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  1. Sounds like a good challenge and I'm envious of your beach plans!
  2. Week 0|Day 4 I got some solid reps in for the mini yesterday and had a chance to walk over to the park at lunch for some bar work. (+1) I drank the water, stretched and did some WHM breathing last night (+3) and then drank another liter, took a cold shower, and brushed my teeth when I got up this morning (+3). I want to write more, but I don't know how to describe what I'm feeling. It's like the energy that hangs in the air before a lightning storm surrounds me. I am excited but I don't even know why... Happy Wednesday everyone!
  3. Looking forward to the challenge!
  4. This is a really powerful goal and challenge. It reminds me of Jai Jiang's self-imposed 100 Days of Rejection which I've been meaning to read more about and try out myself. I'll do my best to follow along and let me know if you ever need a 'you can do it!'
  5. Nothing too add at this point, but again -- hells yeah.
  6. Hahahaha. Good work Mcgyver. Following, yet another, another awesome challenge.
  7. Life has a way of doing that. What's the plan for the next challenge? More push up work? It looks like you made some pretty serious improvements. I'm a push-up junkie because (1) I can do it freaking anywhere and (2) I see improvement relatively quickly.
  8. I know you feel like this didn't really work for you before, but engaging with people's challenges and what's going on in their lives will reciprocate back. Also, I can't speak for all the guilds, but the Assassin minis keep a pretty active dialogue too. Depression sucks, but there are also a lot of people on here who have dealt with or are dealing with mental health issues and would be happy to talk to you about that too.
  9. Week 0| Day 3 Ugh last night was a bear...both kids felt sick. Mrs. Six and I felt sick... not a great way to start off a challenge, but this temple is more resiliant than ever and I'm back again today to wreak havok in the mini. I felt really good about the numbers I put up yesterday (+1) and I'm super stoked about my pistol progression because I can tell I'm getting stronger. This morning I got up, drank the water, brushed the teeth, and took a cold shower. (+3)
  10. That sounds amazing!
  11. Definitely following. In the Tim Ferris sense...or literally like four hours? Just curious b/c I just picked up one of his books.
  12. Welcome to the guild, stay awhile and [assassin].
  13. Wonder: n. a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable. [Credit for this artwork belongs to one of my all-time favorites: Loish.] After a successful respawn, I am excited to jump into a new theme. BUT I committed to this being a two part challenge and i intend to follow through and focus on developing a practice. The aim will be to ingrain certain lifestyle habits that I've started and would like to solidify. Quest points will be awarded for: I will drink 1L of water when I wake up and before bed. I will brush my teeth when I wake up in the morning. I will stretch and practice WHM breathing nightly. I will take cold showers every morning. I will adventure more and continue to challenge myself physically. Qualified adventures must be unusual, unfamiliar, or involve a new locale or experience. Modifiers for experiences that scare me or push me beyond my comfort zone. A perfect score would be 140 points, but I will consider 100 points a passing score. Bonus points are available for above and beyond contributions to the Part 1 quest goals: Toft and Croft; Coin Purse; Guildmaster; Binding; Wonder; Potage le Magnifique; or Adventurer Like You.