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  1. I think this is very creative and colorful. I like it. Just like you, I am still figuring it out... I have a 4 ft x 3 ft monthly dry erase wall calendar which I always end up neglecting halfway through the month. This is for Seinfeld's idea of checking something off everyday. Keep the chain going! Then, I have a smaller calendar on my fridge which has the food plan that I never follow. Beside it is a weekly/hour-based calendar to supposedly track where time flies when I'm wasting it and it's totally blank. A couple of push boards for shopping lists that I have already bought, sticky notes
  2. Solid goals! Following anything running!
  3. darna

    Scouts Camp

    Here for coffee and Disaronno. Cheers!
  4. Thanks! Finally, keep it simple works for my hydration. Although, Tailwind is enough by itself - no bonking/hitting the wall, I find my stomach feels acidic because of the Emergen-C powder. I'm still trying to figure out what to eat. The PB&J bagel is not working on the last two races. I brought some chocolates and granola and never touched them. Didn't have much appetite. I'm was thinking of making 'biko' which is steamed glutinous/sweet rice mixed with coconut milk and caramelized brown sugar/syrup. I just didn't have time to cook it. I have brought it on short runs and it didn't cause a
  5. Thanks! I actually made a silly assumption. This is an inagural race so the only gpx route I saw was one loop in Strava saying like 75ft elevation gain or something which made me sign up. Well, running the loop 4 times brings it up to like 2,500 ft. It has some hills but the downhills are fun and runnable. But, it is still hard on the body. The first river crossing took me almost 15 mins looking all over for a better location to cross. In the end, after a few rock hops, I walked in the water with shoes on in the last few steps. Yup, ran on the same wet socks and shoes in the entire race.
  6. I think this challenge will be about finishing up some unfinished business. Last Feb2019, I DNF'd an ultra in South Carolina. Then, on the first week of Feb, I saw an inagural race for the Prisoner of War Ultra - Marksman 50K in SC on Feb 15, 2020. This is a chance to finally put a check mark on SC. Week 0 - POW Marksman Ultra 50K completed in 10 hours 39 mins and the cut-off was 12 hours. Finally, I have my hydration dialed in now just using Tailwind, Emergen-C powder, and Himalayan pink salt. No more Endurolytes, salt tablets, pickle juice, and what not! Zero tummy issues. For nu
  7. darna

    Scout's Honor

    Recap on this challenge. NF puts something extra on the goals that I've written down. Accountability. Commitment. Comraderie. Support. Encouragement. Humor. Interesting Stories. Last year, I signed up for 2 races and didn't even toe the line, never started for all sorts of reasons and excuses. Thank you all for making a difference on the outcome of the last 6 weeks. It's been a blast. Let's see what's up with the next Scout's challenge. So, for the 5 week challenge, the main goal is to complete/finish the 50K Chehaw Ultra. -> 100% done As they say, you break down the goal(s
  8. darna

    Scout's Honor

    I didn't get a chance to watch the sunrise or sunset this week. We did have lots of downed trees in the greenway and on trail. Note to self: Stay away from trees if there are very strong wind gusts in the forecast!
  9. darna

    Scout's Honor

    Week 5 - Final Update - overall I would consider a good week. We had a Flood/Tornado warning.
  10. darna

    Scout's Honor

    Dry heaving always happens when I don't bring water when I run on the treadmill. Once I'm warmed up, I try to push the speed to try to run as fast as I can for as long as I can. I would reach like 187bpm-189bpm. Then, slow it down for like .10 of a mile, then speed it up again. This is probably not the right way to run but that's what happens when I'm bored at the treadmill. If I have water, I would take a quick small sip every .10th of a mile and that stops the dry heaving. So, if I remember, I take 2 coffee cups at work (we get free coffee/tea/hot choco at work), fill them half with ice, the
  11. darna

    Scout's Honor

    I always run in Hoka's ATR but for some reason I decided to use the Saucony Razor for the race. I was thinking my feet will be cold in the Hokas. It was indeed warm in the Razor because it has a built-in gaitor, waterproof, and insulated. However, I did not put enough vaseline on my feet. I didn't use the silk sock liner and the wool socks rubbed too much on my heels causing the hotspots. Anyways, in the future, if there is no snow on the ground, it's going to be Hokas. These Hokas are maximalist shoes with thick soles and they feel really weird if I run with it on the treadmill with an inclin
  12. darna

    Scout's Honor

    Mid-week update.
  13. hope your foot gets better. onwards and forwards. 'with you on finishing strong!
  14. careful with those pricey laboutins! 😃 keep calm and kick on!
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