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  1. If you have a pull up bar and a band you can also use it like this: (would wrap it around the hips, so that you don't sag)
  2. It's an amazing feeling. So I thought about planning everything out for the rest of the year and start to create content for everything. Will be fitnesstrainer/nutritioncoach/artist (thought about selling prints etc)/game developer and maybe writer So excited! Have to make a business plan so that I can try to get a "founder's grant" for my business. Until then figuring out what exactly I'm going to do (trial and error), make the websites ready, learn a lot etc. I think I will join the next 5 week challenge for all that. So I will sign the contract next week and from August on I'm released from (going to) work. BUT since I still had 23 vacation days (which will be offset (? or cleared?) with the release time) and I don't have much else to do, I took 12 vacation days and just will be "working" on the mondays this month. That's so great. Offboarding (give back the hardware etc) will be on 31th July. That means: only 3 workdays in July for me. Niiiice.
  3. Second try for a game (Module 7.3 from the course)
  4. And it went better and better the last days. There will be a high severance pay (I could probably live on it for 3-5 years). My employment contract will be increased again to full-time (so there will be more money the next months and also the severance pay will be higher + the unemployment benefits too), but I will be released from work from August on, i.e. I don't have to go to work until the termination (31.12.), but I will still receive a salary. The severance pay is paid either on 31.12. or on 31.1., whichever is more favourable for tax purposes. I will also receive the bonus for this year in May 2021. From January on I will try to get a foundation subsidy from the government (which would be 60% of my last salary + 300€ for 6 months. In the last week since I had the interview, I have already received (without having done marketing) 3 requests for nutritional advice. I also signed up for the Crossfit Level 1 Coach course in September. I talked to a coach friend of mine who has a similar history to mine, who now trains rich people (as a personal trainer) and gave me some tips. Maybe we will "team up" soon, let's see how it goes. I have been sleeping like a baby at night since the meeting. I can't even remember the last time I had that. I feel (finally) so good again, I can't really believe all this.
  5. Meeting went well, my song of the day: DOBBY IS A FREE ELF!
  6. Wow, what hell of a day. No meeting today, was stuck in traffic for 3hrs (at 33°C/91°F) because of a truck accident. Had to postpone to tomorrow 1.30pm (CEST). As video call @Tobbe I will be hired as a trainer in the crossfit box I already train in. Have to pay for the surgery myself I "just" have stage 1 and the government only pays for it when it's stage 3. But I don't wantt to wait until then, want to do it as early as possible (less risks, less costs etc). It's this course: https://courses.gamedevunlocked.com/p/game-dev-unlocked/ David also has a youtube channel, this is the video that convinced me: Already developed the 5 min game, that was really fun You'd pay for the painting? 100 € and it's yours And thank you for all the lovely words ❤️
  7. @ZachPSU Thank you They can't fire me with a normal notice because we have a protection until 2022. But they need to cut about 1500 people (I think about 500 are left that need to be... removed) so they can suggest a termination agreement with a compensation. I am working there for 5 years now, it won't be a lot (gross amount would be a middle five-figure, net would be around half of it) but it's better to (again) lose my health there or resign myself and get nothing) and with unemployment benefits it would last me some months, maybe more than a year. And then I have finally the freedom and energy to get my self-employment going. I am not sure this tree is happy, but hey, at least it's a tree with some happy little cloud friends
  8. Heyho After @Tobbe wished me a happy birthday, I thought about coming back again and maybe doing a challenge but I think that would not work, so I give you here a quick overview of the last months - I am now Nutrition COach and Fitnesstrainer. Will get my Crossfit certificate in July and work in my Crossfit box from September on. - I have a(?) lipedema and want to have a surgery for that (the earlier the better) and have my first appointment (to talk about costs and what they will do) on 7/7 and two more end of august and end of september. - I am at work again since start of Feb (first 2 weeks for 2 hrs, next 2 weeks for 4 hrs,....) and fully working since mid march. I still hate it but I doesn't stress me out that much anymore (thanks therapy!). My greatest wish was to be fired with severance pay and tomorrow I have a meeting with HR "regarding my future caree". Wish me luck that they do what I wish for, that would be the best thing that could happen to me right now! (But I think this is the only option left for them to do now, there are not that many other possibilities for this meeting) - Today was my last day of therapy. I loved it. 10/10 would recommend a therapy, for everyone! - I started game developing with a course (Game Development Unlocked) and a community and already developed a small game. It is a lot of fun! And my hobbies don't stress me out, since I don't have the "urge" to make everything professional or make money with everything. - I painted a Bob Ross as I always wanted: - I was at 81.6kg, the highest I have ever been (ok, it's a lot of muscle I grew the past months) at the end of April. Until then I lost 5kg without tracking or sth, I was done with all that stuff and counting calories but "just" IE worked great for me. - I have a moderate scoliosis and now I am not sure, if I can do (heavy) weightlifting anymore. But that's fine for me, there are a lot of sports I'd like to try. Shoulder is somethat okay again. - I am finally happy again. I have a lot of RL and some communities for game dev, painting etc. and I am not sure, if I can post here daily/weekly, but I will try to read you threads from time to time And maybe, if my wish comes true, I have more time from July (or so) on ❤️
  9. Sooooo who had lower back pain but still did a lot of (sumo) deadlifts and now walks liek a 100-year-old.....? ............ So no burpees and Crossfit and all the stuff for me until I recover.... sucks. But, to also see the good stuff, eating is ok at the moment. Did meal prep some stuff yesterday (and had some left from the week before) and am not hungry a lot these days.
