit of rail balancing Jargon: No Study: 2 Hours Workout: Long boarding (exercise since I am new to it) and light rock climbing. Friday: Blog: No Parkour: Two hour practice, but with my wrist still healing, so I just focused on left side safety vaults and rail balances. Jargon: No Study: None. I took the day off since I was pretty much burned out. Workout: None Saturday Blog: No Parkour: No Jargon: No Study: 5+ Hours. I have a fluids test Tuesday so that is the next challenge Workout: No I learned a lot this challenge. So next challenge I will try to implement the following. Fewer challenges: I sort of felt overwhelmed at some points, so I need to back off the number of challenges. Prioritize: As Peelout pointed out, I need to have a Main goal (School in this case) and then have all the other challenges fall after that. Plan better: I was part way through the challenge before I realized that SB fell in the middle of it, which changed a lot. So next challenge, I need to know what is happening during the challenge before it starts. Give incintives: I need to find some way to reward myself for succeeding. I don't know what that will look like, but I will play with it this next challenge. Thank you to everyone for the support. I hope to see you in the next challenge Final Stats: Blog (1/4) 25% Letter Grade: F Attributes added: +.25 Wis ; +.5 Cha Parkour (3/4) 75% Letter Grade: C Attribute: +1.5 Str ; +1.5 Sta Jargon (7/20) 35% Letter Grade: F Attribute: +.7 Wis Study (64/72) 89% Grade Letter: B Attribute: +2.67 Wis Workout (6/8) 75% Grade Letter: C Attribute: +2.25 Str
  2. Monday: Blog: Nothing Parkour: Nothing Jargon: Nothing Study: 4 Hours Workout: When I was climbing over break, I sprained my wrist, so I am not sure if I can even workout right now. And since I have tests all this week and the beginning of next, I wont get a chance for a while. I had a test last night, and let's just say no one feels good about it. It was only four questions, and I didn't get to question four until there was only ten minutes left. Not happy, but we have heard that this has been the case for years, so I am holding onto that. Tuesday. Blog: Nothing Parkour: Nothing Jargon: Nothing Study: 5 hours. Biochemistry test is Thursday, and I am very unprepared. Workout: None. Normally would climb, but won't so I can study and rest my wrist.
  3. Well, I have certainly fallen behind in posting. I will try to accurately represent what I did every day. But I am a little fuzzy on the details in some days. I apologize for the poor posting, though it may not drastically improve this week. I have a run of tests, so I will pretty much be living in the library. Sunday 13: Blog: Work on the editing on the next blog post. Parkour: Nothing Jargon: Success Study: 3 Hours Workout: Nothing Monday 14: Blog: Posted a new article. This was the last in the basic series, so now I get to go onto other topics. Parkour: Nothing Jargon: Failed Study: 5 Hours Workout: My dad actually got a weight rack, but neither of my parents know how to do it, so I was able to show them how to do it, which was a lot of fun! Super proud of them. Tuesday 15: (Off day) Blog: Nothing Parkour: Nothing Jargon: Success Study: None Workout: None Wednesday: Ended up going to a music festival with some ChemE friends, so that was fun. Blog: Nothing, but some inspiration on topics Parkour: Messed around with rail balancing for a while when we were waiting around, so got some practice. Jargon: Negative Ghost Rider Study: 1 Hour Workout: Yes Thursday: Honestly not sure what I did this day. I am straight blanking. Friday: When I graduated high school, I left town two days later and pretty much cut all ties. A month or so ago, I started talking to select people and seeing how they are doing. One of them decided to come see me this day, so we spent the day rock climbing and hanging out. So other then that, nothing got done. Saturday: This is the day I drove back to school. Blog: Nothing Parkour: Nothing Jargon: Nothing Study: 2 Hours Workout: None Sunday: Blog: None Parkour: None Jargon: None Study: 10 Hours. I have a test tomorrow in thermodynamics, so that is what all my studying has been for. We basically got there when the library opened and didn't leave. Workout: None So I would say it was a fairly productive Spring Break. Not 100%, but for a vacation week, I am pretty proud of myself. I got a question for you guys though. When I was starting to teach my parents weight lifting, their primary problem is with the balance. I know my dad is very strong, but he was struggling with low weights because he couldn't keep his balance throughout the squat. He would always try to roll onto his toes. I don't honestly know what to tell them. I said they should work on their balance and form before worrying about adding more weight, but do any of you have suggestions I can pass on? I am super proud of them for trying, but I know that they will not continue if they can't get this basic piece down. Thanks. I would say the highlight was seeing my high school friend. When I left, I was not in a good place, and cutting off all ties was my way of getting better. Being able to reconnect with them is sort of my way of saying that I am in a stable and secure enough place that I can go face some old demons. Sounds dramatic and oddly poetic, but it's just my way of measuring progress I guess. One of the phrases she kept saying was, "It's like I don't even know you." and I just took that as the best news ever.
  4. Man, you don't sugar coat a thing. And thank you for that. It is definitely helpful and necessary. I would say that right now, my number one priority is to experience life. In know that sounds like a cop out, but I have always held to the belief that my schooling shouldn't get in the way of my education. That being said, I know if I want to experience better parts of life down the road, I need to keep schooling a high priority. As for the 3.2, my sister graduated the same university, in the same degree with that and my goal is just to beat her. I know I can do better then that, but I just have to stay above that to be happy. I appreciate the blunt honesty. I definitely enjoy that more then sugar coated versions. I need to sit down today and make a list of priorities in life and rank them, because I never did that.
