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  1. Good luck this weekend and don't be too hard on yourself. You've done really well so far in the challenge and we've all got your back!
  2. Woot! You go FitChick!
  3. White Cedar, It's been a pleasure reading through your first challenge! I hope that the cold symptoms have lessened to some extent. ~Six
  4. Welcome to the Rebellion Fuzz. May you find success in your battles, as well as allies and mentors among our ranks.
  5. If I were only in FL...
  6. OMG that looks amazing. I just don't know what else to say. Kudos on the self awareness, both about food issues and the impact of the scale for you.
  7. When I get stuck on a daily affirmation/gratitude, I go simple. Eg. I am grateful to have a roof over my head tonight. This Ted talk is pretty awesome if you have time to watch it:
  8. Thank you guys! We have had pleasant, unseasonable weather (70ish degrees) this past week in Colorado. But without snow the wildfire danger goes through the roof in the spring and summer so this storm has been a bit of a relief. No stellar update this morning. I turned off the alarm at 4:30 and fell back i slept in until 5:30. Not the end of the world, but no time to get any goals in before work. Hope everyone is having a great Friday!
  9. I've also had friends who went out and bought soda streams so they could carbonate their own beverages that conform to paleo (ie. lemon berry water). I don't have personal experience with this but it might be worth a try if you're not finding a seltzer you like. I also LOVE tonic water. Growing up my great uncles would drink G&T's all the time and make me 'virgins' with just tonic and lime. You need to keep an eye on the added sugar from brand to brand, but could also be a viable alternative.
  10. My nerdiness or Half Life? Also as an update to today's post, I spent some time in the lovely snowstorm. Specifically, stripped down to my work slacks (left my shoes, shirt, and jacket with some really nice homeless men) and did 5 pull ups, 5 chin ups, 10 hanging leg raises, and 3 pull ups in the snow. Thank you Wim Hof.
  11. Heck yeah! You can do it!
  12. Hahahaha, it's all good (and I've completely geeked out about my Half Life listening to the there an emoji where I can push up my glasses?). I allotted myself a short break because I've been fairly productive this morning
  13. I agree with the others ^^^, you can't get too down on yourself about the food. It happens from time to time, but if you stay committed to Whole30 in the long term (even if it's just for the challenge) you'll feel so much better for it. Great work on the other aspects of your challenge!!!
  14. **Over two hours...** 100 consecutive is definitely an EPIC benchmark I'd like to achieve someday, but for now I'm good with just improving my form and doing as many as I can at a time. Thank you!
  15. So I have felt like this unfortunate (former) scientist for most of this challenge. But it's time to pick up my motherf***ing crowbar and get to work. Baby Six got me up at 4 am--better than 1 am. Did bujo, breathing, stretching, cleaning, and got 100 pushups (these are so much harder since I've fixed my form...damn) in before 6. I still need some cold exposure, but it finally looks like February again in Colorado so that shouldn't be much of a challenge. I also need to commit to not checking NF today -- too much to do. Let's get it on.