  10. Don't like french either, but have to learn it since we are moving to Luxembourg approx. at the end of 2020. I think they can be splitted up, if not I don't care, I will do it nevertheless Yes, I have a list, this month it will be: "Create a big (oil) painting" Thanks, I will try my very best to not do too much Maybe I won't do one very week but that's ok.
  11. This year's theme for me will be "focus". The last year was very stressful and with no focus at all, floating around getting nothing really done. Beside the depression a lot of consuming (Youtube, Netflix, websurfing) and little to no creating. Maybe because I couldn't focus on anything just wanting to do everything. But, as (maybe) Einstein said: "The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results." The last years I didn't want to have a lot of routines just "live life as it happens" but that doesn't work that good. I just found out that I like some routines a lot and even more when I can't do them for some time. It's like coming home. So: New year, different approach. My goals for the first challenge of the year: 1. Babbel every day (french) 2. 100 day Burpee Challenge (1 Burpee on 1/1, 2 on 1/2,.....) 3. Working on my 12 in 20 (12 fun things to do for every month) 4. Working on my 53 in 20 (every week I look at a new topic regarding my business (e.g. email marketing, storytelling, webdesign etc) 5. Losing weight, I think 2 kg are realistic 6. 3x+/week sports What will happen with my job and when I will be working again I will find out on 13..
  12. Hey, this sounds really cool and I am excited what you experience in Asia
  13. Thank you ❤️ Everyone has to register for themselves, you can't buy more than the ticket for you personally. But you can build cliques and if one of this clique wins all the others in this clique win, too. Thank you too ❤️ I think it's like you say but I'm not sure since I don't care about the bands It's all about the feeling and the community there and I know that some psy trance and DnB will always be there so I don't care about the rest It's like a town with all the "stages" and activities, food stands and even a supermarket. It's huge. I lovelovelove the Passion Planner! And I am excited to start it in January. Ok i COULD start it now because it's undated but: Do you know the feeling when you finally have time off after many days of work and don't have much planned? I associate that very much with Christmas/New Year's Eve, because of all the holidays, it's so nice and quiet on the streets and I associate Christmas with cosiness and relaxed idleness anyway. It just came to my mind when some people told me what they do over Christmas or between the days ("There's time for paperwork/clean up/declutter/play aaaall the games") that it's time to go back to work. (I am not sure if you say so in english but in Germany you say to the days between 26. Dec and 31. Dec "zwischen den Tagen" oder "zwischen den Jahren" => "Between the days" or "between the years") Because: If I don't work, I don't have a holiday, so I don't have that feeling either. Which just makes me feel a little nostalgic. Besides, it's really not Christmassy without snow and it's not really cold either (Thanks climate change). But I can still overlook that. But I also feel (finally) ready to work again. Anyway, to get some of that holiday feeling I will do what I usually do between the days. And that includes pretty much everything I mentioned above. Sorting out paperwork/emptying folders, decluttering/rearranging, finally playing aaaall games, continuing to fill the Passion Planner, reading, sleeping, going for a walk, meeting friends/family, slowing things down (I'm more of a jitterbug myself and I like that too, that's fine, but around Christmas I get more and more comfortable and chilled, it's when my "winter sleep" has reached its peak. I'm going to visit my family for dinner on the 24th (we got the HelloFresh Christmas box this year, I'm curious :D), let's see how my aunt is doing after her head surgery, maybe I'll stay there overnight and on the 31st we'll probably drive to Luxembourg. There is nothing else to do. BF will not be here from 24th to 26th either, so just the cat and me As some of you might know, I find it quite difficult to separate work and leisure time, I'm always taking courses, working on the business, reading articles etc., but I haven't had any leisure time for a long time (exception: Cannes vacation). Most of the time this is not bad, but I often feel as if I don't have enough free time. Which is of course nonsense, but there are always only such small islands during the day which somehow don't really count for me as free time. So now I would like to make the days until New Year's Day (or the 2nd) to free days. Free free. No courses, no website tinkering, no "just looking around", no articles, no mails, nothing. From the 2nd (or 3rd, depending on when we come back from Luxembourg) then slowly "reboot" until the 6th again (and think about separating work and leisure time better), to start all over again on the 6th. Preparation for the BEM meeting and ideas on how to proceed, courses again, etc.. And since my bf's master thesis is now within reach, it will soon be time to move. But that's a topic for the year-end or beginning of the year blogpost. What do you do between the days?
  14. And sorry that I don't read all the other great threads here, so much RL and time flies
  15. Ooooh, yesterday was the best day since..... weeks? I got an email: And then I thought, the day couldn't get any better, but: Finally the Passion Planner arrived (ordered in US), the construction site on my way to Crossfit was FINALLY gone (I always had to drive 1.5km with 5 traffic lights detour for 100m construction site) AND then a dear friend sent me a great package with self-painted bags and some nice stuff, it was a surprise for me ❤️
  16. Exactly in German it would be "press your thumbs for me"
  17. We also hold our thumbs but I thought fingers crossed would be known better here
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