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  1. Welp, last night did not go as planned. Stayed up watching a new show with my wife and broke both Laying Low goals. Also woke up in the middle of the night (kids) and couldn't fall back asleep for two hours because I was stressing about a trial that's coming up next week. Needless to say, didn't feel up to a full workout at 5a. Silver lining may be that I picked up gardening materials last night and had a practical strength workout hefting the 20+ bags of soil and mulch into the back of the truck and then unloading them this morning. Not ideal, but I'll take it. I need to decide if the workouts rotate by day (tomorrow would be rowing again) or if I miss a workout, the sequence changes... open to thoughts/suggestions. Happy Friday Rebels.
  2. Thank you both! I'm excited to be back. Stranger's Journal 13th of May -In bed by nine, screens off, and up by five. It was hard to ignore the pull of work, housework, etc., but I'm glad I did it. -I rose early and had my first duel. 2000m on the rower and then a sun salutation sequence. One Rojo henchman down.
  3. It’s time to seize an opportunity, leverage my strengths, and demonstrate my grit – if to no one other than myself. Having been gone for too long, I’m coming back as ‘a stranger’ in the sense that I’m essentially starting from zero. Dueling Factions: I have recently gotten both rings and a rowing machine. My goal is to get in some purposeful movement everyday. But for too long, I’ve counted things like hitting a step goal, running around with the kids, etc. as good enough. In order to ultimately win as a lone gun, I need the warring factions to take each other out. Each rowing workout will count towards the Rojo Brothers and each calisthenics workout will count for Sheriff Baxter. If I’m going to make it out of this challenge, I need to eliminate 10 henchmen from each side. Laying Real Low: Life balance and sleep have been a problem over the past year. So I want to get back into a routine where I cut off my electronic use earlier in the night (except for e-reader) and prioritize sleep and recovery. Goal would be power out by 9:00p, bed by 10:00p and up at 5:00. http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/steccer/16884171/2798/2798_640.png Let's go, daylight's burning.
  4. Begin comm: .... Six rejoining Rebellion ... Goal is to rejoin the Assassins and regain his status as an operative ... Short term goal - infiltrate and 'slay' at Imperial function in 6 months time. ... Long term goal - turn the tide in favor of the sustained vitality of the New Republic. ... Command has concerns that Six has not maintained physical fitness and discipline required to integrate into unit. ... Re-up process to begin immediately with testing period through May 1. If successful, rejoin unit for next 5 week challenge. End transmission.
  5. Cy, welcome to the Rebellion. Kicking nicotine is no easy feat and I'm in recovering from my own addiction. Looking to see where things go for you! - Six
  6. Hello all, It's been a very long time and I'm unable to access my old threads so, what the hell, let's start a-fresh. My name is Six. I'm an assassin within the rebellion. To train my body I use progressive calisthenics, trail running, and elemental exposure (Wim Hof). To train my mind, I practice mindfulness meditation, read intermittently, and think excessively. I'm coming back into the ranks because I need to hold myself accountable and do a better job of building the habits that I need--and I missed this community. A lot of my old friends have similarly disappeared, but there is that common thread that brings us all here. ~We work in the dark to serve the light. We are assassins. Nothing is true, everything is permitted.~
  7. First off, welcome to the Rebellion. If you are feeling that bodyweight work is getting too easy, look for calisthenics progressions. Like @WhiteGhost said, this will change your leverage and increase the difficulty. But listen to your body and never underestimate the importance of maintaining form.
  8. Oh, the enthusiasm! Well seeing as we've been conscripted into the Imperial Forces, we have to do our part to maintain order across the Galaxy. Off to Tattoine!
  9. Red Six **static** transmitting from a smuggler's hold on a freighter departing Mos Eisley. **static** ... will be at the Rendezvous point ready to engage enemy fighters. Oh s***, they're getting away. I better jump in my flight suit and pursue ; )
  10. I stumbled on to Wim about the same time that I started up with the rebellion (~2 years ago). While I've fallen out of regular practice, I really appreciate you digging more into the science (and some of the claims) of the methodology.
  11. While it's not like I've hit a new low, I'm back, more-or-less to the place I was two years ago when I first struck up with the rebellion. Same demons, same struggles, and ready for change. I've learned a lot over the past two years about who I am even if I am still trying to define who I want to become. While I know time is my greatest commodity and the excuse I used when I abandoned my post, the accountability I get from this community is worth the investment. I look forward to reconnecting with any rebels I once knew and meeting some new comrades. If any other recovering scoundrels want to look at forming up a squad for challenges and accountability -- let me know. May the force be with you. Six
  12. It is a reusable notebook that captures notes and connects them to the cloud (email, dropbox, google drive, etc.) based on which symbol you designate at the bottom of the page. The website may do a better job of explaining it than I can: https://getrocketbook.com/ Y'all, this has been a bad challenge for me with regards to physical activity. But I have found myself on one heck of an introspective journey and all at once wisdom from a handful of sources seems to be coalescing for me all at once. Meditation has helped with this process and with managing some of the stress related to work and adulting. I've been lousy at following the forums, but I wish anyone reading this the best in their own quests and I hope that things settle down so that I can be more involved again. Until then, Six
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