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  1. Challenge 2 - Week 0 - Feb 07-13, 2021 Update Hmmm, I wined oops whined too much, I forgot to post my Challenge 2 - Week 0 - Feb 7-13, 2021 Update Neck Stretches/Shoulder Mobility - 3 times (Tue, Thurs, Fri) out of 5 The plan to do this during my work day Daily Stand-up call at 10am didn't quite work out. I needed to pay attention to Sprint Backlog displayed on my laptop's tiny screen. I only managed to do 2-mins of neck stretches and then I get distracted by the discussion going on. 'Need to schedule this in. Shoulder Mobility - 0 out of 5 I would rate m
  2. Thanks. Appreciate your kind thoughts. The world works in mysterious ways. A new AVP joined the team. I believe we will be dealing with him in the future for most stuff. Thanks for your concern. It was just the weirdest thing. We would recommend all things to help him out and automate his needs but he would always derail anything. I would setup a multi-team meeting. He is critical on this because whatever his input would be the business logic to use. He accepted but never showed up. As he keeps the process of the actual calculations to himself, nobody could really explain
  3. Challenge#2 Week 0 has been a heck of a week. By end of Thursday, I was ready to give it up. My last beer was last Christmas but after my 4:30pm Thursday meeting, I was so stressed I messed up my meal plan by gorging on chocolate and mini egg pies. Opened a bottle of white wine and had a glass. Over 25+ years working in Information Technology (IT), I thought I had met all kinds of people. What an incredibly sad day for the company that one of its people is a total narcissist and he is one of my customers. My first thought was - wow, what kind of parents raised such a person? Then,
  4. Thanks for the encouragement! Life is a work in progress. I've continued on my mobility goals in the next challenge.
  5. Solid goals! So, is the air squats hold like normal squats but you hold it for 60secs/1 min? Your payout concept reminds me of a Super Spartan Race I did once with a bunch of friends. Not doing the obstacles would mean penalty of 10 burpees. One of the obstacle was to jump from a 40-ft ledge down to a swimming pool below. Naturally, with your shoes and backpack on (you cannot really leave them behind). Ruchik could not swim and had a fear of heights. When it was his turn, he would move forward on the ledge, look down, shake his head, and ask the next person to go ahead. He kept doing tha
  6. The last challenge has helped me to be consistent and accountable. I want to continue to build on these gains and improve other things that are not going well. The goals for this challenge: 1. Neck Stretches/Shoulder Mobility - In the last challenge, I have the exercises in my daily plan but I fail to do it. I tried doing it after I wake up or before going to bed but could never consistently do it. I need to improve on this. So, the plan is to do these exercises during the Daily Stand-up call at 10am. 2. Minimalism - Simplify. Try something every week along the c
  7. Definitely, you deserve a good rest for for a successful challenge completion! 'Well done!
  8. Week #5 Update. I'm pretty happy I did 116.79 miles run/walk in Jan2021. Being accountable to my goals really helped. My neck and shoulder pain is really bothering me. I definitely need to do something about it. 'Will have to build on it on the next challenge. Overall, I consider this challenge successful.
  9. Here's the Week #4 late update. It's pretty good except for the Neck Stretches/Shoulder Mobility.
  10. Yes, that's a good suggestion. I tried doing it after waking up but only did it once. But, I don't have a consistent sleeping time so I just rush in the morning instead. So, we have a Daily Stand-up Call at 10am for an hour. So, I plan to do the neck stretches and shoulder mobility at that time. So, we will see.
  11. Finished my Week 3 update. Week 3 has been a busy week. I baked a Sans Rival cake for my officemate's birthday and brought to her home (with a bouquet of roses and bolt-in toys for her kids) last Sunday. It was great to see them again. Monday was a holiday but I have no recollection of anything useful done. My journal says cooked chicken liver and "vegetated"!!! Finished a photo collage for mom on Tuesday. One more photo frame to finish. We had an install on Thursday hence too much work to get things done. We nearly did not get the sign-off and it was a na
  12. Solid goals. How's the challenge going? I do "my version" of Intermittent Fasting mostly following 20 hours fasting and 4 hours feeding window. Then, doing OMAD (one meal a day) on the feeding window (2pm to 6pm). Because I have allergies, my diet is a combination of carnivore + plant paradox + nickel allergy. I've been doing it for 2+ months now and I don't even notice hunger. But, I also have a sweet tooth. I fall off the wagon when I am tired, stressed, and de-hydrated. I have tried having nuts instead of sweets but I am getting allergic reaction to peanuts, cashews, pistachios, almo
  13. awesome week - 805 kg and 710 reps! you're crushing it!
  14. 'Just lurking about as I found your Bike vs Car side quest very interesting. I used to hike a lot and hurt my right knee before one of our biggest hike for the summer - the Devil's Path hike (rated one of the toughest hikes in the US Northeast - 23-25 miles, 9,000 ft elev, 17+hrs, technical terrain). Hobbling and barely able to flex my knee and in pain, I went to this sports/rehab clinic on Wed. They had xrays, scans, etc and they said no broken bone, just some pulled ligaments and inflammation. They injected cortisone on the knee. 'Told me I should be fine hiking that Sat. It was true. I was
  15. Thanks for the links. I've used archive.org before but I'll check out the others.
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