  5. I sersiously need to get my butt into gear. We are only half way, and I am already slacking. Here are the daily reports/failures. Wednesday Blog: No progress. I need to edit last weeks post and run that as well as write my post for this week and run that. My editor friend got engaged, so I am pretty much on my own for a bit. I will get this so help me God. Parkour: Nothing for this day. Spanish: Got it. Study: Two hours Workout: That is an affirmative Thrusday: Blog: Again Nothing Parkour: Notta, and I found out that Friday's practice was canceled. Spanish: No Study: None Workout: Tonight was introducing some friends to rock climbing and then we tried kayaking together. I suck at it, but it is fun. Friday: I partied last night, so I slept in late today, then I drove home for SB. So nothing got done today. Just look at all those failures. I am halfway between saying screw it and straight up punching a wall for failing this much. ​But spring break is this week and for me that means rest and relaxing....and studying cause the next run of tests is the week we come back. So that will be fun. Not sure what else to put here. I don't know why I am burning out so quickly. It's making me angry. Whatever. I will try tomorrow. ​
  6. Dude, you are going strong! Keep it up! I freaking love Dilbert comics, though it's sad and scare to see how accurate it can be. Venting is always good. I hate keeping things bottled up, but I am talker so that just might be me. I tried Kyaking yesterday and I can see why you like it so much. I just don't like the whole, "High possibility of drowning" thing. You are going to rock tomorrow.​​
  7. Thanks. It is definitely getting to the point where I am going, "Why am I doing this, this is stupid." So thanks for the encouragement. NF has definitely helped me take my life to the next level, so I want to share that with people. It's better. It wasn't too bad, just bruised the shin pretty badly. But I am all set. Since SB starts tomorrow, there is no practice, so I am just going to through in another workout once I get back to my parents place.
  8. I suppose it is time for an update. Monday: ​ Blog: I posted my blog that should have been posted a week and a half ago. It never got edited by anyone else, so hopefully it is decent. Parkour: Nothing on this one Spanish: Success Study: A buddy of mine showed up and we ended up jamming out for five hours, so no studying was done really. Workout: Success. Still establishing a bas layer at 105 for everything. After spring break, I will start to up the weight. Tuesday Blog: I edited my blog that should have been posted Saturday. I will do a final edit today and post tonight. Parkour: Nothing new here. I ate a wall last Friday during practice, and tweaked my right leg, so just letting that get back to normal. Spanish: I failed here Study: I did get three hours of studying in. Workout: Wrong day, but I did go climbing and managed to climb a 5.9 and a 5.10 that I hadn't before. I will go update my stats and original challenge, and then report back tonight. ​ ​
  9. Oh My Goodness. That looks like so much fun!!!! No it's either skydiving or hot air balloon rides for the next adventure quest, then hopefully to the Caribbean.
  10. It was terrifying but definitely worth it. Nothing too big. I am just going home and chilling with my parents. I think we are going to explore some caves and burn brush, but I think it will just be relaxing. I intend to play guitar, learn Spanish, read, and sleep. All in large quantities.
  11. And We are Back!!!! It was a hell of a weekend!!! We went bungee jumping, I free fell 160 ft, and got put under 3 G pressure. That is one checklist item that can now be check!!! On another note, my editor buddy has disappeared so I will just edit my own posts and upload those two. Ready to get back to normal life tomorrow, and plan for spring break, which is next week. . Time to go catch up on everyone else's threads. Hope you all had a good weekend!
  12. Thanks!! Hopefully they will come sooner rather then later. .
  13. Strep sucks. I hate it. I hope you are getting better, but I agree that you shouldn't agrrevate it. As someone who gets sick often, it will only keep you down longer. Make sure you are drinking A LOT of fluids. Good luck!!!
  14. Alright, Today was a bit better, but I am seriously considering changing the amount of time required to study to three hours for this challenge and up it for the next challenge. I sort of feel like it is copping out, but I also know I will be more likely to complete three hours of study, rather then do two and give up. So they day summary. Classes went well today. I was given a quiz in fluid dynamics and I am 99% sure I got a perfect score. Very psyched about that. I completed my Spanish for the day, and will go finish my blog tonight, so that it will be sent out tomorrow. I am still waiting for last weeks post to be edited, so I may just do another edit myself and post it along with this next one on Saturday. I got three hours of studying today, hence why I am thinking about changing the hours. Parkour is tomorrow and I am super psyched to practice kongs and cash vaults. As far as sleep is concerned, I think I may just train my body to function on fewer hours of sleep. That seems the best route. So after parkour tomorrow, I am going on a road trip with two friends so we can go bungee jumping!!!! I am so excited, plus we will also be going to a wicked awesome rock gym. It is going to so cool, but I also realize that it will take out both Saturday and Sunday. I don't care. This is on my checklist of things to do. WOOO Haha I am working on that, but I still have two years. Thanks! I often feel like I am copping out, but I just have to remind myself that I will get there eventually, it just won't be in the next four weeks. I need one of those Harry Potter time turner things, so I can do more. Science needs to get on this. Not a coffee drink. At all. So I guess it's time to learn. I actually have been thinking about that a lot recently. I realize it's not so much the hours I put in, but rather how focused I am with those hours. Currently, I can put three hours in, but still not learn much. I have a buddy who can probably learn the same amount I learn in two hours in thirty minutes. I need to figure out how to actually LEARN faster. Also, The ChemE department at my school is taught by researchers. They are only allowed to teach one class a semester, so there is really only one, maybe two sections of our courses. We don't actually get to pick times, they just essentially hand us the sheet with when the classes are. Saddening but true. I definitely need to make a physical list of priorities, so that I am aware of it. I know. I need to actually sit down for ten minutes some day and make an actual list. Sounds like a weekend challenge.
  15. So much motivation! You are looking great dude (In a not creepy way) Keep up the good work!
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